A Real Work-Out


Straining against the weight machine, she could feel the workout burn in her legs. Glad to be back in the gym again, she decided to really give herself a good workout. She had gotten lazy over the holidays and it was showing in the way her clothes fit. No, she hadn’t gotten grossly overweight, but knew that if she didn’t start now, she would continue to get lazy. This was her resolution for the new year, to get back into the gym and tone up.

Moving to the next machine, she worked on her abs, knowing that was her problem area. She liked coming to the gym, and it was one of her perks at work. She had a key and could come anytime she liked. She especially liked the idea of being alone when she worked out. She knew the custodian stayed late some nights, but this wasn’t one of them. She finished the last machine then decided to reward herself with a few minutes in the steam room.

Slipping a towel around her neck, she headed to the sauna. As she moved across the gym floor, she thought she heard a noise. She paused in her stride, but didn’t hear anything. “Damn, getting paranoid” she thought to herself. Moving into the sauna, she sat down and relaxed against the wall. Closing her eyes, she forced herself to let her mind stop thinking about her day or the next day, she was just enjoying the moment.

She nodded off for just a moment and was startled to notice someone walking into the sauna. She recognized him as being in upper management and assumed he had no idea who she was. She smiled politely and closed her eyes once again. He cleared his throat and said, “don’t I know you?” Opening her eyes, she replied that she was an administrator in payroll on the fourth floor. He nodded and said that’s who he thought she was. He introduced himself to her and she shook his hand. His grip was that of a man that was used to shaking hands with all types of people, and she liked the softness yet strength in it.

They began talking, telling one another about themselves, she leaving out the fact that she was single and he not mentioning his status either. Soon they both realized that they had been in the sauna longer than they really should have and he asked if she had any plans for afterwards. Nodding in the negative, he suggested that they have a drink at the local bar and she decided that would be a great idea.

“Let me grab a quick shower and I’ll meet you in the lobby when I finish” she said with a quick smile.

He bursa eskort laughed that a shower might be a good idea for him as well. She trotted toward the women’s locker room and he headed to the men’s. Twenty minutes later she was walking to him in the lobby, her hair in a ponytail, since she decided she should be quick. She watched as his eyes travelled the length of her and he raised his eyes to smile at her.

“Your car or mine?” he asked.

She told him she would just follow him so he wouldn’t have to drive her back. He pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the bar, with her right behind. He stepped to her car and opened the door, helping her out. Following her to the bar, they stepped inside and were immediately seated in a corner booth. He asked what she liked to drink and she told him that she’d like a long island iced tea. He called over a barmaid to order her drink, choosing a jack and coke for himself. Once again he began talking about what his interests were and inquired about hers.

Their conversation flowed, just like the drinks, and without really realizing it, they were only one of maybe three couples in the bar at closing time. He motioned for the waitress and she brought the ticket. He picked up the check and left her a nice tip, then offered her his hand to rise from the booth.

Walking out to her car, he said that he hated to end the night. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this, but asked if he would like to come back to her house. He smiled and said he’d like that. Pulling out of the lot, he fell in behind her car and was at her house in no time. He didn’t realize that you could be so far out of the way and still be so close to town.

Her home was a rustic cabin, set back in a clump of trees with a beautifully tended yard and flower garden. She pulled her car under the car port, shutting off the lights and engine. He parked his car behind hers and got out to follow her inside. She stepped inside and as she reached for the light switch, he took her hand and turned her to him. He leaned into her, and she could smell the sweetness of the drinks he’d had on his breath.

Pressing his lips to hers, the kiss began tenderly, but when she didn’t resist, he increased the pressure, parting her lips with his tongue to taste her. She let out a slight moan and returned his kiss with a passion she hadn’t expected. Locking her arms around his neck, she bursa otele gelen escort kissed him with all she had. Pressing her body to him, he felt that she wanted this to continue and he released her lips only long enough to ask which way to the bedroom. Instead of telling him, she took his hand and led him to her master bedroom and the king-sized bed that she had yet to share with anyone.

Walking to the bed, he lifted her into his arms and settled her onto the mattress. She reached out to begin unbuttoning his shirt, and pulled it free of his jeans. The mat of hair on his chest looked so enticing. She began tugging at her shirt and couldn’t wait to feel those soft curls against her tender nipples. He pushed her hands aside and removed her bra while she tugged at her sweats. Pulling him close, her nipples extended into his chest. The sweet torture made her breath ragged.

“I want to feel you in me, NOW.” she rasped out.

“Be patient” he whispered back to her. “I promise to make it worth your while.”

Biting his nipple between her teeth, she growled, “patience my ass, fuck me now!!”

He lowered his head to her left nipple, nibbling at it, watching it grow and loving the taste of it. Moving to the right nipple, he squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger, and his eyes widened when the liquid oozed between those two fingers. Lowering his head, he licked the liquid clean, and suckled as if a baby. This was a sure sign of her passion… the ultimate sign.

He moved down her chest, licking along the way, working his way to her honey spot. Her sex glistened in the moonlight and he licked his lips in anticipation. Raising his eyes to her, he lifted one eyebrow and proceeded to lower his mouth, flicking the outer lips with his tongue. She felt her insides flutter and she tightened her legs and buttocks. He spread her lips to expose her clit, swollen and hard, and lightly touched it with his tongue. She shuddered, feeling her insides quiver. Wrapping her hands in his hair, she squeezed against his scalp, begging with her eyes for him to continue. She wanted him to devour her so that she could feel that sweet release. His tongue probed inside of her, licking her juices so that his chin was shiny. He continued, feeling her orgasm build until she was pulling his hair and squeezing him into her flesh. All of a sudden she let out a loud moan, begging nilüfer escort him for more, wanting him to fuck her with his sweet tongue, a miniature of his cock.

“Oh my God… that was amazing” she said, panting and gasping for breath.

Catching her breath, she rolled to her side and raised up to see that he had taken his jeans off, and his cock was at full attention. She was mesmerized by all seven inches of him, with the head that was so red as to look almost purple, begging for her. She raised up and pulled him onto the bed, pressing him against the cover.

“Now it’s my turn” she thought to herself.

She couldn’t wait to see how sweet he would taste. Opening her mouth, she took him all the way to the back of her throat, his width stretching her lips. Clamping her lips around him, she felt him shudder. She smiled, and continued to suck his cock, tasting the precum and dying to feel his explosion in her mouth. As he glided in and out of her mouth, she sucked him, devouring him as he had done to her. His moans of pleasure just encouraged her to apply more pressure to him, and to suck him that much faster. She wanted so much to feel his seed flood her mouth.

Taking him out of her mouth, she licked at his sac, alternately sucking on each ball and feeling him swell. She went back to his cock and deep throated it, taking all of him, begging him with her mouth to release his sweetness. Suddenly she felt his hands pull her close, burying his cock in her throat, and releasing his orgasm into her mouth. She took it all, swallowing every drop, not stopping to lose anything.

When she felt him relax his grip, she took him out and licked the last drops off his dick. She then worked her way up his body to kiss his lips, seeing the glint of ectasy in his eyes. He rolled over to pin her under his body, to kiss her more thoroughly. Smiling at her, he asked if she could get him a glass of water. When she returned with the water, he was propped up on pillows, waiting on her. She crawled up onto the bed beside him and handed him the glass. They shared the drink, then looking into her eyes, he kissed her once again, this time tenderly.

“You know this may be difficult, especially if anyone at the company finds out” he said to her softly.

She agreed and asked if he wanted it to end with this night. He said he didn’t, but didn’t want to risk her job or his. They agreed to take it one day at a time and try to keep the work place separate from their private life.

Setting the glass on the night stand, he took her into his arms and asked if he could have some more, passion gleaming in his eyes.

“But of course” she said to him with a wink

to be continued…

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