a great night ( Pt 12 )


It had been a few weeks since we last visited Les and his animals, but this weekend, we planned to spend all weekend with him, so early Friday night we got ready and set off, taking our stuff with us to use later on the weekend, arriving around 6 pm, a few cars in the drive told us things would soon get going .

As we walked in, I stripped off and guys picked me up, and lead me over to the frame, hands tied, my pussy and mouth were filled by rock hard cocks, as hands worked away on my boobs, Grant had found a willing cock and was busy riding it as Les began to fuck his mouth, it didn’t take long before I was filled with cum, and another cock took over, between cocks in my mouth I told them to let me up, so we could dp, before the words were out of my mouth my arse was filled with cock, and my orgasms began.

He too didn’t last too long, and I was allowed to stand, I found two good looking cocks and got them to lay down legs entwined, as my body engulfed them both, I rode them hard, getting my rewards to quick as both cum in me, Grants butt was leaking cum, so he was off and running, as Dfor started to lick his cock, ready to mount one of us.

I wanted him, so quickly pulled of the guys in me, and moved over to the bench, calling Dfor as I went, he quickly nosed up, licking the fresh cum from me, I saw one guy playing with Dfor cock, getting it ready for me, then with a soft growl, Dfor jumped up, his cock found my wet and chummy butt, open and willing.

I looked over and Jake was humping Grant’s arse, as guys face fucked us both, we both began to orgasm loudly, as the dogs got up to speed, Dfor knot was inside my arse, swollen fully, I was now his bitch, and loving it, I took a sniff of poppers just as he started to cum, the heat and pressure was great, my orgasm got stronger still as we both realised the feelings.

Dfor turned back to back now, pulling against me, but his knot held tight. Then after some time, he pulled away hard, we parted, cum ran free, as guys took over fucking my pussy and butt. Sex hikayeleri By now quite a few liked fucking me after the dogs had cum in me, as they reckon it felt really good and wet.
Les moved around, his cock now soft, after blowing in my mouth and slide his fist fully in my pussy, working me to a great orgasm, and then his other fist went in my butt, both hands worked me up to great orgasms.

As I wriggled wildly my orgasm built up higher still. He fisted me for some 10 minutes, then said “Right your ready”, as he and another guy pulled me and up lead me to the frame, We had been fucking for some 2 hours probably by now and yes I was ready, straps tightened on my arms and legs and I heard a snort coming from behind me,

Les said “Which Hole” I replied, ‘You Pick” as I saw Flame’s front legs come up a long side me, I was given a good sniff of poppers and asked for more, as I felt Flame’s cock bounce on my back.

From the side I saw Les give Flame a sniff of the mare’s scent, followed by a loud snort, and my back took a few more slaps from his cock, I asked for more poppers, as Flame’s cock pushed against me, what hole would he choose, then I knew, My butt was opened up with one hard push

At first about 6 inches or so went in, but as Flame once more took a sniff of the mare’s scent, my body was rocked as he rammed his stiff member hard into my abused butt, I yelled out, then quietness filled the air, the breath knocked out of me, his cock fully home, in 3 or 4 thrusts, oh boy did it hurt, I called out for more poppers, as Flame fucked me.

Now it was up to him, I was held tight, his cock pushing so far in I though the head of it was in my mouth, my arse, although wet and open, had been violated . But I loved it, as my first horse orgasm for the night rung out, then another in quick succession, I was in bliss once more, my mouth was filled with cock and cum, I managed to get a sniff of poppers, followed again by more orgasms,

Flame was going strong, I don’t think he had fucked anything Sikiş hikayeleri since we were last here, Les once more urging him on with more mare’s scent, each time Flame would push so hard it hurt at first, then sent me over the top in orgasms, then oh boy that feeling, his cock jerked, twitching and swelling, I pushed back, knowing he was ready to cum.

Then the feeling I love, his seed filled my arse so full, with more, leaking out as I screamed thought multiply orgasms, Flame pushed further inside trying to make sure his mare was impregnated, I pushed back too, wanting more before his cock went soft, and he would pull it out.

Then as with any horse, no thank you, just wham his large cock head split my arse open as he pulled back, cum spewed everywhere, I was covered from head to toe in it, Les led Flame away as the guys went down, several fucked my pussy as others fisted the other hole, I let them play as my body come down from the high, then they lifted me out of the frame, sitting me on a hard cock and a second going in my butt.

As they fucked me, I saw Grant being tied, and Patch led in, I wanted to watch him take it all, so moved around a bit, the guys stayed in me, laughing I said ,”A third cock wanted in my butt, no one came forward, so I called out louder, “Room for one more” as Mark moved over. I said I’ve seen it done before,

I eased top butt guy back a bit, so Mark could straddle me and shove his cock in, after Flame it went in easy, and felt good, the guy I was laying on could hardly move but his cock twitched inside me, as 2 others rubbed against him, it took awhile but they kinder got in sync, as I shot out a load of horse cum, with my orgasm.

Grant was now fully filled by Patch, his cock ramming right up to the balls, Les leading Patch on with more and more scent, each time Grant groaned as Patch rammed harder, but pushed back for more, my guys began to falter, all three trying hard to stay in me, but one did cum, as he fell back he took the others with him, Mark quickly Porno Hikayeleri shoved his fist in, then his cock, my arse exploded in bliss, 10 inches of cock found the spot, as his hand worked my butt. Then he pushed in harder, working his arm further and further inside, I felt behind me, his elbow touched my butt.

Mark let me know he was Cumming, his grunts and grown filled the air, as cum flowed free, oozing out alongside his arm, when he slipped out, I swung around, licking his cock dry, as another filled my pussy with cum.

I had forgotten about Grant for awhile but his scream of bliss as Patch fucked him full of sperm reminded me.

Patch’s balls pulsed, pushing gallons of cum deep in his butt, as Grant’s orgasm ran wild, then like Flame he pulled back, I saw Grant’s butt open like a garage door, the huge knob head sticking for awhile before forcing its way out, Grant screamed, as cum flew around him. Patch just moved back and walked away.

I moved over, dragging my guy by his cock, and lay under Grant, horse cum was flowing out, covering me, I ate what I could, the guys released Grant, he fell back, his butt now over my boobs as more cum shot out, I pulled him down, his mouth eager to lap up fresh horse cum, of my tits, my pussy took another load of cum.

Les had told us, that he would only let the horse fuck us once tonight, knowing we had a bigger night planned tomorrow, so Grant and myself made sure we took care of all the guys and showed them our toys collection in use too, with us both taking in fully the very thick 12 inch dildo, at one time with the 10 inch vibe in with it too as Grant had fun. As before I planted myself down fully on two fists, each going in close to Elbow depth, as I rode them, Grant had 2 fists in his butt and a tired with his fingers going in but stuck at the knuckles, as we finished the night off.

All the guys now had soft cocks, and the dogs half asleep, we decided to call it quits tonight and save some energy for tomorrow night. as the guys head of home, Les told them any time after mid afternoon the fun would begin again, he showed us our bed for the weekend, as we took time washing off a mixture of human, dog and horse cum before falling into a well earn sleep.

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