A Tale of Incest II [FIXED]

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Well, here it is guys. The sequel. The final chapter in this story.

I was planning this for a Mother’s Day release (*wink wink*), but the story submission page was down.
Ahh well, here it is regardless. Happy fapping.

Part 1: A Dream, Current Times

I was laying in bed. I wasn’t sure how I got here, but I was here.
I was wearing a simple bikini, splattered with images of flowers and hearts.
Rose petals made a pathway from the foot of the bed to the open doorway.
Candles lit the dark room. They were strewn all across the surfaces, creating a dim evening light.
I sat up slightly. Looking down between my spread legs, pussy facing the door, I saw a shadow in the hallway.
“Hello?” I called, “Anyone there?”

No answer. But the shadow moved again, and Daniel appeared in the doorway.

“Daniel? What’s going on?” I asked.
He said nothing.
He walked into the room, down the rose pathway, to the foot of the bed.

Then, without warning, he instantly turned into a snake.
“Wha?….” I began to say, but before I could finish the word, Daniel began to slither up to my pussy.
He stopped once he got near me and looked up at me. I looked back, in confusion.
Then, suddenly, his head started to push up against my pussy lips. Parting them, he began to slither into my pussy.

I gasped, my hands pressing down on the sheets as he made his way inside of me.
I could feel him in me. Slithering around, making his way up my stomach, up into my chest, and finally resting in my
breasts. I could feel him coil up and lay down in my chest. I grasped my breasts and squeezed, feeling him inside of
me. Then I felt a part of his lower body branch off and make it’s way down my ass. I could feel it getting larger and
larger, and by the time it reached the opening of my asshole, it was the circumference of a baseball.
The same started to happen with my pussy. It swelled to the same size and the tail began to play with my clit.
I was in ecstasy heaven. Both of my holes were being stimulated as well as my tits and my clit. I was shaking all
over. Then, to add even more, I felt everything begin to vibrate.
My breasts, my asshole, my pussy. The whole thing was vibrating.

I just could take it anymore. I began to writhe in orgasm. My whole body was shaking and moving. My pussy felt like
it was on fire. The orgasm lasted a good 2 minutes before the tremors began to subside. The vibrating began to slow
to a small buzz. I felt it start to move out of my chest as it began to retract in my ass and pussy, getting smaller.
Finally, it was out of me completely, and, with a quiet slither, disappeared out of the room. I looked up to see the tail
disappear around the doorway and a large shadow appear again.

Then I heard a faint whisper.
“I love you, Mom.”

With these soothing words, I layed back down and closed my eyes, the words resonating in my head.

I awoke. It was daylight. The door was open and light flooded the room. I moved my legs and felt something wet.
I threw the cover off and saw that the sheets were soaked.
“Wow,” I thought, “That must have been a real wet dream. My pussy is still wet even.”
I quickly closed the door and began to change the sheets. I put on a nice push-up bra and G-string then a nice thin
white tanktop and jean short shorts. Once the sheets were changed, I opened to the door and headed downstairs.

Yesterday was Daniel’s 14th birthday. He had had some friends over and they stayed the night downstairs while I
slept upstairs. Reaching the bottom of the steps, I greeted the boys.

“Hey guys, you sleep ok?” I asked them.
“Yep!” they replied.
“Good,” I said, with a smile.

The boys stayed for about an hour more then started to file out the door. Once the last one left, we waited until the
car turned at the end of the road then closed the blinds. “About time,” I said while starting to take my top off. Daniel
already had me from behind, caressing my breasts. I let out a moan and turned around. Our lips embraced as we
made our way to the couch. He started to take off his clothes while I pulled off my shorts and panties. Once we were
both naked, we layed down on the couch and started to make love.

This session was really good. I could feel him pumping in and out of me while my pussy squeezed on his cock.
“I missed you last night,” I said, “So did my pussy. It was very lonely.”
“Well,” he said, “Am I making up for it now?”
I smiled and grabbed my breasts as I closed my eyes. “Oh…very much so, baby. You’re making your mother very
happy right now.” We were doing the missionary position and I had my legs up in the air, enjoying it fully, his cock
thrusting in and out of me. I leaned up and whispered, “Hey, babe, wanna stick it in my ass?”
“Only if you lay face down. I like it that way.”
“I know,” I said with a smile.
He pulled out of my pussy and I turned over, stomach down on the couch.
“Your ass looks great, Mom,” he said, caressing it.
“Thanks, sweetie. It makes me feel good when you say stuff like that.”
He dipped down and positioned his cock in front of my ass. Then I felt him push forward. His cock slid perfectly into
my ass crack. Then I felt him push at my asshole and enter it. I gasped.
“Be careful, baby,” I said, “My asshole hasn’t quite warmed up yet. Take it slow at first, k?”
He nodded and started to thrust in and out of my ass. It felt great. I reached down with my right hand spread my
pussy lips while playing with my clit. My breathing became heavy and I started to moan.
“Oh yea, baby. Keep pumping that cock into Mommy’s ass. It feels so good.”
He began to thrust deeper and harder. In, out, in, out. I felt him take his right hand and grab my breast, squeezing
while he slammed his cock in and out of my ass, over and over.
Then, I couldn’t take it anymore, and neither could he. We both started to cum at the same time.
His strokes into my ass became slower as I felt his cum shoot into me. My body was shaking as my pussy became
really hot as it also began to shake.

So there we were. Mother and Son. Writhing in orgasmic ecstasy together.

Finally, our orgasms started to subside and quiet down. Then we quietly began to get dressed again. I sat up and
slid my panties back on, sliding them up my ass crack and covering the asshole that was now filled with my son’s

It had been about 1 week since I found out I was pregnant with my son’s child. I still wasn’t sure how to feel about it,
or quite what to do. I didn’t want to abort it, that’s for sure. I had been meaning to ask Daniel what his thoughts were.
In fact, I should probably do that now….


I sat next to Mom while we got dressed. I watched as she slid her panties on, snuggling up cozily to her damp warm
pussy. I had started to put my underwear back on when Mom turned to me and said “Hey, sweetie?”
“I want to talk to you about the baby.”
“Uhh, ok. What do you want to talk about?”
“Well, everything. Do you think we should keep it?”
“Of course. I don’t want to abort it. We’ll keep it and raise it.”
I moved closer to Mom and set my hand on her thigh, slightly squeezing and rubbing it.
“I also had an idea about the baby that I wanted to run by you.”
“And what would that be, honey?”
“What if it was a girl?”
“What do you mean?”
I smiled and moved me hand up her thigh and rested it on her panties, cupping my hand around her pussy mound.
“Well, if it was a girl, and we raised her….do you think I would be able to fuck her too? When she gets older?”
Mom smiled and bit her lip.
“Fuck your daughter? The daughter you had with your own mother?”
She spread her legs partially and thrust her crotch forward slightly.
“You’re a pervert, you know that?”
But then, with a smile, she said “But that’s what I love about you.”
Then, she leaned in and gave me a nice long kiss.

Part 2: An Interesting Development

2 months had passed now, since Mom’s impregnation. Things had been going along normally. Our sex life was still
fantastic and Mom had been feeling fine. She had been checking into different pregnancy details, mainly to find out
when she could get an ultrasound to find out what the gender of the baby was.

I opened my eyes. I was in bed. Mom’s bed. I turned over to see her laying there, naked, voluptuous and beautiful.
I blinked. Today was the “Bring your Kid to Work Day” at Mom’s office. Mom wanted me to go into work with her and
see how her days went. I snuggled up to Mom and ran my hand down her side, resting it on her ass cheek.
“Mom,” I said, “Time to wake up.”
She groaned and stretched. As she did so, she turned over to face me. “Oohhhh. Good morning, sweetie,” she said,
wrapping her arms around my head as I looked down at her. “How’s my lover this morning?”
“Great,” I said, “I get to wake up to your beautiful face everyday.” I brushed her hair behind her ear. “And your
beautiful body.” I ran my fingers from her cheek, down her neck, between her breasts, across her stomach and rested
them on her pussy mound. “Of course I’m great.” She smiled, leaned up and gave me a quick kiss. “You have no
idea how much I love you, baby.” With that, she got up from bed and headed for her dresser.
I sat and watched as she got out various articles of clothing and started to put them on. I watched as she put on a
pair of stockings, rolling them up her thighs. I watched as she got out the set of blue panties with a heart on the front
and slid them up her legs until they hugged her pussy tightly. I watched as she got out a black lace bra and slid it
on so it was cupping her perky breasts. She looked at me. “Don’t just lay there. You have to get dressed too.”
“Oh, right!” I sat up and went to my room to change.

Once I was done, I walked out and saw Mom in her room, putting on her shoes. I walked in and saw her wearing her
normal office wear. But beneath, I knew all the intimates she was wearing. The clothing that was snuggling up
against the private areas of Mom’s figure that I had caressed the night before.
And the night before. And the night before.

“You ready?” I asked.
“Yea,” she said, standing up, “Let’s go.”

Mom’s office was a couple miles away from our house. When he got there, we saw a bunch of other employees with
their kids following them around. And that’s how a majority of my day went. I followed Mom everywhere as she
showed me how her day progressed. A majority of her day was spent in her office, which she showed me after a
meeting that a bunch of other parents and kids attended. Her office was decently spacious and well furnished.

Mom took me over to her desk. “Sit here,” she said, pointing to one of the chairs in front of the desk. While I sat
down, Mom went over to the door, locked it, and walked back to the desk. She went behind the desk, opened a
drawer, and pulled out a pair of panties. Walking back around to the front of the desk, she said “Watch this…”
She then proceeded to sit on her desk, facing me, and then removed her shoes. She then removed her panties from
underneath her skirt and put her feet up on the desk. This gave me a nice, open view of Mom’s pussy between her
spread legs. Then, leaning back, she began to rub the panties against her pussy. “You ready?” she asked.
“I suppose,” I replied. She smiled, then began to shove the panties into her pussy. With each push, the panties were
driven deeper and deeper into her. Finally, they were all the way in, not even giving any appearance that she had
anything in her vagina at all. “Now fuck me in the ass,” she said, pulling off her skirt. I walked over to her and pulled
down my pants. I had already had a raging hard on. Pulling Mom towards me by her legs, I positioned my cock in
front of her inviting asshole and leaned in. Her asshole was warm and tight. Mom laid back all the way on her desk,
sighing. Then I went to town, thrusting in and out of my mother’s ass, feeling her constrict and relax as she flexed
her ass muscles. “Don’t stop,” she whispered, “I think I’m gunna cum….” I thrust deeper and harder after hearing
this, and began to rub my fingers over Mom’s pussy. I spread her vaginal lips and massaged her clitoris with one
hand, and reached the other up to her clothed breasts and squeezed them. Then I felt Mom’s asshole tighten around
my cock and hold it in place. While she came, I went crazy on her clitoris and shoved a couple fingers into her
pussy,feeling the panties inside. Once she was done, she said, “Alright, baby. Fill up my ass. Shoot that load deep
into me.” Those words sent me over the edge. My thrusts slowed as I shot stream after stream of cum deep into my
mother’s ass. “Ohhhh,” she moaned, “I can feel it inside of me.”

Once I had finished, I pulled out and put my pants back on. Mom took her panties and put them back on. Her panties
were still stuffed deep into her pussy and my sperm was still far up her ass, but she put her panties back on anyway.
She put her skirt on afterward and then stood up. “I’ll take my lunch and drive you home,” she said, walking to the
door, “No need to stay around here. My work is boring anyway.”

She winked at me.

It was around 6 that Mom finally got home from work. She walked in the front door, sat down on the couch and turned
on the TV, taking off her shoes as she did so. “Long day?” I asked. “Sort of,” she said, taking off her vest leaving just
her white blouse on top. I sat down next to her and watched some TV. I rested my hand on her thigh while she leaned
her head against my shoulder.
“So,” I said, “Any new progress with the baby?”
“In a way,” she replied, “The doctor says that it’s looking healthy so far. No impairments or problems.”
“That’s a relief,” I said, rubbing Mom’s thigh, “Are they going to know that the baby is ours?”
“That’s the thing,” she said, “I’m still trying to figure out how to keep our relationship off of the radar.”
Then she took her head off of my shoulder and sat straight. “That reminds me….I almost forgot. My work is having a
one month retreat. Me and a lot of the team have to go to this thing over in Manhattan. They just told me today.”
“When is this going to be?” I asked.
“About 6 days from now, she replied, “When July starts.”
Nothing much was said for a while, then Mom continued. “Do you think you can cope for a month? On your own?”
“Of course I can,” I replied, “Daniel Jr. might miss you though.”
“Is that so?” Mom asked, rubbing her hand over my crotch, “Well, I’ll make sure he gets treated very well before his

She then pulled off her skirt, revealing her thigh highs and panties. “Remember those panties I got out of my desk?”
Mom asked. “Yea….” I said. She took off her panties, revealing her pussy lips. Then, reaching her fingers into her
pussy, she began to pull out the panties. “No way,” I said, “Did you not have to pee all day or what?”
“Well,” she said, continuing to pull the undergarment out of her vagina, “I really do now, which is why I decided to
finally take it out.” She finally had the pair all the way out. She took it in both hands and presented it to me.

“Here you go,” she said, “When I’m not around. To use however you wish. All yours. Just ask me if you ever need
them ‘refreshed’. Now I have to go. Bad. “She got up from the couch and ran over to the bathroom, closing the door
behind her. I was left sitting on the couch, damp panties in my hand. I brought them to my nose and inhaled.
My heart raced. I lowered them and gazed back at the bathroom door. The room was strangely silent.

Part 3: Hiatus

I awoke. Mom was sleeping in front of me, her naked back exposed. I had regained consciousness quite suddenly.
It was peculiar. I sat up and blinked my eyes a couple times, becoming fully awake. I went downstairs and walked up
to the living room window. The sun was just peeking up over the horizon, shining its light on the house next door.
It was a house that had been for sale for the past couple months. It was a prestigious place. A little bit too fancy for
this neighborhood, in fact. A large U-Haul was parked in the driveway Sex hikayeleri while a moving team was taking boxes into the
house. I suddenly felt Mom’s breasts press into my back as she wrapped her arms around me from behind.
“Someone’s finally moving into that house?” Mom asked. “It appears so,” I replied. We just stood there for a while we
watched the truck being unloaded. Then a man wearing a suit exited the house and began talking to the workers.
A woman followed soon after him. As soon as I saw her, I was entranced.

She looked to be in her early 30s. She was wearing a red dress that showcased her unbelievable cleavage and
stopped just short of her beautiful, curvaceous ass. She approached the man and spoke a few words to him.
He seemed to ignore her which caused her to speak again. The two then appeared to get in a small argument which
ended when the man walked over to a BMW and got in. He then drove off down the street to work, I assumed.
“Hmm,” said Mom, watching the saddened woman walk back into the house, head bowed. “Looks like you may have
something to keep you busy while I’m gone.” “You can’t be serious,” I said, watching the woman’s toned legs as she
rounded a corner in the house and disappeared from view. “It’ll be a challenge,” said Mom, placing her hands on my
shoulders, “You have to sleep with that woman before I get back from my retreat.” “Or what?” I asked. “Or else I won’t
let you fuck our daughter.” “What?” I said, “Our daughter?” “Yep,” Mom said, “It’s a girl. Found out yesterday.”
I stared at the house across the street before turning back to Mom.
I placed my hands on her ass and gave her a kiss.
“You’re on.”

The day had come. Mom had to leave. I was to be alone for 30 days. No sexual output, unless I acted on Mom’s
challenge. I was able to fuck Mom before she left in the morning. It was nice knowing that I had sent her out with a
pussy full of my cum. But then she was gone. Down the street and around the corner, and I was alone. To skip all of
the boring stuff, I’ll just talk about my goal.
Fucking my neighbor.

A few nights after Mom had left was the first progress that had been made. I had been watching the house as often as
I could. Everything seemed to be normal for the first couple of days. The man and woman would leave in the morning
for work. The woman would get home first at around 5 and then man at about 7. A 2 hour period where the woman
was home alone. So far so good.

But then, on the 3rd night, things started to happen. The man had gotten home and I could see the two of them
arguing through the large kitchen window. After about a minute of this, the man left the house in a fury and got back
in his car. The woman followed him out and watched him drive away from the open doorway. She sat down on the
doorstep and vacantly stared down the street.

This is when I made my first move.

I left the house and walked across the street. As I walked up their driveway, I called to the woman. “Hey,” I said.
She looked over at me as I walked towards her. She started to stand up but I put my hand out, signaling her to stay
seated. “Are you alright?” I asked.
“Did you have to see that?” she replied.
“Not have to, but I did,” I said.
“I am so sorry. Which house are you in?”
I pointed straight across the street.
“It won’t happen again,” she said, “I’ll make sure of it.”
“It’s fine,” I said, sitting down next to her, “I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”
She smiled. “How very thoughtful of you.”
“So,” I said, staring down at their lawn, “Where’d you two move here from?”
“Upstate. My husband got a position here in the city so we had to move closer.”
“Your husband, you say? How long have you two been married?”
“About a year now. It wasn’t always like this you know…” She was also staring at the lawn as she faded off.
“What’s been causing this strain then?” I asked.
“The job, I think. It’s only been over the past few months that he’s been so short with me.”
“Short with you?” I asked with a grin. I was treading on very risky ground with a joke of this caliber, but it seemed to
go over better than I originally thought. She laughed slightly.
“In more than one way, I guess you could say,” she replied with a smile, “He just hasn’t been himself. And I don’t
know what to do.”
I placed my hand on her back. It rested on her dress strap right below her left shoulder.
“Well,” I said, “If you need anyone to talk to, I’ll be across the street. My mom is going to be gone until August, so
feel free to come over at anytime, ok?”
“Thanks for the offer,” she said.
I stood up and walked back over to the house. From inside, I surveyed her movements. She got up and went back

I could see her, standing in front of the island in the kitchen. She took her right hand and placed it on her left
shoulder, right above where I had put mine. Then she lowered her touch to right above her left breast, where her heart
seemed to be. I squinted, thinking. Then she disappeared from my vision and the lights soon turned off as well.
An interesting night to say the least….

The next event of interest happened the following night. I was watching TV at around 5:30 in the evening. The sun was
just going down over the horizon. I was flipping through the channels when someone knocked at the door. I turned my
head and looked outside. There was only one car in the driveway across the street. And it wasn’t the husband’s.
I got up and answered the door. It was her.
She was wearing some relaxed jeans and a sweater with a knitted jacket.
Casual, laidback. Not her usual elegant style.

“Cold?” I asked.
“Kind of,” she said with a smile “Can I come in?”
“Sure,” I replied, stepping aside.
She walked in and looked around.
“Nice place,” she said.
“Thanks,” I replied, “Nothing compared to your enormous mansion across the street though.”
“That place isn’t as majestic as it appears,” she said, “It’s too big. Too cold. Lifeless.”
“I see,” I said, looking back at the living room, “Well, I was just watching some TV. Would you like to join me?”
She smiled. “That sounds fantastic.”

The next 2 hours were some of the most enjoyable I had had since Mom left. While sitcoms played on the screen,
almost ambient, me and the woman chatted about our lives. I found out that her name was Jennifer. We talked about
our interest and hobbies and everything in between. The chemistry between us was fantastic. Eventually, we got to
the topic of sex. She told me that she actually had sex with a girl in high school first, before legitimately losing her
virginity in college. I asked her if she still had feelings for females. She replied, “….Occasionally.” I smirked. She then
asked me about my sexual preferences. I told her that I tried my best to be a ladies’ man. She perked right up once I
said this. She replied that I was indeed a charmer and wanted to know if I was still a virgin. I told the truth.
She smiled and placed her hand on her face. “Interesting,” she said.

Before long, she decided to head back across the street. She slipped in that she would be “over again soon” before
returning home.

It wasn’t but 8 days before my challenge was completed.
It was the next night. The one after our little life story exchange. I was standing in the kitchen, fridge open in front of
me, when I heard a knock on the door. I turned around and approached the living room window. Just her car.
I walked over to the door and opened it.
She was wearing the same red dress she was in when I first saw her. Her hands were behind her back.
“Mind if I come in?” she asked, then displayed what she was hiding. Two wine glasses in one hand, and a bottle of
champagne in the other. “Make yourself at home,” I said, stepping aside.

“So therefore…she would want to go out with me right?” Jennifer asked. “Possibly,” I replied, “If I was in a situation
like that, I don’t know if I would have dropped a line like that though.” She nudged me slightly on the shoulder.
“Oh whatever, I’m a charmer.”
“You’re spot on there,” I said, “But that’s a pick-up line that would have to be handled properly, even by someone of
your caliber.” “I’m honored,” she replied, setting her 4th glass of champagne down on the coffee table, “But she was
already a lesbian anyway. And I wanted to experiment. Don’t you think I look fuckable?” “100%. But that line was just
so….gah!” I made an incredulous face and she gave me a snide face. “Yes, well, I never got to sleep with her,” she
said, picking up her glass again and taking another sip,
“So I just went home and fucked my sister.”

I nearly choked on my drink. “Come again?” I said. “I went home and had sex with my sister,” she said. “I wanted to
experiment so I decided to just try out both sides of the spectrum at the same time. Lesbianism and incest.”
“I’m surprised,” I said, “You don’t seem like the type.” “We never do,” she replied. “People you’d never expect dabble
around in it.” “Too true,” I responded.
She gave tilted her head to the side and gave me an interested look. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“What do you think it means?”
“I think you’ve dabbled in it yourself.”
“In incest?”
Now here is where I decided to let me secret out. Jennifer seemed trustworthy enough.
“…I suppose that you would be correct.”
“I knew it! With who? Your Mom?”
“Kinky. How is she?”
“She’s fantastic. Knows all of the right moves.”
“Wow. What kind of stuff goes through your mind?”
“Well…it turns me on that I have unlocked the hidden, private side of her. You know, to be sticking my cock in the
very pussy that gave birth to me. To be sucking on the nipples that gave me sustenance as a baby. And then to lean
up and give her a kiss lasting longer than a couple of seconds. To be doing what I’m not supposed to, but she’s
letting me and enjoying it. It’s amazing.”
“That sounds so hot. I need to meet her.”
“You certainly should. But enough about me. Tell me about your first time. With your sister.”
“Well, I had come home from the party and was still a little buzzed. She was in her room which was right next to
mine. I peeked in and saw her laying in bed, the covers half covering her. I noticed her ass peeking through the
sheets. She was wearing polka-dot panties that were snug in her ass crack. I remember them vividly. Out of the blue,
I started to get turned on. At first I was kind of weirded out by this, but the alcohol did away with that pretty quickly.
I walked into her room and closed and locked the door behind me. I quietly snuck up on her bed and knelt down.”

It was at this point that I noticed that her nipples were so hard that they were perfectly visible through her dress.

“Her ass was right in front of my face. I leaned forward and gave her ass cheek a kiss. Then another. Then another.
I was so wet by this point that I just had to go further. I pulled the thong out of her crack and slipped my finger in.
I rubbed it across her asshole then pulled it out and sucked on it. She tasted so good. It was at this point that she
awoke and leaned up. She asked me what I was doing. I decided to take a chance. I leaped up onto the bed and
started kissing her. Full on. I think she was surprised at first but within moments she was enjoying it as much as I
was. I started kissing her neck and heard her whisper ‘I’ve waited for this for so long’.
And…well…the rest is history.”
As she finished her story, she also finished her 4th glass.

“Wow,” I said “What happened after that?”
“Well, I didn’t realize that my sister was a squirter. At one point, I was fingering her with her panties still on and she
came, soaking my hand and her panties. The next morning, we decided to start a routine. Every morning, we would
wear each other’s underwear from the previous day. So that way by the end of that night, our panties would be
soaked in each other’s juices. We would then swap, sniff the panties while we played with ourselves, then eventually
made love. After that, the next day, we would start fresh and repeat. It was great.
We bonded so wonderfully. But, after a while, she eventually found a man and married him and I did the same.
But neither of us regret our brief time we spent together. As sisters, madly in love.”
“….You have no idea how turned on I am right now,” I said.

She giggled.

“Jennifer?” I said.
“Yes, Daniel?” she replied.
“Would it be alright if I made love to you? Right now?”
She stared at me for a couple seconds. Her expression still the same as before I asked her the question.
“You know what?” she asked?
She then leaned forward and slowly connected our lips. It was a soft kiss. No head movement, just lips.
Then she disengaged and tilted her forehead forward to touch mine. I could smell her subtle flowery fragrance and
could see her amazing cleavage nestled in her dress.
“I think that would be just fine.”

Our foreheads still touching, I pushed her backwards, making ler lay down on the couch.
I slipped my hands behind her and grabbed her ass as I started kissing her neck.
While she moaned quietly, I could feel her grinding her crotch against mine. She was even more impatient than I was.
“Do you want me to just cut to the chase?” I asked.
“Yes,” she replied, “Our stories were foreplay enough.”
This being said, I started to get undressed and she did the same. Her body was very similar to Mom’s, more perky
though, yet didn’t have the prestige or grace of Mom’s.
They both had amazing thighs, tits and asses. Both ravishing women. Once we were naked, she lay back down on
the couch and spread her legs. I was about to lean in and make my move when she reached her hand up and
stopped me.
“Wait,” she said, “I have an idea.”
She got up from the couch, grabbed her clothes and walked over to the door. “Where are you going?” I asked.
“Follow me,” she said, “You can leave your clothes here.” She then opened the door and walked out into the night.
Confused, I followed her and saw her walking nude across my lawn. “Come on!” she called back.
“This is crazy!” I said, following her across the street to her house. “It’s 10:30,” she replied, “No one’s out.”
Eventually we made it into the house and into the kitchen. She threw her clothes down and said “I want you to fuck
me on the table.” “That table?” I said, pointing, “Is that the one you guys eat on?”
“Yes,” she said walking over to it, her ass cheeks facing me, “When he eats breakfast tomorrow morning, I want him
to be eating at the place where we fucked just hours before.”
“Speaking of him, where is he?”
“A late meeting. Won’t be home till after midnight.”
“Well, I don’t want to waste any time,” I said, walking over.
“This is where he sits,” she said, pointing to a chair. She sat up onto the table, right in front of the chair, and laid
back. “I’m ready.” I moved the chair away and grabbed her legs. The action was about to start right where his
breakfast would be the next day.I entered her slowly, but started in soon enough. She was fantastic.
It was all the small things. The biting of her lips, her expressions, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Her tits were perfect because they didn’t bounce a ton, just swayed slightly as I ravaged her pussy.
“What about a condom?” I asked. “I don’t care,” she said. “Impregnate me, if you want. I don’t mind.”
Then, almost too soon, it seemed, I let loose, deep inside her. “Oh….” she said, “…..fuck….”
Just whispers. I could tell she was coming too. Her pussy gripped me lovingly and wouldn’t let go. I laid down on her
chest as we both connected on a sensual level. I could hear her purring slightly as her thighs shook and vibrated.
She was in heaven, satisfied after so long of a hiatus. And then, finally, we were through. We had done it.
I slid out between her lips, which were reluctant to let me go. “That was….” she whispered, “…..incredible.
I needed that so badly.” “Glad to oblige,” I replied, “Now, I have a favor to ask.” “Anything,” she said.” “I need proof
that I fucked you,” I said. “To show my Mom.” “Sure,” she said, “How about I sign my panties and give em’ to you?”
“Sounds good,” I replied. She found a marker and Sikiş hikayeleri the panties she had been wearing. “What’s your Mom’s name?”
she asked. I told her and she started to write… “Your son is fantastic lover. I am incredibly jealous that you get to live
with that stud and come home to him each night. I look forward to meeting you sometime in the future. Jennifer.”
She followed this with a small heart and gave me the panties. “Good?” she asked. “Great,” I said.

Part 4: “I now pronounce you, Mother and Son.”

The day had come. Mom would return. Jennifer and I had fucked 3 times since our first, totaling 4 altogether. I even
had the privilege of being the first guy inside of her asshole. Always an honor, to be sure. At least I had a fuck buddy
to keep me company during the 30 day period. And, soon enough, the period was over. And Mom was back. She
pulled up in the driveway and got out. She was wearing one of my favorite blouses that revealed a devastating amount
of cleavage. I could also spot the pink bra which I admired so much. “Welcome back,” I said.
“Oh son….” she whispered and ran to me.
She pulled me in the house and closed the door. Within 30 seconds, we were both naked, and within 3 minutes, we
had both orgasmed. “Wow,” she said as I rolled off of her, “I needed that SO bad. It was excruciating not having your
dick in me each night.” “Tell me about it,” I said, “I missed my little princess and her sweet juices.”
I started making out with her pussy lips.

Then I remembered. I got up from the bed and walked over to the dresser. “Here you go,” I said, tossing her the
panties. She caught them and read the words written on them. “No way,” she exclaimed, “You did it?!” “Sure did,” I
replied. “Come to find out, she has played around in incest too. Her and her sister were lovers for a while.”
“No kidding?” she said, “I need to meet her.” “She said the same thing about you,” I said. I walked back over to the
bed and sat down. “So,” I said, looking at Mom’s stomach, “How is she coming along?”
“Very nicely,” she said, “Your new mistress is being constructed inside of your Mother’s womb as we speak.”

….Talk about a turn on. Within minutes I was cumming inside of Mom again.

“Mom, I have something to ask you,” I said. We were eating dinner at the table.
She was wearing nothing but a pair of panties, her usual household dress code.
“What is it, baby?” she said.
“Have you ever thought about getting married?”
At this, Mom stopped eating and stared at me. “….Wow….” she said, leaning back in her chair and sticking one
hand into her panties while the other groped one of her breasts.
“…Are you serious?” “Dead serious. Do you think something like that could work?”
“I’m sure we could figure some sort of work around. Oh man..” Her eyes rolled up into her head and she sighed. “My
son, becoming my husband. We would have our own rings. Holy shit, I am so turned on. This is an amazing idea.
I want to do it as soon as possible.”
“Get married?”
“How? I’m only 14.”
“Yea, I know. It’s possible.”
“Really? Do you think you could look into it?”
“Of course, sweetie,” she said, walking around the table and sitting on my leg, her moist panties throttling my thigh.
“I love you. So much. Not only is it fucking sexy to have you inside of me so often, but you’re a handsome young
man with a good heart. It would be an honor to be your bride, son.”

You can most likely assume what happened next.

6 months in now, and Mom was showing. She never ceased to impress me with her ever-growing maternity lingerie
wardrobe. Her hormones were off of the charts. Not very many mood swings, thank heavens. Lots of heightened
sexual activity though. Hey, I wasn’t complaining. Her sexual preferences were changing. She enjoyed being on top
more. Gave her more room and freedom. Plus, having her ever-growing womb right in front of me while I had my cock
buried deep inside of her was a massive turn-on.

She had started researching ways for us to get married. She was in a toss up between legally getting married as
mother and son, getting married using fake identities, or moving to a different town and claiming to be married.
The legal aspects were tricky, as it seemed to be practically impossible to get married as mother and son in any
town really. She didn’t want to forge an identity for me or herself. So the most plausible option would be claiming.
Yet claiming wasn’t the same as having her name and mine on a piece of paper. Mother and son, wife and husband.
Do their separate things during the day. Come home at night. Then make love.

One day, while we were sitting the living room, watching TV, she brought up a completely new topic.
“We should go visit my Mom,” she said.
“Michelle?” I asked, “Why?”

(It’s also important to note here, we never called my Mother’s Mother ‘grandma’. That is the only time I will use that
word here. We always have called here by name. It’s just how we’ve always done it. How I grew up with it anyway.)

“Well, she should know about the baby. And even more importantly, about us.”
“Why!? She’d go crazy.”
“I don’t know about that. She was always open to sexuality during her younger years.”
“I still don’t know. Wouldn’t that be weird? Telling her about us?”
Mom stared at me for a moment.
“I just had an idea.”
“Ok, once we started fucking, your outlook on me changed right? I went from your mother to your lover.”
“Yes. Your point?”
“You have a new outlook on family, right?”
“Now that I’ve said that, visualize Michelle.”

“Holy shit.”

Mom had just planted an idea in my mind that certainly would never leave. I had never thought of fucking my mother
before, and I had certainly never thought of fucking Michelle, or even thinking about her as attractive.
But now that Mom had said it, she was onto something.

Michelle had turned 48 last year, so she might have been 50 at the time of this conversation. Last I had seen her, she
still seemed young and jovial. Along with Mom, Michelle was a single woman. Her husband had left a while back, and
since then she seemed to have been on the prowl. Taking guys home and hitting up the high-end restaurants and
clubs. From what I recall, she had brown hair, perky tits, a defined ass, and absolutely. incredible. thighs. Even had
some strong calves. Imagining myself between Michelle’s stunning, ravishing legs, pumping in and out of the vagina
that gave birth to my Mother while she holds onto my shoulders and begs for more….gave me an instant boner.

“So, we go visit her. Let her know about this and see what she thinks. And if she’s alright with it, I can try to seduce
her if I want to?”
“Sounds kinky, doesn’t it?”
“Oh, Mom….” I said, turning off the TV and sticking my hand into her panties, “You always have your son’s, or,
should I say, husband’s well-being on your mind, don’t you?”
“Us women need to look out for our men,” she said, spreading her legs and putting her feet up onto the couch,
leaning in towards me, our lips almost touching, “My womanhood belongs to you. You and no one else. My pussy is
yours. For now and for always. There will be no others but you. My son. My man. I will take are of you as a parent
and as a mistress. A guardian and a call-girl. A mother and a lover. I am yours. Forever.”
Then she kissed me.

I was lying in bed with the covers over me, Mom sitting next to me. She was wearing one of my favorite corsets with
her pair of panties that said “My Son’s Best Friend” on the front. You can find anything on the Internet if you look in
the right places.
She was painting her toenails a bright pink.
“So,” she said, “How do you think we should confront Michelle?”
“About what?” I replied, “About the baby or me fucking her?”
“Well, we should probably start from the beginning in great detail. I don’t think we should start our conversation with
‘We are mother and son and we fuck and will have a daughter soon’. We need to explain how we got here and how
happy we are. We obviously have perfect chemistry because we are family, and that carries over into our sex life.
The way we present it needs to soften the blow. Then, once we explain that, the baby shouldn’t be a problem. And if
she is ok with that, I feel that seducing her won’t be hard. Our story needs to be told first before I try to get into her
“That sounds good. I think you should probably start it with your side of the story, just because she wouldn’t be as
inclined to get angry at someone who isn’t her own child. I can take over with my explanation afterwards.”
“Doesn’t sound too bad.”
“Oh sweetie?” she said, blowing onto her toes to dry them, “Would you want me to try and put in a good word for
you? After we explain ourselves?
Might plant a thought in her head that you can act on.”
“If you want. It’s up to you.”

Mom swung her right leg over me and sat down on me cowgirl style, straddling my cock through the sheets and her
panties. She rested her hands on her thigh-highs and said “Damn right it’s up to me. I am your Mother after all.
I am still in control over you. You need to obey me.”She started grinding her pussy against my cock, the words
“My Son’s Best Friend” crumpling and straightening out with each slide up and down my dick.
“And I say……..that I’m going to make you cum through 2 layers of fabric. Without even being in my pussy.”

With great pleasure, I obeyed her.

Part 5: Michelle

The suitcases were packed and in the car. Our visit to Michelle was planned and ready to execute. She lived about
2 hours away so we called her and arranged a 1 week stay.
Mom made sure to pack my favorite outfits.

The trip felt relatively short. Probably because I fingered Mom most of the time. Her orgasms nearly crashed us on
occasion, but she begged for more after each one.

By the time we had arrived, Mom had made a damp spot on her seat from the 11 orgasms she had.
Michelle’s house was located in a suburb similar to our’s but seemed more high-end. Jennifer’s house wouldn’t have
seemed out of place here. Within seconds of pulling up, Michelle opened the door and walked out.

With my new perspective, I evaluated her.
She was wearing an amazingly tight black dress. Her breasts seemed to be about G sized, while her BWH looked to
be around 36-24-34.
Her ass was very defined while her legs……damn. Indescribable. Amazing, on the whole. Mom’s genes certainly
came from top grade female form.

“Hey, you guys!” Michelle said, walking over to us, “Long time no see!”
“Hey Mom,” Mom said, hugging Michelle.
“It’s been too long! Why didn’t you call sooner? And you’re expecting!?”
“Yes, yes. I’ve been….busy. Big business stuff, you know.”
“Of course, of course. Who’s the father??”
“Oh, no one you know.”
“A daughter after my own heart, I see. And Daniel…”
She gave me a quick lookover and I did the same to her.
My context was probably a tad bit different than her’s though.
Maybe I was emanating some sort of vibe or subconscious messages, but I could have sworn that Michelle’s tone
had gone ever so slightly sensual. “What a handsome young man he’s become! Man, guys, it really has been too
long! I haven’t seen you in forever. Grab your stuff and come in!”
Michelle walked back into the house. Of course, I had to do the obligatory ass examination.
Mom and I exchanged a look.

“Oh, just a date.”
“A date, Mom? With whom?”
“Oh…..just….a friend.”
“Do I know him?”
“Probably not.”
“Jeeze, Mom. You get around way too much.”
“Hey! Menopause hasn’t kicked in yet. And I wanted to have as much fun as I can until then.”

Mom and Michelle were hashing some things out downstairs while I unpacked upstairs. I couldn’t see them, just hear

“Fair enough, I suppose. When will this….guy… get here?”
There was a pause.
“Six. 20 minutes.”
“Ok, I need to talk to you. This is important.”

It was at this point where I expected Mom to call me downstairs and we’d execute our “plan”. Instead, their voices
trailed off as they walked into a different room. Strange. I didn’t want to go downstairs and interrupt though, so I
continued to unpack. Before long, thedoor bell rang and footsteps made their way to the door.
“….Continue this later.”
Then the door opened and I heard a male voice. The rest was incomprehensible until the door closed. Then more
footsteps up the stairs and Mom appearing in the door way.
“What was that all about?” I asked.
“Michelle’s gone. On her date,” she said, bending over, her jeans tightening around her ass.
“No, not that. What did you talk to her about for all that time?”
She looked at me while I was checking out her ass and winked at me.
“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

While she was saying this line, I approached her from behind and pressed my crotch against her ass. She looked
back towards me and gave me a sexy smirk. Let’s just say that Michelle’s guest bed got introduced to doggy-style
anal that evening.

That night, Mom and I were lying in bed, fast asleep. Something woke me up. At the time, I didn’t know what. But
looking back, it must have been the front door opening and closing. I sat up in bed and listened. I could hear Michelle
stumble up the stairs and into her bedroom across the hall. By the sounds she was making, I decided to go out and
make sure she made it safely to her bed, at least. I opened the bedroom door and saw her in the her room.
I bridged the gap across the hall to get a closer look.

She appeared to be drunk, stumbling around the room, attempting to remove her jewelry, shoes etc.
Why was she home so early?, I had thought. If she was on a date, wouldn’t she have gone to the guy’s house or at
least brought him here?
But no. She was alone. And seemed upset.

I walked into the room.
She turned towards me while trying to take off her bracelet with her teeth.
“Oh, Daniel! How great it is to seeeee you.”
She stumbled towards me, tripping slightly in her high heels.
“You alright?”
“Oh, just fiiiiiinnnee darling. Apart from being stood up, just fiiiinnee!”
“The guy stood you up?”
“Oh yeeesss. Took me to dinner, went to the ressstroom and never cammee back. So I drank a couple driinks and
came back here and fell into a deeeeeep slumber.”
With this, she tripped onto the bed and started giggling.
“Michelle, you need to get undressed and go to bed.” (I hoped a line like this might trigger something.)
“I can do that allllll by myself. Just go back to Mommy and have some more fun, will you?”
“It’s ok, sweetie,” she said, rolling around on the bed, “Your Mom told me all abouuttt it earlier.”
“That we…”
“Fuck? Oh yesss, sweetheart. All about it. And the baby, too.”
“You’re not upset?”
“Of course nott! Truth be told..” She hiccupped. “..Your Mother and I have had some….relations of our own in the
“…..Really?! You and Mom….”
“Mmhmmmmm”, she said, slipping off of the bed and to her knees, “Ever since she was 15.”
With these words, she reached for my boxers and pulled them down. I felt no need to object.
My dick was hanging in front of her face, semi-hard. But within seconds of her grasping it, it was 100%.
Looking up at me, she said “Do you mind?”
“Go right ahead.”

She took me into her mouth instantly. Her tongue was soft and her lips gentle as they ran up and down my shaft.
No need to linger here, as this just continued for 2 minutes until I came down her throat as she took me completely
into her mouth. Her gag reflex must have been non-existent.

“Mmmmm, so good,” she said, licking her lips, “Now, sleeeeeeeep.”
She snaked her way back onto the bed, dragging me with her. She collapsed once on it and passed out instantly.
I decided that I was fine where I was so I pulled up my boxers, maneuvered the covers onto Michelle then got under
them myself. I also fell asleep fairly quickly.

I awoke to that word. Erotik hikaye As I opened my eyes, I turned over to see Michelle staring at me, half a foot away.
“Morning,” I said.
“What’s going on?”
“You came home last night. The guy stood you up.”
“Yes, I know. I mean, what happened…..here?”
“Uhh. Well….let me ask you a question first.”
“….Ok. What?”
“What did Mom tell you yesterday?”
“….About….About you two….and your….you know.”

Whew, she didn’t just make it up.

“Ok, well, last night, you came home and I helped you into bed.”
“…That’s it? I sense there’s more.”
“…Do you want to know the truth?”
“You gave me a blowjob.”
“….I did? Really?”
“Yes, really. And you were amazing, if I do say so myself.”
She leaned back and gave me an inquisitive look. Certainly no angry or upset emotions.
“Wow. Thank you, I suppose.”
“You’re welcome.”
A moment of silence….
“So, did Mom tell you about my intentions?”
“What intentions?”
“To try to make love to you.”
Another inquisitive look. I was amazed at how well she was taking this.
“No. Didn’t tell me that. Just about you two and the baby. Must not have had time before I left.”
“Ahh, I see.”

Another bit of silence…

“Well,” she said, “Do you still want to?”
My heart skipped a beat.
“Of course. You’re an indescribable woman who I would love fuck.”
She smiled.
“I’m honored. Well, I’m down if you are. Help me get out of this dress.”

She turned and presented her back to me. I unzipped the back of her dress as she slipped it off of her shoulders.
She stood up and pulled her dress down. Past her chest, over her breasts, down her stomach, over her ass before
finally collapsing down her legs.
She wasn’t wearing any under garments.
She turned and displayed her body to me.

Amazing breasts. As firm and perky as Mom’s. Almost similar in every way.
Cute pussy with a thin layer of hair on her prominent pubic mound above sexy, shaven lips.
And her legs. Her legs…..I still can’t describe them.

“Wow. I’m speechless.”
“Your Mom did say that you were sweet,” she said, crawling back into the bed, “And she’s right.”
Our connection was fantastic. It’s like we had known each other all of our lives and were right in the middle of a
multiple year relationship. She laid on her back and spread her legs. The fantasy that I had previously now took place
almost exactly as I had imagined. My cock slipped into her pussy with ease. She might have been old, but her body
refused to show it. She might have been 49 or 50, but she looked and talked like a young, fruitful 30 year old. But it
was still obvious that she had years of experience. Her moans, sighs, gasps, pants, cries, yells, whimpers, groans
and hums were some of the most erotic sounds I’d ever heard. Definitely on par with Mom. Her pussy was out of
this world. The amount of control it had was devastating. It felt like it was living, breathing and squeezing in time with
my thrusts. We both came after a solid 5 minutes of fucking. We tried to hold out, but we couldn’t stop driving each
other crazy with all of the “small things” we’d do. I shot deep into Michelle while she sighed repeatedly, short of
breath. Her orgasm seemed very subtle and delicate compared to the way she fucked. Maybe there haven’t been
many guys to get her to this point before.
“Ugh……wow,” she said as I rolled off of her, “I haven’t felt like that in years. Mom said you were good, but I didn’t
think anything like that….”
“You were incredible, yourself. That orgasm was pretty cute.”

She blushed.

“Well, well, well.”
Michelle and I turned towards the doorway where Mom was standing in a see through babydoll.
“You guys didn’t wait for me, eh?”
“Oh, dear,” Michelle said, standing up, “Don’t be so selfish. What better way to warm-up than an intimate one on
one session?”
“Oh, I suppose,” Mom said.
“Plus, you’ve been fucking him for ages. Tell you what,” she said, laying her hands on Mom’s shoulders, “We’ll go
out on the town today. See the sights. Meet some of my friends. Get some of the best food. And then, when all of
that’s said and done, we’ll come back here. And have a threesome.”

“Oh, Mom,” Mom said, hugging Michelle, “You know just how to make your daughter happy.”

And what a time we had. Michelle knew all of the places. Sightseeing, elegant movie theaters, luxurious restaurants
with friends and a homey ice cream parlor to bring the evening to a close. Throughout the day, I checked out these 2
women to my heart’s content. To my utmost joy, they would bend over often for an amazing view of cleavage or a
tight ass in jeans or a skirt. Some of the more sensual ones were when they interacted with each other. The most
memorable being when we were on a crowded bus heading for the downtown district. The poles on the bus for people
to hold on to were about 2 feet away from each other. Since the bus was so crowded, Mom and Michelle decided to
find some space between two of these poles. Their ass cheeks wrapped around the poles while their proximity to
each other pressed their breasts together.
Absolutely unreal.

But eventually, the evening had come to an end and it was time to return to Michelle’s house. My excitement to fuck
these two women at the same time could hardly be contained. They seemed to be just as, if not more excited than I
was. When we got home, we went upstairs and into Michelle’s bedroom. They told me to get undressed and lay on
the bed while Mom went into the guest room to change. While she did that, I had the pleasure of watching Michelle
change into a white satin chemise right in front of me. Soon after Michelle was done changing, Mom appeared in the
doorway. She was wearing a new corset that I had never seen before.
Black, tight around her torso which caused her breasts to look more voluptuous than ever before. To compliment this,
she had on a pair of thigh-highs, garter straps and satin gloves.
She looked like a goddess. A pregnant goddess.
Michelle walked over to her and hugged her. “Oh, darling, you look so beautiful. How come you never came to visit
me more often?” “Now that I think about it,” she said, looking her Mother in the eyes, “I have no idea.”
At this, she gave Michelle a quick 1 second kiss. Just long enough to be sensual. A perfect pre-cursor to the
explosive erotic event that was about to take place.

Without a word, they turned to me and started crawling up the bed. My heart was racing.
Mom started by kissing and licking my cock while Michelle made her way up to my face and started kissing me.
This was the first time I had kissed her. Very reminiscent of Mom, but she seemed to have her own style entirely.
Soon, Mom was flat out blowing me while Michelle was lying on top of me, breasts pressing into my chest while our
tongues danced in a sexual embrace. After a little while of this I stopped kissing Michelle and told her that I wanted
to eat her out. With great pleasure, she got up and turned around. Her ass, groin and pussy were hovering above my
head, ready for action. Without hesitating, she lowered her pussy to my mouth. I sucked, licked, kissed and tongued
her vagina ravenously. I could feel her rocking back and forth while I orally pleased her sensitive female areas. While
this was happening, I sensed Mom had stopped sucking me. But before long, I felt an all too familiar sensation as
she sat down on me, enveloping me in her pussy. Then I heard Michelle’s sexual noises stop, only to be replacing
by sucking noises and sighs coming from both women.
They were making out on top of me.

We naturally evolved positions multiple times. They both came about once every 3 minutes on average. I was trying
to hold out as long as I could but it was incredibly difficult. At one point, Mom was lying on her back while I ate her
out and Michelle rimmed me from behind. Then we rotated. Mom ate out Michelle while I made out with Mom’s
asshole. Then, before long, everything was different again. I was fucking Michelle missionary style, her legs going up
and over my shoulders while Mom was sitting on her face. The first time I came was in Mom’s asshole. I was doing
her doggy-style while she was lying on top of Michelle as they were making out. The second time was in Michelle’s
pussy. She was riding me cowgirl, while Mom was making out with me.

On and on it went. The sexual desire never stopped.
I had 3 orgasms by the end and Mom and Michelle probably had a combined total of 20.

We lay there, sexually exhausted. Mom was down near my cock after having finished blowing me while Michelle was
next to me, her breasts pressing into my side.
“That. Was. Amazing!” Michelle said, giving me a kiss, “I’ve never felt like that before in my life.
So exhilarating and…..” She looked at Mom. “….orgasmic.”
“Tell me about it,” Mom said, rubbing my cock, “Who knew my son would end up being such a hunk?”

Epilogue: 15 Years Later

“I’m home!” I said, closing the door behind me. Mom came walking down the stairs, wearing a sheer babydoll and
nothing else.
“Hi, honey,” she said, “How was work?”
“Tiring, but went by quick.”
“Oh good,” Mom said, wrapping her arms around me and giving me a big kiss, “You don’t need to work this
much, you know. With me retiring next year, we’ll have plenty of
income to keep up the place.”

Mom was 44 and I was now 29. She still looked sexy as hell and hadn’t lost any of her appeal. Simply aged. And
aged well. “Yea, I know. I guess you’re right. We shouldn’t be apart so much.”
“Damn straight. I am your wife. We can be together more than we are now and still be fine.”

Mom had found an incredibly hidden loophole deep in some state laws in an out-of-state small town. We were Mother
and Son and legally married, nearing our 14th anniversary.

“Anyway, dinner will be ready soon.”

I sat down and turned on the TV, flipping to a sitcom.
“Where’s Emily?” I asked.
“Upstairs, studying.”
“The big history test?”
“Yep. She says the whole class is fretting about it.”
“Hmm. I’ll see if I can set her mind at ease.”

I sat up and walked upstairs. Now that Mom and I were married, I had moved into Mom’s, or should I say our room
years ago. Therefore, Emily took my old room.

Emily was my sister and daughter. The child Mother and I had together. And she was gorgeous.
Growing up into a family shaped by incest, I knew everything about her down to the tiniest detail.
Her current bra size was 34D, impressive for a 15 year old. VERY perky tits too. Like her Mother, she had some
meat on her, but wasn’t fat. She just started growing pussy hair which Mom has been teaching her how to keep
maintained. Emily insists on keeping it trimmed.

I opened the door to her room and saw her sitting at her desk, on her laptop.
Her brown hair was in a short ponytail. She had on a tight tanktop, with no bra that I could see, and just a pair of
panties. She claims to enjoy wearing no bottoms….saying things like “Well, my brother enjoys looking at my ass.
Why not let him?” Whenever we have normal, everyday conversation she refers to me as her brother more often then
her father. However, when we fuck, it’s not uncommon to hear her cry “Daddy!”.

“Hey, sweetie,” I said, sitting down on her bed. My old bed.
“Welcome home,” she replied.
“How’s the test coming along?”
“Really fucking hard.”
She gave me a skeptical look.
“I don’t mind you using it in bed, honey. But try not to incorporate it in everyday speech. Will only hinder you in life.”
“Right, right. Anyway, yes, it’s hard.”
I placed my hand on her naked left thigh. “Want to take a break for a while?”
“You joking me?” she asked, flipping her laptop closed.
She turned towards me and jumped onto me, pushing me back onto the bed.
Making out with me was one of her favorite pastimes. She said that it was “the only enjoyable way to spend her free
time”. I certainly didn’t mind.
Our lips connected as she stuck her tongue deep into her mouth. She was more of a sexual fiend than I was. She
was getting me worked up fast so I disengaged and said “Take off those off and sit on my face. Get comfortable.
I’ll see if I can take your mind off of school.
“Without missing a beat, Emily slipped off her underwear and sat down on my face.
She surprised me by resting her asshole on my mouth first.

So there I was, lying down, giving my sister, my daughter, anal cunnilingus while she sat on top of me, moaning and
sighing in ecstasy.

My face fit perfectly between her petite ass cheeks. Although, it’s not like it was the first time it had been there.
“Oh, Daddy,” she said, getting off of me and lying down, “I want you in me right now. I need your cum.”
I turned and looked at her, her legs spread, pussy inviting me to jump in.
“Damn,” I said, getting undressed quickly, “I have a fucking sexy little sister.”
She grinned, filled with joy.

I moved on top of her and dipped my cock towards her vagina. She moved her legs up into the air, gripping my sides,
and whispered “Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.” I moved down and slipped into her tight little teenage pussy. She did a sort
of whimper/gasp combination as I started thrusting in and out. This is how she grew up. In a incestuous family. Her
father was her brother, married to his mother…her mother. She grew up with a sexual fascination towards both of her
parents. Nudity was a common thing around the house. Yet at the same time, Mom and I made sure to educate her
in the way all other families operated, so if she wished to stop the incest with her generation, she could.
That probably won’t be the case, however.

Her orgasms were always amazing. This one being exceptionally exciting. After a few minutes, she whispered in my
ear “I’m going to cum.”
I said ok and kept slamming in and out of her. It started with a few quiet “Oh god..”s but soon built into “Oh FUCK! I’m
I’m cummmminnngg! I’m cummi……..OHHH MY GODD!!!!!!!!!!!”. She hugged me tightly with both her pussy and her
arms. My daughter was a partial squirter. Her orgasms were always body-shaking and produced fluid.
I felt it coating my cock while she screamed in pleasure for a solid 10 seconds before taking a breath.
After 30 seconds, her orgasm ceased.
“Damn, sweetie,” I said, pulling out of her, “You sure know how to work your brother up.”
“You’re not going to cum in me?”
“Not today. I’d like to fuck Mom tonight. And you’ve gotten me ready for such a date. I’ll fuck you twice tomorrow,
alright? It’ll be Saturday.”
“Oh, I guess,” she said, putting her panties back on, “Thank you, though. That was amazing. You’re amazing.”
“No,” I said, giving her a little kiss, “You’re amazing.”

Mom rolled off of me and laid down next to me.
“Wow, honey,” she said, catching her breath, “You were fantastic!”
“Blame Emily,” I said, “She had another of her orgasms earlier.”
“Ahhhhh,” Mom said laying her head onto my chest, her breasts pressing into my waist, “That crazy little girl. So
exciting to see her grow up like this, no? So perky and full of life. And so fucking amazing in bed.”
I gave Mom an inquisitive look. “You been sleeping with her lately?”
Mom gave me a sly look. “Well, you left early this morning without giving me any attention,” she said, running her
hand down my stomach and to my now non-erect cock, cupping it in her hand.
“And I really needed my pussy eaten out.”

“Oh, Mom. You’re such a slut.”
“Don’t I know it. I even had an orgasm while I gave birth to you, baby.”

So there we were. Mother and Son, Wife and Husband, lying naked in bed, post-coital. Our daughter, my sister,
sleeping across the hall, eagerly awaiting the 2 sex sessions I promised her for tomorrow.

Michelle frequently visited the house. She’s gotten to know Emily very well, I must say.

Jennifer still lives next to us. However, her and her husband got a divorce because of the distance their jobs created.
Interestingly enough though, using the same trick Mom was able to discover, she married her sister, who also had
divorced her husband. They both live together across the street.

We had made it. We were happy. And I had a hot Mom and beautiful sister….a beautiful daughter to…..fuck……
whenever I felt like it.


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