A Shopping Trip


The good thing about having to work every other weekend is getting days off in the week. It is easier to get a car park space and the shops are quieter which makes it easier to try things on. I have just booked a holiday to Cancun in Mexico for Summer Break, so I decided to start shopping for new clothes. We had some lovely warm weather last week which is unusual for the U.K. at this time of year, so I headed into Chester to indulge in my second favourite pastime, shopping!

I had a long, cool shower and dressed in a thong, my short denim skirt with a white halter neck top, under which I went braless. To make trying things on easier I didn’t wear any accessories apart from a pair of sunglasses.

I like small boutiques rather than large department stores, the clothes are usually more exclusive, and the last thing you want is to see someone else in the same outfit. I found my first shop empty of customers, so it was just myself and the store owner, a man aged about 45. As I wandered around I could see him watching me, but assumed he was just making sure I wasn’t stealing anything.

I choose a couple of tops and asked if it was ok to try them on.

“Yes of course, just help yourself” he said.

As I entered the fitting room and went to pull the curtain closed behind me, I saw him looking at my bum. I gave him a sly grin and closed the curtain. I was feeling a little playful, probably because it was such a nice day. I removed my top and tried on the two items I had chosen. They both fit me well, but I took them off and poked my head around the curtain.

“Excuse me, could you bring me these in a size 10, these are a little big,” I asked.

“Sure, just pass me those so I get you the correct ones”, he said.

I opened the curtain slightly so I could pass the tops to him, not too much but just enough to give him a quick glimpse of my bare breasts. I saw his eyes drop to them as he took the two hangers from my hand. Reaching up I pulled on my nipples to get them nice and hard for his return.

“Here you go, see how these samsun escort fit”, he said passing me the replacements.

I opened the curtain a little further this time, and once again he glanced down at my boobs, his gaze lingering a little longer as he saw how erect my nipples were.

I took them from him but this time I left the curtain open so he could see into the fitting room.

I took the first top from the hanger and pulled it over my head. The fabric was a light linen which made it easy to see through from the inside. I made a big deal of trying to get it over my head while watching him. He was openly staring at my breasts as they jiggled while I was “trying” to get my head through.

“Excuse me, I seem to have got my head stuck, could you help me please?” I called out.

I turned my back to him as he approached to make out I was trying to hide my naked breasts, but I knew he could see them in the reflection in the mirror.

“Ok, keep still while I pull it off”, he said.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself at the double entendre, and once more he checked out my bare flesh as he took hold of the fabric and freed my head.

“Thank you, I seem to be in between sizes”, I apologised.

“Not to worry, I am sure we can find something for you”, he replied.

“There was a nice bikini on your mannequin in the window, do you have it in a size 12?” I asked.

“Let me have a look for you while you try on the other top”, he said.

I took the other top and pretended to try it on while he was gone but I already knew it would be too small, and I was just replacing it on the hanger when he returned. This time I made no effort to hide myself, just thanked him for fetching me the bikini.

I unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving me standing before him in nothing but my thong which was getting a little moist. The idea of being naked in front of strangers has always been exciting for me, and this was turning me on probably as much as it was him.

I usually leave my panties urfa escort on for hygiene reasons when trying on underwear, but this was no ordinary day. I turned my back to the open curtain and slid my thong down my legs. I looked in the mirror as I did so I could see the expression on his face as I exposed myself fully to him. I was definitely having the desired effect on him as I saw him reach down and adjust his cock which was now clearly visible straining against his trousers.

Picking up the bikini I put the top on first to give him a longer look at my trimmed pussy. I spent a little longer than normal making sure my boobs were comfortable before slipping on the bottoms. Walking out of the fitting room I approached him and said,

“So what do you think, does it look good?”

“Erm, yes, it looks erm, very good”, he stammered.

“Then in that case I will take it”, I said.

I went back to the fitting room and took the bikini off and dressed in my skirt and halter neck, but deliberately left my thong hidden in the corner on the floor. I walked up to the counter and put the bikini on it.

“Can you do a reduction on this, it seems a little soiled? I asked, pointing out the wet patch in the gusset of the bikini bottoms.

“Oh, er, well I can get you another, er, I will keep this one, I couldn’t possibly let you take it like that”, he spluttered picking up the bikini and putting it quickly under the counter.

Paying for the bikini I thanked him, especially for the 20% he knocked off for my trouble. I left the shop and waited out of sight for a couple of minutes. I saw him come to the door and quickly turn the “open” sign to “closed”. Approaching the door I peered inside but couldn’t see him. The curtain to the fitting room was now fully closed. I quietly opened the door, entered, and closed it behind me.

I walked slowly to the curtain and called out,” Hello?”

I pulled the curtain open wide and there he was, his pants around his ankles, his erect cock in his hand and the soiled bikini bottoms pressed sinop escort to his nose. He just froze to the spot.

“Looks like I forgot my panties” I said,” Can’t go walking around with a bare pussy, can I?

“Oh God, look, this isn’t what it seems, I mean…..”

“Do they smell good”? I asked.

“I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, you just….”

Firmer I said,”Do they smell good?”


I bent to pick my thong up from the corner of the fitting room. I passed it to him and said,” Wrap this around your cock.”

He did as I demanded, and stood there with my thong wrapped around his cock as he sniffed my pussy juices on the bikini.

“Now, I want you to stroke your cock while I watch”, I said.

He began to rub his cock up and down, but he must have been too embarrassed as it started to go soft.

“Maybe you need more encouragement?” I asked, and hitched my skirt up my legs, once more exposing my naked pussy to his gaze. As he looked on I parted my legs and reached down to stroke my wet folds. As I slipped a finger between them I felt just how wet I was.

“Mmmmm that looks better”, I told him as I saw his cock grow harder.

I used my wet finger to draw circles around my clitty, spreading my juice all over it. It was hard and throbbing, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I eased two fingers inside my hot hole to slow down my impending orgasm, but it just made me hotter. He was really pumping on his cock now, never taking his eyes from my now dripping wet pussy.

“Oh fuck……I’m ……cumming……ooohhhhhh….!!!

As he shot his cum into my thong I felt my own orgasm building, my legs began to tremble as it hit me, the heat starting deep inside me as it exploded within.

We looked at each other as we got our breath back, neither of us saying a word. I pushed my skirt back down, straightened my top and moved over to him. I took my thong from his hand, it was soaked through. I raised it to my face and flicked out my tongue, tasting his salty cum on my tongue. I sucked on the fabric greedily, getting as much of his seed as I could, all the while looking into his eyes.

I stepped into my thong, feeling the damp fabric against my hot pussy. Then I bent forward, kissed the tip of his now flaccid cock and walked out the store.

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