A Fun Ride


The plan was set and we headed out to our place in the mountains. We had agreed to use the ride up for some serious foreplay (at least on her part). The first stop was the local Starbucks but first the stage had to be set.

“You better hurry up, we’re halfway there,” I said.

“Don’t rush me,” she said with a smile. She then unbuttoned her jeans and slid those down, taking her black mesh panties with them. I just in time as I pulled into the parking lot.

I we pulled up to the drive-through and she started getting antsy.

“Are you enjoying this?” I asked.

“What if they have cameras?”

“They can’t see anything with your shirt pulled down over your pussy. Besides, I’m sure the people here would love to get a glimpse of your nearly-shaved pussy. Aside from that, you didn’t answer my question: are you enjoying this?”

“Actually, I’m starting to.”

As the guy passed the cups through the window it was obvious he had no clue that she was sitting there with a bare pussy (much to my disappointment).

As we drove down the freeway I said, “Hey, why not lose the bra? After all, you know the rules, it has to go eventually anyway.”

She reached under her shirt and slid her black, lacy bra out through the arm hole. This immediately showed her very aroused and very hard nipples. They looked awesome and I just had to reach over and grab a handful of almost bare tits.

As we drove down the freeway she amused herself by taking sexy selfies. She was sitting on a towel I had provided. Of course, just to be funny, I had provided her with a Disney Princess towel and it was apparent that Ariel loved the look of my wife’s very aroused pussy. Ariel checked out her pussy and had other princesses join her for an inspection. Then Ariel really upped the game by supplying my wife with her little pink vibrator. She kuşadası escort presented it to her and even applied the tip to her swollen lips.

This was all just a warm up and I had to remind my wife at the bottom of the hill that she still had something to do. With no hesitation, her top came right off. Now totally naked in the car, it was obvious the ride was getting to her. I then handed her one of the pieces of clothing I brought along for her. As I handed her the t-shirt she responded with, “This shirt doesn’t even reach my pussy.”

“Gee, maybe that was my plan,” I said with a smile,

“Now what about the last part of the plan?” I asked.

“I’m getting ready for it,” she replied, ” I just have to pee first!”

“That’s fine, but you’re not getting dressed and heading into a pubic bathroom.”

“What??? What do you expect me to do?”

“I’ll drop into a secluded turnout and you can pee out of the car.”

“That’s a dirty trick, but I really have to pee!”

I dropped into the next large turnout I found and luckily for her it was completely deserted. As she opened the door I was already next to the car with my phone in hand ready to record the event.

“Hey, you didn’t say anything about taking pictures.”

“I’m not taking pictures…I’m recording a video,” was my reply.

“Oh, no, you’re not going to show anyone are you?”

“Of course not, but as bad as you have to pee, it wouldn’t matter if I said yes.”

“You’re probably right,” she said as she squatted down and let loose a stream into the dirt.

On our way once again, she finally settled down and grabbed her vibrator. Turing it to one of the higher settings she set it on her already swollen clit and immediately gasped. A minute or so later she said, “This isn’t working for me.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m worried you are going to start looking at my pussy and not watch the road. The last thing I want is to go off the mountain road in the middle of my orgasm.”

“Alright,” I agreed, “no peeking, but you have to agree to tell me when you are coming. I’m totally hard right now and knowing you are getting off really turns me on.”

“Fine, just keep your eyes on the road,” she agreed.

A couple of minutes later she gave up, frustrated.

“I just can’t concentrate with all the twist and turns.”

“How about I find another turnout and you can finish yourself in peace?” I offered.

“That works for me,” she said with a big grin on her face.

I found another big turnout and pulled in.

“Hey, there’s a family full of kids right over there,” she complained.

“We’re 100ft away and besides the windows are so tinted nobody will be able to see.”

As she fired up her vibrator again, I took that as agreement. Just then a small car pulled up right in front of us. I could see it was a young woman with a Lyft sticker in the rear window of her car. Assuming she was just looking for directions, I didn’t say a word to my wife. As my wife started to really get into it, I noticed the girl in front of us glance in her rear view mirror. At first there was no reaction, but as my wife climaxed into what was an obvious hard orgasm I could see the look on the girl’s face change. It was obvious she noticed the look on my wife’s face and though I will never be sure, I imagine she knew exactly what was going on.

All of her agreed-upon tasks completed, I handed my wife her second piece of clothing. It was a very sexy, totally sheer, lacy thong. It was new and she immediately oooh’d and aaahh’d over it as she slid it up her legs to cover her pussy. As soon as the material touched her still-swollen pussy, a wet spot appeared…making them that much more sexy.

As we pulled up to the house she reached for her jeans.

“Don’t bother with those,” I said “there are no neighbors around and I’ll just pull into the garage.”

No sooner did I have the car in park and the garage door closed, we were out of the car and heading up the stairs to the bedroom.

First things, first, I snapped a few pictures of that super sexy thong and of her beautifully aroused pussy visible through the material. Something about the shutter sound seems to tickle her clit and just the thought of sharing the hot photos online always makes me hard. Setting the phone down, I dropped to my knees, spread her legs, and dropped my nose into that wonderful cleft formed by her spread pussy lips. She smelled amazing and I took the opportunity to lick the moisture from the wet material. Not to rush my ending, I decided to give her a little thank-you gift for putting on the show during the car ride.

I slid her thong aside and started gently licking her pussy and sucking on her clit, all the while reaching for her vibrator. The best thing about the vibe is how quiet it is. She never heard it coming and when I quickly switched it for my tongue she jumped.

“God, that feels incredible,” she moaned.

Knowing it wouldn’t take long for her to come, I started stroking my hard dick through my shorts.

“Unnnhhhh,” was all I heard as she clamped her legs closed, coming hard in the process.

I was completely past the point of being coy or patient. Besides, she had just had two orgasms in about 15 minutes. I dropped my shorts and underwear, spread her legs again, and slid my dick all the way to my balls in one slow stroke.

Fucking her hard and driving as hard as I could, I didn’t last long and finally blew my built-up load deep into her pussy.

What a great ride, what a great experience, and hopefully a well-received first story for me.

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