A Summer of Tight Fits Pt. 01


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


*All characters in this story are over 18 years old.


Tom grudgingly agreed to accompany his father, stepmother, and stepsister, Karen, to pick up her college roommate, Amber, at the Amtrak station two hours away, having been promised a good meal at his favorite Italian restaurant. It would be a tight fit in the sedan and it was a hot July day so he wasn’t looking forward to the whole thing. He could have lounged at the pool instead, with a joint and a beer from his parents’ stash. A senior in high school, he didn’t have much time left before he had to head to school for his freshman year. But in the interests of appeasing his parents, who wanted some “quality family time,” he said yes. Karen couldn’t have cared less if he came or not; they both listened to music on the drive to the station and said little to each other at the restaurant.

They got along well enough for step-sibs, but she was a rising college sophomore who had other interests. In the year or so they had lived together he had certainly become attracted to her physically, even as she mostly ignored him. Tall, thin, with short blond hair, she was hot; this especially hot summer she had been wearing a lot of tank tops, short shorts, and several cute bikinis that showed off her tight ass and firm tits. Seeing her in the pool, or come out of the shower, had induced him to jerk off on several occasions. As they approached the station his mind wandered to last night’s session. Karen had been lying on a lounge chair, her legs splayed on the chair. He imagined getting between her thighs and licking her cunt while she rubbed suntan lotion on her tits.

His reverie was cut short when they arrived at the station. Amber was waiting outside for them. Karen bounded out of the car to give her a hug. Tom’s eyes followed her ass as she approached Amber. Amber was a bit shorter than Karen, with medium length brown hair. Her breasts appeared to be somewhat smaller than Karen’s, but in the heat her nipples showed through her thin t-shirt. He felt his cock stir in his shorts as the two girls embraced, their breasts pressed together exciting him. Amber slid in next to him with Karen following.

After hellos all around they set back to home, a two-hour ride made all the more uncomfortable with Amber seated next to him. Wearing tight cut-off jean shorts, her left thigh was pressed next to his. The feel of her bare skin and the smell of her body, a mixture of sweat and fragrant soap, made his cock swell again. When she asked him a question about his summer he turned to her, seeing the tops of her breasts in her shirt. She followed his eyes and then noticed his semi-erection, the bulge in his crotch unmistakable. She gave him a smile, licked her lips once, and then returned her gaze to Karen. It was a büyük meme porno long ride home after that.


Everyone was grateful to get out of the car and Karen, Amber, and Tom headed to the pool to cool off. Amber came out of the house wearing a skimpy bikini, as did Karen. After a quick swim they lounged on chairs and sipped beers while catching up on their summer activities. Tom hung around for awhile, trying not to stare at the two hot babes twenty feet away from him. He had had a half erection almost the entire trip after Amber smiled at him and licked her lips. Finally, he announced that he was going to watch a baseball game in his room and left the pool. Karen didn’t notice, but Amber gave him a sly smile, and said, “Have fun.” He wondered what she meant by that look, but he figured that she knew what he was going inside to do, knew that he was going to jerk off to the thought of her in her tight bikini taking his cock out of his shorts and blowing him until he exploded in her mouth while she rubbed her wet cunt. Amber was as hot as Karen was. And she seemed really frisky.


Amber was definitely feeling frisky as she watched Karen’s younger brother stride purposefully toward the house, a combination of the sun, the beer, and the thought of what looked like a big fat cock in his shorts while snuggled next to him for two hours in the car. She had seen him eye her breasts in the car and at the pool. He’d quickly glance in her direction, and maybe Karen’s, and then divert his eyes before he was seen. But she knew he was checking her out, and why not? She looked hot, as did his sister.

In fact she had checked out Karen at the pool, noticing her lithe body, big tits, and tight ass barely concealed in her skimpy suit. She wasn’t a lesbian or even bi-sexual, but there was something about hanging out at the pool surrounded by near naked bodies that brought out her lust. Her pussy throbbed from the thought of his big penis sliding in and out of her wet cunt from behind while she dove into Karen’s pussy, an electrifying fantasy that surprised her. As she lay on her stomach in the lounge chair, practically grinding her crotch into the fabric, she focused on Tom’s cock and what she could do to it when the time was right.

She didn’t expect him to resist her advances, when she made them; he seemed a bit shy, so she’d have to make the first move. She just had to think about how Karen might respond if she found out. Tom would be willing to keep quiet. But there was no doubt that she would find an opportunity to grab his cock, slide down his shorts, and take him into her mouth. First she would blow him until he came in her mouth, or maybe all over her tits. She’d decide later. That would relieve the pressure that would surely be building in him, though she knew that at that very moment he was probably çinli porno jerking off while thinking of her. He’d be hard again, in no time. Ready to put his stiff cock in her aching cunt. He would be the boy toy she hadn’t had all summer, weeks of pent-up sexual energy coursing through her with little relief except from her magic toy collection, one of which she had brought with her. That would have to do until the time was right to seduce Tom and get a real cock inside her.

More sexual tension built up between them the next day. She had woken up feeling very horny. She lay in bed, stroking her cunt through her wet panties until she slipped her hand under the elastic and found her throbbing clit. She rubbed her clit for only a minute before she came, a long intense orgasm that made her buck her hips several times, as though she was fucking, thrusting out to grasp a thick cock into her slippery hole. At breakfast her sexual energy reemerged as she sat next to Tom, who squirmed in her presence. No doubt he had jerked off thinking about her, as she had rubbed her cunt thinking of him that morning. Maybe he had jerked off this morning as well, she thought. He was in very good shape, muscular without being muscle-bound, the product, according to Karen, of working out for the football team that summer. Definitely a body she wanted to get to know better.

The question remained, though, how big his cock was, something she was determined to find out. From her glance in the car she thought it was big, certainly big enough for her to fit into her tight cunt. When Tom got up hurriedly from the table and walked away she got another look at his bulge, his morning wood noticeably swollen. Karen had to run some errands with her Mom prior to her parents going on a short trip, so Amber followed behind Tom to see what he was up to. She paused outside the closed door of his room and put her ear to the door. She could hear little other than a slight rustling. Maybe he was jerking off, maybe not. Amber walked away to her room, to catch up on email and texts, disappointed that she didn’t get to hear him jerk off while he thought about her sexy body.


Indeed, Tom had become very aroused at the breakfast table, sandwiched between Karen and Amber, who was wearing short gym shorts and a tank top, her breasts and nipples visible through the thin cotton fabric. He had become fixated on her tits, wondering what they looked like and felt like, and especially how they would feel when he slid his cock between them. Although he had some sexual experience, mainly a few blowjobs from one cheerleader in particular, he hadn’t fucked a girl let alone tit-fucked one; it had taken him awhile to get in the swing of his new school, starting there as a senior with no friends after his father moved in with Karen’s mother.

After he left the table, değişik porno trying to cover up his hard-on, he retreated to his room and began stroking his hard cock, imagining Amber taking it in her mouth, getting it lubricated, and then positioning it between her tits. He imagined alternating between fucking her tits and sliding his cock into her welcoming mouth. Mouth then tits, tits then mouth, until his come shot into the sink. In his fantasy, his cum coated her tits, and then she put his still spurting cock back into her mouth to finish him. He wondered if she was interested in him, hoping to see his fantasy become real. And he wondered how Karen would respond if he fucked her best friend, something he was willing to find out.


Karen rode with her mom to get provisions for the week her parents would be away, her thoughts focused on what was going on with Amber and Tom. He had seen Tom looking at Amber at the pool last night, and then again at breakfast. He was just another horny teenager, so it wasn’t surprising he’d be attracted to Amber. Amber was hot, especially in her skimpy bathing suit that showed a lot of flesh. Her own suit was like that. In fact, Karen thought she saw Amber checking her out at the pool and remembered the feeling of her breasts mashed against hers at the train station. She knew Amber was feeling the need to get laid after she broke up with her boyfriend at the end of the school year. She said he never reciprocated with oral sex and it bugged her. He’d always want a blowjob but would never go down on her and “eat my cunt,” as Amber put it to her at the pool. Her boyfriend had broken up with her because she didn’t like giving blowjobs.

So both of them were single for the summer and it was definitely beginning to affect Amber, judging from how she was looking at Tom as a potential fuck. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. She didn’t think she cared, but it was weird. Tom had really gotten stronger by training for the football team and was definitely an attractive guy. So she got it. She just didn’t want to be left out of it all if they hooked up. She imagined the three of them at the pool and Tom and Amber saying they were going to go to bed, leaving Karen alone at the pool. And then if she went inside and stood by Tom’s door or Amber’s door she’d hear them having sex. She could just hear Amber tell Tom to “eat my cunt” while she stood outside, feeling horny herself.

She felt her pussy throb as the scenario took shape in her mind, until her mother interrupted her by asking if she would be ok spending a week alone with Tom and Amber when she goes on her trip. Karen replied that everything would be fine, that they’ll stay busy, and that she had some babysitting jobs lined up for that week. But she didn’t know how the week would play out with the three of them. She found her herself surprisingly turned on by Amber and her dirty talk and about the prospects of listening to her and Tom fuck. She hadn’t been laid in a month and she was beginning to feel very horny, especially given the heat of the summer and the near naked bodies at the pool. She just didn’t know what she would do that coming week.

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