A Redheaded Surprise


Your cellphone rings. You know who it is because of that special tone. It’s me of course, the sexy little fox you call your girlfriend. You answer the phone, “Hello sexy.”

“Hey Hun. When will you be done with work?” I ask with a purr in my voice.

“Pretty soon, why? Have we got something planned tonight?”

“Maybe…I’ll pick you up in half an hour. Love you bye.” And, I hang up the phone.

I’m figuring you may be a little confused to my random phone call. Though, it is a Friday and we had not really made plans for the weekend. Well, you hadn’t. Anyways, you continue your work and that half an hour flies bye. There’s a knock at your office door and you say to come in. You haven’t quite looked up from your work when you hear the slight tap tap of my shoes as I walk into your office. “Ready, baby?” I ask.

You look up from something you were just filing away to see me dressed as though I might be going out for the night. My caramel blonde curls are a little messy, but when aren’t they really? I give you a wicked little smile as I brush a few stray tendrils out of my face and behind my ear. Your bright eyes are locked on my blue ones, as I gaze at you through my long lashes. Then your eyes move down to my simple tank top, which looked to be having difficulty keeping my chest contained. My black bra seems to be about the only thing keeping my tits in the shirt as you can see it peeks out the top a bit. Then you notice, I am actually wearing a skirt today. Well this must be an occasion because that almost never happens. It’s a short denim skirt that hugs my legs and ass. I know you like this one. My legs are bare until you get to the shiny black heels that buckle onto my feet.

Now, I am starting to feel a little silly drawing your attention to myself in your office. I pull my hands behind my back and bite my lip. “Well, are you almost done with your work?” My voice sounds silly and innocent even though I know you don’t buy that. It’s just what I do.

I watch you leave everything at your desk and walk over to me. “Don’t we look nice today?” You grab my shoulders and give me a kiss. “And yes I am very ready to get out of here. What exactly do you have planned?”

I look down and laugh a little. “Not much. I just thought it would be a nice change for me to come get you from work on a Friday.” I look up, wrap my arms around your neck and proceed to kiss you. I had been craving your kisses all day and was waiting for you to get home and just couldn’t wait. The feel of your tongue playing with mine was exhilarating. You start to pull me closer and over to the desk. I pull away from your kiss just enough to whisper, “Not yet. I have a surprise for you at home.”

“Oh? And what might that be?”

“You’ll see,” I reply with a devilish grin. “Grab your stuff and let’s go.”

You pack up your laptop and whatever papers you happened to need for the weekend sakarya escort to work on at home and we go home. We pull up to the house and just as you are about to get out of the car I tell you to sit still for a minute. I reach back behind my seat and pull out a long dark piece of fabric. “What do you think you are doing?” you ask. I tell you to hush as I tie the blindfold over your eyes.

“I’m going to lead you up to the house. OK? Think you can handle that?” I ask with a chuckle. You laugh and say you will be fine. It seems you are rather liking this little surprise I’m setting. Of course, we are both well aware that there is going to be no one home this weekend except ourselves, so it’s all good.

Slowly and carefully I walk you up to the house, making sure you don’t trip over any of the steps or anything like that. We reach the top of the stairs and are about ready to walk down the hallway to your bedroom when I tell you to stop and wait a minute, while I go ahead into the room. You wait and you hear me open the door and close it behind me. Now, you are almost sure you just heard me say something. It couldn’t have been to you because I would have said it louder. Quietly you stand there and listen. Sure enough, you can hear me carrying on a conversation in the other room without you, but wait, there’s another voice and it’s most definitely a female. Interesting.

Thoughts are going through your head about what could possibly be going on. Two girls are in your room, waiting for you to be led in blindfolded. I step back out into the hallway to lead you into the bedroom. I slip my hand into yours and squeeze it gently. I whisper softly, “Are you ready?”

“Always.” The shit-eating grin on your face tells me you have an assumption of what my plans may be. I tug at your hand and lead you into the open doorway. Carefully, I lead you into the middle of the room and push you into a comfy lazy boy, I had brought in from the other room. This is a surprise to you, but I am sure you like it. I lean over you and straddle your lap. You hear me giggle as I reach behind your head and remove the blindfold, ever so slowly.

As I unshield your eyes you notice someone behind me. She is tied creatively to your bed. Her long curly dark red hair is cascading over your pillows. She looks across the room at you with her brilliant green eyes. Her practically naked body is a snowy white comparison to the black leather bra, that forms to her C breasts so perfectly, and her thong that covers her shaved pussy. The look on your face is absolutely priceless.

I turn your face to mine to give you a long deep kiss. Then I whisper, “Watch this.”

Quickly and quietly I remove myself from your lap and walk over to my pretty little captive. She grins at me, fully enjoying her kinky predicament. I lean over her porcelain body and tickle her skin with my fingertips. The slightest shiver samsun escort runs through her frame as my hand cups her breast. I lower myself to the bed and trail my lips from her cleavage to her neck. I can feel her breath quicken as I explore her delicate skin. I reach my hand under bra, pinching and twisting her perky nipple. A small gasp escapes her lips, which is cut short as my lips cover hers.

You can see the two of us making out in front of you. It is quite obvious who is control of this situation and it most certainly isn’t you. As you watch, I start working my way down the redhead’s body. My tongue and lips trail her stomach, sending shivers allover her body. Then, I reach her leather encased pussy. Slowly I move her thong to the side and the glimmers of my acts are visible along her slit.

Slowly, I start to kiss her skin, working my way in to where her hidden clit lies. I can feel her body moving underneath me as I know she is enjoying my attentions. I find her clit, and with the talents of my tongue, trace a slow circle around it. She starts to grind her hips into my face, but my hands hold her down.

The moans of the redheaded stranger are very noticeable to everyone in the room by now. Her head tosses side to side with ecstasy. Her back arches as my slim fingers penetrate her tight hole. She gasps an “oh my god,” as I continue my attentions on her.

Behind me, I feel your presence come closer. Your hand reaches around to my front to grip my breast. Fever runs over my skin as my body is aroused from what it does to another woman. Your touch is cool compared to my heightened temperature.

Your other hand is up the back of my tank top, unfastening my bra. I feel tension released as my tits are no longer confined. Your breath is hot on my neck, your lips give me chills that cover my entire body. My attraction to your touch gives me more energy to continue my attentions on the other woman. Her breath is fast and loud. I can feel her body tensing as she works towards an orgasm.

By this time, you cannot take just touching my body. My skirt is up around my waist now and my thong is on the floor. You plunge your fingers deep in my hot hole. My body quivers with the enjoyment I am having. This is still not enough. Not enough for you and most certainly not enough for me. You withdraw your fingers and replace them with your throbbing cock.

Here I am, bent over a redheaded lover, devouring her clit with my tongue, and presently being fucked doggy style by the man that owns my heart. A woman couldn’t get much luckier than this, but then again this is all for you, so I hope you feel the same.

The redhead starts to scream as her back arches and I feel hole tighten with convulsions. It is just so hott seeing this woman cum from my tongue and feverish touch. I don’t slow down my attentions until I am sure she is done with this orgasm. I can feel urfa escort you in me, but there is still yet more for you than just watching from behind.

I move forward, away from your thrusts and towards the head of the bed. I bend low over the other woman’s face and whisper in her ear. When I move away we both have devilish grins on our faces. I untie her bonds and she starts to sit up. I turn to face you, grabbing your arms, I throw you on to the bed and beckon the other girl over.

She crawls over on her knees, near to your side, while I take my place on the floor between your knees. A look of wonder and realization covers your face as the redhead moves her lips towards your still stiff cock. I give you a little smirk as I lean toward your balls that look so inviting. I lick and suck everything from the base of your dick to the seam between your balls. The other woman is rolling her tongue over your head and taking your shaft into her throat as any real lover should. I can hear your moans and know you are ready for more.

You see me remove myself from the floor and stand before the both of you. The redhead is still giving you head as I bend over and give her a small nip on the neck. She lifts her head, her lip slick with saliva and precum. I grin, “Alright your turn.”

I know what it is you like and how you like it. You see me grab the redhead’s leg and swing it over your hips, positioning her just right for you to penetrate her tight pussy. I then take it upon myself to lift your shaft and rub it up and down her slit to tease the both of you. Then, I hold you to her pussy, grab a hold of her shoulder and thrust her down onto your cock. Both of you were not expecting what I just did and it shows on your faces.

I stand next to the bed just behind the woman with the red hair, one hand between her legs teasing her clit, the other on her hip grinding her against you. She starts to go faster and of her own accord, moaning as she grinds her hips against yours. I can see you biting your lip with your eyes closed. I slide onto the bed next to you and start to nibble on your ear. You were not expecting this and you let out a slight gasp as I bite your ear lobe. Then I turn to the one on top of you and proceed to make out with her, bring my hand behind her head to pull her curls back hard. She starts to get louder as I hold her head back and nip at her neck.

Both of you are ready to cum and very into the mood. You turn to me, grab my hair and pull my head back as I have been doing to the other girl. Next thing I know you have managed to plunge your fingers into me once more. I can feel my body tensing as it can’t take much more of watching this live porn. You hear me give a startled “oh my god” as I start climaxing. The redhead screams louder as she has been riding you like a true cowgirl and arches her back as she orgasms again with you still inside her. I watch your face as I climax and see you are enjoying the same results of pleasure.

The redhead incidentally passes out on top of you. We must have been too much for the poor girl. I grin at you and say “so, how was that for a surpise?”

All you have to say is “I love you.”

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