A Day In the Woods Chapt 3


Chapter 3
5:45 A.M. – my alarm went off. I reached over and slapped the button with a tired, heavy arm. I grabbed it and pulled it to my face hoping that I had set it wrong and I had at least 30 more minutes of sleep left. No such luck. I sat up, thinking about everything had happened the night before and everything I had been told. I got up and started to get ready for the day. I didn’t feel like running today but it would help clear my thoughts. I felt unusually good, albeit tired. Apparently being fucked so well suited me. My mind drifted as I got dressed. I heard a knock on my door, looked at the clock – 6:00 A.M. – Anne was prompt as usual. I hung up the phone and answered the door. Anne smiled, “You ready to go? You look tired.” I agreed I was but also agreed I was ready to go.

We headed downstairs and I agreed to drive. We made our way to the parking lot we always park in. On the way each of us told our tales of the week and how hellish work was. I did manage to leave out the details of the night before, even when Anne asked me how my date was. I looked at her with a questioning look. She said that’s what she assumed I was doing as I wasn’t home when she went to bed. I smiled and laughed it off. I told her I attended a seminar, or class or whatever it was supposed to be and then stayed as everyone asked questions as I had a few of my own. She started asking me more about it and I realized I should have kept my mouth shut. I told her it was informative and I learned a lot. The more she asked the more I got nervous. I couldn’t exactly tell her what I learned or knew. She wouldn’t believe it for one and would think I was crazy for the other.

Thankfully I turned into the parking lot. Typical as every other time we run – no one was there that early. Anne stopped asking me about my night as we got out and stretched before our run. She also said she would like to see where I fell a couple of weeks earlier. I knew to keep my mouth shut this time and shrugged that one off as we jogged off across the street and up the path we run on.

The day was going much as any other day we jog. We don’t usually say a lot and just run, both of us escaping the week’s shit as we work up a decent sweat. I was just a little behind Anne and watched as I had become accustomed to her body bouncing to the pace of our running. Occasionally she would look over her shoulder at me and smile. I often wondered if she knew I was staring and what was going through her mind when she looked back at me. As we rounded the trail Anne stopped suddenly. I wasn’t expecting it and damn near plowed over her as I slid to a stop next to her. I could see the side of her face and knew she was frightened. She felt for me with her hand and then pointed. On the trail ahead in the distance was a large forbidding animal. Anne breathed heavily, “Is … is that a … wolf?” trying to catch her breathe as she stammered the words. I smiled slightly now recognizing Mike, “I … believe it … is.” winded as I answered. I told her we shouldn’t act afraid but should probably change directions to avoid the animal. I knew Anne would readily agree. I knew she had a fear of dogs. We turned and started jogging again.

I led the way down a path that was unfamiliar to us both – at least as far as Anne knew. As the path broke into a small clearing there was the large wolf again standing in the path in front of us. Much closer than before, he growled as we came to a stop. We both stood there frozen in our tracks as the wolf moved closer. I whispered to Anne to look. She turned her head to my direction and there were two more of them. I heard her say “fuck!” under her breath and asked me what we should do. I told her I didn’t know but also said we didn’t want to scare them or startle them or piss them off. “Scare them?!” Anne whispered back to me.

We backed up and as we did I felt the familiar feeling of a cold snout press against my ass. I stopped, “Shit!” I whispered and Anne turned around. There was this wolf with his snout in my ass and another right in front of her. It walked up cautiously and sniffed at her crotch and Anne looked at me for insight on what she should do. I told her to not move and don’t show any fear. I knew she was scared and so did everyone else there. I also knew it was Jean sniffing her sweaty crotch and it was Susan that her head between my legs. Before Anne knew what was happening an entire pack of wolves had us surrounded. Two others circled her as Jean continued sniffing and licking at her sweats. Paul had moved over to me and circled his bitch.

I watched as Jake and Tommy lunged at Anne. They took hold of her sweat jacket and ripped it from her just as fast. She looked back at me; Paul and Susan were apparently doing the same to me. Before she could see me volunteering to get undressed, Jean took hold of her sweats and Sex hikayeleri in trying to pull them off, pulled Anne to the ground. I watched as I stripped and tossed my clothes into a pile. Anne was on her hands and knees as the three of them ripped her clothes from her. She started to scream for help when Mike stood in front of her. Crouched down and growling loudly at her. It was almost as if he was telling her to shut the fuck up! Anne stifled her attempts to scream as it looked as though Mike was about to leap and tear her throat out. I had gotten on all fours and Paul licked at me from behind. Susan stood in front of me and I returned the favor to her. Between licks I told Anne we had better do what they want. She tried to look back over her shoulder at me to see if she heard me right, but Tommy grabbed a mouthful of hair and pulled her head back forward. Susan lay down in front of me and I delved into her wolfish cunt, licking madly at her as Paul began to mount me.

Anne heard me moan as Paul stuffed himself into me. God I was so starting to love him fucking me! Mike had moved behind Anne, he was licking her hard and viciously. She knew it was wrong but it was starting to feel good. I was so happy with myself for reading that right. Anne spread her legs wider for Mike when all of a sudden he stopped. Jake and Tommy held her wrists and Jean was directly in front of her. All of sudden Mike leapt on her back and before Anne could say no – I watched as his hard cock pierced her wet slit. I could see everything from my vantage point and I liked what I saw. Anne’s tits swaying as Mike fucked her furiously. I could hear her moans as he drove deep into her.

As I lapped away at Susan, Jean had lain down in front of Anne. Tommy grabbed her neck and pushed her into her waiting cunt. I knew what Anne was thinking just as I had two weeks earlier, this couldn’t be happening, this isn’t what they want me to do. Anne succumbed to their desires just as I had. I watched as Mike pushed his knot into her dripping wet pussy and as she licked at the first wolf slit she ever licked. Her moans and grunts were intoxicating and filled the empty woods. She was far louder than I was. I felt Paul pushing his knot into me. I so wanted to tell him to fuck me, to fill his bitch with his cum, but I didn’t want Anne to know that I knew what was happening to us both. I pushed a finger into Susan’s tight pussy – licking as I did. I could feel Paul emptying his balls deep inside of me.

Mike finished with Anne. He forcefully pulled his knot from her and I heard her scream as he did. They were being far rougher with her than they had been with me. Jean gushed a long stream of wolf cum into Anne’s mouth. I could tell she was repulsed by the thought but also licked her clean. Tommy moved behind her as Mike stood hard on her hand to keep her from moving. As Paul slid his cock from me and licked me clean, Susan finished cumming in my mouth. She knelt beside me as we both watch her mate ready to fuck Anne. I swear she was smiling as Tommy pushed his cock against Anne’s ass and then into it. He feverishly fucked her tight hole as Anne screamed. First in pain but then I think in delight. I cold only imagine something as big as Tommy’s veiny cock in my ass, especially when he knotted.

Anne realized the same thing as he pushed the ball of his cock against her. Again she went to look at me and this time Mike forced her face to the ground. As he did Tommy forced his cock deep into her ass and I watched as it swelled deep in her bowels. I was sitting on my knees; Susan and Paul were on either side of me. I put my arm around Paul and scratched his head and ears. I leaned over to him, “Thank you for answering this morning and thank you for convincing everyone to cum along.” He licked my face several times and I knew he understood. Tommy was locked into Anne’s ass. He rhythmically pumped it full of his sperm. Susan being the good mate put her head under Anne and licked at her used cunt and also licked her mates sperm as it ran from her ass.

I started to rub Paul’s sheath and felt him hardening inside. Soon his red wolf cock started to show. I leaned over and started to lick. As I did he rolled onto his back – giving me full access to him as I sucked his cock into my mouth. I wanted to be like Susan and I wanted to taste my lover’s cum. I also started to realize that I wanted to be like Susan … period. Tommy also pulled his cock forcefully from Anne’s ass. His sperm bled onto the ground from her abused ass like blood from an open gash. Before she could recover from the feeling Jake mounted her and, as far as I knew, this was the first time that he had ever felt a woman’s pussy on his cock.

He fucked her with the skill he didn’t possess but with the youth and vigor he did. Mike moved from Anne’s hand and let go of her Sikiş hikayeleri neck. Susan took his place and Jean was on the other hand. Mike rose and mounted Anne’s shoulders. She looked ahead and this time didn’t hesitate. Either she had become used to the idea that this was going to happen to her – or she liked that it was happening. She opened her mouth and Mike forced his cock completely in. She gagged hard as it entered her throat. His paws scraped her shoulders as he pulled himself onto her. Jake was doing the same to her pussy. Fucking her for all he was worth.

Jake soon knotted Anne. Ass to ass he pumped her full of one last load of wolf semen. I swear Mike was trying desperately to get his knot into Anne’s wide open mouth, but it just wouldn’t go. I sucked Paul’s cock hard and soon felt him giving me what I wanted. Short jets of hot cum splashed into my mouth. I pulled his cock out and stroked it hard. I squeezed his knot hard as he came even more in my mouth and on my face. Mike had begun filling Anne’s throat. It poured from her lips and down her cheeks as she gagged and coughed cum out of her mouth. As she tried to catch her breathe, cum and spit ran down her chin, Mike’s cock bobbed up and down and sprayed it’s sticky fluid over her face and head.

I lay down next to Paul. I stroked his shrinking cock and told him thanks as I licked his snout. He turned to me and did the same and then got up. Anne lay in a heap on the floor of the woods. Every orifice oozed with wolf cum and she was covered in sweat and cum. The pack of wolves that had violated her was gone, just as quickly as they had appeared. I crawled over to her and put my hand on her waist. She was hot, flushed from being fucked. I rolled her onto her back, staring at her bare pussy for the first time and getting a good look at her tits and large nipples. I looked up at her face, “Are you ok?” She didn’t say anything. I told her we should get going before they came back or before someone else came along. It was then I wondered if Eliot was watching as he said he usually does. Did he enjoy watching as we both got fucked? Did he especially enjoy the brutal treatment they gave Anne? I wondered if he jacked himself off or not.

I got myself dressed and then looked for Anne’s clothes. There was barely a shred of them left. They at least left me with something to cover my ass. All Anne had were the shoes she had on. Her knees were far more abused than mine and were bleeding slightly as she stood to her feet. I could see the cum flowing from her and down her thighs, I would have loved to licked it for her. I held her as we walked back through the woods, towards the parking area. We stood at the edge of the woods and I told her to wait. I ran over to my car and opened the trunk. I grabbed a blanket I keep there for emergencies. This qualified as one. I didn’t want my seats stained yet again with wolf semen. I was going to have to find something that cleaned that off of car seats.
I wrapped the blanket around Anne and led her to the car. As she got in I closed the door behind her. I briefly looked around but didn’t see, or hear, anyone. I got in and drove us home. Anne didn’t say anything the entire way home. She sat huddled in my seat with the blanket around her shivering. I turned the heat on for her but it didn’t seem to help. I was sweating from the heat as I pulled into the apartment’s parking lot. I hurried Anne from my car, sure enough, she had leaked through the blanket. I discarded the thought as I know believed there was really something wrong with her. What if I have to take to the hospital or a psychiatrist? How do explain what happened?

I helped her up the stairs to our apartments. She stood there as I got a key for her apartment. We both have a key for each other’s place in case of an accident or emergency or if we lock ourselves out. I opened her apartment and Anne stumbled in. I had her sit on the couch and told her I would get her a bath going. I sat on the edge of the tub and ran the water, feeling it get hotter and adjusting the temperature. I was thinking about the morning and watching Anne as she was fucked. I knew Eliot watched me the same way two weeks earlier. God it was so erotic.

As I was lost in my own thoughts and rubbing my tits through my sweats, I snapped back to reality and saw Anne standing there watching me. I must have turned three shades of red being caught like that. She stood there with the blanket draped loosely over her. Her bare pussy was plain to see and it still dripped with wolf cum. Her nipples were hard and the blanket clung to them, her large areolas half visible. I looked at her and she finally spoke, “That’s what happened to you two weeks ago, the same thing happened didn’t it?” I didn’t know what to say. I knew that Anne knew that was exactly what happened to Erotik hikaye me. The look on my face said it all.

She walked over to me, leaned over me as she turned off the water, her tits in my face and me too shocked to do anything at that point. She sat on the edge of the tub next to me. “Why didn’t you tell me what happened to you?” I told her I couldn’t tell her. I didn’t think she would believe me, I didn’t think anyone would. And then I told her something else. I told her I liked it. It was the best fuck I had ever had. It was so strange and yet so wicked and desirable. Anne hugged me. I felt her body against mine. She whispered in my ear, “It was wicked wasn’t it?” I pulled back from her and she smiled slightly at me. She told me how she was scared at first. She thought we were going to be killed and mauled by wolves. She didn’t even know wolves were in those woods. She rambled on faster and faster with each word.

“But oh God, when he licked me – I thought I was going to scream!!” I smiled back at her and told her she did. Anne laughed. She went on to tell me every feeling she had. She could hear me getting fucked and it turned her on even more. She had always been a little submissive she said she loved how they forced her to be their slave. I was almost getting ready to open my mouth and tell her everything when I stopped myself again from running my mouth. Instead I asked her if she wanted to get cleaned up. She looked at the hot water and nodded. As Anne stood up and put one leg over the edge into the water I looked at her again. I leaned forward a little and licked my way up her legs from her knees. I started to taste the semen that was inside her and kept licking my way up. Anne stepped back out of the tub and as she did I laid back on the floor, pulling her with me.

I knew her knees had to ache but she knelt over me. I reached up and grabbed her ass and pulled her to me. She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I ravished her clit with my tongue. I did the one thing the wolves couldn’t; I sucked her clit into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around it and driving Anne insane. She started grinding her hips against my face. I tasted as more and more of the cum that had been dumped into her belly ran from her sore vagina and into my mouth, combined with her own juices, I was in heaven. I reached up and rubbed her large tits, pinching the nipples and rolling them between my fingers. I heard Anne groan as she climaxed and flooded my mouth. She kept grinding herself harder into my mouth bringing her to climax again. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me and how much my life had changed in half a month. Then something happened I didn’t expect. Anne was lost in her orgasm, she lost control of herself and as she did I felt the first spray as she started to pee as she came. She finally looked down at me, the look of shock and embarrassment on her face. She tried to stop but couldn’t. I didn’t care. I licked even harder at her and she let go. I was soaked in wolf cum and her urine.

When she finished she sat next to me. She tried to apologize but I stopped her, obviously I didn’t mind. She told me that was common for her. It had happened before with her ex husband as well. He was always extremely put off when it happened and made her feel ashamed for doing so. Always complaining that they would have to replace the sheets and, if she couldn’t control herself, then the mattress eventually. That was the beginning of the end of their relationship. Any normal man would be thrilled to have his wife cum that hard ya know?! She told me that when the large wolf mounted her she did the same thing. In the midst of Paul fucking me I hadn’t really noticed. I knew she was extremely wet but attributed that to the fucking Mike was giving her. Then again with his large knot stuck in her – it would have been kind of hard to tell if she was peeing or not especially knowing how much cum he dumps into you.

We took a shower together and finally got cleaned up. Anne was still rambling asking if I thought the wolves would be back again. Should we tell anyone? She kept going on and I finally told her I had to get a couple of things done before the day was over and that I would cum over on Sunday and we could talk some more. She agreed and we kissed as I left. I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to talk to Paul and see what he thought, and more importantly, to see what the rest of the pack thought.

Eliot had retreated back to his lab. He had left in a rush to oversee the pack and make sure nothing was discovered. Just as Jessica had suspected though he did watch and take the liberty of getting himself off while watching. Jessica was right about that; how can you watch something like that and not be aroused. As the good doctor was thinking about the morning something clicked inside his head. Could it really be that simple he thought to himself? He jumped up, hurriedly grabbed a few samples and set about starting a couple of tests. This could finally be the breakthrough he had been looking for in years.

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