A Maid’s Night


Marisol had seen her check into the hotel, and wanted her from that first moment. Watching that lithe, strong body walk to the elevator made her wet. She thought she saw her smile at her as the elevator doors closed. She watched the floor number on the elevator display so she could put in a request to work that floor for bed turn down. She asked Jonathon at the front desk for the woman’s name, “Juliette Saunders” was his reply.

Getting her request, she couldn’t wait for the time she could go to the room to turn down the bed she hoped she would be in later.

Knock, knock, “maid service” she said as she slid the door lock card into the slot.

“Come in” she heard as she closed the door, Marisol loved the strength of the command.

She stood before her and felt the Juliette’s eyes take in her body.

“you’ll have to take off that maid uniform to work in my room” she heard Ms. Saunders tell her in a demanding voice.

She did as she was told.

“now, put the apron back on, and turn down my bed”.

Once again, she did as she was told.

She could feel the Juliette’s eyes on her breasts as she walked by, and it made her feel so good. She was so hot and loved the fact that her pert nipples stood at attention in her lust.

Juliette stood at the side of the bedroom door, and watched Marisol walk by, breasts swaying with nipples extended. A ripe candidate she thought, as she admired the ass visible underneath the apron’s bow. She undid her dress’s clip and let it slide to the floor, leaving her only in her silk panties. She fell back against the wall as her desires filled her body and mind.

“After you turn down the bed, open the red leather satchel and lay its contents on the bed” she commanded.

Marisol gasped with desire as she laid out all the items from the red satchel. There were ropes, handcuffs, leg cuffs, nipple clamps of all sizes and shapes, and so many more erotic items. She took each item out carefully, almost reverently and placed them atop the bed as she was instructed.

She still could not see Juliette, who was still leaning against the door letting the anticipation of what was to come run rampant through her body.

“I have done as you have commanded M’Lady, what do you wish me to do now?”

“Put the silver nipple clamps on your nipples, tightly. Then put the black leather and chain leash with the golden collar on, and crawl over here to me.”

Marisol, once again lost her breath as the first clamp fit over her outstretched nipple. It was sooo tight and the pain was excruciatingly beautiful. She quickly attached the other clamp, and let the chain that connected them fall in a semi-circle on her chest towards her belly button. She then found the leash and collar and put the collar around her neck, slid the lock into place and shuddered when the lock made it’s clicking sound. She got down on her hands and knees and crawled towards the door with the chain making a scrapping sound on the tile file as it dangled behind her.

As she reached the doorway, she saw a hand come around the corner and grab the nipple clamp chain, felt the delicious tug that strained her already throbbing nipples and pulled her breasts taught. She looked up to see Juliette’s stern face, just in time to see her hand coming down swiftly to slap her face.

“Never look at me unless I pull your leash and tell you to do so.”

“Yes M’Lady.” Marisol hung her head low, but could still see in her mind, the amazing body of her Mistress.

“You may now kiss my feet, taking care to use your lips and your tongue. And I want you to take each toe into your mouth and suck them as if they were little penises that you crave.”

Marisol did as she was commanded, taking pleasure in her van escort Mistresses feet, kissing, licking, and sucking each toe like a little penis. She imagined sucking each toe so well that they would spurt her Mistress’s warm cum into her mouth, and pretended her own juices on each toe was that golden elixir.

“Good enough my little pet, let me take you for a walk now, I want a drink.” Juliette reached down and grabbed the leash, jerking Marisol’s head vigorously. She pulled hard on the leash to make her pet heal, and then walk with her to the bar.

“Get up now and make me a very dry martini, but if you raise your head to me, you shall loose anything we may do.

“Yes M’Lady.”

Marisol expertly mixed the martini; Juliette was pleased, but of course did not show this to her pet. With head bowed to the floor, Marisol handed the drink to Juliette.

“Not bad for a beginner” said Juliette as she slowly savored her drink, looking down at her property, nipples now reddened with the pain from the clamps. A beautiful girl indeed, so much in store for both of them.

“Why are you still standing?” demanded Juliette, “Sorry M’Lady” Marisol said as she resumed her all fours position at her Mistress’ feet. Juliette gave a sharp tug to the leash, twisting Marisol’s head and pulling her ever so close to her naked thigh. Marisol reached her tongue out to try to taste her Mistress.

Juliette reached for the nipple clamp chain and yanked it as hard as she could. “oh” screamed Marisol, her breasts pulled to their limit, her nipples pulled beyond.

“You never touch me without my permission, when I ORDER you to you will, but never before.” screamed Juliette. “Yes Mistress” Marisol said quietly through the glorious pain. Pulling hard on the leash, Juliette walked her slave over towards the bed. She reached for her leather riding crop and with a sharp crack whipped Marisol’s exposed buttocks. The welt left from the slap rose almost immediately with the redness to follow. Juliette loved the look of her handy work on Marisol’s pale and beautifully toned ass. She raised the crop again to take careful aim to hit her mark, right at Marisol’s small puckered opening. Marisol flinched and cried out a bit. Juliette reached for the harness with the red rubber ball for Marisol’s mouth. “Even though you have been a bad girl, I am going to let you take off my panties with your mouth before I strap this on you, so I don’t have to listen to your little whimpers.”

Marisol did not have to be told twice and eagerly brought her mouth over to her Mistress’s panties elastic top. She got the beautiful material in her teeth and started lowering her head to pull them down.

She was in ecstasy, smelling her Mistress’s wetness, knowing she had caused this made her own pussy juices begin to flow freely down her leg. She moved as slowly as she dared, so she could feel her Mistress’s beautiful, taught skin. Crack! Went the crop again, “Do not dawdle, get my panties off, NOW!” said Juliette feeling her juices line her panties. She pushed down Marisol’s head and lifted one beautiful leg after the other to complete the task. She reached down and picked up her now soaked panties, rolled them into a ball, and stuffed them into Marisol’s eager mouth. Marisol’s eyes rolled back into her head as she savored the wondrous taste of her Mistress’s lustful juices. Since the panties were so sheer, there was room enough for Juliette to put the ball in Marisol’s mouth and secure the strap around her head to hold it in place. She didn’t think that Marisol even noticed as she was so happy to have the panties in her mouth her eyes were closed. Juliette marveled at Marisol’s deep black, long, luxurious hair. It was so black there was almost a blue sheen to it. yalova escort

Juliette couldn’t help herself and stroked Marisol’s hair tenderly, hoping her pet did not see her look. Marisol’s saliva was now running down from the corners of her mouth as she continued to tongue her Mistress’s panties. It dripped onto her clamped nipples and gave them a beautiful sheen. Juliette stopped her stroking and pulled Marisol’s pony tail roughly to get her up, turn her around, and have her sit on the edge of the bed. Juliette then reached for the handcuffs and pulled Marisol’s arms behind her back and put the cuffs on tightly around each wrist. As she had to lean over to do this, she brushed her left nipple across Marisol’s face, much to Marisol’s (and her own) pleasure. She held her breast there for a delicious minute as she completed the cuffing. Marisol’s breast now stuck out as her back was arched due to her arms being so tightly cuffed behind her back. Juliette picked the crop back up and began whipping both Marisol’s breasts mercilessly. Each blow sent shivers of painful delight through Marisol’s now highly aroused body. She pushed her breasts out even further to accept each of her Mistress’s loving blows.

She felt Juliette’s hand on her face as she pushed her hard back onto the bed. Juliette then began to whip the top of Marisol’s thighs as they bent over the side of the bed. The blows started just above her knees and moved slowly, calculatedly, towards her clean shaven pussy. She kept her legs together and tried to have her legs close so tightly to try to rub her craving pussy. Juliette noticed her slave trying to pleasure herself in this manner and stopped the whipping to reach down for the leg clamps attached to a black, steel pole, to separate the legs as well as secure them. She bent down to attach the clamp pole, pausing at Marisol’s lap to blow on her pulsating pussy. Marisol writhed in pleasure as she felt her Mistress’s breath on her most private part. Juliette stopped, and spread Marisol’s legs roughly, as far as they would spread to fit the pole. She tightened the clamps around Marisol’s ankles and stepped back to admire the new erotic scene she had just created. There lay Marisol, back on the bed, bent at the waist with her spread open legs on the floor. Juliette marveled at the amount of moisture her handy work had created in Marisol’s pussy. It glistened and had made the inside of both thighs very wet as well.

She continued the whipping and even rewarded Marisol with an occasional whack directly on her pulsating pussy, much to Marisol’s painful enjoyment. The welts now decorated her legs giving Juliette a wonderful view. Marisol now pushed her pelvis as high in the air as she could to offer herself to more blows. She was now in total submission to her Mistress’s desires, and loving every second of it.

Juliette stopped her crop, and swung Marisol’s legs up onto the bed, facing the head of the bed. She grabbed one of the coils of rope, carefully undoing it and attached one end to the pole between Marisol’s legs. She wrapped and tied the other end around the tall headboard after pulling it taught so Marisol’s lower body was lifted helplessly above the bed, and suspended there. Juliette had left enough rope so she could yank Marisol’s hair and bring her head over the edge of the foot of the bed. She then undid the strap for the mouth ball and took it off, and removed her panties from Marisol’s mouth.

She then turned her back to Marisol and squatted herself down so she could sit her ass right on Marisol’s waiting mouth. Marisol wanted so much to rim her Mistress but knew she could not do anything until she was told. Juliette approved of her slave’s control, and finally said, “Yes, go ahead and lick my yozgat escort ass.” She was amazed and completely turned on by the fervor and quality of Marisol’s rimming. Her tongue darted in and out of Juliette’s puckered opening, then languished over her entire crack, only to be shoved as far as she could inside her anal cavity. Juliette felt her legs buckle under the sheer erotic passion and pleasure. She let her weight rest entirely on Marisol’s face and caught her breath, feeling her first orgasm building in intensity.

Juliette regained her composure and lifted herself from Marisol’s face. She turned around and fed her now soaking wet pussy to Marisol’s eager and expert mouth. “Now eat my pussy you little whore, and make me cum.” “Yes my dearest Mistress” Marisol mumbled into Juliette’s pussy. Marisol loved the taste and feeling of Juliette’s ass, but her pussy was just heaven. So silky smooth and soaked with Juliette’s juices, she let her tongue go crazy. She lapped up the juices like a desert wanderer who hadn’t had water in days. She let her tongue circle and tease Juliette’s wonderfully hard little clit and reveled in the gyrations she was causing Juliette in response to her passionate tongue play. She could sense Juliette’s orgasm and took her whole clit into her mouth, gently biting the bottom while flicking the top with the tip of her tongue. Juliette started moaning, rocking, pushing herself harder against Marisol’s face. She reached for and got the crop back and started whipping Marisol on either side of her labia lips, twice on the left, twice on the right, and the fifth directly on Marisol’s clit. Marisol quickly caught on to the rhythm and let her body move to accept each painful blow. The pain was exquisite, especially the direct hits on her pulsing clit. Juliette was now lost in the throes of her building orgasm and her whips were now much harder but changing the pattern as her eyes were now closed as her body began it’s celebration of passion. Her orgasm shook her body violently even causing her to drop her crop, but it didn’t matter for Marisol had begun her own orgasmic dance as she felt Juliette taking off. Juliette’s cries filled the room, Marisol’s were muffled by Juliette’s sopping wet pussy. Both women totally let loose, both Mistress and slave were one as bodies were racked over and over and over in lust.

Juliette slumped forward, her face resting between Marisol’s heaving breasts, as Marisol gasped for air.

They lay there enjoying the feeling of each others body as their own body started the descent.

Oh my, thought Juliette, I must have this slave for the night. She found the strength to walk over to the phone and dialed the front desk. “yes, this is Juliette Saunders in room 1219. I just found out I have to send a report to my home office before tomorrow morning’s opening hour. I will need an assistant. I talked to Marisol, my maid, and she has the secretarial skills I will be needing and I am requesting her services for the entire night.”

“No problem Ms. Saunders, I will let Marisol’s department head know. We are glad our hotel can help fulfill your needs,” was Jonathan’s replay. Juliette chuckled to herself “fulfill my needs indeed,” she smiled as she looked over at Marisol, smiling at hearing her good fortune as she lay, spread-eagle on the bed with her head hanging over the foot, her face covered in Juliette’s cum.

Juliette strolled slowly, confidently over to the bed, picked up the feather attached to the long cane and began running it slowly over Marisol’s entire body. She undid Marisol’s maid’s apron, and threw it to the side. Then, she undid the rope and let Marisol fall onto the bed. She took out her dildo in its harness. It was a large, black, veined dildo, about 10″ long and 3″ around. She took the dildo and ran it up Marisol’s stomach, up to her breasts, slapped each breast roughly right where the nipple clamps were. Marisol squirmed in pain, “there, there, my pet, we have much more in store for you now,” purred Juliette.

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