A Cleaning Adventure

Big Tits

I left your house heading for home, still thinking of how your written words had prevented me from being able to cum and how I still needed it so badly. I know that I am not suppose to pleasure myself today, and that with knowing that I wont be able to and the more I think of it in that way, the more desperately I want to cum. It was as if not being allowed to play focused my mind more on wanting to cum.

I wondered if my husband would want to fuck me tonight and if he did, could I cum while he did so. All you had said was think of me, did that mean I could cum at that time with the thoughts of you or was that meant to stop me from doing so.

Of course with thoughts of my husband, came the thought that I shouldn’t be doing this, cheating on him. Yet, I felt that the needs were something I had to take care of and some how I knew that only you would be able to satisfy that need inside me. I needed what you could give to me, if only one time and I would make sure that you understood that it wouldn’t happen again. I have always considered myself a good girl, and wouldn’t ever agree to a long term affair. But just one time in my life I had to have you show me what it was like to experience the pleasure you seemed able to and willing to offer me.

The night seemed to drag on forever for me. I wait impatiently for time to fix dinner and getting the kids in the bath and ready for bed, for my shower, all the things that on any other night made it seem like a rushed evening, tonight seemed as though the time for me to do it would never come. I could only attribute it to being impatient for tomorrow when you would once again give me an orgasm like you had done before, it seemed so long ago.

My husband made it worse when he came home and was obviously as horny for me as I was for you. Every time he walked past me he would touch me, and on any other night he would have ignored the fact that I was in the same room with him.

Finally, it came time that we could go to bed, and I let him have make love to me, while I thought of you. Even if you hadn’t told me to think of you, I’m not sure that I could have kept you out of my thoughts. While he rushed through the love making process as he always does, and my thoughts were only on what you may do to me tomorrow, I slipped into the fantasy of the remembered day when you had last spanked me and had tied me to the dining room chairs. I couldn’t help the thoughts that flowed through me, of your touch, and before long, even unsure of whether you wanted me to cum with him or not, I came all over my husband’s cock wishing that it had been yours instead.

As always, he fell asleep right after he came, and I got up for a drink and to get my thoughts together, about what I had felt while he made love to me. It was so rare that I could actually cum for him and then being able to do so with the thoughts of you; it confused me as much as earlier when I realized that you could control my orgasm with a simple note telling me not to cum.

I finally went to bed, more exhausted from thinking than actually sleepy and woke up early, anxiously awaiting nine o’clock when I would be at your house and hopefully beginning to understand what it was that you could make me feel. I was up and taking a shower before my husbands alarm clock went off, had breakfast ready by the time the kids were awake and I was dressed, both cooking and getting myself ready early, rushing the morning routine so I could usher everyone out the door and head towards your house.

The only time my morning became frustrating for me, was while trying to decide what to wear for you. I knew I wasn’t supposed to wear panties unless otherwise stated but part of me wanted to wear sexy panties for you, a matching bra. Without panties, I finally decided to wear a dress, one that I hoped you would like. A dress with tiny flowers all over it, a tight bodice, which I decided to wear without a bra. I know that you will notice the lack of a bra before you know if I have worn panties or not, the material rubbing my nipples already making them hard, and I wonder if you will be pleased with my decision.

At eight fifteen, it was finally time for me to take my son to daycare, and then be on my way to meet you at your house. After dropping him off and knowing what was to come and where I was finally heading, I could feel my body responding as if you were already touching me. My nipples seemed to grow harder, with the caress of the dress upon them and my clit seemed to swell more the closer I came to your house. Anticipation of what was to come, settled inside me in the form of butterflies in my stomach, though I didn’t feel like I was nervous. I felt no fear as I pulled into your driveway right on time, just an almost overwhelming need for you to take me and do what ever it was that you wanted to do.

I stepped out of the car and walked to your door on legs trembling in excitement and every step, seemed to be a teasing caress to my already swollen clit. I opened yalova escort the door and stepped inside. You were sitting in the chair facing towards the door and the way you looked at me caused me to pause, as your eyes traveled up and down the length of me.

I consider saying something, but am not sure what I should say. I choose instead to stand there and wait for you to break the silence, the whole time my body responding to the touch of your eyes as if it were your hands instead. You leave me standing there for at least five minutes before you finally speak to me, breaking the silence at last with, “If you want to stop, now is your chance. If you choose to stay right now, I am in control. Do you understand?”

“I don’t want to stop and yes I do understand.” I whisper, slightly unnerved by your tone.

“Good, from now on, you will call me Sir when I do ask you a question, and you will do as I say. If you do feel that I am being to rough or am pushing too hard, say ‘red’ and everything stops. You will get dressed and go home, and will never have the chance to try again. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” I reply, more nervous now than I had been all morning.

“Okay. What is the word?”

“Red” I answer.

“Red what?”

Blushing at having forgotten already I amend, “Red, Sir”.

“Next time you forget, I will spank you five times.”

“Yes, Sir. I won’t forget again.”


I am shocked that you would have me do that here just inside the door, and I think about protesting but when I see the look on your face I sense that this was probably the first of many tests to see if I was going to let you control me or not. I reach down and pull my dress up from the bottom and over my head, leaving me completely naked for you to view.

“Good girl but next time when I say to do something, there should be no hesitation.”

“Yes sir.” I reply feeling as if I have already failed you in many ways, even though you had said “good girl” to me.

“First, I am going to tell you that you are mine for the full day. When do you have to be at home?”

“I have to go by five, in order to pick up my son.” I say and add “sir” as an afterthought.

“Good. Now, come here, kneel beside my chair.”

I timidly begin to walk towards you, wondering over this new turn of events. I somehow had thought it would be us heading towards the bedroom. When I reach you, I kneel down on the floor beside you.

“Spread your knees out a little bit; rest your ass on your feet. I don’t want your legs getting tired just yet.” You say and I immediately move my knees further apart. “Good girl. Now one day this will be the position you are in when I collar you as mine. Today however, I am not going to do that. I am not sure that you have proven yourself enough for me to claim you with my collar, so we will wait on that. However, for today you will act as if you are collared, that is if you want to know what it is like to be with me. If you are still unsure, I suggest you leave before we go any further.”

The whole time you spoke, I realized how my pussy seemed to grow wetter by the moment, just kneeling on the floor with my legs spread. My clit swelling as if hoping to reach out and touch something, and the longer you spoke, the more I knew that I could not get up and walk out of here until I had felt the power of your control. I would be able to be to be yours, with or without the collar, though admittedly wish you would put it upon me today even though I knew I wasn’t ready for what the collar would mean to us both.

You interrupted my thoughts with, “I take it since you haven’t got up yet, that you are still willing. In that case, you do as I say, when I say, and with out any question. The only time you should speak against it is if you are going to say ‘Red’ and end it. Since it is your first time with me, I will not gag you this time, before we do that, you will have no second thoughts. Since it seems you are not leaving as of yet, stand and follow me.”

I stood on weakened legs, not realizing until then the slight cramp that my legs had been put into, and feet, tingling having fallen asleep while I sat on them. I assume you realized the problem that I was having, since you didn’t make an immediate move to walk away, allowing me to stand and become accustomed to being on my feet.

The time that you allowed me to stand there and get my legs comfortable again, also brought back the slight intimidation I felt while standing there naked, while you remained fully dressed, even though it seemed I should be growing use to it by now. It occurred to me that this wasn’t a normal “love making”, since only one of us would be naked, for a while at least. I wondered how we would be able to have the foreplay needed for us both, if I wasn’t able to see you naked. No doubt in my mind that I would be ready for you, considering my body was ready for you already, but I had to wonder how you would be ready if I wasn’t able zonguldak escort to touch you. I was about to question what you would gain from this, out loud, when you stopped me from doing so by walking in the direction of your bedroom, making me follow behind you.

You didn’t allow more time for idle talk, since upon reaching the closed bedroom door, you stopped, and held out one of the black clothes I had seem in the box while cleaning the closet, and stated, “You will wear this, until I remove it.” and walked around to my back.

You come close enough that I feel the brush of your clothes upon my ass back, as you take the cloth and place it over my eyes, tying it behind my head, placing me in darkness.

I was slightly scared of the darkness, it proved as nothing else had done as of yet, that I was going to need your help for even simple things, like finding the entrance to your bedroom. I felt you walk around me, though I was unsure of where you had stopped, until I felt your fingers on my face, checking the blindfold, making sure I was in total darkness.

You stopped touching me, and just left me standing. After a little bit, I began to wonder if you had walked away and I had missed the sound of you doing so. I worried about being alone while blindfolded, I strained to hear or feel something to indicate you were still nearby. In my sudden need for something comforting, I considered reaching up and pulling the blindfold off, or at least off of one eye, for the reassurance that you were with me. Knowing that you would be disappointed if I did so, I stood still straining my ears for a slight movement that may cause the slightest noise.

So focused on trying to find the sound of your footsteps, I was surprised when you touched my hand without any noise, showing that you had never left. I almost sighed in relief at knowing you hadn’t left me on my own.

Your hand tightens on mine pulling me forward, and through the doorway into your room. I try to mentally picture where things are inside the room, so I don’t bump into anything, trusting you not to let me get hurt but not wanting to embarrass myself by stumbling.

When you stop walking me forward you turn me around as if to look in your direction, and remove your hand from mine. Placing your large hands at my shoulders you urge me to sit while saying simply, “Sit.”

I realize that we are at the bed and I am currently sitting down on it. I feel a mixture of emotions, ranging from excitement to trepidation of what would occur on this bed during the rest of our day together. When I am sitting fully on the bed, you say, “Slide into the middle of the bed, as if you were going to lay down and sleep. Then lay down, I will show you what I want from that.”

I do as you say, and turn myself and lay down with my head towards the head of the bed and legs towards the foot. I hear you moving around, and wonder what you are doing what you may have planned for me.

I feel the bed shift as you sit down on my right side, up towards my head. I feel it shifting under me as you move yourself around. I find it strange to feel your movements rather than see them and I wait for a touch from you, a reassurance that I am okay.

It comes in the form of you taking my right hand and pulling it up from my waist to the head of the bed, holding it for a moment, and then a rope wrapping around my wrist. Then, you stand and move to the other side of the bed and give the same favors to my left wrist, securing me to the headboard.

My hands being tied was nothing unexpected, so when you moved to the other side of me and began to tie that wrist also, it never really occurred to me how much my hands being tied would affect me as the day progressed.

What surprised me most at this point was the bed shifting as you leaned over me, and the feel of your lips touching mine, lightly. It wasn’t a passionate kiss; it seemed to be merely to tell me it was okay and that I was safe. Either way, I took comfort in it and was disappointed when I felt the bed shift once again as you stood up.

When you move away, from the bed, I hear your steps on the other side of the room and wonder what you are doing. I figure it out when I hear a buzzing noise, letting me know that you have brought out a vibrator of some kind. The thought that you are going to use it on me causes a unique mixture of embarrassment and excitement. The embarrassment coming from my pussy’s excited response, the sudden swelling of my clit and wetness which felt like it was running down the crack of my ass, and just the pure idea that you would be using it on me, and I would just have to lay there and take whatever you did to me. Finally now seeing how useless I would be with my hands tied to the headboard above me.

Your steps are hidden by the sound of the vibrator moving closer to me, and I expect you to stop and place it on my pussy, and maybe fuck me with it since my pussy is already so wet. You surprise me zonguldak escort by moving the vibe over my head and I wish I could see what you were doing. Then you take the vibe place it in the palm of my hand, the tip of it teasing the palm of my right hand, and then you slide it down my arm.

You take the vibe off me only when you are at my right breast, and then move away, and walk to the other side of the bed, where you repeat the procedure down my left arm.

Then I feel you sit down on the bed beside me on my left side, the vibe buzzing near my head for only a moment before I feel it on my chest, teasing in between my breasts before you begin working it around first one breast and then the other, raising it up off me occasionally so I never really knew where it was going to touch next, but I noticed rather quickly that you were going to avoid touching my nipples, until you were completely ready to do so.

It didn’t take long before impatience began to overcome me and I found myself trying to arch my chest up to you, offering it to you. I hoped that I would be able to cause at least an accidental touch on my nipples. I wanted to say something, beg you to touch me, but the memory of what you had said about not talking unless I wanted to stop kept me from doing so.

I couldn’t stop the thoughts from coming about what you would feel like buried deep inside me anymore than I could stop my body from twisting and arching up to meet that touch you had yet to give. Each thought seemed to make me need your touch more, and each need for your touch and still not receiving it, took me to higher points than I would have thought possible.

The teasing toy cock continued its steady buzz, not caring how much it was teasing me all around my chest, lifting off me and touching in a whole new area on my chest. Each time it left me, I missed its vibrations and every time it returned I was frustrated anew that it didn’t land on my aching nipples.

Then suddenly, and with out warning I feel something warm close over my pebble hard right nipple. The shock of something warm instead of the vibe I had expected caused me to gasp as if in pain and then sigh in contentment as I felt the tug and release of your mouth upon me.

You tease me like that; first one nipple and then the other, back and forth, kissing and sucking on my aching nipples, while the vibe continued teasing the areas your mouth didn’t touch. Occasionally, I felt your teeth scrape over them, each touch of your teeth and mouth sending a burst of heat down to my clit.

You seem to know what you are doing to me, but want to take me higher still and move the vibe down onto my stomach. I feel its vibrations on my lower stomach, just above my mound but close enough for the vibrations to make me try to buck and arch in the hopes of making you go lower with it.

You feel my movements and take your mouth off my nipple saying, “You can’t be still. I will fix that. You need to learn patients.”

I feel the bed shift as you leave it. I wonder how you will teach me patience and somewhat fearing what would come next while I hear you moving about the room.

After a while, I feel your weight sit down at the foot of the bed. As you take my left ankle into your hand, you lay the vibe up against my aching pussy, letting me feel it on myself but not enough to take me over the edge in orgasm and I groan once again in frustration at having what I wanted so close, yet still so far away from where I really wanted it.

As you take the other ankle, spreading my legs further and allowing more contact of the vibe upon my swollen clit you say, “Don’t cum yet.” in a soft yet firm voice.

I shake with the need to cum, wondering if I would be able to hold it back if the vibe were to touch me more firmly, and realizing once again that the fact you tell me not to cum, focuses my mind more on cumming and harder to not do so.

I feel your weight shift again on the bed, though know somehow that you are still sitting there between my now spread open legs. I know you are looking at me, watching me ache for you. I know that the only thing stopping you from seeing my wet slit is the vibe both hiding and teasing me. I wonder what I look like to you, spread open and tied to your bed. “Do you like what you’re seeing?” I long to ask.

Another shift of your weight and with out warning you remove the vibe. I feel your breath upon my swollen clit seconds before I feel your warm mouth closing over my pussy. The contrast between the vibe and your mouth making me wonder how long I would really be able to resist cumming.

Your tongue slides up and down my wet slit, dragging the wetness up and over clit, flicking your tongue over me as you do. Each touch makes me wish I could buck up against your mouth, for the first time seeing myself tied down as a bad thing, because with it, I cant urge you on the way my body demands I should.

“Do you want to cum now?” you ask taking your mouth up off my clit just far enough that I feel your breath caress me, cooling my wetness.

“Yes” I reply breathlessly.

“No your not, not until you say ‘Sir’.” you say as your mouth once again covers my swollen clit and your tongue and teeth begin to work it again.

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