A New Life Ch. 02


The next few days I spent packing and repacking. I would need to watch what I packed as I was taking a plain to meet Sara and Tom. Most if not all my toys would either need to be mailed or stay behind. I had packed five suit cases all of them filled with female clothing and shoes. My carry on was packed with my male clothing. I figured it can’t hurt to have a few changes of clothing in case something came up. I picked through my make up to get a travel set put together. When finally I had gotten my bags packed to a point that I was happy, I went through my toys.

I had decided to mail a small box with several toys in it to Sara. In the end, I had picked 10 different plugs, 12 dildos and vibrators, and The Spade I had used in the video I sent Sara. I also took one of my jugs on anal lube and put it into the box also. After packing it with tissue paper, pink even!, to get every tight in there, I put on a yellow sun-dress that came down to mid thigh. It had a white flower pattern on it and in the right light, you can see through it. I was hoping my bright red lace boy shorts would be visible a few times at least. I only wore matching bra and panties set, so I expecting lots of looks.

The trip the post office took me twenty minutes in traffic. I put the top down on my red convertible to let my hair blow in the wind. I had recently died it to a red color. At the first stop light I pulled up, I got whistle at from a car load of teenagers. A quiet one in the back kept staring at my breast, I blew him a kiss as I turned away from them. I had decided to wear a “C” cup forms, so I was filling out my dress quite well. It was a pleasant drive over.

I pulled into the post office and got my package sent to Sara’s. The lady asked what I was sending, whether it was media or not, I told it was a box of toys with a smirk. She gave me a knowing smile. As I turned to leave, I saw the bulge in the pants of the man behind me, it looked quite delicious. I gave him a knowing wink as he shifted his pants. As I left the post office, I wished there more wind. I wanted my dress to plow up and show off my panties. I paused as opened the my car door to wonder if all women thought this way. I couldn’t help thinking of myself as sex crazed slut.

I woke up the day before I left for Sara and Tom’s and wondered what I was going to do today. I had emailed Sara to tell her of the package I had sent and what all mardin escort was in it. She responded telling me she was happy I thought ahead but when I got there we would go to the toy store together. My little cock was getting hard just thinking about it now. I got out of bed and smoothed the nightie I was wearing. I made my bed and went down to make breakfast. After I ate I went and had a long bath. I love taking a bath with one of my 10in dildos. After my bath, I took a long shower. I love baths but it’s basically soaking in your own filth, so a shower afterwards is needed.

Then I rubbed myself down with lotion. I hate dry skin. I love the feel of my legs now that they are smooth. It made me decide to wear something that required panty hoses. Deciding on a black pair of thigh highs, I went with a short jean skirt that came just to the tops of the thigh highs. I put on a pink thong with pretty little white flower on the back. As I went to put on my bra, I looked at the tank top I had picked out, I wished I could go bra less. Once my forms were in and my white tank top was on, I did my make up and hair. Now what was I going to do?

After I looked on a website for sexual encounters and found nothing. I went and called a gentlemen I had met with a few times. His name is Mike. He is 35 and in fairly decent shape. He is married with 3 kids and likes to meet men on the side. He told his wife knows about it and allows it. I have asked him several times since then to invite her but he has yet to do it. I don’t mid, his 9 in cock is almost as thick as my arm, I will take him however and whenever I can.

He answers on the third rings. I ask him if he is free at all today and to my surprise he says he was gonna call me today. His wife is out of town and he wanted to meet me, which of course I am more then happy to do. He says he will be at my place in three hours. We hang up and I find my purse.

Now, when he says “my place”, he means my apartment across town. It’s above an old bakery, I actually own the building. The apartment consist of a cabinet full on sex toys and lube. A closet filled with nothing but lingerie and a bed with resistants build into it. It takes me thirty minutes to get there but I want to be there early to get everything ready. I needed to turn the A/C on find something to wear. So I head out right away and get there with a little over two hours till he marmaris escort gets there.

I turn on the A/C and check a few things in the fridge. Next I find something to wear. This harder then it seems, I want to be easily accessible but I also want to look stunning. I finally decide on a black lace teddy with red roses down the front of it. It has matching gloves with roses on them also. The garter straps on it on it have roses too, which I attach to the thigh highs I am already wearing. I slip on a thong with roses that match the teddy. Then come the 5 inch black heels with straps that wrap half way up my calf. I adjust my make up ti match the outfit, basically darker shades and a dark red lipstick. The final thing I did was fix my hair so it had a little curl to it..

By the time I am done, there is roughly twenty minutes left so I put on some music and pour myself a glass of wine. I was sipping some wine when the doorbell rang 10 minutes early. I grabbed the see-through waist high robe with it. It finished the look. I walk over the boor slowly, he knows I will answer.

I answer the door and immediately push my tongue into his mouth as my right hand gropes his cock. I push him backwards into the hallway and against a wall as I kiss him harder. My hand works quick to unbutton his pants and embrace his hardening cock. His hands grab onto ass and start caressing me. I pull away from him long enough to get my breath before I start kissing his neck. I kiss a trail down his over his shirt as my hands slide up under his shirt. I hands recent his formed pecks as my mouth reaches its goal. I run my nails down his chest, hearing his sigh as I kiss the top of his lovely cock.

I fall to my knees and embrace his cock within both my hands. I start kissing the tip of it as I slowly massaged it up and down. I can feel the veins along his cock as they roll down my hands. He moans softly as I take the tip into my mouth, pushing the tip of my tongue into the the tip of his penis. I taste a small amount of urine in it as I run my tongue up and down the tip. I stretch my jaw open as I take more into my mouth, grating my teeth along the sides of his delicious cock as it slides farther down my throat. When finally my nose it tickled by his his pubic hair and his balls hit my chins, I pull out and gasp for breath. I look up at his face as I wet a finger and reach through his legs nevşehir escort to slide it into his tight ass. He moans as I wiggle it slowly into his eager hole. I pull it back out and suck it clean in my mouth, tasting the last residues of his enema and ass juices.

I stand up and lean over the railing and push my waiting ass out towards him. He comments on my lovely outfit as he pushes my thong to the side. I moan to him how I want his huge cock deep in my sissy ass. He pushes his cock against my waiting hole, as I push back against his huge cock. He pulls back laughing at me and calling my a slut. I beg him to fuck me and quick as drool runs down my lips. He laughs more as he pushes the head in slowly before pulling back. I can barely handle it anymore, my ass it pulsating as he pushes against it again.

He pulls back again. Just when I started to moan he shoved it in in one quick push. I screamed as I felt his body slam against my ass. My mind went numb for a moment and my mouth let out a ton of drool as he pulled back and hit me again. His cock stretched my hole out farther then I had stretched it since I made the video for Sara. His slamming his lovely cock into me had me leaning over the 2nd story railing at the waist. My screams were screams of ecstasy and joy. He pulled my hair back hard as he thrust into me. My body was going numb as I came into my panties. If Mike noticed, he just kept thrusting into me like a wild man. He kept calling me a dirty slut and pathetic fuck toy for anyone with a cock. All so true.

Finally after 15-20 minutes of his brutal fucking, he said he was gonna cum. I was able to tell him that I wanted in my mouth in between moaning. He pulled out suddenly, leaving my ass feeling so empty and in need of filling. I quickly turned and dropped to my knees, taking his cock into my mouth in one quick swallow. I tasted my ass juices mixed with his precum as I started move my head up and down his cock. Less then a minute after I start, I felt an explosion of semen in the back of my throat. I felt his hands grab the back of my head and push me all the way down, holding my head in place.

I swallowed and swallowed semen as it pushed down my throat. I barely tasted it as he pumped it down into my stomach. When I thought I was gonna pass out, he pulled his cock out, trailing a line of cum from his cock to my mouth. I gasped from air as I pushed the last bit of cum back down my throat. I grabbed his cock and licked the sides clean till I had every bit of cum and juices off his huge member. He fell back against the wall exhausted. I looked up from his cock, “Don’t pass out on me just yet, we have all night to suck and fuck!”

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