A First for Me


As I stepped out of the exercise studio on a cool overcast southern winters afternoon, my hair up with a headband, a satin jacket covering my leotard, leg warmers covering my shiny dance tights and high topped LA Gear trainers, I’d hoped to get back to my house to study for a lab quiz. I was making a little extra money teaching aerobics and jazzercise when I wasn’t studying, playing tennis or partying and I was done for the day.

I didn’t get more than a dozen steps when Haley, one of the schools official football recruiting hostesses pulled up next to me an offered me a ride. We were casual friends.

Without making small talk she told me about Derek-and me. Derek was on the football team. Not a star by any means, he was still on the field a lot and I’d noticed his strong stocky build-not to mention how he filled out his gold football pants and wondered what it’d be like to date a black guy.

So Haley let me know that Derek had seen me and wanted to know if I was ever interested in a brother. I was startled at how she said it to me and how it sent a chill up the back of my neck. I was silent for a second but my mind raced. Coming from Southern California, interracial dating was very common and totally acceptable. In the deep South however in the late 80’s and early 90’s-when I went to school, there was still a bit of a stigma associated with the idea of black/white dating. It happened, particularly among the football and basketball players, but wasn’t publicized. And I’d never dated a black guy.

Asking me if I were interested brought be back to Haley’s question. I said yes and Haley smiled. She said we’d be double dating-Haley was dating Marcus on the sly and we’d be partying with them at a Mid Town club after dinner out.

I wore a cute pink tube top-I have never been large breasted and wanted to show off what I did have without a bra. Over that I wore a pink and black striped blouse unbuttoned and tied at my waist and black jeans. I also wore a little pink and green thong. Lastly, I tucked my black jeans into high heeled black leather boots.

Haley came by to pick me up so we could meet Derek and Marcus for dinner and dancing. When I got to the car, I saw that Haley was dressed to the nines-her hair and nails were done special and she was wearing a sexy cocktail dress and heels. I was aghast and told her that I just couldn’t go as I looked horrible and was way too casual. She assuaged me that I was just fine-Derek really thought I was cute, but she did give me good advice-its always better to be more dressy then less-spoken like a true football princess…I mean hostess, but also she told me that Marcus liked seeing her in dresses and skirts.

We got to Mid City and parked at the valet in front of the restaurant.

Marcus and Derek weren’t there yet so we had a drink. I was too young to drink as was diyarbakır escort Haley but as our reservations were with football players we were not carded plus our drinks were free.

After several white wines, they showed up. I couldn’t tell who was sexier-Marcus or Derek and I enjoyed looking them both over.

Derek was a real gentleman giving me a quick kiss and hug and apologizing for being late.

We chatted until our table was ready. I noticed some people giving us a few looks but for the most part no one noticed us as interracial couples or cared.

Haley and I both had another round. We ordered and enjoyed each others company. I was seated facing Haley in between the guys. I noticed that Haley was getting attention from them and soon figured out that they were fondling her under the table. Haley was flushed and she would stutter or just not make sense. I laughed a bit but then thought we were in one of the nicest restaurants in town and here Haley was getting fingered by 2 black men.

After a few moments of this Haley signaled that we needed to go to the little girls room. We went and as soon as we got in, she ran for one of the couches took her shoes off and yanked her nylons off her legs and threw them into her clutch. She explained to me that she didn’t want to run her hose and the boys were playing with her so off went her nylons!

We both re did our makeup and went back. The boys were waiting for us and as soon as Haley sat down they started playing with her again. I was no virgin by any means but had little exposure to public sex and I had to admit to being really excited particularly when they took turns fingering her pussy and clit. I think she had an orgasm from just being fingered.

Our food came and we started eating. Marcus in particular was still showing Haley a good time and as we were eating Derek put his meaty hand on my leg. Immediately I wished that I had worn a dress as I could tell he was slightly disappointed in my choice of jeans.

I surprised him by running my hand over his crotch several times. He surprised me with the firmness of his dick.

He reached over and kissed me, pulled my tube top down and pinched my nipples. I about yelped as I totally wasn’t expecting that but I wasn’t complaining either. I pulled it back up discretely and went about like nothing had happened.

After dinner, we strolled down to the hottest club and disco in town. We didn’t have to wait in line and our drinks were on the house here too. By now I was a bit drunk plus the boys had an ample supply of green so I was feeling no pain plus I was getting very horny.

I danced with both of them as did Haley. I really liked Derek-apart from his football ego he was a decent guy. In my heels we were about the same height. Marcus was taller and more aggressive-he was edirne escort nibbling my neck, grabbing my butt and telling me my mouth was made for his pole. I kind of laughed but could also tell he was wanting oral from me.

Derek kissed me and made my heart flutter. When we slow danced his hands fit just right on my butt cheeks. I was enjoying myself a great deal.

We had an amazing time like this for several hours. We decided to get some fresh air. As we went to Marcus’ Lincoln, I saw Haley and Marcus or rather Haley was straddling Marcus in the front seat of his car. They were fucking something fierce and were sweating, grunting and cursing.

I liked looking at them-the pale white of Haleys skin next Marcus’ deep brown skin rubbing together in lust.

Derek and I kissed and made out outside the car for a few minutes and then he persuaded me to get into the back seat. We continued to make out as Marcus and Haley kept fucking. He would orgasm, take the rubber off, rest a moment, put another one on and would start fucking Haley again.

Derek kissed me and played with my boobs, my poor little boobs which were smaller than most girls in school, but they were firm and perky-I really enjoyed Derek taking my blouse off, pushing my tube top off me and kissing them.

Derek pulled his skin tight gray t shirt off and I played with his hot sexy chest. I unbuckled his pants and pulled his cock out. It was very warm to the touch-thick enough that the head looked small compared with the rest of it and the head was several shades lighter then he or the rest of his dick was. I rubbed it and grabbed some vaseline from my purse so I could rub it harder but he wouldn’t cum as fast.

Derek was moaning as loud as Haley and Marcus together. He pushed my head down and I started blowing him. It was several moments later when I realized I was blowing big black dick as the girls back in California called it. His dick was very veiny but apart from that it was smooth. It didn’t take long before I could feel him tense up. I wasn’t ready for it and as much cum landed on my face as was in my mouth.

Unlike other guys I’d had sex with Derek like Marcus didn’t get soft. His cock got a little smaller but was still firm. I glanced in the front seat and Marcus and Haley were watching us now. I was horny from everything that had happened so far and was ready for sex.

Derek started fishing around in his pants pockets and came up with a condom. I unzipped my boots and pulled them off along with my socks. Derek had unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and soon they were at my ankles. I kicked them off leaving me naked except for my thong panties.

Derek started fingering my pussy now, his thick fingers exploring my cunt. I was fairly moist all evening and when his fingers felt the folds of my vagina, I exploded myself. elazığ escort I know I gushed on his fingers and hand. I laid back, enjoying how it felt. It must have been hot as Haley was jerking Marcus off while we went at it.

Derek put the condom on and I rolled it down and made sure it was on right. He rolled onto me and started poking at my pussy. I liked how he would rub it on my clit or my folds. Soon he eased into me. His dick filled me up but it wasn’t painful. He was gentle and took it easy on me as we fell into a rhythm of sex. He’d push into me and I’d raise up to meet his thrusts. We were kissing each other. I was also biting his neck-hard at times but he seemed to like it.

Derek didn’t cum right away but I could tell he wanted to. I was getting close to my second orgasm as my juices were all over my thighs. I was moaning and he was talking dirty to me. I don’t remember what he said other then I was a nigga loving slut and he was in charge of me now and he might let his brothers at home fuck my white cunt too if I were a good slutty girl.

Between being watched, his filthy mouth and his massive dick, I came. Derek went wild. I could feel him filling the condom with his cum. I literally screamed his name telling him I was his filthy white slut and wanted him.

He collapsed on me. He had to have weighed at least double my weight but it didn’t matter to me. He felt amazing in me and on me.

I was sore but happy.

Derek however, wasn’t done. He peeled off his condom and went through his pants looking for another. This is the real deal was all I could think of at the time. He got off me and with one muscular arm, pulled me on top of him. My thong was drenched with my cum but was still on me. He again pushed it aside and thrust into my wet cunt. I was so wet that it just slid in and I moaned in pleasure. He was half inside me and as I adjusted my position, took it all the way in me. I had a small orgasm right then but was building for more.

As Derek played with my boobs, I rode his meat. I’d moved around on him I could tell he was having a hard time holding off from cumming again. I’d stopped riding him but to be really naughty reached around and played with his nuts. I’d grab and twist them and feel how heavy they were with cum. He moaned loudly now and I smiled at his pleasure.

I spun around now and faced Haley and Marcus as I fucked Derek reverse cowgirl. They played with my boobs as I kissed Marcus and rode this beautiful black stallion of a man.

I came again and then again still when Derek again filled his condom with his seed.

After we kissed and held each other but the night had to end. Our black studs had curfew at the athletes dorms and had to get back.

We dressed but Derek asked for my panties. With a kiss I gladly gave them to him and later saw them dangling from the rear view mirror of his car. Men are so funny!

So funny!

We dated more but also became friends too. He was a nice gentle very sexy man. I might write another story about Marcus and Derek too if you all liked this memory of my college years.

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