A Formerly Shy Person Ch. 03




NOTE: Thank you for all the kind feedback on the first two parts of this story. It is very encouraging. I also welcome suggestions of scenarios to include in future sections – hopefully within the spirit of the story itself, of course.


I returned home after school, knowing I’d be going to Kristi’s place tonight, but not really knowing what to expect. Kristi had played a trick on me recently; I’d ended up in nothing but a wet t-shirt in the lobby of the local recreation centre. I’d loved it.

I called my mother at her work and quickly got permission for a slumber party with my new friend. My parents were still getting used to me having a friend, and were ready to let me do anything if my social growth continued. They’d worried about my shyness and solitude for a long time.

My next step was to figure out what to wear that night, both for the hanging out that evening and for sleeping. You’d think I’d not worry about it too much, but I wasn’t just having a sleep-over with Kristi. Her boyfriend, visiting from Vancouver, would also be there. And while her mother was apparently away, her brothers would probably be there.

“Kristi,” I began after she picked up the phone, “What should I wear tonight? It’s just casual right? Just you, Rob, your brothers?”

“Susan, my brothers went with my mother to Vancouver to visit my father. She’s doing some financial and legal things that have to do with their divorce, and she’ll come back tomorrow night. My brothers are spending a week with Dad before Christmas, and I’ll go over after for the week. Mom gets us all on Christmas day though!” I could hear the excitement in her voice when she spoke about seeing her father; her parents had recently divorced and while her father remained in Vancouver, she and her brothers had been brought to Vancouver by her mother.

“So just you and me and Rob?” Kristi has already let Rob peep on me through her telescope while I tried on clothes. This meant that I might be able to indulge my fantasies a bit. “Well, what do you want me to wear?”

I could almost hear the gears of her mind working as she first realized that I was telling her I was in her control, and then, second, as she considered just what was appropriate to have me wear. She knew I didn’t want people to know about my, well, my fetish. I should add a third process – she was figuring out what sort of reasons would let her show me off without it being known I was aware or part of the plan.

“Well, I think you should wear that cute peasant-dress, the dark blue one, that your sister gave you.” I didn’t think that would be too bad, it did go down to my ankles, though the arm holes were quite big, and it showed a lot of cleavage. “You should wear a warm sweater when you first come over OK?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said jokingly.

“Mmm…I might get to enjoy you calling me that,” led to us both laughing aloud.

“And I think you should wear that black silk camisole ensemble you have. You can sleep in my brother’s room or on the couch.” That wasn’t too bad, as the camisole had matching boyshorts. Mmmm…they were a bit too big, having come down from my sister, and the legs gaped nicely. Just thinking about it started my juices flowing.

“Mmmmm?” Kristi said. Oops, I’m made that noise with my throat, not just my mind.

“OK,” I rushed, eager to move on from my embarrassing moment, “I’ll see you at 8pm, you said.”

“Yeah at 8 is awesome, and don’t…”

“Gotta go, see you tonight!” I cut her off, midsentence, and raced to try on the boyshorts, just to check and see what anyone around me might see.

That took me an hour. And then it was time for dinner.

I was stuck talking to my family for the next few hours, and then at 7:55pm, I was out the door, walking toward Kristi’s place. As told, I was wearing my blue peasant’s dress with a dark navy sweater to keep warm. Under it, I was wearing plain white panties and a bra, both sheer Calvin Klein numbers. I had my bag over my shoulder containing my camisole set and not much else.


I arrived promptly at 8pm, ringing to doorbell. Rob answered, welcoming me in, “Kristi picked up your bathing suit after school and has it here for you. She said you didn’t own any other.”

I’d actually completely forgotten about needing a bathing suit. Crap. I didn’t know if I could wear it in front of Kristi, let alone Rob. It was revealing.

Kristi came down the stairs, “Come on up here, we’ll get you setup in my brother’s room.” We left Rob fiddling downstairs.

“As far as Rob knows, this is your only suit. I was going to remind you to bring a suit, but you hung up on me. This is what you’re stuck with. By the way, what happened to the lining?”

“Um…it fell out?”

Kristi’s laugh was wonderful to hear, free of judgment, and lovely as a bell.

“I’ve got you setup in Dean’s room with fresh sheets etc. Does that niğde escort work for you?”

“Of course.” I dropped my bag on the bed

We were met downstairs by Rob who had big round glasses full of a red drink in his hands. “Margarita?”

I’d never had so much as a sip of anything before, but damn it, I was 18, and why not. “I’d love one, thank you.”

As I took my drink, and Kristi hers, Rob said, “It’s a raspberry-banana, I hope that’s OK.”

My first sip surprised me. It was delicious – the fruit flavors were crisp, and there was the odd pleasant taste of what I presumed was the Tequila. “It’s actually my first drink ever, and,” I sipped again, “it is amazing.”

Kristi laughed, “Well, go easy on it. Rob makes them strong.”

We spent the next half hour talking in the living room and drinking and nibbling on crackers and cheese in the living room. I only had one drink, and already I was feeling a bit more relaxed that I figured was normal. Kristi had had a couple, as had Rob.

I was also feeling a bit warm, and pulled off my sweater, using it as a pillow.

“I love that dress, Susan, could you stand up and let us see it properly?”

I was happy to comply with Kristi’s request. It would give me a chance to stretch my legs.

I gave a spin, enjoying the breeze on my legs as the skirt billowed outward.

Kristi and Rob whistled, and we all laughed, I collapsed on the floor after several spins. As I let my dizziness melt away, Rob went to get us more to drink.

“Quick, let’s get you seated up here again.” Kristi pulled me up and positioned me back on the couch across from Rob. I sat there, cross-legged, and Kristi pulled my dress here and there, arranging it so that my panties were clearly visible if Rob bothered to look. I hoped that the moisture I felt forming wouldn’t be. I experimented enough, before Rob entered, to realize that I could control how much he saw by how tight I pulled the top of my dress with my hands or elbows as I leaned on my knees.

Rob returned, handing us each another glass. “WOW!” Kristi spat out, “This one is strong.”

It was stronger and, despite the iced nature of the drink, I could feel a pleasant warmth at the back of my tongue and down my throat, as I drank.

“So what’s the plan for tonight,” I asked, “are we going to watch a movie or play a game?” I pulled the fabric a bit more tightly, providing Rob his first opportunity of the evening to see my panties. I wanted to give him every opportunity to see me, so I turned toward Kristi and engaged her.

Kristi winked at me, having seen my maneuver, and replied, “I was thinking we should play a drinking board game. What do you think? I’ve got a bunch of board games in my closet.”

I laughed, thinking I may have had enough to drink already, but replied, “Sounds great. How about something I don’t need to think for – I think I’m tipsy for the first time – so something simple OK?? How do we make a board game into a drinking game though?” I thought about what Rob was seeing, would my wetness be obvious through my panties? I suspect my slit was visible through their sheerness. If there was enough light.

“Well, if you lose money or a piece, you have to drink. Something like that. It depends on the game. What do you think Rob?”

There was a long pause.

“ROB?” Kristi’s slightly raised voice got his attention, which, I was internally pleased to see, had been locked on my panties.

Rob downed his drink quickly, and said, “Um…What?”

Kristi and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. To cover for the real reason, I said, “Just how many has he had to drink? He’s falling asleep?”

Kristi and I laughed some more, with Rob joining in after a moment – he also managed to drag a pillow over his lap in an almost subtle way.

Kristi saved him, “We were just going to go up to my room to look at the board games I’ve got. I think we should try turning one into a drinking game. What do you think?”

“Awesome idea. I’ve played them with some of the guys at res parties at UBC.”

I stood up, prompting Kristi to follow suit. “I’ll be right up,” said Rob.

I held in the laugh, and Kristi, as she followed me, just let it out.


Up in her room, Kristi led me to her closet while she whispered, “He couldn’t pull his eyes away. God, I could see the bulge in his pants growing out of the corner of my eye. Thank you for doing this!”

I wasn’t sure what to say, as I was thinking she was doing it all for me. I was almost inaudible as I said, “No…thank you.”

We looked at each other and our eyes said that we both understood. We both got something out of this.

She opened her closet to reveal a dozen board games, several card games, and a few dozen puzzles. Some were obviously from her childhood, and I recognized most of them. I tried to think what sort of game might make a good drinking game. I admit, I’d read online about people playing strip poker, even fantasized about losing such a game. I’d never thought ordu escort about drinking games though.

“Well, we could play checkers. Whenever you lose a piece, you have to take a drink,” was Kristi’s first suggestion.

“Or chess?”

“But both of those are only for two players. And there are 16 pieces on a chess board, and something like that on a checker board for each side. That’s probably a couple real drinks if you lose. Hmmm.”

“What about your old Candyland game?”

Kristi, thought about it, “I guess you could drink a certain amount depending on what you land on, but I think that you’d get REALLY DRUNK by the end, and I don’t think we want to get that drunk. Especially for your first time.”

“Yeah, I don’t want to get sick or anything.”

At that moment Rob came in, without his earlier pants-tent. “Let’s see what you have in there, Hon.” He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back into his chest. She smiled as she wiggled her hips back into his crotch. “You’ve got some good ones we’ve used at parties, but let’s see what will work. I heard you as I came in, Susan, say that you don’t want to get sick. I’d say that’s a good plan. Women are light-weights at drinking.”

“Oh, and you’re such a booze-master, big-guy.” Kristi laughed as she said it.

“Well, compared to you – and especially Susan – I am,” Rob said cockily.

“OK, so you can drink twice as much, whichever game we decide on.”


I chipped in, “Come on big guy, you’re an alcohol-maniac!”

Having already had four drinks, if my count was right, he was feeling pretty confident. “Um. Sure. So if you two would have to take one drink, then I’d have to take two?”

Kristi and I both responded in unison, “Yes.”

That was easily settled with his, “Easy!” We all returned to our analysis of the game situation.

We finally settled on Battleship as our game to play. Every time someone hit someone’s ship, the victim had to sip. If your boat was sunk, you had to finish your drink. We settled on using small juice cups as our drinking cups so that we weren’t too crazy. And Rob promised to stop making the margaritas double strength. Kristi and I would be on the same team and lose and win together.

We setup on Kristi’s bedroom floor. I was laying on my stomach and Kristi sat beside me, cross-legged and, I was sure, showing Rob whatever was under her skirt. Across from us was Rob, sitting proudly and confident as he setup his ships. We had a pitcher of his margarita concoction beside us, and each had a full glass.

I could describe for you the next hour as we played, argued, and laughed. After 4 drinks, though, I begged for mercy, realizing I was getting, well, drunk. I feeling a bit dizzy. Rob puffed up even more, saying, of course, but Kristi would have to keep drinking in my place. I made puppy-dog eyes at Kristi, and she agreed to keep it up for a few rounds.

I also shifted so that my dress gaped more. I was sure that Rob could see my nipples poking through my bra if he leaned forward enough. He did.

The next thirty minutes went well for us, or, that is, Kristi, as Rob lost more ships, and we lost none. The alcohol, in me, had settled a bit, and I realized that I was enjoying being tipsy, though the dizzy wasn’t quite as fun. Kristi hadn’t had much more than me to drink, but Rob was, well, slurring his words now. I had shifted once to sit cross legged and flash my wet panties more.

Kristi was smiling and winking at me in her slightly drunk state, and obviously supporting my continued show.

“I think we’ve all had enough to drink now, Rob, what shall we do next?”

I didn’t, know, as, I admit, I’d not heard her question. I’d realized some time before that Rob was able to see straight down the neck of my dress, as I lay there on the carpet, and my sheer white bra, and maybe even my nipples were on display for him. He’d long since lost his concern over covering his boner. And Kristi’s skirt was pulled up enough that even I, laying beside her, could see her dark panties. And the wetness in the middle.

“I need to prove I am better. I’m a guy. I have to win against you girls.” Rob meant that, though it came out more slurred and with more pauses and stutters than that. There may have even been some chest beating in there.

“Well, ” started Kristi as she looked in my eyes, “I don’t think we need more drinking for a bit, but what else could we bet to make the game interesting?”

“Money?” He mumbled?

“I don’t have any money with me though,” I shared, “I can just watch though.”

“No, that’s silly, we all have to play. And you and I can be on the same team, OK?”

“OK?” I said, though it sounded more like a nervous question.

“Yeah! I’ll kick both your asses,” Rob exclaimed with the confidence known only by a drunk man.

“OK. So it’s settled, we’ll be clothes. But we have to make sure we’re all wearing the same number of pieces of clothing.”

I have no idea where I got the courage to agree. Or perhaps I lacked rize escort the courage to resist.

“How can we do that? He’s only wearing, what, a shirt, underwear, pants and socks. That’s just 5 pieces. We’re wearing, well, I know I’m wearing 3 pieces right now. That’s not enough. And you’re wearing a skirt, that gorgeous red blouse, did I tell you how much I love it, it’s simply, oh, and some black panties, and I think a bra. That’s 4.”

“Close, but I’m wearing a black bathing suit. Good point. Let’s see. Rob, go put on your bathing suit too. And I’m going to go get us each some socks, and Kristi her bathing suit.”

She returned, and I pulled the bathing suit on under my dress, then sat and pulled on the socks Kristi brought me. I may, possibly – yeah, there’s a chance – shown off my panties a bit as I did so; I can’t confirm it didn’t happen. Anyway, that left me wearing my sheer white panties and bra, with my too-small bathing suit over-top. Then I had on my long dress, and some socks. 6 pieces of clothing.

Kristi was now wearing socks, a skirt, a shirt, her bathing suit, and a long sweater. 6 pieces of clothing.

And Rob was wearing, upon his return from the bathroom, underwear, his bathing suit, jeans, a t-shirt, and some white socks. 5 pieces of clothing.

I asked, “So how do we do this with Battleships?”

There was silence. Kristi hadn’t thought that far ahead, and Rob hadn’t thought in a few drinks.

“I’ve got it, let’s do Amazing Feats!”

“What on earth is that?” I asked Rob, surprised that he’d thought of something in his state before Kristi. I knew I wouldn’t as I was going for the ride, able to believe that Rob, and maybe even Kristi (though that I really knew it wasn’t true), thought I wasn’t in control of myself or the situation. What happened, what I showed, wouldn’t be my fault.

He paused as he tried to process my question and recall what we were talking about.

“Rob? Are you OK?” Kristi looked concerned for a minute.

“Yep. I’m awesome and going to kick ass at Amazing Feats.”

“But what is it!?” Kristi and I spoke in stereo, causing Rob to look back and forth between us for a few seconds.

“It’s probably too tough for you ladies. Everyone in the game has to do a feat. A trick. Something. Each of the other people has to duplicate the feat or drink. It’s usually just for guys though. Girls couldn’t do the stuff we do.”

“I think we can take him, don’t you Susan?” Kristi spoke with a confidence I didn’t share. But that was, perhaps the point, me being shown off to Rob.


“OK. It’s agreed. Susan and I are a team, against you Rob. If you can’t do what the other team does, you have to take off the piece of clothing the other team requests. You then give it to the other person to keep.”

We all agreed, and Rob offered to go first.

Rob walked over to a large stuffed chair in the corner of Sarah’s room. He crouched down and picked it up. I didn’t think I could lift it up or hold it for, well, he put it down as his count reached 15 seconds. Kristi stood up, taking the first attempt. I started to wonder what piece of clothing I’d have to take off first.

Before I got to my bra, Kristi got my attention, “Well, come on, we’re a team Susan. Get over here.”

Rob started to argue, but wasn’t really up to defeating Kristi’s logic and certainty. He’d agreed to play against us as a team. I quickly walked over and, while it was too heavy for one of us on our own, together we were able to hold it up for 30 seconds.

Rob said, “OK, so now, um, I get another chance to do what you just did, or beat it. Awesome.” He only made it to 23 seconds.

“Hmmm, I think I’d like your sock.” I was surprised at how easy Kristi went on him, but then, the way she prolonged everything was working for me. My entire body was tingling in anticipation.

Kristi and I whispered to each other about what our feat might be. I had an idea, having seen it in a movie a few months back. We filled a few fingers in each of our glasses with the last of the pitcher of margarita. Rob smiled, confident that he could easily beat us at any drinking game. Kristi and I drained our drinks in one go, putting our glasses down gently and smiling at Rob.

He quickly drank his down, and put his glass down in front of him, “In your face, he said, with pride, though more in a joking way than confrontational.”

Kristi and I picked up our glasses and spat out the drink we’d not actually swallowed.

“I guess the other sock is ours Rob.”

He tried to out-do us next by doing a handstand against the door. We were able to do one for longer than he could. Being a girl does have some advantages, and more gymnastics practice in gym was one of them.

“Shirt next, eh Susan?”

He passed it over and I laughed as Kristi decided to pull on his socks, and told me to put on his shirt.

I looked at him, and, much to my embarrassment, said, “Kristi, Rob’s kinda hot.”

She laughed, “And you can look all you want, but you can’t touch.”

Rob didn’t say anything to this, instead saying, “I’m going to make more drinks,” and vanishing out the door.

Kristi and I rinsed out our glasses in the upstairs bathroom, and tried to think of more feats to challenge Rob with.

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