A Little Teasing…


You lay on the bed in front of me, though you can only assume I’m there.

The silken scarf covering your eyes is of the same soft, smoothes material binding your hands gently above your head, to the metal frame of the bed. Your feet are free, and I’ve watched you squirm your legs around on the satin sheets, savouring the cool, sheer material against your skin. Your short, tight skirt leaves your legs exposed a mere several inches down your thighs, and in your squirming you’ve let the material slide up your hips.

You wiggle around to try and get the skirt back down again, but it’s to no avail. You know full well that the black silk panties you wore for this special occasion are in plain view… from wherever I’m standing. If only you knew where that was.

Your covered eyes lead your head all over the room, futilely straining to search me out. Then you start to sniff softly, and I can tell that you can smell my cologne. You start to smile as you let your nose lead you around in the darkness.

The bed creaks and you feel yourself starting to shift to your left. You turn to where you know I am and try to squirm over to me, though your silken bonds keep you in place. You feel my fingers gently caress your hair, the lightest touch sending shivers through your scalp. You feel me tenderly slide them slowly through your locks, curling down around your earlobe. My fingertips gently tease your ear… I can only assume it feels cool to you, as hatay escort your earlobe is like fire against my skin.

My fingers gently slide from your ear along your cheek, so gently, like a whisper. Down to your jawline I travel, so softly caressing your soft flesh. I stop, and slip my fingers away from your chin. I hear you gasp as you push your face forward to find my caress again, though my fingertips are ever out of reach. I’m sure you can feel them though, less than an inch from your soft, open lips, just as I’m sure you can hear my smile.

Your sigh fills the silence of the room as my fingertips caress your soft eyebrow. Sliding down your face again, down around your eye and up onto the bridge of your nose, slowly slipping down to your lips. They part for my fingertips, and I watch with pleasure as you lick your lips, trying in vain to follow my fingertips around your mouth.

And as quickly as my touch began, it ends, and you feel my fingertips no longer.

You hear the bed creak again, and suddenly you can feel my breath on your cheek. Hot, damp, soft breathing… I see you squirm and hear you moan as you turn your head to me, leaning up with parted cherry red lips, seeking mine. My fingertips gently turn you away though, turning your unseeing gaze away from me. You feel my soft, dry lips gently caress your neck, with a kiss so light it might as well be a falling feather. My breath rolls over your skin… hot… wet… harshatayota.com you squirm. Your fingers clench open and closed.

“Mmmmmm… enjoying this are we?” you suddenly hear me whisper. Soft, hot, wet breath fills your ear canal… and my breathing fills your hearing. You hear me lick my lips, and a wet snapping noise comes from my mouth.

“And what’s this?” you hear me whisper, and you feel a light, gentle touch against your blouse. Against the nipple straining to burst through your bra, straining against the white fabric of the blouse. My fingertip circles the dent on the fabric.

“Oh god yes!” The words slip past your parted lips. You know I’m smiling down at you as my fingertips slide down the curve of your breast, into the valley of your cleavage before they come back up to your other breast.

“Mustn’t only give attention to one now,” I breath in your ear. You feel my tongue flick gently at your earlobe, my wet lips gently closing over it. You push your ear into my mouth, and my lips open and close over the lobe, my tongue sliding around. The heat, the wetness of it washes over the outside of your ear as I lick all the way around, coming back to the lobe.

You feel my fingertips encircling your areola, avoiding the pert nipple poking through the fabrics. “Oh god! Don’t be so gentle!!” you gasp at me as you bite your bottom lip. I see you jamming your thighs together, squirming them in a heaving gyration, your wonderfully rounded buttocks rising off the bed.

At once, you feel the flat of my tongue wipe over your entire ear as my hand squeezes your hard nipple through your bra and blouse.

“Fuck YES!!” you shout as you strain at your bindings, jamming your thighs together tightly. My hand flattens out over your breast and begins to squeeze it as I begin to kiss and lick your ear, my hot, wet tongue slipping around, poking gently inside. You hear the wet noises of sex, sharp, snapping, hot.. wet… as my mouth caresses your ear.

My mouth starts kissing it’s way along your jawline, slowly, deliberately. Wetly. My soft wet lips leave a trail of saliva behind as my tongue pokes between them, my hot, wet breath cooling my kisses as they dry. You turn your mouth to mine, forcing your lips against mine eagerly, almost frantically. My lips slide off yours, your sweet breath mingling with mine as my tongue slips past, gently teasing off your tongue. My hand begins to knead your breast with greater strength, bringing a moan from deep in your chest.

As our lips and tongues slide off each other, our mouths slick with our hot, mingled saliva, my hand slides down your belly, and past. I hear you gasp in anticipation, actually stopping your kiss and breathing, parting your legs wide for my hand as it slips past your skirt. My fingers caress the soft, damp thighs down below the joining of your legs.

“Ooooohh… do you know how hot it is down there?” I whisper breathily in your ear, as I let my fingertips slowly slide back up to your panties. You gasp as they touch the damp fabric, and press…

(to be continued…)

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