A Deadlier Woman

Big Dick

I shook the water from my head, coughing and trying to catch my breath. I had lost track of time – which is easy to do when you’re being waterboarded.Waterboarding sounds so gentle – sort of like surfing, I guess. Except it’s actually more like they’re trying to drown you, but stopping just short. Repeatedly. I hated it, which was sort of the point.The head interrogator’s leering face came into view. “You thought you would lead an escape and embarrass us, did you?” His taunting eyes screwed up and he laughed. He had bad breath, too. “Well, unless you’re ready to tell us who helped you plan this foolish escape, we’re going make an example of you to show the rest of this scum what happens to someone who tries to be clever, but isn’t clever enough, ja?”And they started pouring water over my face and mouth again.When they were finally done, they uncuffed me, and frog-marched me like a limp doll outside in my soaking clothes. Then they tied me up outdoors in the cold, upright and spread-eagled, outside the mess hall, just in time for the rest of the prisoners to come in for lunch.I took it as a mark of respect that none of the other prisoners whistled or made crude remarks about seeing me hanging there. It hadn’t been that way at the start…~~~~~Victor met me at Starptautiskā lidosta “Rīga,” the international airport in Riga, Latvia, then rode with me east some distance to what looked like an army camp. The double-gated, barbed wire fence opened to let the car through, then shut behind us. It looked like something out of a bad World War II prisoner-of-war film. Victor told me it was used to train elite NATO troops – which left me wondering what the fuck I was doing here.It didn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I was here for three-to-four weeks, I’d been told – unless I flunked out first.“Why is it you think I need to be trained? What is it you want me to learn that I don’t already know?” I had asked Victor as we were driving from the airport.He exhaled in exasperation. I have that effect on administrators and bureaucrats. “We’ve gone over this before. You’ve shown me what you can do in taking down your Mister Action, but I need you to show my organization that you’re worth investing time and money in. They don’t believe me. If you complete this course, then I’ll be free to run you in the field, with all the resources at my command to back you.”He stared at me, then seeing I remained unconvinced, he said, “Let me put it this way: If you pass this training, then we go after the rest of the organization that killed your wife. If you don’t – well, I’m not quite sure what happens, but I won’t be able to help you.“Is that a good enough reason?”I stared at him for a moment. “No, but I guess it will have to do.” I sat back in the car. “I did a better job than you did before I had your help – and I can do it again if I need to.”I looked back at him, “But I’ll admit having help xnxx made things easier.”And that was all we had said until we got to the camp.I got out of the car and grabbed my rucksack from the backseat. Victor stayed in the limousine, powered down his window, stuck his hand out, and said, “Good luck.”I glared at him, then turned and walked toward two tall guys in fatigues who were watching us.They made no comment about the exchange between Victor and me, but one of them led me into the barracks and pointed to a top bunk halfway down the row. “That’s yours. Settle in. Dinner is at 1800 hours.”And left, muttering something under his breath.I looked around. All I could see on the other bunks were personal effects. Men’s personal effects.I was stashing my stuff from my rucksack in the locker at the head of the bed when I heard a couple of footsteps behind me. Turning, I looked up at two tall, obviously fit guys wearing fatigues.“My boots need cleaning, and the toilets need to be cleaned as well. See to it.” And two dirty boots landed in front of me.I looked at them for a moment, then straightened up. “Get your shitty boots away from my locker, asshole.”I said it without emotion as if I were giving a weather report, then picked up the boots and tossed them into the middle of the barracks floor.He just hung there, staring at me.“What the fuck? I said I need my boots cleaned – and you’re gonna clean them!” He straightened up, emphasizing his height and crossing his arms, feet shoulder-width apart.Face neutral, I moved over until I was about half a meter away, then pivoted on one foot, and lashed out with my heel, taking him squarely in the groin.He crumpled forward, grabbing his crotch, and grunting in pain. I turned back, brought my hands down on the back of his head, pulled it down, and brought my knee up to meet his chin.I guess he must have had a glass jaw because he just crumpled backward onto the floor, out cold.His friend looked at his unconscious mate, then turned angrily to me, “You little bitch!” and reached for me.By this time I had slipped between the bunks into the center of the room, to give myself more space to maneuver. As his hand reached for me, I stepped outside of his arm, grabbed the wrist, pulled hard, and rotated the arm so the elbow joint locked up, then pivoted around, pushed hard on the locked elbow, and put my leg in front of his. Using the leverage on his arm to force him forward, I tripped him and pushed his body to the floor, face-first.Just then I heard someone start to slow-clap, and looked up.“Bravo, bravo! Or should I say brava?”The tall guy who had pointed me to my bunk, whom I later learned was the head instructor, was leaning against the doorway, clapping sarcastically. Heaving himself up, he walked slowly over to where I stood over the second jackass, still holding him in an armbar, foot on his shoulder, forcing his face into the floor.“I’m bakire porno not sure which of you three just made a bigger fool of yourself. Fighting on the first day of instruction.” He shook his head. “Stupid. That’s what we’ve got here. Stupid people.”His face turned hard. “Ten laps around the compound, both of you. Right now. I’ll deal with sleeping beauty here. Go!” And he hooked his thumb out of the barracks door at the field behind.I looked at him for a moment, then dropped the jackass’ arm and jogged through the door.If they thought they could intimidate me, they had some surprises coming.~~~~~I finished the ten laps, breathing hard, without seeing either of the assholes who had confronted me. I only found out later why neither of them ran laps.Regardless, once I got back to the barracks, I finished my small amount of unpacking, then sat on my bunk, reading and ignoring the men filing in around me. Many of them commented to each other about the chick in the barracks, and several of them tried to involve me in conversation. I ignored all of them.Just before 1800 hours, they had us line up in front of the barracks. There were, I learned later, sixty-one of us. The lead instructor told us we were candidates for elite training, but that we would have to prove ourselves, and that what we had done elsewhere meant nothing here. We would train in specific tradecraft techniques in the mornings, then do fieldwork, weapons training, and other activities in the afternoon and into the night.Most of us would flunk, he said. Two people had flunked already and were on their way home.The instructor looked at me as he said it, and I guessed he meant the assholes whose butts I had kicked. I shrugged slightly when he looked at me, and I saw his eyes harden.When he had finished what sounded like a set-piece spiel, one of the other candidates raised his hand.“What?” the instructor barked.“What about her?” he asked, pointing at me.“What about her?”“She can’t be a candidate, can she? I mean, she’s just a girl, right?”The instructor just stared at him for a minute, then dismissed us for chow.I turned on my heel and went into the mess. A girl’s gotta eat, I figured, and I suspected I’d better get it done while I had a chance.I was one of the first to get food and ignored most attempts to engage in conversation. I sat by myself by the door so I could duck out quickly if necessary and ate quickly.Unfortunately, three guys came over and sat down around me before I had finished. I thought about getting up and leaving, then decided I was going to have to make my bones sooner or later, so let’s get it done.“What?” I asked.All three of them were grinning. “We thought we could get friendly-like, you know? Like after dark? In the sack?”I looked at him, then said, “Sonny, stick to pulling your own sad little wienie and leave me alone, okay? We’ll get along bedava porno better that way.” And went back to eating.Angrily, he reached across the table to grab my arm. Instead, I grabbed his thumb, yanked it back, and dug into a pressure point on his inner wrist. He jerked upright and started to grab me with his other hand when the head instructor appeared.“What’s going on?” He looked at me when he said it.I paused, then looked up and smiled, “I was just showing my new friend here how to deal with someone who tries to grab you. We were exchanging ideas – aren’t we?” I released the jerk’s hand and sat back.He grabbed his wrist, rubbed it, then looked at the head instructor. “Uh, yeah. Just friendly-like. You know – exchanging ideas.”The instructor stared hard at me. “You know,” he said, speaking slowly to me, “someone who exchanges too many – ideas – can get themselves bounced. Understand?”I held his gaze, then nodded solemnly. “Oh, absolutely. Got it. One hundred percent.”He stared hard at me, “I didn’t want you here in the first place, Wolf, but I had no choice. Please – give me a reason to flunk you out. Will you do that for me?”I stared back at him, then shook my head. “A lot of people have tried to stop me. None of them have succeeded.”I paused, then – “By the way…”He lifted his chin, indicating I should go ahead with my question.“What do you recommend for dessert?”He closed his eyes and shook his head, then walked away muttering obscenities to himself.That pretty much set the tone for the training at this camp.It didn’t help that I was the only woman, especially because I was good-looking. Almost all of the trainees were sure this was some kind of a perverted insult to their manhood, or else a dreadful mistake, and that I didn’t belong. They resented me – especially when I showed them up. Most of the instructors resented me because they felt I was taking up a slot that a competent man should have occupied.And it didn’t help that there was only one bath and toilet area in the barracks. It took me about thirty seconds to realize that there was no ladies’ room here, no shower room for women and that if I wanted to stick in this program, I was going to have to use the toilet stalls along with the men, and shower with them too.Fortunately, I had practice being naked in front of a roomful of men. Unfortunately, they didn’t have practice being naked in front of a woman who didn’t give a fuck about their dinky little dicks. Even if some of them weren’t so dinky.One asshole spit on the shower floor near my feet, and asked what a fucking piece of ass was doing in this course – or was I there for fun?I just smiled at him and said that life had to be tough for someone with such a tiny penis. Except I said it in Russian. He didn’t speak Russian, so just stood there, puzzled, then got mad when some of the other trainees, who evidently did speak Russian, laughed at him.To say that the others let their resentment show would be an understatement, but I was there for my Mistress, not to win anyone’s approval. I didn’t give a shit what any of them thought, including the instructors.No, especially the instructors. ~~~~~

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