A Slight Twist


Soft moans fill the room as I sit with my legs drawn up, my chin resting on my knees, lightly rocking back and forth. As I near my orgasm, I suddenly stop. My naked body damp with perspiration, I quietly sit and wait for her to arrive home.

Not long after, her footsteps are heard approaching the front door. The sound of her heels making contact with the floor with each step, send shivers throughout my entire body. Picturing her walking towards the door, her long strides, carrying herself so gracefully and not forgetting, with such confidence.

I hear the key turn and my body freezes. The door shuts and the room fills with light. My eyes blink rapidly as they adjust to the bright light. In my mind, I am screaming for her to walk over here, the need to see and feel her is nearly unbearable. The sound of her footsteps now next to me, I turn my head, but because of my confines, I can’t see her, my Mistress.

I turn back just in time to see her kneel down, her face now visible, inches away from my own, just on the other side of the cage door. Her blue eyes sparkling like the ocean water on a hot summer day.

“Babygirl I can smell you. Just what have you been up to today?”

I remain quiet knowing she is humiliating me by pointing out the obvious.

“I hope you remembered our little discussion, the one stating that you are not allowed to cum outside of my presence?”

My mouth suddenly goes dry, I swallow hard before saying, “Yes Mistress, I remember. I did not touch myself while you were away. I am your good girl.”

Mistress stands and unlocks my cage door. She walks silently to her bed and sits on the edge.

“Submissive position at my feet, now.”

I push my head against the cage door and begin crawling out of my cage. With my head down, I crawl to her bed. Remaining on my knees at her feet, I lean forward as if I was stretching, my hard nipples making contact with the carpet, my ass rising high into the air. My lips now only a few inches from her black heels, wanting desperately to be closer to her.

“Did my Babygirl miss her Mistress?”

“Yes,” I softly reply.

“Show me.”

I inhale deeply, knowing now I would be able to get close to my Mistress. I lower my head a bit more, closing the space between her heels and my lips. I passionately kiss her heels as if they were her lips instead of just her shoes. I moan in frustration and disappointment once she pulls her feet away from me and stands up and walks behind me. Soon after, I feel her fingers run along my pussy lips. Moans immediately begin escaping from me as my tongue runs across, moistening my lips, my eyes tightly shut. Her fingers now run along my bare ass and then once again back on my pussy lips. With the excitement now rapidly building inside of me, I push myself further against her fingers. The hard smack on my ass surprises me and I yelp in pain as my eyes open wide. My eyes bulge with the second slap and my ass is on fire by the third. I remain still, breathing heavily and after a few seconds am finally able to croak, “Sorry Mistress.”

I feel her fingers return to running the length of my now very swollen, excessively dripping pussy lips.

“Babygirl do you know what today is?”

“Mmm of course Mistress, it’s our anniversary.”

“Good girl.”

Her fingers dip inside of me and I let out a long, urgent moan. Her fingers now coated with my juices, her fingers brush against my hard clit, leaving me to silently plead for her to return her fingers inside of me. Desperately seeking any part of her deep inside of me.

“You know you mean everything to me?”

Her fingers picking up pace on my hard clit.

“Oh god… Yes Mistress, as you are for me.”

Her fingers stop stroking me and I dare not whine at the loss. I sensed something big was about to take place.

“I love and care for you so much Babygirl and I never want to cause you any pain, physically or mentally. However, I do know that certain dark desires exist deep inside of you waiting to be released.”

I remain on my knees with my eyes closed. Countless bağdatcaddesi escort evenings of Mistress and I in bed talking and holding each other flashing through my mind. Her long fingers twirling and playing about in my blond hair as I confessed to her my secret desires. She listened carefully as Mistress’s do, but admitted she would have a hard time turning my fantasies into reality. I silently listened as she revealed to me that her main objective was to never cause me any pain, even if I requested it. There was a fine line between pleasure and pain and in her eyes, what I was requesting was far beyond her limits.

“Babygirl, I am willing to give you what you have longed for all these years. To let you expose your true submissive nature. Turn and face me.”

Shakily, I turn and face the woman now standing in front of me. Her body towers mine as I remain on the floor. Even when standing beside my Mistress, she remains four inches taller than I. Her light brown hair framing her face, coming to a rest just above her petite breasts. Her figure, slim yet with the right curves allowing more for me to worship. And those blue eyes, bright when we are lovers, yet piercing when I deserve punishment. The woman who is willing to set aside her beliefs, even if only for one night, to please her sub the way she has long awaited for. I meet her eyes, my lover’s eyes and most importantly, my Mistress’s eyes. She bends down, her hands on either cheek, and kisses me tenderly.

“Are you ready Babygirl?”

I stare long and hard into those blue eyes. Mistress was so determined to satisfy my desires despite her feelings and lack of acceptance of such games.

“I love you Mistress.”

A soft smile appears and Mistress kisses me ever so lovingly again.

“I’ll be back in a minute Babygirl, go lie on my bed and wait. I lie on her bed terribly aroused, my nipples rock hard begging to be stimulated, my pussy swollen and pink. When about twenty minutes had ticked by, I was shaking with anticipation. I should have known Mistress would torture me by making me wait. Finally, Mistress appears by my side. No words are exchanged as she secures me to her bedposts. My legs lewdly spread, her fingers stroking my aching clit. My whole body tenses at her touch, needing more contact.

“So wet Babygirl. I do believe I’ll steal a quick taste.”

Her tongue runs the length of my swollen pussy and on her way back, her tongue dips directly in. My moans immediately fill the room.

“Please Mistress, mmm please I need you.”

Her lips meet mine, her tongue exploring my mouth, leaving me the sweet taste of myself.

“Happy Anniversary Babygirl. I’ll be right here to ensure things don’t take too much of a twisted turn.”

My mind instantly fills with confusion. What does she mean she will be right here? Of course she will be!

“Come in Aura.”

In walks a beautiful woman. She is about my height and has long blond hair that cascades all the way down her back. As she approaches Mistress and I, her deep green eyes lock with my own. Her gaze slowly descends down my body and I can feel myself blushing. I had never been appraised by another woman, only Mistress, and the act was humiliating to me and my Mistress knew this.

Aura stands beside Mistress and it was only at that moment, I realize Aura was wearing a persuasive black suit with a white blouse on underneath. My pussy starts gushing upon realization. It even takes me a minute to grasp the fact that Mistress was speaking.

“Babygirl this is my friend Aura, who is also a Mistress. She’s more comfortable in dealing with the darker desires of subs. You will refer to her as Miss. You will obey her in the exact same manner as you do with me, understand?”

I nod my head and then quickly add, “Yes Mistress.”

Everything suddenly becomes clear to me. Mistress couldn’t come to terms with herself and turn my darker fantasies into reality, but she could set everything up and allow another to do what she was too uncomfortable to do.

Aura’s fingers trail down beykoz escort my cleavage, stomach and my bare pussy, causing my hips to buck at her gentle touch.

“Mmm so this is your Babygirl? She is a lovely sub.”

I moan loudly at the thought of them discussing me outside of my presence.

“I can’t wait to see how far your lovely sub will let herself be pushed.”

“I think you will be surprised,” Mistress said.

I look at Mistress, needing to see her, wanting her here touching me as well. I receive a hard slap across the face from Miss.

“You need to pay a little less attention to her and focus more on me bitch. She refuses to get rough with you, but I certainly don’t. I will get as cruel and demanding with you as needed.”

Her hand immediately goes to my throat, choking me.

“Do you understand?”

I didn’t dare try to sneak a look at Mistress, I remain solely focused on Miss. I try to say something, anything, but not a sound escapes. Miss releases her grip and asks me again if I understand? This time I manage a feeble, “Yes.”

Her hand instantly returns to my throat, but this time she chokes me even harder. My eyes grow wide with alarm. Her left hand begins twisting my right nipple. Soon it feels as if her intention is to rip my nipple clean off. Suddenly, she releases her grip on me. I lie there coughing, trying to breathe, my nipple increasingly sore. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Miss move toward Mistress. I watch Miss and my Mistress embrace, their lips meeting. I lift my head off the mattress trying to get a better view. Mistress’s hands begin fondling Miss’s breasts through her blouse and suit jacket. My pussy juices are now flowing like a raging river. Watching Mistress fondling another woman’s breasts was causing me to go wild with desire. Miss pulls Mistress closer to her and they move closer to the bed and finally within inches of me. As their tongues explore one another, Miss reaches out and begins stroking my pussy. My hips bucks wildly as I let out a powerful moan. The section of the blanket under my pussy now soaked with my cum. I lie there breathing heavily, my pussy experiencing aftershock like tremors. Mistress shakes her head and I look at Miss, fearing I already knew what she was going to say.

“You fucking bitch, did I tell you to cum? Did I ever give you permission?”

“No Miss, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Couldn’t help yourself? You horny slut, you disobey me and all you can think to possibly say is that you couldn’t help yourself?

“I’m sorry Miss.”

Miss draws her hand back and I cringe as I wait for a slap across the face. This time, she slaps my right breast instead and I screamed when she did!

“What did you say bitch?”

“I’m sorry!”

She smacks my left breast. I yelp, and without realizing it, undulate my hips as well. I was getting off from every bit of this. Miss hurriedly makes her way around the bed, releasing my wrists and ankles. She grabs a handful of my hair, jerks me off the bed and drags me across the floor. She easily pulls me up onto my feet. She is only an inch or so taller than I. Her green eyes are so dark and full of control.

“Let’s find out just how much you can handle bitch!”

Miss shoves me against the wall, my back slamming powerfully into the wall, causing me to scream.

“Shut up slut!”

Once again, Miss slaps my right breast.


I feel her tug on my hair and throw me onto the floor leaving my knees bright red.

“What did I tell you?”

Miss is behind me in no time, stalking me like prey which technically I am. Her prey. I receive five smacks on my ass in succession. My ass is now burning and before I know it, Miss drags me back to the wall and shoves me against it yet again. Throat raw and burning, gasping for air, my pussy juices trickling down my smooth inner thighs. Miss’s hand disappears behind her back and as her hand returns in front of her into view, I catch the faint gleam of something. I hold my breath as Miss drags the blade of the knife slowly up caddebostan escort my cleavage.

“I know this is your deepest, darkest fantasy. Only pure sluts get off from such play.”

“Ohhhh fuck,” I moan as the blade presses against my smooth, tender flesh, piercing the skin just under my left breast. A few warm drops of blood travel down my stomach. Miss continues dragging the blade down my stomach and then drags the handle of the knife over my pussy.

“Beg bitch!”

“Please Miss, god I am desperate!”

The wood handle fills my pussy in one swift move. My body experiences several spasms as Miss fucks me with the knife.

“I’m, ohhhh yes, I’m cumin!”

Miss increases the pace, the intense friction causing me to explode. My knees buckle just before my orgasm and Miss is now holding me. Her hands caress my ass and I softly moan. I had never been taken in my ass before, therefore any attention focused there was much appreciated!

Miss places her arm around my waist and helps steady me as we walk to the bed.

“On your stomach.”

Without thinking, I immediately fall onto my stomach, my breathing slowly returning to normal. I feel fingers tease around my virgin hole. I moan loudly as the long, gentle fingers tease me, Mistress’s fingers.

“Mmm Babygirl you are soaked, more than I have ever known you to be!”

I force myself further into Mistress’s teasing touches.

“Please Mistress,” I beg.

I feel the tip of her finger ease into my tight hole, immediately meeting resistance. I move my hips as Mistress works her finger inside, finally passing my resistance. I lower my head and moan deeply into the mattress while continuing to rock my hips. I hear the sound of a drawer open in the distance just as my pussy receives attention as well. I bite my bottom lip, the pleasure steadily intensifying. Without warning, all contact stops and tears present themselves in the corner of my eyes. I am so focused on my approaching orgasm and the lack of contact that I don’t pay attention to the noise directly behind me. The mattress moves as Miss sits on the end of the bed. I don’t even turn my head. My hips continuing to grind into the mattress, seeking any and all pressure. My body instinctively tenses as the head of the dildo presses against my tight hole.

“Relax Babygirl.”

I quickly relax knowing Mistress won’t hurt me and anxious to be taken in the ass by the only woman I love, my Mistress. The dildo quickly fills my ass and Mistress begins slowly fucking me at first and then increasing her speed and varying the depth of her strokes. I can feel my orgasm rushing towards me. I feel movement from the other end of the bed and out of the corner of my eye, notice Miss madly fingering herself, her suit jacket still on. My legs begin shaking and I warn Mistress I am close.

“Cum for me Babygirl, I want to feel you cum.”

I scream as my orgasm hits. As I open my eyes, I notice Miss shaking uncontrollably. I can’t move, my entire body is spent, the sheet soaked with my cum. I raise my head just enough to watch Mistress remove her dildo. Miss abruptly sinks to her knees in front of Mistress and begins devouring her hairless pussy. I did the only thing I had enough energy to do… lick my lips. At one point, Mistress’s eyes meet mine and then Mistress moans signaling her orgasm. She remains relatively quiet throughout. Afterwards, Mistress joins me in bed and Miss soon follows. Mistress holds me in her arms.

“I love you,” I softly whisper.

Mistress and I help signal a taxi for Aura. Mistress and her hug and after a brief hesitation, Aura and I also share a hug.

“It was nice to finally meet you Babygirl.”

My eyes remain lowered while Mistress and her discuss me for a moment. We watch the taxi drive down the street and finally out of sight.

“What do you think of your other Mistress?”

I slyly look up at Mistress.

“May I?”

Upon seeing my grin, Mistress quickly grants me permission. I grab Mistress, our bodies meeting, kissing her deeply and passionately right there on the sidewalk.

“The three of us may have to spend a weekend together soon.”

“Please Mistress, may we?”

Mistress softly laughs.

“Never enough for you is it Babygirl?”

I rest my head against Mistress’s shoulder laughing, as we turn and head back inside.

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