49 1/2 Shades Ch. 03


When James’ eyes finally adjusted to the dim candlelight, he realized there were three people in the living room: himself, his wife Sarah, who was dressed in an amazing leather bustier and matching knee boots, and another person that he’d never seen before. When his eyesight fully returned, he then assessed the situation. The third person was a man. A large man. A large Black man! The large Black man was completely naked and towering over his redheaded bride who was sitting on the couch. In her hands was the large Black man’s erect penis. James didn’t need 20/20 vision to know that this large man had a cock that was nearly twice his 5 ½ inches and at least double his width. He was enormous in every facet and Sarah was stroking his enormity as she spoke to James:

“James, this is Maurice. I met Maurice a couple weeks ago on one of those links from your porn site that you like so much. Maurice agreed to come over tonight and help me fulfill part of our fantasy. Well, part of MY fantasy, anyway. Isn’t that nice of him?”

James began to speak, “Sarah, I think this has…” But that was as far as his protestations went. At that, Sarah was up off the couch and over to James in a flash. She had hidden something behind her while she was on the couch and now aimed it at James’ left cheek. Sarah raised the leather riding crop then brought it down swiftly, stopping just before the flat end made contact with her husband’s face.

“You will speak when I tell you to and not before, is that clear, pet?!!” Sarah bellowed at James. To accentuate her point, she spun James around so that he was facing away from the couch and Maurice, then gave him 3 quick smacks on his back with the crop. The pain was negligible for James but the message was clear: Don’t fuck with Sarah and she won’t fuck with you. “Now do you understand, pet?!” Sarah asked her kneeling groom.

“Yes, Mistress Sarah.” replied James in an almost inaudible whisper.

“Very good. Let’s continue then.” Sarah stated as she spun James back to his couch-facing position and then took her place back on the couch in front of the giant and fully erect Maurice.

“Now, my pet,” Sarah exclaimed, “You’re going to sit there and do absolutely nothing but watch as I live out a fantasy of mine that you knew nothing about. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this big black cock and when I’m done then I may just have something for you.” With that, Sarah grabbed Maurice’s large pole and wrapped her lips around its massive head and took as much into her mouth as she could. “Mmmmmmm… Maurice!” she cried between slurps, “You taste as good as you look! I’ve always loved dark chocolate, haven’t I, pet?!” At this, she looked at James and gave him a wink then went back to work on Maurice’s enormous cock.

For his part, Maurice stayed silent except for a few grunts and moans at Sarah’s mouthwork. At nearly 6’7″, Maurice manisa escort had to bend at the knees a little so he could get his big member in line with Sarah’s red lipsticked mouth. As she sucked and licked Maurice’s cock, her fingernails, freshly painted the same shade as her lips, lightly scraped and tugged at his ebony scrotum. At this James winced at the pain in his groin. He loved the feel of Sarah’s acrylics against his sack and his cock once again strained against the cage holding it in check. His imprisoned penis wept a river of pre-cum that began to pool at his knees on the hardwood floor.

Sarah continued sucking on Maurice’s big black dick until she felt him tense up. She knew that feeling. He was about to cum down Sarah’s throat. Sarah stopped her incredible blowjob and looked up at Maurice. “Now, Maurice. If I let you cum in my mouth will you be able to give me more in a little while?” Sarah asked. Maurice said nothing but just nodded his head a few times which made his long dreadlocks shake about his broad shoulders. At that, Sarah engulfed Maurice’s cock and swished her tongue around it until he could take no more. Maurice unloaded his balls with a massive eruption that flooded Sarah’s mouth and began to overflow through her painted lips. When he had finished emptying his seed in her mouth, Maurice stepped back then flopped down on the couch next to Sarah. Sarah swallowed all she could then touched her red lips. She missed a couple spots, she thought to herself. Sarah rose from the couch and strode over to James. She lifted his chin and, without wiping the man-seed from her lips, kissed him deeply. James could taste the salty jism on Sarah’s lips and tongue. He thought about pulling away but stopped when her remembered the riding crop resting on the arm of the couch.

“Does my pet like the taste of my big black friend’s cum on his Mistress’ mouth? I think he does!” Sarah laughed as she saw James’ cock pushing on the metal cage encasing his cock and balls. “Just a little preview.” She told her kneeling husband. “If you’re a good pet, you may get more than that little taste.” As she said this, she began to remove her leather bustier and unleashed her large boobs. She walked back to Maurice on the couch and said to him, “Go ahead, big guy, have a taste!” Maurice took Sarah’s giant tits in his hands and began to lick and suck on her pink quarter-sized nipples, moving from one breast to the other. James knew Sarah loved to have her nipples sucked and that made his straining dick hurt even more as he ached for some release.

After a few minutes of his suckling, Maurice’s flaccid monster, like the Phoenix of ancient legend, began to rise once more. James looked at the black stud’s erection once again and thought that it may be even bigger than it was the first time he saw it. When Maurice’s pole was at full-mast, Sarah took one step kütahya escort back from his mouth, breaking the seal of his suckling mouth, then laid Maurice on the couch; his protruding black pecker standing nearly a foot from his shaved groin.

James knew what was coming next. Sarah stripped off her crotchless leather thong (she kept the boots on) and climbed on top of Maurice. “Ready, pet? I sure am!” James watched as Sarah lowered herself on to Maurice’s massive cock, first slipping the big head between her slick pussy lips and then taking four or five inches before coming back up. Her face flushed red as she slid down Maurice’s cock a second time to about seven or eight inches, past the point that James could reach with his 5 ½ inches. On her third stroke, Sarah impaled herself on Maurice’s shaft and took his full length into her soaking wet cunt. As she felt Maurice bottom out, she screamed in pleasure as she had her first vaginal orgasm and squirted her fluids on to Maurice’s pelvic region and the couch cushions under him.

Sarah got into a quick rhythm after the first wave of pleasure hit her and began to slam onto Maurice’s big dick. She would rise herself up off him and almost remove his cock from her hole, revealing both Maurice’s bulbous cock head and the white cream from Sarah’s receptive slit coating his long shaft. She then slammed her ass down hard on the black mamba until it disappeared inside her waiting womb. After bouncing on the black leviathan’s rod for a few minutes, Sarah looked at her husband, who had been kneeling on the floor for over an hour, and spoke to him in breathy tones: “How do you like the show so far?” she queried. “Would my pet like a better view? A close-up, maybe? Come here now!” Sarah ordered as she begrudgingly climbed off Maurice’s giant pogo stick.

James began to rise off the floor but his legs and knees protested in a series of creaks and cracks. When he finally picked himself up off the hardwood, he walked over to the couch that both Sarah and Maurice had now removed themselves. “Lie down!” Sarah commanded her husband. James did as he was told and stretched his 6-foot frame on the tan velour davenport. Sarah climbed on to James in a 69 position and lowered her pink tingling clit to James’ mouth. “Lick, pet!” Sarah ordered James and he readily obliged his mistress. As James began to lick Sarah’s drenched pussy, Maurice slid up behind the would-be dominatrix and slid his full eleven inches deep in her waiting twat. Sarah gasped and flooded James’ mouth with her nectar. Maurice began to pound Sarah’s hole while James licked her button.

As James’ tongue swept his wife’s gash, it also made contact with her new lover’s heavy ballsack. Sarah looked down between her spread legs and said, “Keep licking his balls, pet. You’re doing double duty now!” James complied and licked both the coupled lovers’ genitals malatya escort while Maurice savagely drove his big black cock deep into Sarah’s gushing pussy. Wave after wave of bliss overcame Sarah as she had at least 3 more orgasms while the two men behind and underneath her did their work. She felt almost lighter-than-air as James’ mouth continued to work on her sensitive nub and Maurice pummeled her swollen and soaked cunt.

Sarah never wanted the feeling to end but she felt her ebony conqueror behind her tense up once again. She looked back at Maurice and cried, “Cum in me!! Cum in me now, goddamnit!! I want you to flood my married pussy with your black seed!!” Maurice did as he was told and slammed his cock deep in Sarah’s tunnel while shooting rope after rope of his fertile baby juice into her aching snatch. As Maurice was blowing his wad, Sarah grabbed James’ caged prick and yanked it hard toward her. It was the first time Sarah had touched James’ dick in two days and his pre-cum poured copiously on to her hand.

Maurice finished blasting his cum into Sarah’s slit and slowly inched his way out of her. When Maurice fully removed his black prong, Sarah spread her pussy open with her fingers and let her new lover’s juice flow out freely on to James’ mouth. “Take it all in and swallow it, pet, and then get your tongue up in there and find some more! Don’t stop until I’m clean.” James obeyed his demanding wife and licked until his tongue and lips were nearly numb. When she felt he had done his job, Sarah climbed off her husband’s head and stood up off the couch. She gathered Maurice’s clothes for him and gave him a gentle kiss on his ample lips. “Thank you, Maurice. This couldn’t have been a better night. Pet, thank Maurice for fucking your mistress and giving you his cum to eat!” Sarah commanded.

“Thank you, Maurice.” James said to his wife’s African stud. Maurice said nothing, only looked at James with a victorious smirk, put his clothes on, then exited the front door of the couples’ house. Sarah then gathered her accoutrements then spoke one last thing to James.

“You did very well tonight, pet. You may just get your wish after all. Sleep here tonight. Not in the spare room. We will continue tomorrow.” Sarah then went to the master bedroom, leaving her husband naked and caged on the couch where he had watched his beautiful wife get fucked by another man and then licked her lover’s seed from her pussy. He grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch, damp from Lord-knows who’s bodily fluids and drifted off to sleep.

As Sarah toweled herself off from the night’s festivities, she mused, Tonight went better than I could have hoped! As she climbed into bed and felt the day’s fatigue hit her, she rubbed her battered and swollen pussy once more and thought Let’s hope Phase 2 goes off as well tomorrow night! as slumber overtook her used mind and body. She dreamed of exotic lands and lovers and woke the next morning with her pussy slick with her juices and her thumb rubbing her sensitive pink clit. Time to get this day started, she thought. James is going to love what I have in store for him today!

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