A Night at the Theatre


Tonight I am going to the theatre with my boss and lover Mr Paul Purrfect, it’s an evening that’s been arranged by his company and we have our own private balcony box.

I am running late and have text him to say I will meet him at the theatre which I know he will hate and I will inevitably be punished for at some point but it can’t be helped as my flight was delayed.

I have bought a new dress for the evening, a beautiful deep purple figure hugging dress that has a zip running from the neckline to the hemline and opens from both ends, Given the dress is so figure hugging the only underwear I am wearing is a nude all in one piece pantyhose so fine it hardly looks like I am wearing any at all. Spike heels finishes the outfit and emphasises the fullness of my bottom in the dress as I walk. I have left my hair loose tonight.

As the taxi pulls up outside I can see you standing on the steps, you look handsome in a dark suit and tie, scanning the cars for me. As I step out of the taxi, I catch your eye and smile as I walk towards you.

Taking my hand you pull me in close, kissing me deeply before whispering “you are very late Antonia, I am going to punish you later.” Leading me up the steps to the theatre we take a glass of champagne and are directed to our seats. The theatre is beautiful and the atmosphere kayseri escort carefree and opulent.

Taking my seat, I am suddenly aware that you are standing close behind my chair, your hands on my shoulders, your fingers start to move towards the zip at the top of my dress slowly lowering it until just the swell of my breasts can be seen by you standing above me. Your hand starts to ease inside the material seeking my nipple which has already hardened with the close proximity of your body to mine. As your finger nail drags across the sensitive bud I squirm a little but am stilled by your other hand still firmly on my shoulder.

My nipple is now firmly held between your thumb and forefinger and you begin to tighten your grip, slowly increasing the pressure knowing how sensitive my nipples are and exacting just the right amount of pressure to make me gasp with the discomfort you are causing and knowing that a bolt of heat is travelling to my pussy as you do. Moving your hand to the other nipple you repeat the process but this time leaning down to whisper. “Are you wet for me Antonia.”

“Yes Paul,” I sigh as your fingers continue to work my nipple.

As the lights go out completely you remove your hand and take your seat next to me, our thighs are touching, your hand resting gently kıbrıs escort on my knee, and I am so very aware of your presence next to me it is hard to concentrate on the play which has just started.

The play is fast moving and intense in places but it is your hand rhythmically stroking my thigh that is holding my attention, your touch becoming more insistent as it moves higher up my leg, stopping only briefly to move the bottom zip on my dress upwards to allow more access. As your fingers slide under my skirt, your touch is intensified by the sheer fabric of my pantyhose like silk against my skin and I shiver slightly.

Your hand moves closer to my pussy now aching to be touched and my legs part willingly to allow you access. As your fingers glide lightly over my pantyhose covered pussy lips i know I am already wet for you but you are in tease mode punishing me for being late. Your hand is now cupping my whole pussy pushing the material of my pantyhose in to the sensitive folds, fingers pushing and probing as I discreetly buck my hips forward anything to get you to touch me. Moving your hand back to my thigh I realise it is interval time and a waiter has appeared with a fresh drink for us. Keeping my flushed face averted and covered by my hair I thank him as he moves away.

Looking directly konya escort at you as we sip our champagne you lean in to kiss me, sharing our drink as our tongues explore. I can see you are hard and throbbing and I so want to taste you but the opportunity is not forthcoming as the lights dim and the second half begins.

Your hand once again travels the length of my thigh disappearing under my skirt, this time more insistent as you start to push the silky material of the pantyhose against my pussy, rasping your fingernail across my clit making me bite my lip. Your fingers are probing my hole pushing against the thin material as your palm massages against my mound. I’m trying to keep still, to control my breathing as I suddenly feel the material give and your fingers slide through and straight inside my wet swollen pussy.

I muffle a gasp as you start to work my pussy through the torn material tight against my skin as you push another finger inside me. My hair has fallen over my face as i use all my willpower to stay composed and not cry out as my orgasm builds fast in the pit of my belly. I am gripping the arm of the chair and I cannot help a gasp as your thumb finds my clit already throbbing and hard. My heart is hammering as you hold me on the edge of my orgasm. As the play ends you tip me over my moans drowned out by the applause of the audience.

My pussy contracting against your fingers as my juices flow over your fingers and down my ruined pantyhose. As my orgasm subsides you pull me close kissing me passionately “let’s go home Antonia,” you whisper.

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