A Friend In Need


I was walking home in the crisp but warm early evening of late spring in Philadelphia. It was a tough neighborhood, but it was only a few blocks from the bar I worked at, and I had nothing to fear here. I saw a beautiful blonde in a cream colored sweater and red skirt come out of a convenience store in the next block, oblivious that she was waving a red flag in the faces of the raging bulls of this mean South Philly turf, claimed by gangs, and everything in it was their possession. Several men stepped out of an alley between her and her car, a nearly new Volvo 750 Turbo. I really knew she wasn’t from around here when I saw that bright orange car.

She screamed, kicking and thrashing, groceries flying everywhere as they dragged her into the alley. I started running. I could hear her screams of pain & terror as they beat her with their fists and cut her clothes from her. She finally quit screaming right before I got to the alley. A brief thought flicked across my mind, wondering if she were still alive, still conscious. Of course she was. Monsters like this would wake her up just to make certain she didn’t miss a single moment of her terror.

Four of them each had an arm or a leg, the only parts of her body with shredded clothing still left on it. The reason for her silence was now obvious, as she was being held waist high, as one of them shoved his penis down her throat, aided by the billy club he used to force her mouth open. The sixth man, if you could call anyone who would do that a man, was just dropping his pants and forcing his thickness between her legs.

I snapped. I converted my forward momentum into a flying kick to the back of the head of the guy between her legs. I came down on the guy holding her left leg, landing a knife hand blow to his throat. The guy holding her right leg dropped it, swinging at me, which I redirected, smashing his face in the wall. I snapped a kick into his knee, breaking it. The three in front hadn’t even noticed, I guess they fought each other all the time anyhow.

So I jumped behind the guy in her mouth, kicked out his knee, then kicked him as hard as I could in the back of his head. The two guys holding her dropped her, slamming her into the pavement. One picked up the billy club, the other drew a long knife. “Unfortunately, a man with a weapon thinks he is armed” my Sensei in Japan had taught me as a child. I kicked them both in the nose, one right after the other before they had a chance to react. Then I kicked out their knees to keep them from following us. I pulled her bloody, sobbing body from the rough pavement.

I put my wind breaker around her as we walked down the street as fast as we could go. She had only her high heels, couldn’t run, so we just did the best we could. I cut us over one block and went in the back way into my apartment building. I gave her a pair of jeans and a shirt to cover up. I grabbed my duffel bag as we left, knowing I would never see my apartment again. We borrowed the superintendent’s car, and I drove her to a rape crisis center. She needed medical care, ravaged by pain with every breath, but a hospital was out of the question since the very next thing would have been a long talk with the police downtown, one that might not ever end.

I don’t think she had any idea how much trouble we were in. The people in the rape crisis center took us to a safe house, promising to return the super’s car to him. There we confronted the news that her car had been fire-bombed, just like my apartment. Just down the block three men had been found dead in an alley, all assumed to be gang related.

It took them quite a while to clean up all the blood, put in stitches where she needed them, tape up her rib cage, and pull her out of shock. She told them what had happened, and they promised to unofficially relay the story to the police. But It was clear that we were here on borrowed time.

“So you’re the man who saved my life? I don’t even know your name! You risked your life for me!” she said even through the obvious pain of talking.

“I’m Jason. No relation to the guy in the hockey mask.” I tried to lighten the mood, oblivious to the implications of making her laugh.

“I don’t know. You sure chopped them up in that alley.” she observed.

“Just a kid’s game I used to play. Kick the can.” I said shyly.

“I’ve never seen that outside a movie house. Where did you learn how to do that? Are you some avenging angel of mercy?” she was curious.

“Japan, Korea, all over. Military brat. Dad made me take karate. He thought it would make me a great soldier.” I decided to leave that subject right there.

“So you do this all the time? Is that why you’re so good?” she puzzled.

“No. Before today, I’ve never raised a hand or foot in anger.” I mused.

Sheri was lucky. The X-rays showed that neither of her broken ribs had splintered or pierced her lungs, even though they gave her hell with every breath. She had deep bruises all over her body. Her face was a black and blue puffy balloon, her lips split open. The bastards had worked her full tits

over like punching bags, and carved an “X” into her right ass cheek. After she had the full sixty stitches gaziantep escort it took to mend her ass back together, the bouncy blond nurse said “The police are coming. They are checking all the crisis centers, and their safe-houses. We don’t think you have anything to worry about legally. Our lawyer will go with you if you want.”

“Even if that’s true, it only solves half of the problem. If those three guys really died, that whole gang is going to be hunting us. We’ve got to leave town to live through this.” I instructed Sheri that our lives were at risk.

I went to the ATM at the bank and took out all the money I could, We drove down to a truck stop, said goodbye to the center people, and I paid a driver fifty bucks to drive us south. Sheri slept in the sleeper, while the trucker and I talked about how the cities were going to hell, getting more violent every day. We finally stopped in Myrtle Beach, SC. I got us a room, then in a week, a two bedroom apartment. I got myself a job tending bar, and took care of Sheri. I had to unwrap her ace bandage each day to bathe her.

I followed every guideline the counselor at the center had given me. When I bathed her, I used the sponge very gently.

She couldn’t move her arms when the bandage was off, the pain was just too great. SO everyday, I unwrapped her, bathed her, dried her off very tenderly, and re-wrapped her. It took about six weeks for her to heal properly. The deep

purple & green splotches faded, and her natural beauty returned I had been getting real close to Sheri, talking, cooking, playing games, watching movies. I found out she too was a military brat, going to one of the many universities in Philadelphia. She had been doing some research at City Hall & the Justice Complex for a law class, before she stopped at the store to get some groceries she had forgotten.

“The little mistakes we make become big ones that we cannot escape the consequences of, that change our lives forever.” Sheri complained.

“We’re alive Sheri. We’ve made the best of a bad situation.” I consoled her.

“Is it so bad here with me? You’ve given up so much!” she objected.

“Sheri, my life in Philly was dull, boring. I didn’t know it, but all I was doing was waiting for you. I’m alive again.” I confided.

“Really, Jason? I didn’t know you felt that way. You haven’t hit on me once, even though I’ve been naked in front of you every day. You could have taken liberties with your hands, with the sponge. I thought you didn’t like me.” Sheri complained, glancing up and down her body.

“I could never take from you what you do not offer to me. Worse, I think I’m falling in love with you, Sheri. The rape crisis center said that it could be a long time before you were interested in intimacy again, beyond the light hugs and chaste kisses we have shared. Maybe months. I wanted to be your friend until then. I wanted to wait, until we could be more than friends. Please don’t mistake my self control for not caring about you. I’ve been a very disciplined person my whole life. Please understand how very much I care for you, how much you mean to me!” I pleaded with her.

“Then tell me with your kiss.” Sheri said warmly.

I had kissed Sheri politely for months, and we often hugged or cuddled. None of this prepared me for the heat of our first kiss. For two months we had wanted each other. Each of us was afraid to make the first move. Our long, lingering, passionate kiss built to a crescendo, an explosion of need. I marveled at the scars around her hot wet lips, like little ridges that rubbed my face and lips. She pushed her full 36C breasts into me, clad only in her long T-shirt and panties, her favorite outfit for watching movies.

Sheri feasted on my mouth, as we kissed deeply for a long time. Burning with the flames of passion as I was, I was in no hurry. Just being able to express how I cared for her and to have her accept it was enough for me. We could not get enough of touching each other, and our hands roamed all over each other’s body. Pretty soon Sheri pulled down my gym shorts. I had never been naked in front of her before, one of the many tips from the center.

“Let her pick her own time, her own pace. Don’t be surprised if she stops suddenly. Please don’t hold it against her.” the blond nurse had said.

“Your love will triumph if you give it time.” Sheri said. She was right. It took four weeks of patiently giving Sheri all the affection she wanted, only to have her break down in tears, unable to do anything except to stroke my erection with her hand. Sometimes she would play carnival, sitting on my face while I tried to guess her age and weight from the inside out with my tongue. But mostly we led a life of mutual masturbation for over a month. Sheri started working as a topless dancer. Being able to be naked in front of all those men, with them powerless to touch her, paying her money just to see her great body really flipped her switch.

She started partying with the other dancers, and her power tripping drove us apart. She was playing sexual power games, teasing men right up to getting them hard with their pants down, then turning cold and leaving. hatay escort She was right on the edge of creating another tragedy for herself. Our intimacy shattered, and I suffered as she got narcissistic about her body, her wardrobe, pissed off at the world because her life was gone. It seemed to her like there was nothing she could do about it.

One night Sheri was off, but she brought the party back to our apartment. When I got home, it was still going full bore, at least twenty to thirty people. I started talking to a petite dark haired beauty named Meg, in a purple bikini top and black leather miniskirt. “How’s the party? Having a good time?”

“Great! You a friend of Sheri’s? Good looking men like her.” she implied she liked me, thought I was good looking.

“Yeah. At first. Then they find out she’s not willing.” I shook my head sadly.

“I know. I’m probably going to be her only woman friend after tonight, just ’cause I don’t have a boyfriend.” Meg confided.

“Why is that? I mean about Sheri.” I clarified.

“She’s been getting all the guys hot, then leaving them stranded at full attention, if you know what I mean.” Meg motioned like she was stroking an invisible boner sticking out of her miniskirt.

“She’s had a tough time. She was gang raped.” I objected.

“Yeah, she told me. Don’t make it right though. Just ’cause someone beat you don’t make it right to beat someone else.” she shook her head as she bent over slightly to rest her arms on the counter of the kitchen, checking to see if I was looking at her cleavage. I was, and she grinned.

“Meg, I like you a lot. I’m glad Sheri has you for her friend.” I said warmly.

“It’s not Sheri I want to get close to Jason, it’s you.” she said as she moved next to me, wrapping her arm around my back.

“I’d like that too. I get a really good feeling about you, Meg.” I said as my left hand reached around her back to cup her side, fingertips brushing the side of her tits through the bikini.

“Is there someplace we can go to be alone? I’d like that.” Meg said with a smirk as her hand snuck down to squeeze my ass cheeks again and again. Then both her hands were kneading my butt as she kissed me before I could answer. I wrapped my arms around her, tongue diving into her mouth, rising like foam on the sea to crash against her again and again. After a good two minutes of kissing, Meg pulled back off me to smile and put her thumbs in the straps of her bikini, like she was just going to pop it off.

“My bedroom should be right over here. . .” I’d gotten her message.

The dark bedroom was filled with writhing naked bodies. Three couples were on the bed, two lengthwise and one across the foot of the bed. Raw lust was in the air, hitting us like a hammer. Meg & I kissed there in the doorway, then frantically began peeling our clothes off each other. Her soft 34C breasts filled my hands as she knelt and finished pulling down my pants and shorts. Her hot mouth was sliding up & down my throbbing shaft seconds later. I had no choice but to give myself over to this pleasure, as Meg’s pretty face swallowed me whole, making love to my cock with her mouth. Her nipples stiffened as I played with them, and Meg was obviously playing with herself as her head bobbed back and forth on me.

The whole party had gotten naked, except for one person. As Sheri’s eyes met mine, there were waves of emotion that passed between us. First was lust, then betrayal, then jealousy, then pain, anger, and lastly, a profound sadness. Meg was doing what Sheri had wanted to do for months. It was like something, a rubber band wrapped too tight inside Sheri, snapped. She flung her clothes off, knelt before a well endowed man eating another woman. She had teased & spurned him earlier, but now she started blowing him. Meg pulled me down as a spot opened up on my bed. I plunged my rigid rod into her hot wet pussy, swollen with passion. I kissed her hotly. Then she pulled back, arching her back as she diddled her own clit. I rubbed her breasts some more as I shifted my hips to stroke in and out of her slick channel.

There must have been at least five or six couples there in the room, all fucking and sucking right in front of each other. Another couple came up to the side of the bed, waiting for their turn as they kissed. Meg simply twisted to the side and snagged his boner with her sweet mouth. She encouraged his petite redhead to ride my face, and her fiery muff melted into my mouth. Meg’s cock sucking was far too good for him, and he came, twitching and grunting as he sprayed her tonsils with blast after blast of spunk. Meg came for her fourth time, triggering my own climax. I coated her tight box with my slick cum, spreading it up & down the length of my shaft. Meg grabbed her new boyfriend and left.

The sexy redhead started licking me while I licked her. She was very skilled, and I was fully hard in her throat in no time, as she pounded her hips into my face with each of her six orgasms. She spun around, impaling her self facing away from me, intent on watching something in the living room that I couldn’t see. Meg came back, licking between the red head’s legs as her boyfriend hatay escort plunged his shaft into her doggy style. She pulled him out to come in her mouth again, then Meg came to me, lowering her dark wet bush onto my face. She was full of cum and lube, letting it all drip out on my face as she flipped her hips, gyrating with each climax. It took me a long time to come, at least six more cums for Meg and three for the redhead, before my balls pumped enough cum into her to finally put out the flames in her red hot twat.

Out in the front room, Sheri had a blonde beach bum, with a really nice sculptured chest, sliding his cock in her throat while she tugged on his balls with her hands. She was having one of the bouncers from the club eat out her peach colored pussy, through shudder after shudder. Some really sloppy looking older redhead with sagging tits was riding his massive dick. It must have been 11″ and really thick. When the beach bum came in her mouth, she begged the old floozy to switch places with her. They did, and another one of Sheri’s tease ’em and freeze ’em victims presented himself in front of her. She grabbed his ass firmly with both hands, and filled her throat with the full length of his cock, a skill I never knew she had. A line quickly formed, and within a half hour, she had blown and screwed at least a dozen men.

Meg took the bouncer’s bone to the hilt, split open like some flesh colored tree trunk was being gnawed on by her beaver. Her back was arched in orgasmic pleasure, her conical breasts thrust up to the sky, a sight which by itself would have made me rock hard. I got in line, and became the last man to put my cock in Sheri’s mouth that night. She sucked on me with pure bliss on her face, then became wide eyed as she saw who it was, shaking and quaking through a violent climax. Her hands gripped my ass cheeks like steel claws as she moaned around my hard member deep in her throat. People were starting to get dressed and leave, so the four of us, Meg, Joe the bouncer, Sheri, and myself crawled off to my bedroom, where we made love one last time until we passed out.I awoke that afternoon, to a breakfast in bed made by Sheri.

“Meg & Joe showered and left. It’s just you & I. I want to make love to you after breakfast. I’m not afraid of sex anymore.” she confided.

“I’ll say! That was quite a performance last night!” I whistled.

“Does it bother you? Was I too wild?” Sheri was concerned that I thought she was a slut.

“I loved seeing you enjoy sex again. It would be too wild if you had to do that every night, but once a week would be OK with me. I’m really fond of Meg, as I take it you are very fond of Joe.” I observed.

“You accept it then? It’s OK with you?” Sheri gazed at me wide eyed.

“Yes, I do accept it. Yes, it’s OK with me. I love you Sheri.” I reassured her.

“Then accept this.” Sheri took me to the bathtub, carefully soaped me down tenderly with the sponge, just like I had done to her for all those weeks. Then she rinsed me off, toweled me dry, and then tongue dried my boner. She licked me slowly, with great care, a fire in her eyes, and a heat on her tongue. Sheri pulled me to the bed, spreading herself wide & playing with her clit. I knew her body, and I wanted it with my soul.

“Fill me again, Jason. Fuck me! Fuck me just like last night. Take me! I owe my very life to you. I’m yours for all time.” Sheri promised.

Stuffing myself into Sheri, I found she wasn’t very wet, unlike last night where she was dripping wet, leaking cum all over the sheets. So I took our lubricant, the one we had used for all of those hand-jobs, and slickened up my shaft as I stroked in and out of her. Sheri came quickly, touching herself with deft light touches and vibrating her index finger on the tip of her clit.

After that, she was too wet. I pulled out of her, rolling around into a nice mutual oral love-fest, sucking on her dripping wet blonde bush, licking her out as she quivered on my mouth. Then we switched to doggy style, as I filled her, looking at the “X” scar on her ass. I collapsed, and Sheri snuggled back into me, unwilling to let my prick out of her. I filled her from behind, grateful I didn’t have to look at the scar or remember the terrible rage it brought into my mind. She kissed away all my rage with her tender mouth and deliciously wicked tongue. I lovingly stroked her nipples, as she fingered herself. We rode the spiral of our passion until we climaxed together.

Sheri & I were like that all week. We just lay in bed afterwards, kissing and cuddling until it was time to go to work. Sheri found out at work that Meg & Joe were the same way. I came home exactly one week after the first party, to find an even bigger party of already naked people in progress. Sheri had cornered Meg in the kitchen and was eating her out, munching her muff so intensely that Meg could only hold Sheri’s head in her hands and moan. Sheri was being filled doggy style by Joe, his massive prick pistoning in and out of her. He was really enjoying giving it to her slowly, pushing all the way into her, then pulling all the way out of her. Then Joe would tease her, just putting the head in a little, giving tiny little strokes, then giving her his full length. Meg pulled away from them and came over to greet me, kissing me wildly while she quickly tossed my clothes whichever direction got them off my body the fastest. She blew me hard, then went to get Sheri & Joe.

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