A Little Job


“Andrew, I have a little job for you.”

Fear inspiring words those, especially when coming from your mother.

“Yes?” I said, drawing the word out to let her know I was both reluctant and suspicious.

“Don’t worry,” mother said cheerfully. “It’s right up your alley. It’s about computers.

“Go on,” I said, feeling even more dubious about it.

“Muriel’s daughter, you remember Natalie, such a sweet girl. She’s in college now and doing quite well. Quite a bright young thing. She just needs a minor bit of help about computers. I told Muriel you’d be only too pleased to assist her. You know all about computers and can tell her everything she needs to know.”

“Natalie,” I said thoughtfully. “Ah, the Natalie I remember, while as you say, quite bright in some areas, was what I would call technically challenged. I mean, she needed instructions on how to open a door. Anything more intricate than a door handle was foreign territory to her.”

“That’s a bit unfair,” mother said huffily. “That door handle was a tricky one. Anyway, she has to write an assignment on how computers operate and I promised Muriel you’d help.”

I wanted to ask what was tricky about turning a knob properly but thought it wiser not to. It appeared that I was going to be giving Natalie a hand no matter what I said.

“OK. When can I expect her? How old is she now? Do I prepare material for a middle grade or a senior?”

“Nearly nineteen, now. Um, I’ve arranged for you to drop by Muriel’s place Saturday afternoon about two.”

Why, thank you, mother. I do enjoy my Saturdays being scheduled for me. It’s not as though I would be using them for my own purposes.

So at two o’clock on a Saturday afternoon I was knocking on Muriel’s door so I could advise Natalie about computers.

“If that’s you, Andy, come on in. I’m in the kitchen. If it’s not Andy, go away, I’m busy.”

The voice was softer and a lot more charming than the booming foghorn I’d heard Muriel use so I was guessing that the speaker was Natalie and she was inviting me in. I entered and wander towards the back of the house where I assumed the kitchen was. I stepped into the kitchen and there was Natalie.

There was a clunk as my jaw dropped and hit the floor. Accompanying the clunk was a choking sound and a thump. The choking sound was caused by me swallowing my tongue. The thump was also me, hitting my chest in the hope that I could restart a heart that had just seized up. If you’re thinking I’d just received a shock you’d be right.

Natalie was standing in the middle of the kitchen, facing me, totally and gloriously naked. I mean as bare as a new born babe. She was blonde, which was something I hadn’t remembered about her, and a natural blonde at that. This was demonstrated by the cute little arrow that pointed the way to glory. Full breasted I think is the term to describe women like her. Her breasts stood out proudly. Not an over-abundance but certainly enough for any red-blooded man, and my blood was feeling redder by the second.

“I’m sorry you got dragged out like this, Andy,” Natalie was saying. “It wasn’t my idea, I assure you. My mother and yours got a bee in their respective bonnets just because I was having a few problems with this assignment. Ah, are you all right?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” I managed to say. “I was just a bit surprised, is all.”

“Why?” she asked and then must have seen my eyes running over her. She looked down at herself and burst out giggling.

“Oh, how silly of me,” she giggled. “You must think I’m a right idiot. I completely forgot that with mother out of the house I took the chance to go au natural for a while and I completely forgot to get dressed again. It drives her wild when I run around like this.”

“I can’t see why,” I said cautiously. “I think you look marvellous. No need to get dressed on my behalf.”

“Oh, really? Mother always says it would upset anyone who visited. I couldn’t see why, myself.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her. “Ah, about this assignment. Do you have to write up about the software or the hardware?”

Natalie looked kıbrıs escort blank. “Um, it’s about computers,” she said carefully.

Yep. Still technically challenged.

“How about you let me see what the assignment requirements are and then I can explain what I can do to help you meet those requirements?”

“Right,” she said. “Come on through.”

She brushed past me and wandered off down the hall with me following her swishing bottom as though fastened to it by a leash. She turned into her bedroom, of all places, and sat down at a desk, indicating I should sit next to her. She had a laptop there and she turned it on and found the assignment.

As far as I was concerned it was a nothing assignment. I showed Natalie where to look up the information on her own PC, making her take notes so she could find her way back to those places unaided. I helped her identify just what the various components of the computer were and what they did, again making sure she took notes as she went.

By the time I’d finished she both understood the assignment and knew what to put in it. How well she expressed herself was her problem. Actually doing the assignment for her was another thing entirely. Not my job.

If you think the whole thing was easy let me remind you that she was sitting next to me stark staring naked. She’d bounce lightly in her seat and her breasts would bounce along, continuing to bounce after she’d stopped. She’d twist from side to side and her breasts would sway in a similar manner. It was an interesting experience.

“I think you now have enough to finish your assignment. Yes?”

“Yes,” agreed Natalie, sounding very pleased. “Thank you. You’ve made it all a lot simpler.”

“Glad to have helped,” I said, rising to my feet and stretching.

I held out a hand and helped Natalie to her feet. She stood in front of me, at first smiling happily, then looking puzzled.

“Ah, what are you doing?” she asked.

I’d have though it pretty obvious myself. I was holding her breasts, stroking them, getting to know them.

“It’s called petting or foreplay,” I told her. “It’s the sort of thing men do when they’re about to have sex with a woman.”

“Oh,” she said, thinking about it.

“Wait a minute,” she continued after thinking. “Are you saying you want to have sex with me?”

“Not exactly. What I was hinting is that I am going to have sex with you. To be blunt, I’m going to lay you on your bed and fuck you ragged, if you’ll excuse the crudity of the language.”

One of my hands deserted the breast it had been fondling and went downstairs, closing over her pussy and starting a massage.

“H-Hey, just back up a minute there. What on earth makes you think I’m going to let you do any such thing? Are you crazy?”

“Natalie, you’re naked. In your bedroom. With a man. No-one else home. If you add all these things together what do you come up with?”

“Um, you leaving?”

“Not exactly. I was thinking it adds up to you lying on the bed waiting for me to demonstrate my amazing masculinity?”

“You have to have the amazing masculinity before you can show it,” Natalie grumbled. “This is just not on. I don’t do this sort of thing. Not with you, not with anyone.”

“Are you hinting that you may be a virgin?” I asked, curious. “If so, where did you get the nerve to strip off in front of me?”

“No, I haven’t had sex with anyone. I didn’t strip off in front of you. I was already undressed before you came.”

“But why, if you weren’t expecting at least a pass?”

“I’m allowed to be naked if I want to be. I often wander around the house naked.”

“In front of men?”

“Well, no. Mother would go spare if I did that.”

“So would the men, I assure you. So why was I so lucky as to get a perfect full frontal?”

“I forgot you were coming and when you arrived I forgot I wasn’t dressed. When I remembered you said it didn’t matter so I didn’t bother getting dressed again. It’s not fair to blame me now.”

“Who’s blaming?” I asked with a grin. “I’m quite grateful. I’m also going to take full advantage konya escort of an interesting situation.”

The entire time we were, ah, discussing the situation, I had been stroking and playing with her. My hands had caressed breasts, mound and bottom, feeling her reactions. She was flushed and breathing hard, nipples erect. She hadn’t made any attempt to push my hands away or to step back out of reach. She may have felt she had to express reluctance but she was more than ready for things to progress.

I took a step back and unzipped, bringing my offering out into the light. If we were going to play it seemed only fair that she see what she’d be playing with. She looked down at my erection and blinked, and there was an odd look on her face.

“My god,” she said softly. “You’re serious. You really intend to make love to me.”

What the hell had I just been saying? I’d been playing with her breasts and stroking her lips and she thought I was kidding?

“You don’t seriously mean to tell me that you thought I was just pretending, do you?” I asked her.

“Well, yes,” she admitted. “No-one has ever wanted to make love to me before.”

“Natalie, you’re kidding yourself. Nine out of ten men who see you want to drag you off to bed. The tenth man is either too old or gay. And if they saw you standing in front of them like that the old man would find he’s young enough and the gay man would admit that maybe he should experiment more.”

She looked at me, shaking her head slightly as though trying to deny it, saying, “But,” but not having anything else to say.

“You seem a little surprised over this. Don’t worry. I will demonstrate how serious I am.”

I took hold of her arm and eased her over to and then onto the bed. She could not be that innocent and naïve, I was telling myself, but she still seemed to have doubts.

I persuaded her to lie down properly, slipping a hand between her knees and easing her legs well apart. That done my hands started wandering again. I also kissed her lightly, encouraging her to respond. Once she did I started trailing my lips across her face and down onto her breasts. While I nuzzled her breasts and nibble on tasty pieces my fingers were exploring. My sense of touch confirmed that yes, she was a virgin, and yes, she was warm and wet and ready.

“OK,” I told her. “Just relax and watch. You’ll find you get the idea pretty quickly.” She was certainly going to get my cock pretty quickly.

Kneeling between her thighs I brushed the head of my erection back and forth along her slit. She could feel me rubbing against her lips and her breath was coming quicker. When I stopped brushing and started pressing she actually stopped breathing for a second. Then she started up with a rush.

“Wait a minute,” she said quickly. “You’re not really going to try to put that thing inside me, are you? You are! Oh my goodness I don’t believe this. This has never happened before.”

“Not to you, maybe,” I interrupted, “but I assure you it’s happened to an awful lot of other women. I can also assure you that this won’t be the last time it happens to you.”

She kept on talking while I pushed steadily into her. The only time her voice faltered was when her cherry fell by the wayside, this causing her to gasp, followed immediately by a horrified exclamation that I’d just broken her cherry, something that I already knew.

I didn’t delay with that initial thrust but I didn’t rush it either. I drove home smoothly, giving her time to adjust to the feeling of me inside her, accompanied by a running commentary the whole way as she talked herself into believing what was happening. Don’t ask me. I’d have thought having a cock inserted would be self-explanatory, but not according to Natalie. She had to convince herself.

With my cock fully extended, shall we say, my hands sought and found her breasts, closing over them, accepting the lovely treasures gratefully.

“Tell me, Natalie,” I said, “now that we’ve gone this far do you know how to continue?”

“I’m not an idiot,” she said hotly. “What makes you think I wouldn’t kuşadası escort know?”

“Ah, your incredible naiveté, perhaps?” I suggest, “Well?”

She glared at me for a minute, eyes hot, and then she seemed to relax. Well, as much as she could relax with a man on top of her, and in her, and playing with her breasts.

“Not really,” she admitted. “Theoretical only. Virgin, remember?”

“Ex-virgin,” I murmured, and went on to explain what I’d be doing and what she might like to do in response. No compulsion. Only if she felt it appropriate.

Theory complete I proceeded with the practical application, pulling back a little and pushing back home, just enough of a stroke for her to get a feel for it. After that I built on it, pulling back a little more and encouraging her to meet me when I drove in. She was rather tentative about it at first but she very quickly got into the swing of it.

It wasn’t long and I was pulling almost all the way out and returning with some vigour, Natalie meeting me and showing just as much vim and verve as she pushed up against me. I was having a fine time and from the way Natalie was carrying on she wasn’t doing too badly either. I made a note that if I was ever in a position to play with Natalie in the future I’d bring a gag with me.

She talked. She described what I was doing and how it felt. She told me what she was doing, as if I didn’t know, being on the receiving end. She talked about what we were doing, wondered why I had the nerve to do this to her, wondered why she had never done it before, and wondered if I was going to do it again sometime.

It wasn’t until I picked up a little extra speed that her voice finally died away, the effort of keeping up with me leaving her with insufficient breath to talk. That didn’t mean she was silent. She gave a lusty little cry every time I drove home, interspersed with cries of yes, ah, more.

The way Natalie was acting I didn’t worry about whether she was going to climax or not. The only question was when. I was hot to trot and felt I could keep going for a while. She, on the other hand, was ripe to explode, and I figured it could happen at any moment.

I wasn’t wrong there. One thrust too many and she went up in flames. Very noisy flames, too, as she was shrieking like crazy as her orgasm burned through her. I simply slowed a little while she went through it, waiting for her to finish. As soon as she started to calm down I resumed my fun and games, driving in hard and fast.

Natalie was all confused by the fact that I was still going. Trusting in the fact that if a woman has multiple orgasms then the second is normally better than the first I told her not to worry. That sort of thing was normal and just the appetizer and she had to keep bouncing.

She looked rather startled at that but was very quickly back with the action, giving her best as I kept my rhythm going nice and fast. This time when it looked as though she was almost ready I was perfectly ready to let rip. I really started pounding into her, almost bouncing her clear off the bed I was coming in so hard. She only needed a little of this and she climaxed again, with the same godawful scream, while I let go with just a humble groan of relief.

We lay on the bed for a few minutes, getting ourselves together again. Then I was up and zipping up, suggesting she might like a quick shower. I lingered for a short while, waiting for her to come out of the bathroom, wanting to make sure she was OK and not having guilty thoughts now that it was over.

Fat chance of that. She came bouncing out of the bathroom, all bright and glowing and naked. Not even a towel. I’d have dragged her straight back to the bedroom but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to manage. Reluctantly I allowed her to escort me to the front door. I gave her a quick kiss and departed.

I was halfway down her path when a delivery truck pulled up and this guy gets out. He grabs this parcel and offered it to me for a signature. I shook my head and told him I was just a visitor so he barrelled on past and rang the doorbell. I waited, curious.

The door opened and the delivery guy spoke.

“Afternoon,” he said, “I – Holy shit, I, ah, that is, signature.”

A few seconds later he came tottering past, looking stunned. I will guarantee that any deliveries to Natalie’s place, that guy will insist on delivering them.

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