A night that just happened


This is a story that seems to always get me hard and wanting to jack off every time I recall it, so I hope it does the same for you. It is something I can’t explain but I have always wanted to watch my wife suck and fuck another man while I lay beside them and wait my turn. Call me a pervert I don’t know but the story goes as follows,
A friend I’ll call R used to come by and he and I would watch races, football games etc, drink and bullshit. My wife who I’ll call S would sit with us, make snacks and watch also but really wasn’t into the late night games. Occasionally she’d fall asleep and R would comment on the way she’d curl up or stretch out on the couch, the way her legs looked, her breasts moving up and down as she breathed and of course I’d mention private things like her nipples, how wet she’d get during sex, how good she was etc. I could tell he’d always show an erection when we talked about her and I’d secretly wish he’d experience it first hand.
One night he came over and we were watching a game when the power went off. Without power we decided to all play some poker by candle light. We sat around on the floor by the coffee table. It was fun having to try to see your cards in the dim light so we started drinking more and more. We all began to get pretty well drunk and talk turned sexual. We tried to get S to play strip poker but she’d decline each time. S. went to the bathroom and R. told me she’d be passed out soon. He made her a drink and she drank it all when she returned. It wasn’t ½ hour that she was passed out, laying back on the couch R. said “told you” and I asked what he did and he just said he made her a special cocktail.
I thought well she needed to be put to bed so I asked if he assist me in doing so. We literally carried her to the bedroom and he held her up while Sikiş hikayeleri I lit a bedside candle. I pulled the bedspread and sheets down and he laid her down and I straightened her legs out and he and I looked at each other and smiled at the same time.
He said “she won’t remember a thing my friend”, so I said “she always sleeps in only a t-shirt”. I reached down to lift her top over her head exposing her bra covered breasts and R said, “whew, nice”. I said “I guess the bra is yours” I rolled her to one side and he unsnapped her bra and it fell off as she laid back. Her nipples were erect and hard as pebbles. He and I each began to massage a breasts and rolling her nipples between our fingers making them more erect. This went on for a few minutes and he asked “can I suck one” and I replied “be my guest”. He immediately began sucking, licking, sucking some more on her nipple and I was enjoying the sight very much. Her body involuntarily began to move slowly to his sucking and arousal of her body. Not to be undone I took the other nipple and began my teasing of it so here we were each sucking and licking a nipple and I assume hard as rocks ourselves.
This went on for a few long minutes and I said, “are you sure she’ll not remember?” and he replied “No she won’t”. I said, “Okay I think the jeans need to come off don’t you?” to which he readily agreed. We both unsnapped, unzipped and together pulled her jeans off leaving the cutest beige panties covering her nudity. R. slowly spread her legs outward, bending her knees slightly and slid his hand up her thigh and I saw his finger trace the outline of her crotch. R, said “my goodness she is soaking wet down there” I touched her and let my finger enter the panties and surely she was really wet, passed out and soaking wet. By the Sex hikaye candle light her bush was evident and R asked if he could remove her panties and off they went too.
Here laid my wife, nude, legs again spread, nipples hard, pussy just flowing wetness as we watched. I placed a pillow under her hips to raise her pussy higher and R and I took turns finger fucking her while the other sucked and licked her nipples and breasts. Passed out or not she was moaning with this action and her hips were moving with our fingers, her mouth was open as she breathed harder, her head turning side to side and I was in heaven watching this. I sat back and watched as R fingered her and then put 2 then 3 fingers in her and opened her pussy more and more. He withdrew his fingers and traced her asshole with a finger as he smiled.
I said “we might as well get naked also” and the clothes went off really fast and we straddled her naked body. He was a bit larger than me but who gave a shit at that point. R. rubbed his cock along her arm, her neck and I watched as he placed the head of his cock to her slightly opened mouth. S. didn’t move so he slowly slid his cock into her mouth as her lips parted to accommodate it. He looked at me and began to slide his cock in and almost out of her mouth then in again. It was amazing seeing him mouth fuck my wife and her involuntarily begin to suck on his cock. He did this for a few minutes before we switched and surely she was actually applying sucking power to my cock.
He asked “what next?” and I knew she always had her “toys” we played with so I opened the night stand drawer and pulled out a vibrator, a thin anal vibrator and some lube. I sat back and allowed R. to experiment with her and the toys. She was still on the pillows and he lubed the anal vibrator, Erotik Hikaye slowly slid it into her ass and turned it on. S. Immediately jerked and began to fuck the vibrator in her ass. He slid it in and out as if he himself was fucking her ass. He forgot about me watching and was jerking off as he ass-fucked my wife with the vibrator. R. quit moving the vibrator but left it in her ass as he lubed the other vibrator and slid it in her wet pussy. He moved the pussy vibrator as I moved the ass vibrator and we doubled fucked her. S. was still out but her body was being pleased. This onslaught went on for a long time until she shuddered and climaxed from the vibrators fucking her holes.
We stopped and removed the vibrators and sort of looked at each other as if to say “what next”. R. said “hey I have to taste her if it is okay” I said “go for it” and watched as he licked her pussy, stuck his tongue deep inside her, literally ate her like a Wildman. Her body again began moving to the oral fucking and again climaxed. R. stopped and said I have to fuck her, I have always wanted to but I said “sorry guy that part is mine”, I positioned myself and entered the hottest feeling wet pussy I have ever had and began to fuck her, he positioned himself so he could fuck her mouth but I told him he had to pull out before he came. I fucked S like never before and I know she came again because it was obvious if you could see her. I felt myself brimming and came deep inside her, R. withdrew so as to not gag her and shot his come onto her breasts. He and I laid beside her, touching and enjoying the evening. He left and I cleaned her up.
The next morning we awoke and she was snuggling to me and said she was sorry she passed out but she had the weirdest dream last night. I asked “what was it”. She said “I dreamed I was being used by 2 men and fucked and sucked both of them.” She asked if I was mad about the dream and I smiled and said “of course not, would you like that to happen?”. She smiled and we made love.

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