2nd time with Andy…… and Julie


Since the day a week before when Andy had made me suck his cock (twice), I had kind of avoided him. It hadn’t stopped him looking at me knowingly and smirking whenever he saw me but there had been no further attention given to pleasuring him.

That evening, I had been out with some friends and got back late, letting myself back into the apartment quietly. I was tiptoeing towards my room when I heard his voice call from his room

“Hey John, is that you?” “Come in here”

Sighing to myself but knowing I couldn’t avoids him forever, I opened his door and stuck my head round. The sight that greeted me was surprising to say the least. Andy was sitting back on his bed, naked, together with an equally naked quite pretty brown haired girl. She was curvy nudging toward voluptuous with impressively large breasts with saucer sized darkish brown nipples, which she made no attempt to cover. She was curled slightly into him but was also showing a very curvy bum and nice shapely legs

Propped on her elbow, her other hand was gently masturbating Andy’s very erect cock. She looked at me in a lewd and slightly amused way as I took this all in.

“So this is Julie” Andy said “ I was telling her how well you sucked my cock and she wants to see you in action!!!”

I was lost for words, feeling the blood rush in my ears! He had TOLD this girl!! I felt like my life was crashing to the ground….

Julie giggled at my obviously shocked predicament “ Hi John, don’t worry your secret is safe with me, I think it’s a turn on to see a guy sucking cock, so long as you come and keep me happy you have nothing to worry about” She said in a sexy low voice

All the while she was keeping Andys cock at full mast, wanking it back and forth in a slow casual manner. Andy was leaning back smiling at me with a “what ya gonna do” look on his face “ See John “ He said “Nothing to worry about, just come in here and take your clothes off and show Julie what a good little cocksucker you are”

I stood there half in, half out of his room door not knowing what to do. The more I drank in the sight of all that flesh in front of me, the more I was becoming aroused. Julie had a really sexy body and I had already shown I was not averse to a mouthful of hard cock.

Julie must have taken my pause for resistance, she hardened her voice and spoke more sharply

“ You heard Andy!!” Get over here and do as you’re told or your secret wont be one for much longer!!”

I looked at her frowning face and reckoned she would be just the sort to destroy my life without a second thought. With little real choice I entered his room and shut the door. “That’s it good boy” she said now lets get those clothes off”

I took off my clothes under their interested gaze, my cock had grown at the thought off what I was going to do and was starting to tent my underwear. I lowered my final garment over my more than semi erect member

“Look at that” said Julie “ he is looking forward to this you can see!” I moved towards the end of the bed, Andy opened his legs wider showing his smooth balls below his nice hard dick still grasped in Julies hand “ That’s it, get in there” said Andy “show Julie how a cocksucker loves their job”

I lay down so my head was at Andy’s groin my face right in front of his shaft, Julie leant towards me so her head was close to his cock as well.

She angled his cock towards my lips “ Give my Andys Porno hikayeleri cock a nice kiss hello” She said “ Show him how much you’ve missed it. Her dirty words just added to the state of arousal I was feeling as I lent in and planted a kiss on the crown of his cock head letting the kiss turn into a half open caress of his cock with my lips. Julie leaned even closer so I could feel her breath on my face. “ Oh my god” she whispered “That is SUCH a turn on. She angled Andys cock even further towards me. “”Suck him deeper, I want to see you suck him deeper.

Almost mesmerized by her closeness and fascination I opened my lips further and slowly sucked about 3 inches of his lovely hot rigid member into my mouth. My tongue automatically started to caress the flat underside as I sloppily drew him into the vacuum of my eager mouth. Andy groaned in pleasure “ Oh yes!!” “That feels good” he moaned “Keep doing that”

I didn’t need too much encouragement, my own cock was full and hard pressing into the bed as I slowly worked Andys length back and forth in my wet embrace. Julie was still slowly wanking the lower half of his shaft as I bobbed my head back and forth. As I raised up, she leant in and started to lick his cock shaft, I backed off a little more so I was just French kissing his knob head. Julies mouth moved up to join mine so that we were sharing a cock head kiss between us our tongues and lips occasionally brushing together as we worshipped Andys cock. “ My god “she said, breaking off,

“I need that in me now!!” She turned and threw her leg over Andy, facing him and presenting me for the first time a view of her beautiful plump pussy that was smooth and shaved from her mons and all the way round to her very sexy puckered brown asshole.

Andys cock was now trapped below her as she planted this gorgeous piece of woman kind directly into my face “Lets see how well you eat pussy, cocksucker” She cried. I needed no second invitation! I had never “had the pleasure” but had seen and read enough porn to help me through this!

I leant in smelling the musky aroma of her arousal, her pussy lips were already wet as I slowly licked the slippery moistness from the top of her clit back up towards her ass-hole. I revelled in the sexy fleshy flavour of her cunt, free to lick and suck on her as she wantonly crouched there with her ass boldly pushed out for my attention.

I licked again deeper than the first time slowly drawing my tongue up to just below her asshole ” Oh yes she groaned” Thats it get your tongue in there and get me off. I pushed my face against her pussy and let my mouth and tongue tease and lick her untill she was pushing back into me, grinding her pussy hard as I tongued her juicy wet slit. Next I raised my aim a little and flicked out my tongue to touch her ripe brown bud! It tasted musky but not unpleasant, I was so turned on by this sexy girl I wanted to eat her asshole!! She gasped as my tongue slid round her ring, I felt it push out and pulse against my teasing tongue. ” Oh my god he’s licking my arsehole oh you dirty little fucker that is so hot!! As I continued worshipping her hole, I felt her move and saw she had grasped Andys cock and was now lowering her pussy down onto it. I had only dreamt of seeing the sex act this close up her fleshy wet cunt slipping over his cockhead like a mouth devouring it. Julie started to move up and down her sopping pussy sliding up Erotik hikaye and down Andy’s hard and now slick cock, whilst I licked her asshole pushing my tongue into that back entrance. Julie turned slightly and said “I want your cock in my mouth.”

I broke off and came round the bed to kneel up by her and Andy’s head. He was licking and kissing one of those full swaying breasts, his mouth sucking as much nipple into his mouth as he could, then pulling the tip until it stretched under his suction and licking the centre nub. It was clearly driving her wild!

I brought my rock hard precum coated cock to her face hardly daring to believe that I was about to get my first blowjob. Julie sucked me in almost to the root of my 6 inch cock her mouth was soft and wet and her tongue was a frantic thing teasing all over my cock head and shaft as she rode Andy’s length. I could hear her pussy as it squelched with juice. I felt my orgasm start to build Julies mouth was like nothing I had ever experienced before, she looked up into my face her eyes wide with lust and I could not contain myself any longer. I felt my cock twitch uncontrollably and I shot a huge spurt of cum into her throat Julie gulped my cum down as I shot a second then a third rope of cum into her voracious mouth. Julie took her mouth from my still twitching cock and pulled me into a deep sloppy kiss the taste of my cum all over her lips and tongue as she pushed it deep into my mouth. She finally broke off and pushed me back slightly as she rode Andys cock furiously bringing herself and him to orgasm. It seemed almost simultaneous that he gasped and released his load into her and she moaned and collapsed onto him.

Julie rolled off Andy her pussy releasing his cock with a wet plop, a snail trail of juices trickling across his thigh. I stared at her puffy slit showing a hint of cum and his still hard slick cock lying against his belly. Andy looked at me and followed my gaze ” Looks like you have some cleaning up to do John” ” Uh yeah, I’ll get some tissue…..” Andy Laughed ” No cocksucker” You dont need tissue, you have a mouth that likes cock dont you??” I stared at him for a moment, then Julie caught on ” Yes John Andy says you like cum lets see you get to it!!”

I felt my cock twitch again at the thought of what he wanted me to do and then knelt forward to lift his sticky cock to my mouth and start to lick it clean of his cum and her juices. Andys cock began to stir again under my eager licking. Julie suddenly chimed in ” Hey theres more cum to clean up right here!” I looked across as she raised a leg and spread her pussy lips letting a little more of Andy’s cum trickle out of her pussy and down the crack of her asshole.

” Ha yes ” said Andy Julie needs a cleanup too” I was more than happy to now combine two of my desires a taste for cum and a new found taste for pussy!

I leaned in between her thighs and lowered my mouth down to the base of her cunt. Julie obligingly raising her knees back to expose more of her lovely sex and arse. so that i could lick the trail of cum leaking down across it. I loved the combination of juices that i took into my mouth Andy’s salty thick cream and her female ejaculate slid down my throat as i Licked her from bottom to her clit. ” Oh yes Andy” she cried “He is a a proper little cum cleaner isn’t he?” Andy watched me licking his cream and her juices and his cock started to stiffen Sikiş hikayeleri and rise ” I think its time I showed you just how much of a cock slave he is” he said rubbing his shaft to bring himself to full glory ” Julie get my cock nice and wet”

Julie needed no further urging, eagerly engulfing him and sucking him into her slutty mouth. Andy leaned in and slipped a finger past my mouth, into her gaping pussy he scooped cum and juice out, then proceeded to rub it into my asshole as i knelt at my task my excitement grew as he repeated this slowly rubbing and fingering my tight hole until he slipped a finger into me and continued to lubricate me fingering and stretching my ass until I was actually enjoying his attention the sensation of his finger invading me felt lewd and made me feel wanton and really turned on!!

Seeing me writhing under his touch Andy pulled his cock from Julies mouth, his cock drool coated and glistening from her work! He came behind me and pulled my hipsup to position my asshole so it was open and accessible, Julie pulled my head back into her mound leaning back and pushing her hips forward so my mouth was covering her wet slippery pussy. I started to lick at her lips and clit as I felt the fleshy bulbous hot touch of Andys cock press into the lubricated entrance to my tight hole.

I gasped as he pushed and slid the head into me. It felt so dirty and wrong but so sexy and hot at the same time. He slowly worked his cock deeper into me making me exhale into Julies puffy lips causing her to moan and writhe, her wet flesh smothering my mouth.

Andy grasped my hips more firmly and increased his tempo, causing his cock to work into me until he was fully buried in my ass! The feeling was incredible as my ring got used to the invasion I started to feel my cock bobbing and twitching almost on the point of orgasm.

“Oh my god Andy” said Julie ” He’s taking your cock right up his arse, fuck him like you fucked me!!!” Andy grunted and started to do just that building his rhythm as he fucked me harder and harder slowly withdrawing untill I felt his cock was almost fully out of me then pushing all the way in. He was fucking me sliding his cock in and out I felt impaled under his steel hard member.

Julie was really starting to get off as I frantically licked and sucked her clit. I was almost oblivious to what I was doing, as fixated as I was on the cock that was invading me. She was gasping and moaning bucking her cunt into my face and clutching my head firmly to direct my mouth. As she started to cum in waves Andy was now fucking me fast and hard abandoning himself to his own search for release, I could feel his balls slapping into my cheeks as he thrust faster then with a final thrust and groan he shot his load into my arse! The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced and my own cock spurted at the same moment shooting more of my cum onto the bed. I lay with my mouth resting on Julies pussy my face sticky with her juice as I felt Andys cock still twitching in the last throws of his orgasm deep inside me.

Andy slowly pulled his cock out and slumped down on the bed next to Julie. “Mmmm that was great, you can go now John ” I bent to pick up my clothes” No said Julie, ” you can get those tomorrow, here, you can wear this to go back to your room ” and she threw her lacy thong at me. I didnt even argue put slipped the lacy garment over my semi erect cock and felt the thong part ride up my cum leaking ass, doing nothing to stop the wetness slowly running down the back of my thigh. They both looked at me………on second thoughts said Andy, maybe you can stay…….

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