A Three Day Trip to Submission Ch. 01


Reina is the love of my life. She is my companion. She is my friend. And she is my very own personal submissive slave. Not by my choice, mind you. She became my slave at her request. Punishments included when necessary, earned, or simply used as a frequent reminder of whom she has pleaded and begged me to become in her life and of her personal commitment to me as the result.

We were sitting on the sofa one Monday evening watching CSI Miami, our favorite show, when Reina suddenly put her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Would you be my Master for a weekend? Please say yes. I will do anything you want me to do. You can do anything to me that would please you. I will obey every command you give me instantly. I promise not to hesitate at any time, no matter what. Please, please, please make me your own personal slut slave and use me in any way you choose. We could both take Friday afternoon off from work and I could worship your cock for almost three days.”

Now, we have had many a day and/or night of Master/slave scenarios during the three years we have been together. We share a house in Upstate New York that is on ten acres of property and surrounded completely by a thick buffer of spruce, pine, maple, and oak trees. The driveway winds around in a wide arc going out to the main highway, so the house is virtually unseen by any traffic driving by our location. Even at night, with the outside lights on, you can’t see anything from the highway. This allows us great liberty when engaging in outdoor Master/slave fun and other similar activities. Playing outdoors and in the woods are two of my most favorite places for creating reality out of fantasy.

As an example from just a few weeks ago, I took Reina to the outer edge of the trees by the highway, and found a good sturdy 8″ thick limb that protruded in a near perfect horizontal angle from the trunk of an oak about seven feet off of the ground. I had taken her out there totally naked of course. I rarely ever allowed her to leave the house any other way but naked when we were playing with our special fantasies.

It was 3 o’clock on a warm afternoon and nearly the end of August. Before leaving the house, I had put wrist and ankle cuffs on her and had connected the wrist cuffs behind her back. It was nearly a quarter mile hike over a wide open field of deep grass and weeds before getting to the tree line at the front of the property. bebek escort I had also put a collar on her neck and I led her by a dog leash, naked, with her hands locked helplessly behind her, at a very slow pace out to the trees. I led her to the tree limb I loved to use in situations like this, unlocked her hands, and used soft nylon rope tied to each of her wrist cuffs to pull her arms straight above her and out to the sides. I didn’t secure the ropes at that moment. I just ordered Reina to hold her arms up in that position and not to lower them for any reason.

She was facing the road which was only ten feet away through the thick density of the trees. While she held her arms up, as ordered, I tied a long piece of rope to her left ankle cuff and ran it out and around the base of the tree from which the limb above her grew. I slowly pulled the rope tighter and tighter until her foot began to slide away from her body until it was about two feet from it’s original starting point and secured her in that position. I repeated the same to her right ankle and pulled her foot nearly two feet in the opposite direction and secured the rope to a tree about ten feet further to her right side. Now her legs were spread out in an impressively wide angle that gave me full view and access to her pussy and ass, which were also now spread open from the hard stretch Reina’s legs were doing.

I quickly began securing the ropes from each of her wrists to the overhead limb to stabilize her position before she fell over. When I was finished, her body formed an almost perfect “X”. She was held tightly but not overly so that might cause her any real pain should she remain in that position for any length of time. She new better then to ask me how long I was going to keep her in that position and I wasn’t about to tell her that it was going to be several hours. At least, until after the country rush hour that ran from 4 to 5 p.m. everyday as thousands of commuters made their way home from work in the nearby city only 15 miles away. Just a few miles past us is the beginning of a large number of residential communities that go on almost endlessly, one after the other, for about 10 miles. The speed limit on the four lane highway is 45 mph since it had very few straight-aways as it wound like a snake through this section of mountains.

We had a clear and easy view of every car istanbul escort passing by which was only 4-5 per minute at the moment. They were only ten feet or so away from us. In another hour, it would be fairly thick traffic which would last about an hour and a half before it quieted down once again. As for the people driving by, Reina was all but totally invisible. Unless you actually knew she was there you would not see her at all. The first time I tied her to this tree, I had gone out in the car and had driven past this spot several times. I didn’t see her during any of the passes I made, even when I was trying to see her. I thought I may have glimpsed her naked form once but I wasn’t actually sure that I had really seen her.

To help me identify her exact location, I put a three foot long thin metal stake in the ground alongside of the road directly in front of the spot where Reina was doing her free naked display for the world to see. Knowing exactly where to look, I could see her shadowed form as I went by at the speed limit but I could see her very clearly when I drove by slowly. At ten miles per hour I could see her nipples and the slit of her shaved pussy. Only an accident was going to slow down traffic enough for that kind of view of her tied up body hanging from the tree and we haven’t had one of those in this area in years. But, you never know, do you???

After I had finished securing her to the tree for today’s fun and games, I decided to make several additions to enhance her experience. The first thing I did was to place a lawn chair in front of her and sat down to enjoy her naked display for a while. I had both my Nikon digital camera and my Sony Handycam with me. After staring at her in silence for about 10 minutes and watching her squirm and twist in what she knew was a useless effort in getting free, I began to take a number of still pictures of her body action. Every time she twisted or turned into a new position of attempted escape, I snapped a high resolution picture.

When I casually mentioned that these pictures were going to be well received on the internet, Reina froze in place and just stared at me in rigid unbelieving silence. I immediately reminded her that I had not given her permission to speak for any reason so she did succeed in maintaining her silence though I knew without a doubt that she had plenty to say to beyoğlu escort me about the pictures and the internet.

Just to fuel the fire a bit more, I added that I needed about 50 more close-up shots of her tits, ass, and cunt to show some of my friends. I reassured her that her face would not be in the pictures. No enough of it to easily identify when showing the pictures to anyone who might know her. She came close to breaking the silence rule at that moment but thought better of it and kept her opinions to herself…..for the moment anyway. When I finished up with all the pictures that I wanted to take, I set up the video camcorder on a tripod about 8 feet to the rear and left of her so that both she and the passing cars on the road were the center of the film action. Her entire body filled the viewer with the road as a nice background. With the camera turned on, I completed the final setup for Reina’s movie debut.

I pulled out two very large shiny silver electric eggs from my camera case and sat down on the ground directly in front of her. I thoroughly licked the first egg to get it wet and, using one hand to spread apart the lips of her pussy, slowly pushed the egg until it finally disappeared into her with just the electric cord coming out of her cunt hole and down to the battery case with the three level speed control.

The second egg, which was only one inch in diameter instead of the two inch wide egg which was now lodged way up inside of her slippery wet vagina, was going to go into her ass hole. Again, I licked it and got it really wet with saliva and slowly but steadily began pushing it up her hershey highway. Getting past the sphincter was a lot more difficult than getting it into her pussy. When it was about three fourths of the way in, it suddenly shot up inside of her like it was sucked up by a high powered vacuum cleaner. Reina moaned a bit as the egg shot into her rectum.

My finger followed right behind the egg and pushed it into her as far as the length of my first digit would allow. Now there was a thin cord coming out of each of her holes. Without ceremony or suspense, I turned both eggs on to high vibrate which immediately had Reina dancing and twisting once again. She was dancing to the pleasure of stimulation rather then to the fear of the restraints this time.

Without any further words or actions, I picked up the camera case and walked back to the house. I left her there dancing to the tune of the vibrations and as the subject of my video camera. The passing traffic, not too many feet away, just added to her emotional and sexual arousal. I planned on leaving her there for two hours but she didn’t know that yet.

(to be continued)

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