A Night with Bruce


I broke up with my boyfriend because I wanted to give Bruce a try. Was it worth it, you may ask? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

After texting all weekend, I was in his car. I was going to Bruce’s house tonight, and we were going to fuck. If only the car would start. After about 30 attempts, the engine finally turned over, and we were on our way. There was no turning back, even if I wanted to. Which I didn’t.

I felt awkward, as I always do the first time I go to someone’s house. We were watching a two-part Doctor Who episode, and by the beginning of the second half, I had settled in comfortably against his chest. We each told hilarious stories about mutual friends, and I was having a great time. Then the show ended… we would have to occupy ourselves from here on out.

Have I mentioned that Bruce is extremely comfortable to lay against? He must have been as at ease as I was, because I could feel him, hard, long before we moved towards any sort of serious touching. I couldn’t wait to get him out of his pants, but until then…

I’ve got a spot on my side, where if stroked properly, I’ll twitch like crazy. Bruce found that spot though lazy caresses. A few minutes of that had me wondering if we’d ever get around to fucking that night… it was late, and he had to work in the morning. Then again, he was awfully hard…

I mentioned the time, half worried that he’d want to go to sleep, half hoping we’d move to the bedroom. He walked me down the hall and turned on the bedroom light.

“There porno are two other bedrooms you can choose from if I’m being too presumptuous…” What?! Hadn’t we planned this? You’re not getting rid of me that easily… Bruce laid down on top of the covers and looked at me. The sneaky bastard was on the near side of the bed, purposely making it so I’d have to climb over him to lay down! I could only oblige, but I was stopped while directly over him.

I have to say at this point that I hate when a first kiss with a guy is all tongue. Lucky for me that Bruce was a pro. He pulled me down for a little smooch, which as Goldilocks would say, was “just right.” I rolled off and snuggled up again.

I know, I know. You’re booing me now for dismounting. Don’t worry, it didn’t last.

I don’t know how long he caressed me. It was long enough that by the time my shirt was off, we were both breathing heavier. Every few minutes we kissed again, but these were more serious kisses. I pulled my bra off for him and then went for his belt.

Bruce had been teasing me for hours, it seemed, so I wanted to give him a taste of his own. Instead of ridding him of his clothes, I ran my fingers over his side, chest, stomach, down into the waistband of his shorts…. and then started over. I was rewarded each time with a quick breath on his part each time I got closer. He reached under my shorts to grab my ass, and I finally grazed his dick with the tips of my fingers. Another minute or so of that, and the rest of our clothes were off, as you could imagine.

He massaged my breasts and touched my nipples like a pro. They aren’t very sensitive, but Bruce had me moaning. A glimpse of things to come, you might say. While I tugged encouragingly on his dick, he slipped a hand between my legs. Did I think I was twitching before? That was nothing. I slid down the bed to suck on his dick, which at this point I might mention was a great size. Bigger than the guy that I had broken up with’s, that’s for sure. After a few minutes, I came back up to the head of the bed, and he hopped off for a condom.

We started in missionary position, as I knew we would. In seconds I was coming. My legs were up at an angle by his hips, and Bruce was in deep. I met his thrusts as much as I could, but he sped up, and all I could do was lay there and come. He leaned over and kissed me, though he must not have gotten a great kiss back, I was moaning so much. Then he flipped me over and entered from behind.

I thought I felt great before, but doggy was better. Where had this guy been hiding? When he finished coming, Bruce leaned over me for a minute, spent. I couldn’t move. My body didn’t stop shaking for a good twenty minutes. A glass of water later, we curled up to spoon and I thought he’d go to sleep. It’s awesome to be wrong sometimes.

Turns out, “The back is the sexiest part of a woman,” and I was in for more fun. Bruce sounded very tired when he said that, but during the half hour or so that we laid like that, he idly stroked my side and my breasts, and kissed the base of my neck. I told him that he’d never get to sleep if he kept finding things to play with, and he told me it was a good trade-off. Something hard was poking me in the ass…

I turned over and held his dick again. He wrapped my leg over his, and reached around to finger me. I stroked him, just inches from where he touched me. We kissed more, and things seemed exactly how I pictured them while fantasizing about this night… only better.

“Stay there.” Bruce told me as he got up for a condom. I had nothing better to be doing, of course, so I did. He laid down and I climbed on top. He hadn’t made much noise during round one, but Bruce seemed to like this enough to let a few moans out. Three times, he took over, and again I could but sit there and take the pounding. He flipped us over and pulled my left leg up to rest over his shoulder. I don’t know where all this energy came from at 3 AM, but it didn’t stop. I turned over again so he could fuck me from behind again. This time I didn’t stop coming.

“Come on, Bruce!” Impossibly, he went faster. Skin was slapping on skin and I couldn’t have been quiet if there was a gun on me. He moaned in that tell-tale way that meant he was coming too.

This time, He didn’t collapse over me, he pulled me back onto his lap. I told him that THAT was why I don’t count orgasms… there are sometimes just too many. We curled back up like spoons and he kissed my back a few more times before we both passed out.

Worth breaking up with my ex? For one of the best nights of my life, I’d say so.

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