A Black Roundabout


Dear reader, this story is about as far fetched as I could bring myself to be. Two of the three main characters are so far up their own asses they don’t realise what they have got into. Even so, it could be true, couldn’t it? I tried for banality a little, and I’m sure the usual slime will say that I succeeded! LOL. I hope you enjoy it, I did when writing it. LOL.


Lisa Roberts was teasing her husband again, it was her turn, and this time he was rock hard and no way of relieving the pressure she was exerting. He hadn’t been this hard for a long time, and it was all because of what she was saying to him. And why, what was she saying? Because he was tied, arms and legs to the bed, they did this about once a month and she had him right where she wanted him, at her mercy.

And the truth be known, it was him that had started all of this, to spice their love life up they had decided to tie each other up now and again and relate stories, desires, and fantasies to the victim, in this case, it was him who was the victim, and Lisa was piling on the pressure.

She was straddling his left leg, his cock in her right hand, and his balls, scrotum and ass were in control of her left. She was jacking him off agonisingly slowly, whilst playing with his balls, squeezing them, tickling that tiny place between prick base and asshole, occasionally poking a finger up it.

The gorgeous 28 year old blond was having no pity, she was driving him nuts, he was begging her to speed up, to finish him off. Lisa was having none of it. She was naked now, she hadn’t been when she tied him, then placed a blindfold on him so he could ‘see’ it all in his mind what was happening. No, she had slowly undressed, telling him who it was who was undressing her. “And it certainly isn’t you Tim Roberts!” She snarled at him.

Lisa was a very busy school teacher, Tim her husband was a busy lawyer, their love life had waned a little through work pressures, and after much discussion of how to get around it, they had come up with this idea, nothing in the week, but bondage fun Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The beautiful blond wife was in her element, not only because of what she was telling him, but it was turning her on too. Her deep blue eyes were flashing with arousal, her lips were cherry red with the blood pumping through them, her extra high cheeks were dazzling in pink, her breath and voice was deep and husky.

Her long blond hair was in silk ropes down her face and back, her high titted nipples were rock hard, and her pussy was soaking, she could get rid of it all in one hit if she had jumped her husband. But she was determined to have her fun, her day!

“Oh Tim, he’s here, and he’s gone and got me now, there’s nothing I can do, he’s too strong for me Tim,” she breathed, “I’m here all alone, you are tied up and gagged. No help to me what so ever Tim. I am going to have to give in, I’m helpless Tim. He’s kissing me now, squeezing my nipples, oh my god, he’s driving me crazy, oh Tim what can I do, how can I stop him Tim?”

Her hand was drifting painfully slowly up and down Tim’s rock solid cock; his hips were jumping from the bed, trying to entice Lisa to go faster. Her other hand was at his full to the top balls, a finger slipping into his ass added to the agony.

“Please Lisa, please make me cum, oh Lisa please.” He begged her.

Lisa smiled at her achievements, her mastery of him. She let go for a moment causing him to beg some more. But Lisa carried on with her inane teasing.

“What are you doing here Jake, what do you wan… stop it Jake Staniforth, and stop it right now too! Please stop it, I am your teacher, I am a married woman, you shouldn’t touch me like that, you are my pupil, please Jake you mustn’t…, oh god Jake please, oh Jake, oh please?” she breathed for her husband’s sake.

“Lisa,” Tim said, breathing heavily, “I know who he is, you really are talking about one of your pupils, and he’s a black boy too isn’t he?” he said. Lisa ignored his words, and carried on with her rhetoric.

“Oh Jake that’s so goo… oh you are so bad, Ugh, ooooh, you know I can’t stop you don’t you, I’m not strong enough, you are too powerful, Ugh, ooooh, arghhhh, oh no Jake please?” she waited for a while before she spoke again.

“Oh don’t, oh please Jake don’t, not there, don’t touch me there, that’s too much, oh Jake alright right then,” Lisa said as huskily as she could, although she wasn’t really acting now, she really was turned on. “What are you going to do to me? Oh do what you like to me Jake I don’t care, but please stop touching me like that there. Just what are you going to do to me Jake, hmmm Jake?” Lisa fingered her pussy with Jake really on her mind.

“Oh Jake that’s so nice, ooooh I like that,” she murmured huskily, and resumed jacking Tim off even more slowly.

“I don’t know what my husband would say about you with me like this, making me bend me backwards over my desk.” Tim’s hips left the bed again; he had mentioned last ısparta escort week, when he had Lisa tied to the bed that his she had been seduced by a young black boy. She had been unable to resist him, he had caught her in her classroom after school, and taken a hold of her, she hadn’t screamed out, why she never knew.

But now, she breathed to her husband, Jake was holding her in his arms and she couldn’t break free, he was kissing her neck, she said to Tim. “Now he’s feeling my boobs,” she whispered to him, “he’s squeezing my tight hard acorn like nipples Tim,” her voice was guttural. “My strength is beginning to give way Tim, and my knees are buckling, he’s just too insistent for me Tim; he’s spun me to face him. Now I can feel his black bone pressing right into the top of my shaven pussy, oh god, oh Tim” she cried.

Jake in her mind was kissing her pink lips, sucking on her tongue, played havoc with her tits and nipples, pressing and rubbing his cock right into her sweet pussy through her dress. Lisa sank into sexual seductive oblivion. She really had a thing for a black cock. Now it was to the fore, in her mind, she really was living the scene in her head, as her husband struggled against his bonds, she said to him as if he wasn’t there.

“Jake oh Jake, you are so naughty, stop it, ooooh Jake no, and don’t do tha…. Oh you bad boy, you’ve ripped my panties off Jake, that’s just so bad of you. No don’t, I’m married, I’m faithful to my husband…. Oooooh Jake, ooooh, argggggh, oh that’s so good Jake, so bad, oh yes Jake, I’ve never known a boy as naughty as you are, making me cum like this for you, Oh Jake no.”

“Oh my god Jake what’s that, that’s your cock Jake, Jesus Jake it’s so big, please don’t put it in me, you’ll kill me with it, its so thick, so long, oh Jake no, please don’t.” All Tim could do was gurgle and fight his bonds.

“Please Jake, you mustn’t, oh its much too big, you’ll split me in two. Ooooh, oh argggggh, Hmmmmm, Jake ooooh.”

Tim spouted his cum high into the air to match his beautiful wife’s own orgasm, one that Tim couldn’t see because he was blindfolded. Lisa went into overdrive, her hand was a blur on her husbands cock as she lived the fucking she was receiving from her pupil in her head, orgasm followed orgasm, it was magnificent.

When the marbles stopped spinning in her head, but before she had recovered her senses fully, she said to her husband.

“I want to do it Tim; I want to be fucked by a black man, or a black boy like Jake Staniforth.” Lisa stunned herself by her admission, but carried on, “the next time I have you tied up Tim Roberts, I’m going to have Jake waiting in the hallway to come in and fuck me, me his school teacher, right in front of you, so there!” she pouted.

Tim thought she was still in the throes of her story and wouldn’t even think of doing such a thing, but he played along.

“You had better make sure I’m gagged then Lisa, okay?” he smiled at her. Lisa staggered to her bathroom, her mind was in bits, she really did want to try black cock. She thought of how she could, but keeping Tim on board, another orgasm hit her sideways, she sat on the bath and watched her nectar run down her thighs.

Tim was calling to her but she ignored him, her thoughts were inside out, she was so aroused it was unbelievable. She fingered her hot soaking pussy, thinking only of Jake Staniforth. She would get him somehow, she didn’t know how, but she would, come hell or high water. She also knew she was going to put her whole life at risk too, and all for a session of black cock, it was a sobering thought.

She went back into the bedroom, climbed on the bed without speaking to her husband, and recommenced teasing him mercilessly; she soon had him hard again. Lisa mounted him, but it wasn’t her husband she was mounting and fucking roughly, it was Jake Staniforth, and Lisa was now so determined she would have her super good looking athletic pupil that nothing would be allowed to stand in her way.

Lisa shagged her husband hard, he had just blown a load so she knew he would last, she had many hot orgasms on him, but it wasn’t him that was doing it, it was Jake in her head that was doing it. She never released him until the following morning; Lisa had the session of her life on him. Tim loved it, but he was blissfully unaware that it was Jake in her lovely head that was fucking her stupid and senseless.

The following Monday, she found it increasingly difficult not to just stare at the handsome black boy; she actually thought he was borderline beautiful. She appraised him as only a woman can, she studied his formidable physique. Jake played full back in the school team, and unless you are big, strong and brave, you didn’t get any where near the position and Jake had made it his own!

Several times in that first day, Monday, she had to go into the stock room to stop her self from making a fool of herself. She wanted to just go to him and seduce him, she was that kastamonu escort hot about black cock, his black cock, and Jake Staniforth. Then Lisa hit on a plan that she thought might just work, her husband would have no say in the matter, but he would be a star witness, because he would be there in their bedroom.

She mulled it over a lot; fine tuned it, played it in her head, talked it over with herself, and picked what holes she could in it. She was 100% certain that Jake would not refuse the offer of herself to him. But he would have to do as he was told to make her plan work, there were of course things she didn’t know about, or would be aware of, that would have to be got over as and when.

She booked Friday off, throughout the week she made sure Jake knew she was eyeing him, her gaze would fall on him, linger a while then move away. She knew he was giving her the eye back. Lisa was of course, every boys wet dream in school even some of the girls, especially his twin sister, who was woman to woman, full on.

On the Thursday Lisa was dressed in the way that would not hinder anything. Her plan was to hold him back after school, talk to him, tell him what she wanted, and in return for his agreement, he would get her all Friday evening. She was happy with her plan, she just hoped Tim would be, she knew Jake would be deliriously happy, no problem.

At class end and they were filing out, she said to Jake.

“Jake would you stay behind tonight please, to help me move some book cases in the stock room?” She was wearing a blouse, buttoned down the front, and a pleated skirt, high heels, her hair was in it’s usual pony tail. And she looked good, real good, she had a small amount of make up on, just enough to make her look so enticing.

“Yes Mrs Roberts, I’d be delighted,” he said, looking her right in the eyes.

“God,” Lisa thought, “he really is beautiful isn’t he?” Her nipples hardened thinking of what she was about to say to him, to ask him if he would go along with her plan for this Friday. To tell him, she and her husband liked to play games, and she wanted him to play a part for the evening with them.

She walked with him into the stockroom, and pointed to several book cases, “I want them moving here, and there,” she indicated with her fingers. As he pulled at the first one, Lisa walked out of the stock room and locked her classroom door; she wanted no interference until she had talked it over with him.

Taking a deep breath, pulling her pony tail out, shaking her lovely blond head, she walked back in. Closing the door, she told him she wanted to talk to him. She explained everything, including the absolute need for secrecy. She also told him she and her husband had a thing about black people, men, boys, skin, she told him, “for black, black skin, and er,” and her eyes lit up, she nodded at his crotch.

“The one thing I need to know from you Jake, is this. I can see you are a big man, and a strong one, but are you brave Jake, can you tell me you are in all honesty, brave enough for what I’m telling, and asking of you?” Jake was stunned by everything, but he was also very much up for it, the chance to fuck and have this blond beauty, his own teacher, when all the school was lusting after her was a gift, a gift from God himself.

This was where things took a turn, it went not the way Lisa was planning it. Jake stepped to her, and said.

“Mrs Roberts, I am as you say, big, not only in physique, but as you indicated, big there too.” He looked down at his crotch, making sure Lisa looked as well. “And I am probably stronger than you think. I am also the bravest and hardest boy in school, and I can, and will, give you what you want. And again, probably more than you want, and certainly more than you can handle.”

To prove his point, he stepped up to her, his 6ft + frame dwarfed her.

“Where is your coat Mrs Roberts?” he asked.

“There on the back of the door,” she nodded with her head, her hair swaying around her in a very sexy way

He turned to look at it, saw it was long one, down to her shapely calf’s, he decided, and immediately ripped open his teachers blouse, broke her bra and she was naked from the waist up in a flash. It happened so quickly Lisa barely moved..

“Jake, what are you doing,” she gasped in total surprise, “I didn’t mean it for now, today, I meant tomorrow night!” she hissed through her pouting lips. He took no notice, spun her around, forced her face down over the table and ripped away her skirt, followed by her panties. Lisa was left in her high heels. That’s when she began to struggle, but there was nothing she could do, he had his hand in the middle of her back, holding her down.

The doors were closed and locked, even if she screamed no one would hear her. Jake had a hard on to rival his best ever hard on, hard and thick, it was a hard on he knew that had to be satisfied, and his teacher was going to satisfy it, no matter what! He undid his pants one handed, kayseri escort dropped them, and kicked them away, now he was ready for some action!

“Jake please don’t, not here Jake, tomorrow night, please Jake?” she pleaded.

“Is this brave enough for you Lisa?” he said, “I did tell you I was brave didn’t I? And guess what, I’m so brave I am going to fuck your white married pussy as much as I want!” he told her. He fingered her glassy shaved haven, bringing a squeal from Lisa.

“Oh god Jake no, don’t, oh please no, don’t touch me there, please Jake.” His finger met wet, he smiled.

“You’re all wet Lisa, why is that do you think, Hmmm, is it because you know you are going to get blacked a bit earlier than you thought?”

“Jake stop it, I’m married, its all supposed to be a game for tomorrow, not now, pleas….., argggggh, on no Jake, I can’t, oh, oh, oh. Lisa felt her stomach tightening; a sure sign that in a very short time, she would be so high; she would be begging him to do her.

Jake slid his hand from her back, slipped it under her and squeezed a nipple, his middle finger sank into her pussy as far as it would go, his thumb delved into her pink crinkly sweet smelling ass, and Lisa yielded, she was over the edge. She couldn’t stop the small moan that told Jake she was conquered.

“Like that do we Lisa?” he taunted, “you ready for the big black cock you want in your juicy married white shaved pussy, are you ready to be blacked for ever Lisa, tell me, or I’ll stop!” he demanded. He had no intention of stopping, in a minute he would be buried balls deep in his beautiful blond married teacher’s hot gash.

“Please Jake,” it came out as a whisper, his finger and thumb was boosting her mind for black, this was what she had been wanting. Not maybe quite this way, but looking over her shoulder at her black attacker, her black seducer, the owner of the black cock she was craving. She gave in, telling him to do what he wanted.

The words that she was using were very similar to the ones she had used whist teasing her husband mercilessly. Jake moved so she could see his thick heavy, and deeply veined big black prick. Lisa’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.

“Oh god Jake, don’t put that in me please, it will kill me, it will slice me in two, oh Jake please, please don’t, it’s so big, it’s too thick. Please Jake have mercy on me,” she begged. She tried a different tack.

“Jake I’ve decided I don’t want to do this any more. I was wrong to speak with you, please let me go Jake and I’ll forget all about it, Jake?” But it was already too late, she was charged by the million volts of arousal frizzing around, and through her body.

She made one last futile attempt at him. “Jake, I’m married, I am your teacher, I have never been unfaithful to my husband, please don’t!” she said in her deep husky and aroused voice. That’s when Jake wiped the blue purple and red mushroomed head of his cock on her slit.

“Ooooh, oh, oh, oh, argggggh, oh Jake, please stop, Jake don….” Then “Oh yes Jake yes,” came helter-skelter out of her mouth, as he bent down and licked her super heated pussy. He got behind her and slid his black rod in, she screamed into the back of her hand, he pulled it almost out, then pushed it back in, he kept this up until her ass met his tight curly black hairs surrounding his base. Lisa’s hands were clamped to the side of the table, there was no resistance now, she was being black fucked, and it was all she had hoped for, and what she had wanted to be done to her, to be savaged by a big black pussy bating, meaty, fleshy, and very hard black log

He was home free, she was his now, his teacher was his, and he was going to keep her too. When he went to her house tomorrow, he intended to stay all weekend and fuck her as often as he could manage to. Her husband would be tied up, so controlling him was going to be just too easy. Jake thudded home, his balls slapping her ass, he pulled out. Lisa squeaked in fear, but he bashed home again and again, that’s when he decided the best thing was to deny her what she wanted most, his black prick, in the black owned pussy.

He pulled it out and let it rest just in her entrance, keeping her reminded of what was missing from her now.

“Jake don’t, put it back in, don’t tease me like this Jake, not now please Jake?” She was trying to look back at him over her shoulder. He smiled, that one simple move by him had beaten her completely.

“You’ll get it tomorrow night Teach,” he said, “and not before, you wanted the action tomorrow, you’ll get it tomorrow, but there’s one thing you can do for me Teach,” he told her. Yanking her up from the table, he spun her around and forced her to her knees in front of him. He grabbed her by the hair, it was soft and silky in his hands, and rammed his still hard prick into her mouth, her lips immediately fastened around it and she sucked.

“That’s the way Teach, you suck me good and I’ll let you have the lot, okay?” Lisa nodded her head, she worked as hard for it as she ever had, and it didn’t take her long to get the excited boy off. The big head was like having a billiard ball in her mouth, and she knew that once he shot off his first load, she would have difficulty in getting it all down.

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