A Special Night


for a very special woman named Kris

Sitting in her car outside the hotel, Kris was wondering what she was doing there. Her husband was away on maneuvers and somehow she had let Joe talk her into meeting him.

At first, she had rejected the suggestion as out of hand. But Joe had this knack of saying something sweet or sexy, and over a couple of weeks, she had weakened enough to agree to the meeting.

What was waiting for her inside, she wondered. Will he really be nice? Or will he turn out to be a jerk? Well, he seems nice, she thought. And he does make me tingle when we chat and play on-line. Who would have ever thought that he would make the trip to see me?

Kris was apprehensive, but she was also excited. The thought of meeting a strange man in a hotel was wreaking havoc with her hormones. She had taken great pains to look good for him, wearing a nice dress that showed her off to best advantage. A shiver of excitement shot through her body as she opened the car door and stepped out into the parking lot. As she walked to the lobby of the hotel, her heart was beating so hard that she thought she might have a heart attack. “That would be just great,” she said to herself, “I’ll collapse her in the parking lot and die, and then all my friends and family will wonder why I’m all dolled up and at hotel!” She stopped in her tracks, took a deep breath and then walked into the lobby, feeling sure that everyone was looking at her.

She took a slip of paper out of her purse and looked at the number written there. Room 314. Joe had called her and told her where to go. Breathing deeply again she pushed the “up” button on the elevator. The doors immediately opened and she quickly darted into the empty elevator, relieved to be out of sight of the prying eyes of the people lingering in the lobby.

Finding her way to the room, she stood before the door, too petrified to knock. Just as she was mustering the courage to do so, the door opened and Joe stood before her. “Kris,” he said, and gave her a tight hug and a peck on the cheek. “Go on in and make yourself comfortable. I was just about to get some ice.”

Joe moved aside and gestured her inside, and then he disappeared down the hallway and around the corner. Stepping inside, she thought to herself. So this is what it feels like to come into a strange man’s hotel room. Looking around, she saw his open suitcase on a stand near the bureau, and then panned over to the bed.

The bed!

She was just about to turn around and run, when Joe came back, his bucket full of ice. “Come on, sweetie, make yourself comfortable,” he said in a cheery voice that melted away Kris’s anxiety. “Here, would you like a wine cooler?”, he said as he plunked some ice into a glass, poured some cooler into it and offered it to her.

Kris took the glass and gulped a drink, a much larger one that she had intended but she was quite overwhelmed by the situation in which she found herself.

Although there wasn’t much alcohol in the drink, Kris felt some more of her tension disappear and she sat on the edge of the bed. Joe acıbadem escort continued to chat with her from near the bureau for a while.

Finally he moved over to her and sat down beside her on the bed. He looked into her eyes and leaned forward to kiss her sweetly on the lips. Kris closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. The kiss was just what she needed.

“I nearly forgot,” Joe said as he broke away from the kiss. “I have a present for you”, and he got up to go to his suitcase. After rummaging in it for a moment he pulled out a gift-wrapped package and handed it to her.

Blushing a little, Kris accepted the package and began to open it. “Joe, you shouldn’t have!” she said.

Inside the package Kris discovered 5 long beautifully decorated silk scarves. “Oh, they are beautiful,” she said, “but why do I need five scarves?”

“Let me show you,” Joe said as he stood up and took the box from her. “Please stand up for a moment.”

Kris obliged him and stood up. “Turn around,” Joe told her, and she do so. Removing Kris’s glasses and putting them on the nightstand, Joe took one of the scarves and folded it before placing it over her eyes. Kris flushed at the excitement, as she had an inkling of what was about to happen. She felt Joe’s hands on her shoulders, and, again, a shiver of excitement coursed through her body. When she felt his kisses on her neck, she thought her knees were going to buckle, but she somehow managed to remain standing. Joe’s warm lips slipped down her neck and he nuzzled the base of her neck. A warm feeling started to permeate Kris’s body, but she didn’t know if it was the kisses or the wine.

She loved the feeling of her shoulders being caressed and her neck being kissed, but she wasn’t prepared when the zipper at the back of her dress was suddenly pulled down. The sound of it and the feel of it made her nipples stand out taut. Oh my god, she thought to herself, I’m being seduced. The excitement was almost too much to bear.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Oh, that must be our treat for later,” Joe said and she heard him move to the door and open it. She stood there, unable to see, her dress unzipped and hoping that whoever was at the door couldn’t see her.

She heard Joe say, “Thank you” and then heard the door close and a jangle, as if a tray were being placed on the table. Soon she felt Joe’s hands on her again and was relieved that they were alone again.

Her excitement grew as she felt her dress fall to the floor. Soon her bra and panties joined them on the floor and she stood there naked before her lover, blinded by the scarf and her body tingling at the thought of the things to come.

Turning Kris around, Joe kissed her passionately on the mouth as his hands roamed freely over her body. This time her knees did buckle a little, but he caught her and pushed her down on the bed, moving her body into the center of the bed, her head on a pillow. Joe took her hand and stretched it out to the edge of the bed and she felt the silken scarf being tied around her wrist and then attached atalar escort to the bed frame. Her wrist was held tight. “Oh, my,” was all that she could say. Her breath was deep and heavy and her heart was beating quickly. Soon she felt herself tied and spread-eagled on the bed, her wrists and ankles tethered firmly to the bed frame by the beautiful silk scarves. Overcome but the sheer sensuality of it, Kris could not speak. It was all she to do to remain conscious as a warmness filled her entire body. She knew what was about to happen, and the excitement of it was almost too much for her.

Laying there naked and open for Joe, she heard a zipper unzip and the rustling of clothing being removed. Oh, god, he’s naked now, too, she thought to herself. She could feel the dampness growing between her legs. There were some other noises too, but she couldn’t identify then — some rattling of glass near the bureau.

She felt the bed shift as Joe climbed onto the bed and between her legs. “Kris, you don’t know how beautiful you look,” he said. There was a exotic fragrance in the air and when the warm liquid splashed onto her breasts and stomach, she knew that it was scented oils. Joe expertly spread the oils over her body, his hands lingering on her breasts before moving to her stomach. Another couple of splashes of oil on her legs soon led to her calves and thighs being caressed by Joe’s soothing hands. She could feel the pleasure building inside her as his hands spread the oil up her thighs, nearly to the area between her legs. Wanting badly to throw her arms and legs around him and pull him down to her and into her, Kris was frustrated by the tethers holding her tightly to the bed. She was helpless. Joe could do whatever he wanted with her and she couldn’t stop him.

But she didn’t want to stop him. She wanted him to do whatever he pleased.

Kris felt the bed shift again as Joe leaned forward and when his tongue touched her clit, she climaxed immediately, letting out a deep guttural moan that surprised herself. She had never felt such pleasure.

Joe’s tongue began exploring the folds of her pussy, nibbling at the lips, sucking at her clit, and pushing deeply inside of her. Soon another wave of orgasm was washing over her. Her arms strained to pull this man to her, but the scarves still held her tightly to the bed. Her breath was fast and her nipples stiff with excitement. After she came, she felt him move up her body, straddling her as he made his way over her stomach and breasts until she could feel his ass above her breasts. Something was touching her mouth. Something fleshy, but oh so hard. Oh my god, its his cock! He wants me to suck his cock now, she thought to herself.

And she wanted to, ever so badly. She quickly took his member into her mouth and began licking and sucking it intently. She loved the taste and feel of him in her mouth and by his moans she knew that he was enjoying it too. Feeling his cock stiffen, she soon felt the rush of his cum spurting into her mouth, and she vainly tried to swallow it down, but some of it seeped out and aydınlı escort trickled down her face.

“She’s wonderful, isn’t she?” she heard Joe say. What an odd thing to say, she thought to himself. Then she heard a sound.

Wait was that the rustling of clothing? Oh my god, someone else is in the room!

Kris bristled with fear. “Joe, who’s here,” she asked, terrified.

“I said we were going to have a treat,” Joe calmly replied.

Kris, tied down and blinded by the scarves was frightened, but, oddly enough, there was an element of erotic delight in the thought that someone had just watched her cum and make her lover cum. Her body flushed with the thought of another person suddenly thrust into the situation.

She heard the soft foot falls of a bare feet coming toward the bed, and the bed again shifted with the weight of another person. When she felt the touch of another pair of hands on her body, she nearly jumped out her skin when the electrical shock shot through her body. And when a strange touch began licking her pussy, she came fast and hard, her body convulsing in spasms of pure unadultered lust and longing.

Joe sitting on the side of the bed and continued to caress her breasts, obviously watching the proceedings. Kris could feel strange hands moving over her body and she felt the scratch of fingers nails on her stomach.

“Yes, she is marvelous,” came the strange voice.

A female voice!

The realization that a woman had just made her cum, flashed through her brain and down through her body.

“You told me you fantasized about making love to another woman, Kris”, Joe said, “and I wanted two women, so this is my present to both of us.”

Removing her blindfold, Joe placed her glassed back on her nose. Then Kris could see the woman kneeling between her legs, an attractive woman with firm breasts and a big smile.

“Hi, Kris, my name is Linda,” she cooed. “And I would love to have you return the favor now.” And with that she moved up to straddle Kris’s breasts, offering her pussy for a lick.

What could Kris do? She was still tied down. The woman was lovely, and she had given Kris great pleasure. And here was this pussy just inches from her face.

Closing he eyes, Kris leaned forward and tasted another woman’s pussy for the first time in her life. And it was very pleasant, very pleasant indeed.

Joe untied the scarves from her legs and moved in between them, nestling his now hard again cock at the entrance of her pussy. Kris immediately wrapped her legs around him.

Linda was moaning under Kris’s tender licking and sucking.

Tasting Linda and feeling Joe’s hardness pressing into her, Kris’s desire began to build. And when Joe thrust into her, she again erupted with orgasm, an orgasm that continued on and on until both Joe and Linda climaxed themselves. She could feel Joe’s cock plunge deeply into her and stiffen as he shot forth his hot cum, and she could feel Linda’s thighs tense, as she, too gave into the pleasure of the moment.

When they were through, Kris’s wrists were set free and the three of them lay there in each others arms. Kris, her back folding into Joe’s front, his arms around her breasts, and Linda, facing Kris, her arms holding Kris’s hips.

After a while, Joe said, “Well, Kris, did you like your special night?”

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