A Severe Paddling


“You know this isn’t about you displeasing me, right? I mean I was displeased, very much so. When I saw that your toenails were not painted pink, after I fucking told you to paint them pink, I was displeased, oh yeah. But this is more because I like to do it. I should say I love to do it. But don’t think that you didn’t disappoint me, little bitch. And you know what that means. You know what that leads to.”

He laughs to himself. He’s behind me and I can clearly see him in the full wall mirror five feet in front of me. I feel his finger run up between my cheeks. He drags it up the crack of my rear end. His middle finger pausing at my little hole, he feels me tremble, quiver, tighten ever so slightly as he pressed slightly into me. He lets the tip of his finger linger at the rim of my hole. He toys with the K-Y jelly I apply for him prior to him arriving at my house, he finger fucks me with just the end of his finger, slowly.

I am already crying. I start to cry as soon as he points to the door that leads to the basement. I cry every time. I can never say ‘no’ to him. I am incapable of that and he takes full advantage of my deeply submissive side. He knows I cannot resist him. I’m way passed even considering that. He owns me and I know that.

He showed up at my house unannounced, just came over. It’s the first time he’s done that. I was not ‘dressed’, was in total boy mode, just shorts and a t-shirt. He immediately pushed me up against the wall. He French kissed me, and started to undress me. I was naked in front of him in less than a minute, his tongue down my throat and his hard on pushed up against me, through his pants. I apologized profusely for not being dressed sexy, dressed girly girl and femme for him the way he likes me. I told him I had no idea he was coming to my house. He would have none of it. Now I am in my basement with huge tears in my eyes restrained to the whipping horse.

I am stretched so tight it hurts. I’m over the spanking and whipping horse he built in my basement. It sits in the middle of the large room and is surrounded by large wall mirrors. Everything that is about to happen, and has happened in this ‘punishment room’, will be reflected and seen from every angle. The whipping horse is secured to the floor, four stable legs with metal restraint hooks at the feet of each. The padded leather bar across the top of this saw-horse like device is wide and padded. Which aids pushing my rear out and up as far as it will go when I am restrained over it. My wrists and ankles are held tight by padded leather cuffs and spread as wide as they will go. There is not an inch of wiggle room. There is no escape.

“Yes, Daddy…yes…”

He listens silently as I answer him though my soft crying.

“This makes my dick hard. Harder than when you suck it, bitch. I get harder seeing you like that than when I fuck my wife. And that’s hard. I know you know that. She makes me hard. But you, little boy? Indescribable. Look at this perfect helpless baby smooth ass and those tiny balls all tightened up. They know what’s going to happen next.”

He laughs loud. He is all alpha male, chiseled and muscular, 6’4″ with rock hard abs and butt. His hair slightly speckled with grey barely showing his ‘older man’ 58 years. His rock hard fully engorged 10″ cock bounces in front of him as he removes his finger from inside my cheeks, wipes it up the back of my balls and moves to select a paddle from the wall of spanking and whipping tools. He is beautiful, beyond handsome.

I’ve been with him for over two years. The first time he spanked me was with a belt in my living room. It was spontaneous. I’d been seeing him for only a couple of weeks when he pulled the condom from his hard on, the condom I insisted he use for both fucking me and using my mouth, and took the belt from his pants and doubled it up and just whipped me. Me, on my knees, girly girl femme, short little dress, my panties down to my ankles, me on my knees, sucking him hard and preparing him to fuck me, he just pulled out of my mouth and took up his belt and held me tight by my arm and whipped me. ‘No more fucking condoms!’, he barked at me as he took me to the point of tears for the first time. He ripped the condom off of his cock and threw at me. He then dragged me to my couch, put me over the arm of it and fucked me senseless for over an hour before cumming in sikiş porno me for the first time. After he finished using my rear end he was still on fire. He said he’d never been hotter, ever. He used my mouth and then fucked me again. The belt not only became a regular fixture of his visits, he expanded that quickly. That was the start of my journey into complete submissive S&M addiction to this man. I learned quickly that I had no ‘safe word’. I learned to completely trust this man. I became totally addicted to him.

He takes a paddle with holes in it, rows of stinging holes all across the firm leather instrument of extreme pain. He moves to the front of me and bends slightly at his knees bringing his erection up at the front of my face. I quickly open my mouth and let him enter me.

“Ahhhh, yes…such a good boy.”

He starts to fuck softly. I feel the firmness of his stomach push up against my forehead as he fills my mouth completely. I feel saliva start to drip and stifle a choking reaction as he pushes to the back of my throat. He lays the paddle down on my extended butt and takes my head in both of his hands. He starts to fuck rhythmically and methodically. I can taste his precum as his steel pipe like erection moves in and out of my mouth.

And then he is finished with me. Finished with using my mouth to make himself even hotter, he pulls away from me, his cock bobbing and shiny with my saliva all over it. I hear myself start to whimper as I feel him take the paddle from my back.

It starts.

He stands off to the left side of me and begins to paddle me hard. Loud ‘CRACK’ sounds reverberated off of the mirrored walls with each stroke. That loud sound and my crying out in pain with each ‘smack’ are the only sounds in the room. Each extreme smack of the paddle across my naked but is like fire. I start to scream out, beg him to stop. My thrashing and struggling are almost nonexistent. I am restrained so tight to the whipping horse there is little room for any movement, even slight. He hits me twenty-five times extremely hard and fast. His shiny erection moves as he looks down at my sobbing face in the mirror.

“You should see yourself from my perspective. So fucking cute, you really are. My helpless little boy getting his butt spanked, we should make a movie of this. We really should.”

He starts again. He brings the paddle down twenty-five more excruciatingly stinging times. My sobbing and begging, openly crying hard, ‘…no…no…please…please…nooooo…’, fill the room. He ignores it all. He is breathing hard, fully excited. He is breathing hard like when he cums in me. He is lost to it all.

“You fucking little bitch…I own this ass!!”

He starts to speak loudly, deep into his sadistic sexual arousal. He shouts at me as he paddles me severely.

The paddle comes down another twenty five times, faster, harder. Then he stops. He watches as I vibrate, shudder and tremble restrained over the whipping horse. My rear bright red, pronounced bruises with small raised stinging tiny circular welts from the holes in the paddle, I cry hysterically. My face is covered with tears. My tears drip on the floor in front of me. I beg him to stop.

“Please, please…”

I mumble through tears. He ignores me. He walks to the wall and hangs the paddle back up onto it. He moves to my rear and very matter of factly puts the head of his erection to my tight little hole. He just pushes up and into me as I feel his hands grip tight my stinging and burning cheeks. As I wince, shudder, whimper and cry out he holds me firmly in place. He fucks me.

He holds me by my cheeks, his fingers stretching them apart as he moves in and out of me. Long full strokes, he is lost to my rear end. The slippery sounds of my completely lubricated little hole and my crying fill the room. He is lost to it all.

And then I feel him get ‘the feeling’. I know this man. I feel him get right to the edge of cumming. I feel his huge hard on pulled from my rear so fast it hurts and I see him hurry to the front of me. I see it all in the mirror in front of me. I feel him lift my head and push himself into my mouth. And then I feel and taste the first huge spurt of his cum hit the back of my throat.

When he finishes he keeps himself in my mouth until he goes almost soft. Even semi erect his şişman porno is big and fills my mouth, I feel him pull away and wipe his cock on the side of my tear soaked face. I start to sob as my rear end throbs and stings.

He walks to a couch against the far wall and sits. He just stares at his sex toy—he stares at me.

“Tell me you want me to stop doing this to you. Tell me.”

He listens to me slur words, gush through tears.

“No. I want you do this to me. I want this. I love you and I love doing this for you. I love pleasing you like this. I do…I do.”

I go on and on, my confession to him just like this every time he has me this aggressively. He uses me to ‘check in’, see that I am okay with the abuse he heaps on me. He knows I will say exactly what I am saying.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. The minute you want me to leave, stop beating your sorry sissy ass, you tell me. Until then you are mine to do with as I please.”

He sits and stares. I see him take his cock in his hand. He starts to work it, starts to get hard again. He listens as I gush my confession, listens as I beg him not to stop treating me like this.

“I’m going to pull your cheeks apart and whip your asshole, your favorite.”

He laughs as he hears me burst deeper into tears, make unintelligible the words I am saying through my begging and sobbing.

He stands, semi almost full erection swinging in front of him, and walks to the wall to my side. He takes a thin riding crop from it and moves to my side. He faces away from me and looks at my bruised and red butt in the mirror. He reaches down and pulls my left cheek so far to the side that it feels like he will split me up the middle. As he spreads me and exposes my slippery tight little hole his cell phone rings. I feel his hand leave my rear and I cry out.

“Shut up. Not a fucking sound! Not one word!”

The crop comes down across the backs of my legs as he goes to his pants and fishes his phone of out a pocket.

“Hey, baby. I was just thinking of you.”

It’s his wife.

“No, at least another hour or two. We’re going for a beer after we finish the game.”

He looks back at me as he speaks into his phone.

“I’ll do that. I love you. And do me a favor. Wear that black thing you do under your dress tonight. I want to think about you in those stockings and panties while we’re at the party. You know what I like, baby.”

I hear him laugh.

“I love you too. Sure. I’ll be stop off at the mall and pick it up. I’ll see you in a couple of hours. I love you.”

He hangs up, puts his phone back into his pocket. He moves toward me. I feel the tears run down my cheeks and drip off of them onto the floor. He takes my left cheek back tightly into his hand and spreads it apart from the right. I feel my little hole tighten.

The first stroke feels like a knife cutting me. The thin crop comes down sharp and fast across the soft rim of my hole. I scream out. Then five more times fast, the last hits my balls so hard I feel like I will pass out. He feels my butt clench, feels me shudder, hears me scream. Five more times, hard, I shake violently.

“That’s my boy. So cute, so cute, you really do have a little boys butt. And those tiny balls all tightened up like that, it’s the hottest thing ever.”

I feel him whip the tender inner part of my right cheek, feel his strong fingers and grip pull me apart. Ten lightning fast strokes of the whip across my hole and the soft sides of my inner cheeks and then he releases me. He pulls his hand away.

My screaming is uncontrollable. I cry heavily, sob and almost choke. I am hysterical for the second time. He is rock hard, rock hard for the second time.

“Now, now, Daddy’s going to make it all feel right. You know that.”

He pets my back, pets the back of my shaking head. He moves to the rear of me and mounts me again. His cock up deep into me, he starts to pump to cum. I am limp under it all. He has had me like this so many times. He is fucking just to cum and cum quickly. I feel completely drained as he cums in me, finishes deep in my butt. I am completely limp and motionless as I feel the spurts deep up inside or me. I feel my tears flow down my cheeks and see them in puddles on the floor.

He pulls out of me and moves to unfasten my wrists swinger porno and ankles. He undoes the buckles of each cuff. I am limp and just hang from the padded top bench of the whipping horse. He moves away from me and sits on the couch again. He waits for me to go to him. He knows I will. I do.

I am sobbing as I move to him. I feel shame and udder humiliation. I force myself up and off the whipping horse. I see myself in the mirror, see what I am. I take short mincing little steps as I move to him. I curl up on the couch next to him, my face buried in his masculine chest. I feel him put his arm around me and hold me to him as I begin go fully cry. He comforts me.

“That was a new high, baby boy. Or should I say a new low. You reached a whole new level today. I’ve never whipped you that hard. Your sissy little asshole must be burning. Or numb. Either way, I like that. You pleased me. Isn’t that better than displeasing me?”

I feel him guide my tear soaked, cum drenched mouth to his nipple as I say ‘yes’ so softly I can barely hear myself. I start to suck, nibble at him, run the end of my tongue over his hard nipple.

“Ooooo, that’s it. That’s it. That’s my little boy.”

I feel his hand pet my back as I put my hand on his cock. He starts to get hard again. As he comforts me, pets me, I stroke him gently and suck and kiss his nipple.

“I don’t want to go but I have to. I have a dinner party tonight and she expects me home for it. I have to pick up a dress for her at the mall. If she were out of town, like she will be next week, I’d have you make yourself pretty for me. I’d take you to bed and fuck like I do her. I know you like that. You do the girl thing so good, almost better than she does.”

I feel him push my head down. I know what he wants and I do it for him. I take his cock into my mouth.

I suck him for a long time, my head moving up and down on his lap as I masturbate him with my mouth. I get him almost to the point of cumming at least twice, but he doesn’t. He’s just playing with my mouth, having me clean him.

When he finishes with me I hurry to get a wet cloth and towel. Kneeling in front of him I clean him completely. When he stands and dresses he looks down as I watch him. He can see my red and bruised rear end in the mirror.

“You know I love what you do to me. I really do. You know it makes me feel shameful, that it humiliates me, but I need it. You know that. And as much as I hate when it is happening I masturbate and think about it constantly after. I love the way you treat me. I love what I am for you, Daddy.”

I look to the floor.

“Well then, it’s good we found each other, isn’t it? I’ve never gotten harder in my life than I do dragging you through it all. I think of you when I fuck my wife. That is saying a lot. She’s a very hot little girl.”

He looks to the mirror, adjusts his belt, his clothing, as he finishes dressing.

He continues to look at himself in the mirror as I tell him that I love him, that I never want him to leave me, that want to be only his, that I want him to do anything he wants with me. He listens and smiles. He walks to me as I stay on the floor my legs up under my rear, my face covered in real tears. I am a mess. I see it all in the mirror.

“I mean it. You really are a good boy.”

He touches my face, runs his finger down the side of it. He bends down and takes my soft tiny penis in his hand.

“Now go play with this thing and think about me. I love you too. I really do.”

He kisses my forehead, squeezes my penis softly.

“If I had time I’d milk you. I know you love that. Next time. She’s out of town this Wednesday. We’ll have plenty of time for you get all girly for your Daddy, put that cute little butt up and be milked from behind, you think about that until then.”

He kissed my forehead again and walked up the stairs. I heard him open and close the front door upstairs as he left. I started to cry deeply, as deeply as I did when he had me over the whipping horse. I felt shame and humiliation again, I always do. I felt ‘what I am’ to my core, I felt helpless, lost and addicted. I also felt hotter than I’ve ever felt in my life. I always do after he leaves me like this. He gives me everything I need. I know that about him. I started to masturbate.

I thought about all of that as I dripped cum onto the floor in front me. Naked and bruised, stinging little welted cheeks and tight little burning hole, all in front of the mirror and on display. I watched myself cry softly as I bent forward to clean up my mess off of the floor with my mouth.

I am the whore I need to be.

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