A New Life for Debbie Ch. 08


From an idea by my gorgeous friend Dee

Debbie had gathered her three daughters for a small party to celebrate the third anniversary of the invasion of their home in South England by a gang of kidnappers led by Abbie. The four men had been quite surprised to discover that instead of four shrieking, screaming and crying victims, they faced a close knit group that supported one another. Abbie was a shrewd gang leader and modified his plans accordingly. In a matter of just a few days, he had transformed the house into a training center for future whores.

The very idea of becoming whores appealed to the four girls and, soon after, he gave a first taste of their future trade to Debbie and her eldest daughter Janet in a small seedy restaurant along the road. The experience was so much positive that Abbie had organized a big party in a private club, including this time the two youngest daughters of Debbie who were still virgins at 22. The four girls had been gangbanged all the night, servicing three men simultaneously to save time. The two virgins, wearing a chastity belt to protect their cherries had used their already ample breasts (a very pleasant family trait) to provide a third receptacle for the men’s jizzm. All in all, the four girls had serviced more than three hundred men in that memorable night and netted around one hundred thousand dollars!

After looting Debbie’s house, selling everything to second hand dealers, Abbie had flown discreetly his four now quite willing victims to the headquarters of the Organization in the mountains of Morocco. There, they were measured, photographed and fucked by the local MD, the lesbian nurse who was helping him before being offered to the hands working there, fifty burly men with calloused hands and most important for the sex frenzied girls sporting very big cocks, many of them having more than 10″ very hard zobs (cocks in arab).

Debbie and her daughters had been assigned to the busiest whore house of the organization in Singapore with over than fifty whores in activity there. They had become in less than a month the best money earners of the house. At the beginning, they had had the advantage of being fresh meat. Thus, they had received the visit of nearly all the usual customers. Their good manners, their lust for cocks and their total availability (even on their days off, they were OK to make a few extras if the number of available girls wasn’t sufficient) had made them very popular and the demand for them had never declined. The rumor in the kinky (and wealthy) circles in the city had drawn more and more customers. Debbie and her eldest daughter were already pregnant from their kidnappers and were soon joined by her two youngest daughters whose cherries had been publicly auctioned then taken among a large assistance. The politic of the organization was to breed as often as possible its whores and sell for adoption the babies, always in high demand. The girls were given just three months to rest between pregnancies. The swollen bellies of the four girls inevitably attracted to them even more customers.

The manager of the house wanted to organize events to focus the attention on his establishment. The events would be reserved for very wealthy men able to pay thousands of dollars to fuck a girl and therefore should be rather original.

The former jail house of the city under the British Empire had been replaced by a brand new one and was to be demolished. The Chinese Brothel manager had it dismantled by a company he owned and he rebuilt the death row of the prison in the quite convenient basement of the building housing the whore house. Everything had been rebuilt identically. There were just seven cells with their bars. The cells on the opposite side of the corridor had been replaced by rows of armchairs for men and women wanting to see the inmates brutalized, raped and used in any conceivable perversion.

The manager had imagined that he needed for that job a combination of willing and rebel whores. His choice had been immediate (in fact he had had it in mind when he took interest in the jail demolition contract) : Debbie and her daughters would play the star roles. The three other cells would be occupied by whores to be punished or either having tried to escape, to steal something from customers or attacking one of her colleagues or a customer, the worst of the crimes!

In the script (but it could be easily changed on the whim of a customer or of the manager himself, Debbie and her daughters were free in their cells and the other girls were manacled to their bunks. All the cells were really locked. The show was beginning with all the girls laying on the bed apparently on sleep. A warden came, rattling his keys against the bars. The girls put away their rough brown comforter and appeared in their prison uniform , an orange tiny cropped tee shirt with holes in it leaving their breasts completely bare. On the tee shirts, spectators could see in black letters sokkan.org : Singapore death row and just a number. An orange sticker in the shape of a sherif star barely covered their areolas with the nipple protruding in a hole at the center. An orange string thong completed the outfit. The string was completely hidden between the girl’s ass cheeks. In the front, a tiny orange band less than half an inch wide was trying to hide her pussy. The mission was rendered impossible as the tissue was pushed helplessly between the cunt lips. Most of the men watching a girl in such a skimpy outfit would grow erect on the spot.

Debbie and her daughters had a distinctive peculiarity : their cunts were perfectly clean of any hair and ornamented with a tatoo in red letters : Abbie’s, Tyrone’s, Al’s or Justin’s whore while the other ones had an untidy furred pubic hair. The red tattoos had been a major hit and the library sold posters, post cards and even fridge magnets of them. The manager had even recently opened a beauty parlor where women could be shaved and tattoed in the same way. Men had to book a place in advance for their wives and girl friends!

Customers wearing warden uniforms entered the cells as if they were doing an inspection, a very close inspection as they snaked their hands into the skimpy tops of the girls, mauling mercilessly their breasts. The three punished girls screamed and writhed in pain but Debbie – sorry, no, Dee, her whore name- and her daughters seemed really to enjoy being mistreated that way, pushing their breasts in the hands of their visitors.

The girls then were laid on their bunks on their backs or on their bellies as their visitor wanted. Rebel girls were not given any lubricant if they were fucked in the ass. They sometimes finished like raw meat while obedient girls came out of their cells unscathed.

The punished girls were then escorted away usually to the sickbay for salve application, leaving Dee and her daughters alone to cope with the desires of around fifty men who had paid four thousand dollars to be there.

One of the men’s favorite scene had been introduced by Dee, a few months before : a man with a particularly long dick would take place on the outside of the bars, pushing his cock through the bars. Dee or any of her daughters would come from inside the cell and impale herself on the glorious cock offered to them using either her cunt or her ass to milk the man from his jizzm. She would then clean his cock with her tongue and mouth.

There were plenty of variants for this scene. Deewho was exercising as much as she could to remain in shape once jumped and griped the bars in her hands, before lowering her pussy down to the waiting cock. She was supple enough to offer her breasts through the bars to his mouth and fuck the man in such an acrobatic way. For sure, such a performance was limited to the longest cocks but Dee just loved to be stretched widely.

These shows were punctuated by many incidents Dee scrupulously reported in her diary fnot to forget to tell it to Abbie. It never failed to revive him after a long session of hot fucking and Dee would never miss such an opportunity!

When a man sporting a monstrous cock of thirteen inches came asking if he could fuck Dee, she first tried him that way, reducing his available length to a more manageable length of ten inches. As she had no problem accommodating him, she let him in her cell (although she had theoretically no say in this matter) make him lie on the bunk and straddled him slowly, impaling herself progressively on this stallion cock. She stopped whenever the pain became unbearable then resumed her slow descent. This reminded her of the public defloration of her twin daughters Joan and Samantha. The men who had won the auction had both gigantic phalluses of similar dimensions as this one, the process had been long and painful. When the cocks had at last burst through their hymen, the girls had screamed as never before Dee had heard a woman scream. Just for the fun of it, Dee launched the most piercing scream she could produce. The man had stopped immediately to inquire

– Have I hurt you, Dee?

– No, Sir! I just wanted to spur you : your cock stretches me deliciously; Fuck me as hard and as deep as you can! My cunt has swallowed you completely : now prove me you’re a man that fulfills a girl’s expectations!

Some wealthy women came often to see the show. they cheered whenever a big cock appeared or when a girl was really skewered by it, especially if it was a punished girl! Their encouragements were not trying to comfort the poor girl but to spur the man to fuck ,her morez brutally and show no mercy.

Once, a young Chinese woman came forward, asking to be allowed to have her fun with Dee. So far, only men had paid to fuck one of the inmates. The man in charge didn’t know how to react. Dee immediately judged the problem and called for him. The warden was surprised but came along. görükle escort Dee had a big prestige among the direction and the simple wardens were just employees. She never tried to take the upper hand on them and treated them always with uttermost respect, staying at attention in front of them with her eyes downcast, even when they weren’t on stage. She acted like the most submissive whore in the establishment.

Dee whispered to the chief warden. The man immediately smiled back and lifted a thumb. He signaled to the woman to follow him. He didn’t have warden uniforms that small but Dee’s idea was very practical. The warden came back with the woman on tow. She was wearing an inmate uniform, complete with the minimalist thong worn in the peculiar way of this prison. She was blushing beet root as she knew several of the men in the assistance, friends and family members but she walked on bravely. Her hands were tied in her back and she was wearing leg irons than hampered her stride.

The warden opened Dee’s cell and let the woman in. He undid her leg irons and her handcuffs and left the two girls with an assistance of maybe fifty people who seemed mesmerized. Dee spent nearly a full hour on the bed with this woman. The Chinese girl seemed paralyzed to be in display with so many spectators. Dee squeezed her nipples between thumb and index, making it roll faster and faster. The girl closed her eyes in bliss. Dee then slid her hand under the Tee shirt and took hold of a whole breast. As often with Chinese women, her tits were firm but rather small but the girls there are often so lithe than nothing else would suit them. The comparison with Dee’s ample melons was fantastic. The assistance applauded when Dee pulled off the girl’s top and pressed their breasts together.

The girl started to moan and opened her mouth. Dee bent down and kissed the girl. The little peck transformed soon into a torrid French kiss with tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Dee was controlling the situation and she had better as the Chinese girl was completely into it. She took off hastily Dee’s clothes and ripped her own thong in her frenzy.

Before Dee had realized it, they were locked in a hot sixty nine. Dee had never expected this once shy girl to be such an expert clit and pussy sucker. The two girls caressed one another feverishly. Dee had never had such intimate relations with another girl but she had watched her daughters being caressed and fucked countless times by many men. With her own experience, she really knew how to please a girl! Their mouths were very busy but they managed to exchange their names : the girl was Ying Tsou, the heir of a rich Chinese family in Singapore. Dee was now in command, telling Ying how to present herself to her caresses and to offer her body in the lewdest manner to the customers in their armchairs.

– Ying, turn on your belly and grab your ass cheeks! I’m going to lick your ass hole! Try to lift your shoulders up for our spectators to see your face and your tits. They will love it!

Ying obeyed without a protest, looking straight in the face of leering men, offering shamelessly her body to their view and comments. Dee noticed some of the customers began to get impatient. They wanted to be allowed in Dee’s cell. There was a queue forming. That gave an idea to Dee who was always on the prowl for some new kinky scene.

Dee whispered something in the ear of the woman cuddled in her arms who looked puzzled, then afraid, appeared shy and incertain before finally nodding her acceptation. Dee called for the chief warden again. This evening was turning rather weird for him. She informed him of a new deviation from the standard procedure she had just engineered. He agreed to lead the woman back in chains to one of the cells deserted by the punished girls. He then made a public annoucement explaining they had just received a new inmate in the prison Death row and that she would be ready to receive visitors in a minute. He gave even to the assistance her real name! Ying’s shame would be complete but she didn’t seem to mind.

There was a stir in the assistance and someone jumped up immediately and paid to the warden the fee to fuck the new whore. Dee learned later that it was Ying’s own father! He happened to be there when Dee had warmed up sufficiently the young woman to make her horny and ready for anything, including a public exposure. In a small city like Singapore, the buzz would cross the city in a few hours and she would be an outcast in her community but she didn’t care : her husband was immersed as usual in the vapors of his opium pipe. He hadn’t touched her for more than one year and didn’t care about her. He had never even tried to knock her up. At least acting like a whore gave her a thrill in her life.

Ying stood up when her father entered her cell. When she realized he wasn’t furious about her, she smiled to him, offered him a condom and just asked him whether he wanted her mouth, her cunt or her ass before placing herself on her four to wait for his penetration like a seasoned whore. He threw aside the condom and plunged his engorged cock in Ying’s wet cunt. He fucked her just as he would have fucked Dee or any of her daughters. In no time he had her screaming and dancing on top of his erect pole. She was learning that old didn’t meant decrepit. He used her in her three holes but he took special care to spew his sperm always into her pussy. He left her completely spent, the perfect image of a well fucked woman! He gave a big tip to the warden.

Fifteen men who personally knew Ying followed the example of her father but the warden insisted they put on their rubbers. Ying received, that evening, the basic training of any whore in that establishment. Always ready and smiling even when you are exhausted, cunt, mouth and ass gaping open to lure customers to use the girl.

Everyone in the assistance knew that after that public exposure, these men and plenty of other ones would surely come to visit Ying in the future at home when her husband would be at his office and enjoy her as they wanted. She would not deny them anything now : they all knew it. They would just enter her house and order her in the position they wanted. She was public property at that moment. When she left, the cashier handed her a nice wad of banknotes : sixteen men at three hundred US dollars each minus the twenty percent charge for unregistered whores left her with her with about four thousand dollars including the tips. Ying told the cashier he hadn’t charged for her tryst with Dee but he waved it away, saying it was on the house. It was the first time a customer left the whore house richer than he had entered. The demand for Dee hadn’t faltered, on the contrary : the men in the assistance seemed to have been excited by her bout with Ying and all the girls had a higher than usual number of suitors.

Three days later, Ying came back. She was wearing very revealing and extremely close fitting Chinese silk dress. She was accompanied by her father again. He seemed to have developed a very deep attachment to his daughter. It was him who came to discuss with the chief warden just before the show. When the curtain was lifted, there were seven girls in the cells, two for punishment, Dee and her three daughters and Ying locked in the same cell as Janet! In the girls’ dressing room, Dee had taken Ying in her arms, kissed her like a very close friend and presented her to her daughters. The girl to girl action in Janet’s cell was nearly as hot as the one with Dee three days before. Her father was again the first to visit her and he declined once more to put on a rubber.

From then on, Ying came back often, wearing Chinese clothes or looser garments such as sarees like those worn by the local Indian women or in European clothes. She was always accompanied by her father or some very handsome, always different man who visited her afterward in her cell. The strangers would put on condoms just as anybody else. Dee had understood what Ying’s father was up to but she pretended not to understand. Two weeks later, the Chinese woman announced that her father had knocked her up. She seemed to be joyful and happy then. She continued her visit to the other inmates as her belly swelled more and more prominently. When she got too big, her father made her on her hands and knees and fucked her doggie style.

Just a few weeks before her delivery, she visited Dee and offered her a richly embroidered Chinese dress with slits up to her waist to thank her for her future baby. She explained that she would never come back to the whore house. Her father had decided to have his daughter locked in his own cloistered harem to keep her for his personal and his friends’ use only. Her husband seemed not to have noticed his wife had disappeared. Dee was often invited by Ying’s father afterward. Neither of them was specially attracted by girls but they loved to excite men by playing together in front of assistance.

As these lesbian games were clearly a big turn on for men, Dee had to submit to something she had always declined to do and share a cell at the beginning of the show with one of her daughters. The sisters Samantha and Joan seemed not to have a problem playing together. Janet seemed more at ease with her mother. So they decided to make that pairing permanent. Most of their customers were sure they were really in couple and would have been shocked to watch Dee when she was shagged hard by Abbie and she would scream her pleasure quite loud. Dee didn’t care as long as the customers thinking she serviced them against her will paid for pretending raping a lesbian girl!

Debbie and her daughters loved these small theatrical performances once or twice a week as it changed them from their daily routine.

When some top brass, curious for such inventive shows came to visit them, the girls tried to innovate : although they were still considered as slave whores with no importance, their suggestions were listened to and evaluated. Unbeknownst from her mother, Janet proposed a new variation that met very favorable comments.

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