A Proposal Pt. 01

Favorite Position

So this story begins when you read that letter I wrote and, after mulling it over for quite some time, decided you might like the idea. Of course, it took a little while longer before we could arrange our little experiment, but I think we’d both agree now that we’ve been able to stretch our imaginations and quality (and quantity) of pleasure far beyond what we had even dreamed about before.

You remember we had that discussion about those things I thought I valued for their own sake: my daughter, my music, and quality sex. Then you asked for a description of what my best case scenario would look like for consistent amazing sensual pleasure. So I wrote down the basic ingredients. First, I would need a partner, someone like you, who had nearly unlimited libido, an amazing intellect, imagination, commitment to fitness, and was stunningly beautiful. My partner also would have to be interested in both men and women, and particularly in controlling the pleasure of third parties. That last part really made me think that no woman, not even you, would have an inkling to pursue that kind of campaign of recruiting, building trust, training, and ultimately satisfying in an intensely erotic way “candidates” for our sessions.

But you surprised me yet again. You said that if certain conditions ever arose, you might find the idea intriguing. Perhaps you thought those conditions would never arise. I certainly never thought they would. The Divine Muse works in mysterious ways, though, and I positively eskort bayan bursa held my breath when we actually had a chance to try this out. To be honest, I thought you would back out. I certainly wouldn’t have thought any less of you. You’ve been such a fantastic friend these years and such a delicious lover back in the day. I had no real expectations.

So we met in Prague. No pussyfooting around! We hadn’t even met once everything fell into place, yet you agreed to head straight to Europe and dive into this adventure. Of course, I hadn’t mentioned that I already had a candidate in mind, two actually. I suspect you just figured we were in for a grand vacation, just like the old days, and chances were creating a scene with other players were unlikely at best.

I flew down and we met in SFO to catch the plane to Prague. All that talk on the phone and e-mails just fueled the sparks on my skin as I caught that first glimpse of you at the gate. Good thing they were boarding soon, because I almost certainly would have taken you right there at the terminal. Your sly smile and knowing laughter charmed me like a schoolboy as we melted into a buttery embrace and kissed the kiss of artistic and experienced lovers. The thought entered my mind momentarily how funny if one of your students happened to be near at that instant. Nice story for the new school year.

We barely caught our breath and we were boarding our flight. We prudently booked an overnighter so we might get altıparmak escort some sleep across the Atlantic. However, the blanket spread across us as we reclined also allowed our hands to explore each other, touching and remembering. Notions of slumber disappeared as arousal awakened our memories and imaginations. You let me kiss your neck, behind your ear, and I knew you wanted to release yourself without reservation.

It wasn’t a full flight and the lights were down; everyone seemed pretty well ensconced in sleep. You said you needed to use the bathroom and I suggested you wait there for a few extra minutes and I would try to join you. Your eyes flashed and there was no hesitation as you quickly got up and headed back down the aisle. My heart rate went up a few beats in anticipation of this risky reunion. I counted the seconds to myself, looked around, and walked back to the lavatory. There was one flight attendant near the latrine, a woman of around 35 years, long dark hair, a fairly nice body, with catlike green eyes. She looked up at me and caught me eyes. She certainly knew you were in there.

“I’m going into the bathroom to fuck my lover. She hasn’t felt my cock in years and we didn’t have time at the airport.”

The woman bit her tongue but held my gaze, obviously initially taken aback at my crude and forceful statement, but quickly realized the sincerity of my remarks. I thought I caught a slight nod from her as I lightly tapped bursa türbanlı escort on the door. The lock opened and I squeezed in the tight doorway. I lifted your petite body up around my waist as we embraced. As I closed the door, we both looked over to see the attendant placing her trigger finger up to her lips and then her watch.

My jeans were dropped in the same instant I reached two fingers around your ass and into your soaking sweet pussy. Our tongues plunged into each other as you pulled my cock with your hand toward that sweet cunt. Words can never capture the divine entrance; your pussy was made for my cock. You worked your hips down and took me in and I moved one finger into your asshole while my hands held your tight little ass. I drove you up against the wall and began to take long deep thrust into your tight hole. I bit your neck and licked your taut titties as I thrust faster and faster. Somewhat surprisingly, I felt you begin to shudder, nearing a very quick climax. I was certainly ready as well and pinned you completely against the wall as you gasped and I felt your pussy contract around my pulsating dick, shooting a built up load of cum deep inside you.

After a moment of reflection, kissing each other deeply and lingering inside of you, we quietly reclothed and cautiously opened the lavatory door. The flight attendant was still sitting just feet away. She gave us a quick nod to acknowledge the coast was clear. I swear I detected a look of jealousy in her eyes, but she also gave us a short smile as we tiptoed back to our seats. We slept soundly the rest of the flight. I didn’t mention I gave her my card before we deplaned and told her we might enjoy her company either in Europe or back in the States sometime. Needless to say, you found out soon enough.

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