A Private Viewing


I scanned the newspapers, bored…looking for something. anything…then I spied the ad…”Voyeur wanted for attractive, generous man who enjoys showing off his body. Discretion a must. “

I thought…hmm…something I love watching and maybe getting paid to boot. Christmas is coming. I jotted down the number and slipped out of my office to a pay phone and dialed the number. The recording said ” If this is in answer to something you’ve read, write down this number and call” I growled to myself…muttering there’s got to be an easier way for a single girl to get her kicks. I dialed the new number and received this message “Hello, you are on your way to yet another number, if interested, please call it and I promise you won’t be sorry. ”

The voice was a man’s and sounded pleasant, so I gritted my teeth and dialed the third number. “If you are interested in the ad, please call back promptly at 2:00 pm and I will answer. ” I was getting peeved but I glanced at my watch…hmm…Noon…I can wait. I went back to my desk, thinking about the voice I heard and feeling a little naughty. I felt a nice warm sensation between my thighs. Blocking it out, I tried to concentrate on the stack of paper on my desk.

Time dragged but soon it was five of 2. I hurried to the payphones and quickly dialed. This time someone picked up. My heart jumped. “Hello?” I whispered.

“Hello, whom am I speaking to?” answered a man’s voice.

“Uh…I’m calling about the ad?”

“Oh yes yes, well let’s see…” I heard the sound of papers flipping…like a date book. “How does tomorrow sound?” I was taken back, I didn’t know what to say… “You can come today if you like…”

Ohhh so tempting. I blurted. “Sure! I can do it today” What am I thinking? This guy is a total stranger, he could be some kind of killer, my mind screamed a million things. But my mouth said, “um…ok…so what do I do?”

He gave me the name of a hotel not to far from my office and the room number. “What time is good for you?” he asked. “I leave at 5 from work…but I can leave a little earlier”

“Good, what do you say to 4 pm?” I heard my voice answer yes. He told me good and that he would see me later, and hung up. I was shaking all over. I cant believe I did that. I walked back to my office, dumbly nodding hi to folks as I made my way to my desk. I felt flushed all over…my nipples were hard, rubbing against my bra. So aroused, over a strangers voice and the idea of what I might see later.

As the afternoon progressed, I decided to head to the ladies room and make myself presentable. I was dressed ok, had a meeting to attend earlier in the morning so I was wearing a navy suit, stockings to match, funky navy heels. For some reason I wondered about my underwear, but I knew that was a matching set of pale pink today. Weird to worry about, being this guy was an exhibitionist.

Quarter to 4, I took a cab to the hotel and made my way to the lobby and watched the clock. The lobby was packed with the afternoon tea crowd, so I wasn’t standing out. 2 minutes to 4, I headed to the bank beylikdüzü escort of elevators and went to the third floor. Looking for Room 324, I found myself shaking all over, dry mouthed, standing in front of the door. I knocked softly. Nothing. Maybe he didn’t hear me. I knocked again and heard “Just a second!” The door opened and a very attractive older man was standing in front of me. He smiled and said, “Hello, you can call me Peter. And you are?”

“I’d rather not say, but you can call me whatever makes you comfortable. ” He nodded ascent. I watched him as he moved, thick premature gray hair, dark eyes, his skin was olive, aquiline nose, a handsome mouth. He was tall and slender and moved with a sureness about himself.

“Can I get you anything?” he called over his shoulder as he stood near the bar.

“No thanks, I’m fine,” thinking to myself, sure slip me a roofie and I’m on the 11 o’clock news. He was wearing an expensive camel colored sweater and coffee colored slacks, no shoes or socks.

He turned to me and said “Well, shall I begin?” I didn’t know what to do. He sensed my discomfort and said, “Please, if you would sit anywhere you like, I will be using the bed for our ahhh session.”

He smiled at me showing perfect white teeth. He complimented me on my suit as he removed his sweater and was talking about the cold, as his pants hit the floor, now standing in a pair of briefs. I sat down, always keeping him in view, in an oversized chair. He dimmed the lights behind me and put the lights on near the bed. I thought to myself, he’s lighting it like a stage.

He turned to look at me and said softly, ” This is something I enjoy doing, I like performing. ” As though he were confessing. Peter took out some things from a travel bag and set them on the night stand. He laid out a bottle of lube, a fat dildo, and some nipple clamps. I felt my cunt contract in anticipation. He slipped the briefs off with his back to me. His ass was tight, sculpted and as tanned as the rest of him. He blushed as he turned around, letting me see his hard cock. I bit my lip.

It was a handsome thing, not too big but nice and thick and already pulsing. He cleared his throat as he sat down on the bed. “I can cum at least 2 to 3 times in a session, being this is the first time I’ve seen you it might be a quick one first, is that ok?” I thinking, what does he think I do this all the time? I said. “Uh sure, Peter. You know, I’ve never done anything like this. ” He smiled and propped himself against the headboard. “It’s ok, he grinned, “you’re a virgin. “

I blushed and shifted in my seat. Peter started to let his hands roam down his chest. Nicely dusted in gray. He tugged at his nipples, gently at first, then more roughly. I watched as he grimaced. A dampness was spreading in my panties, I itched to reach inside.

His cock bobbed and swayed with each tug of his rock hard nips. They were dark now, standing a half inch tall. He seemed lost in his world as his hands moved lower to rub over his balls, lifting them, showing me, adana escort drawing up his knees a bit. From my seat, I could see his tight pink asshole, swirled in dark hair. I found myself leaning in, watching intently. Peter’s head was thrown back, his mouth moving silently as his fingers moved up the stiff column of his prick. I realized my right hand was between my thighs, as I squeezed them. Feeling my own heat. God I wanted to rub my clit so bad.

He grasped his cock and milked it. A slow stream of syrup formed at the slit. Oozing down now. I licked my lips as I watched. He rubbed it over the head, along the shaft. God, he really has a lot of precum, I thought as I shifted again and tugged my stockings down. Peter’s fingers were coated with it. He brought them to his mouth and sucked, moaning. Hips arching as his other hand continued milking that darkly beautiful cock.

The big vein standing out, the way the skin hardly moved as he pumped. He drew his knees up again and wet his fingers in precum. Sliding down past his heavy balls to his tight anus. He started rubbing it, teasing himself.

Peter’s breath was coming in hitches. I rocked into my hand, twisting my clit for all it was worth. I didn’t want him seeing me so I tried to stay still. Peter started to moan as his hand pumped that slick pole, his finger playing over that tight ass. “Ohhhhgoddddddnowwwwww” Crying out, Peter shot a stream of cum into the air, letting it spatter over his chest. I was shaking, so close to cumming myself. He laid there panting. oblivious to the fact I was there.

The air between us was charged. He looked up at me, smiling. “Did you like that?” ‘Oh yes, Peter, very much so” He stood up, wiping his chest with a towel. I noticed his cock was still hard. “Well, that was round one” he laughed. “Good for another, if you have time. “

“I have time, Peter, um…can I use your bathroom a second?” He grinned, and said, “I do like audience participation, so if you feel like you want to stroke, stroke away. ”

I sheepishly smiled and ducked into the bathroom. My stockings and panties were soaking wet, I slipped them off and came back out. Peter was having a drink and sitting on the edge of the bed. “If you have any requests, feel free to tell me. “

I moved my chair a little closer and sat down. Peter was stiff again, his hand making lazy jerk off motions. I threw one leg over the chair’s arm and hiked my skirt. He was back in his world again, moaning softly. He reached over to the stand and put the nipple clamps on his deep red nipples, hissing as he tightened them. I heard myself saying “Make them tighter. ” And he did. He resumed stroking his cock to it’s full length and girth.

He turned his body so I had a full view of his balls, cock and ass. He stroked his hand over his balls again, lifting them. I felt he was teasing me. Again I gave him a request. “I want to see you fuck your tight ass, Peter. ”

He made no sound then to reach over to the nightstand again and get the dildo and lube. “First, let me see you suck that cock. ” He took afyon escort that heavy rubber prick into his mouth and sucked the head, moaning. My fingers were covered in cunt juices, as I fucked my hot pussy with three fingers. Peter took the dildo in his mouth several inches. I watched in rapt attention as he took it into his throat. I heard myself gasp. He sucked the head teasingly as he withdrew it.

Reaching for the lube, he greased the length of it and had a nice dollop on his fingers. Drawing his legs up high, Peter stroked over his anus, slipping the tip of his finger in, groaning. I found myself entranced by him, the ease at which he offered himself to pleasure. He eased his finger in and out…arching with each push.

Taking the greased dildo, he rubbed it over his open ass hole, letting it work the tight ring open more. He and I both gasped as he popped the head in. He shuddered and held it there a moment, letting his ass relax more.

“I’m going to fuck myself hard for you, “he panted. “Let you see how I can take a dick in nice and deep. “

“Yes Peter, show me, show me how greedy that asshole is, fuck it hard for me” I groaned as my fingers slipped past my cunt lips, buried to the knuckle in a hot slit.

Peter drew his legs up high, almost bent in half it seemed, as he worked more of the obscenely large dildo into himself. His cock throbbed away laying on his stomach. I watched as he maneuvered to stroke and work the rest of the cock in as deep as he could.

He cried out loud as he took it in up to the flared base. Somehow he managed to scoot up on his knees, in front of me, bearing down. I could see the dildo sliding out and then he sat down on it. I was amazed, fucking himself as his slick precum covered hands milked his purple shaft faster. He looked at me as he bounced and began to cry out, “Cum with me, I want to hear you cumming too. ”

I needed no more urging. I started to ride a strong climax screaming with him. His cum sprayed up into his face, he was leaning over his cock mouth open to catch his load. Less then before but still a good 3 or 4 volleys of semen shot up. I was still cumming as he shuddered hard and leaned forward, shitting the dildo out of him, collapsing on the bed, face down. We said nothing for what seemed forever.

He rolled to his back, panting, wiping his brow. Peter rolled to his stomach to look at me. He grinned. “Well? Did you enjoy it?” I merely nodded, smiling, too lost in a sexual high to speak. He stood up and wrapped a robe around himself. “I’ll be in town next month, I’ll have an ad in the paper again, if you’d like to come by to see me. ” He gave me a sheepish grin. “If you have any ideas for me, maybe jot them down and I’ll see what I can do. ”

My mind swirled with ideas. “I want to see you being fucked, Peter, hard by another man. ” It was a dare, but I took a shot. To my surprise, he smiled and said “I think that can be arranged for you. “

I stood, not knowing what to do next. He handed me an envelope that felt hefty and smiled. “I still don’t know your name” he mused as he walked me to the door.

I grinned, “You can call me, Liza. “

I made my way down stairs, still in a contented cloud, called a cab. Sitting in the back I peeked into the envelope. It was $1000 dollars in 20’s. I think I’m going to have a good Christmas.

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