A Girl’s Diary


The sun shines directly through the curtains on the pillow where my head is resting. I turn my head away from the window. “I’m not ready to wake up yet.” I grumble. I pull the pillow over my head, feeling the cold side against my cheeks. I suddenly remember something: today is the big day. I’m finally moving out of my parent’s house. I immediately sit up straight feeling happy mixed with a little melancholia for leaving the house I had lived for the past eighteen years.

Over the past few days I had been moving stuff from my old room to the little apartment I had rented on campus. Tonight I would finally be sleeping there, just in time since college starts tomorrow. My eyes look around my room. The pink sheets are partly falling off my bed, as usual after a night of wild dreaming. On the night stand is laying a book I started earlier but I never found enough motivation to finish. I was on the twelfth page I remember. I stand up and open the red curtains that couldn’t really keep the sunlight out, but at least nobody could look into her room late at night. I turn around to look at the room in the newfound light. The wardrobe is half open showing of a collection of dresses in various colours and sizes. The rest of the room is filled with posters of bands and other artists. The one above my bed is the biggest and my favourite. It’s a life size poster of Rihanna performing live. I smile as I look at it. She had been an idol during my high school period.

I walk to my bathroom to prepare for the day and I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My long brown hair is even messier than usual in the morning and I notice the bags under my eyes. “I should have gotten more sleep these past few days.” I say to myself. In the mirror I can see the swell of my breasts through my blue and white striped PJ top. I cup them playfully and softly lift them up and down looking at myself. “I hope I’ll see Nick again.” I sigh. Nick is an amazing stud living next door to my new apartment. I notice myself blushing just thinking about him.

I turn on the shower to let the water warm up. I grab the hem of my PJ top and lift it over my head, I look at my now exposed breasts. “They’re by far not big enough to catch Nick’s attention.” I place my hands over them and squish them together to make them look bigger. “He won’t give a second look to the small girl with the B-sized boobs”. I twist my thumbs in the waistband of my wide PJ shorts, “They could be boxers,” I giggle by myself “But my dick would certainly fall out of them if I was a man.” I giggle more. I drop them down to the floor and step out of them almost tripping since my mind is now imagining Nick’s dick.

“How big would it be?” I wonder as I step under the shower and feel the warm water stream over my body. “I bet he’s great with his tongue as well.” I fantasize as my fingers find their way to my mound. I close my eyes biting my lip while my fingers tease my outer rims. I can see his head between my spread legs, his lips and tongue slowly moving across my thighs, going upwards making a trail of kisses over my skin. I tangle my fingers in his imaginary hair and sigh softly as juices start to flow out of my slit. I separate my outer lips with two fingers, slowly caressing my sensitive clit with a third. His tongue starts to tease my labia. I push his head deeper against me as his wet tongue moves to my clit. With the tip of his tongue he slowly makes circles over that sensitive spot. I moan wanting more and lean back against the cold tiles of the shower sending a chill Sex hikayeleri down my spine. I place my free hand over my boob, massaging it softly as I squeeze it, my fingers rub the small button that’s now sticks out slightly.

Another moan escapes my lips as Nick’s tongue rapidly increases in speed and moves up and down spreading my borders. I move my fingers through his hair as I’m almost suffocating him with the overflow of juices now coming from my slit and getting washed away by the shower. I pinch my erect nip between my thumb and index finger and softly roll it and pull it between my fingers letting out another moan. I trace my fingers up and down my cunt spreading my nectar along with it. Nick is flicking my little jewel with his soft tongue making me arch my back in pleasure, pushing my box in his face. “Please don’t stop” I cry out in a high pitched voice. I quickly realise I’m talking to air and feel my cheeks flush. I snap back to reality and get out of the shower promising myself to finish later. Right now I have to get dressed and pack the last of my stuff to move.

My mother yells from downstairs “We’re leaving in an hour!”

“Shit!” I say out loud and wrap a towel around my wet hair while walking out of the bathroom. I open my wardrobe and I’m thinking about what to wear. I’m hoping to run into Nick later today and I want to look just right for him. I pick a tight black tank top and a pair of denim shorts, adding a red crop top to make me look more decent. I grab a pair of black panties and a comfortable white bra. I put it all on and stand in front of the mirror looking at the result. The top is hugging my body like I wanted to but it completely covers my breasts. I pull it down slightly till it shows a bit of cleavage. “Perfect” I smile and stick out my ass slightly looking at it in the mirror “Too small” I say disappointed. I sit down at my desk and start doing my make-up and finish with my hair, about forty-five minutes later I walk down the stairs softly humming.

“Hurry up! I’m waiting for you!” my mother says. She is already waiting for me at the end of the stairs. I hurry down and grab my coat, sliding my arms in it as we walk to the car. I see that she has packed the last of the boxes in the back seat. I slide in the passenger seat and about half an hour later my mother stops the car in front of my building on campus. Opening the door to get out, I casually look around if I see Nick anywhere, but he’s nowhere to be seen. My mother opens the door to the back seats and we start unloading the car.

“My room is on the second floor so prepare for some exercise.” I joke to my mother but only get a cranky groan as a reply. “This is going to be fun.” I mumble quietly. I run up the stairs to open the door the door for my mother and to see if my roommate is home. After unlocking the door I walk in and look around. It’s not much, a couch, a TV, a small dining table for four and only one bedroom with two single beds. In the bathroom is a shower and a bath I can barely fit in.

I don’t see my roomie anywhere so I walk to the bedroom. “Hello?” I call. There’s no response. Her bed is empty so I turn around.

“Hey Tara, how are you?” I hear suddenly and look up to find Nick standing in my living room. He’s about ten centimetre taller than me so I have to look up. He has some more stubbles since last time I had seen him but I like it. I imagine they would tickle my chin if I kissed him.

“Hi” I yell enthusiastically “I’m just moving in” I tell him smiling Sikiş hikayeleri widely “so you’ll be seeing more of me” I say too hasty and blush as I realise how wrong that could sound.

“Cool,” he replies smiling wide “I’m looking forward to that.”

Was he flirting with me? It races through my head and I don’t know what to say anymore.

Luckily my mother walks in with the first boxes full of my clothing.

“Could you maybe help us unload?” I ask Nick putting on my nicest smile.

“I can’t say no to you.” he smirks and starts walking to the stairs.

“Thank you” I bring out and walk past him to the stairs. I throw a look at him over my shoulder. His curly hair and hazelnut brown eyes look amazing together with his jaw line. You could see his muscular arms through his shirt. With his help we’ll be done in no-time. I feel happy as he follows me down stairs to the car.

“Here you go.” I say smiling as I hand him two boxes. He takes them easily from me and turns to bring them upstairs. When he walks away I remember my fantasy from under the shower. His head between my legs eating me out. Just the thought makes my slit moist with my juice, oozing my panties. I grab the last box and follow him upstairs.

On my way I pass my mother going back to the car. I ‘forget’ to tell her we already have everything so that I could have a moment alone with Nick.

Back in my room I bring the box to the bedroom and I open them to unpack my cloths in silence. Nick decides to help me. As he slides the first open box to me his arm shortly brushes mine. I look aside to him smiling and thank him. That smile soon fades as I see the second box is filled with my bras and panties. I flush red with embarrassment and pull it away from him and close it rapidly not wanting him to see my girly underwear.

“S-sorry,” He stutters “I didn’t mean to…” His apology gets interrupted by my mother walking in. Nick looks to the floor clearly feeling uncomfortable.

“There are no more boxes in the car so I am going back home.” My mother announces. Nick uses this chance to slip out of the apartment. “What was that about?” She looks surprised as he leaves.

“Nothing, mom,” I tell her quickly. “I have to unpack so see you next week, okay?” I want her to leave as soon as possible, mad at her and myself for screwing up my brief opportunity to be alone with Nick.

She waves goodbye and leaves, closing the door behind her.

The boxes are still on my bed and I slowly open ‘Pandora’s box” again. “Nick will surely think of me sexually now” I laugh as I see my clearly visible set of ‘Hello Kitty’ panties. I open a drawer in the closet, on the left are the bras and panties of my new roommate and on the right is space for mine, nicely separated by a little piece of wood. I throw my underwear careless on the right side when a black pair of panties catches my eye. They don’t seem so special apart from the lacework, drawn to them.

When I pick them up they feel heavier than I had expected. My fingers slowly move over the front. Suddenly I feel a small bulge in the fabric. A wide smile appears on my faces as I know exactly what it is. I hunt the rest of the drawer looking for the remote. I could have a little fun with this. To my disappointment I can’t find it anywhere in the drawer or the rest of the closet. My mind wanders of as I lay down on my bed.

Maybe my roommate does have a naughty side, when I met her she seemed rather plain and boring but who knows it could be just Erotik hikaye surface. I wonder if she ever wears them in public and if I would dare to do something like that. I gently bite my lip feeling getting aroused.

A promise is a promise I think to myself. My shorts are already at my ankles. My panties are sucked into my wet cunt, giving me a camel toe. I smile at the sight of it and hook my thumbs around the waistband of my panties and pull them down, kicking them to the ground next to my shorts. Laying on top of the covers I watch my fingers spread my slick lips and trace my middle finger up and down my wanting pussy. My finger starts slowly caressing my little hidden button. I close my eyes.

I see Nick coming in my bedroom. He isn’t wearing a shirt and his upper body is glistering in sweat as he climbs over me and starts kissing me. His lips taste sweet and in no-time we are making out, his tongue twirling lustfully in my mouth. He unbuttons his jeans and in one swift movement he pulls them down together with his boxers and kicks them aside. They fall on the ground as he takes his hard manhood in his hand and guides the tip in my awaiting tunnel. I’m so wet that it slides inside of me easily.

I moan in the kiss as he slides his cock deeper inside me, my nectar surrounding it on all sides. I take the hem of my top and lift it over my head. My hard nipples are poking through my shirt which gets quickly removed as well. Nick starts thrusting his hard cock inside me sending ripples of pure joy through my tiny body. I open my mouth moaning loud, almost like a war cry. I place my hand over my small breast cupping it in my hand, my hard nipple between two fingers as I squeeze it through the fabric of my bra.

I open my eyes for a moment as they widen, my fingers are wet with juice. I feel it sliding down the inside of my thigh, staining the covers under my ass. My fingers start massaging my cunt, spreading my labia so that my middle finger can slip into the hole. Already lubricated it climbs deeper inside my cunt sending warm sensations through my body. My heart races. I bite my lip trying to be quiet . My finger start to wiggle furiously making my toes curl. The juices started to flow out of my body letting my fingers make a soft sopping sound with every movement. The scent of my nectar reaches my nose. The combined smell of sweat dripping from my naked body in combination with my sweet nectar drives me crazy. I arch my back as I close my eyes again.

I look down to see Nick’s hard manhood splitting my cunt, the lips are spread wide open by his shaft thrusting in and out. I wrap my legs around his waist to pull him closer to me. He grabs my wrists away from my chest and presses them on the bed, pinning me down as he leans his entire weight on them. I look up at him with a wild gaze in my eyes, I’m powerless to him. He’s on top of me pushing his male member deep inside of me. I can hear the sopping sound it makes as it slides in and out, stimulating my pelvis. I arch my back in pleasure as he just keeps going almost sending me over the edge. My exposed body is entirely at his control. I open my eyes again.

I’m breathing heavily with drips of sweat rolling of my fore head. My entire body feels warm and wet. The stain under my ass has grown bigger as my finger forces more and more sweet juice out of my trembling pussy. I keep myself on the verge of coming. I slip a second finger inside trying to fulfil my need of an orgasm. My starts to shake as waves of pleasure hit me. My entire body tenses and presses me against the bed. I keep wiggling my fingers inside of me as the mind numbing feeling slowly fades. I lay there for a minute to catch my breath. Small aftershocks keep hitting me making me tremble. Suddenly I hear a new sound: a key turning the lock.

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