A Trip In The Bush Ch. 04


After Master was finished with me on the picnic table we went down to the lake for a refreshing dip in the lake. The cool water on the tender skin felt wonderful, a welcome contrast to baking in the sun. I grabbed one of the air mattresses to relax and bob on the water. Master felt it necessary to tether my ankle to the dock as to not float away. Perhaps a good thought, as I was sure I might drift off to sleep, and thus drift off down the lake. Master in turn chose to sit up on shore and read his book. A relaxing afternoon it was.

Later in the afternoon, Master decided he wanted to eat a bit earlier today, he had plans. I was somewhat surprised, curious as to what these plans were. It was very rare that Master would play twice in one day, although, I was jumping to conclusions assuming it was another scene he was referring to. Perhaps he was planning on going fishing.

I set to work in the kitchen preparing the food. It was to be a stir fry this evening. Just as I finished getting all the vegetables out of the fridge to start chopping, Master came around the corner, with butt plug in hand.

“Girl, I think it would be a much more interesting meal if you were, let me see, a bit more distracted,” he laughed. He enjoyed the slow, monotonous torment. My heart was sinking, because to wear that thing while preparing his meal would be difficult. I have done it before but honestly I have never liked it much. Then his other hand came out from behind his back holding the vibrating egg. I stopped dead in my tracks. What is he thinking? Does he not want to eat tonight?

He extended his hand with the egg, “this should make for a really interesting dinner, don’t you think girl?” He was still laughing, he was enjoying this just a bit too much for my thinking. “Bend over girl.”

I obeyed and bent over. Really there was not much use in protesting, the only thing that would get me would probably be a gag, and then I would be drooling in the food. “Oh thank you Master, you are so thoughtful and creative.”

“You’re starting off with sarcasm right off the bat girl? Oh, you are making this even more fun. Keep it up girl! I’ve got other little surprises for you in the next hour.” With that, and one push, he had inserted the butt plug. I screamed at the suddenness of the invasive torture device, I guess that is what I get for the sarcastic comment. Usually he would go slower. He would give my hole a chance to prepare for the intrusion except for in punishments or making a point. I got the point alright.

Next came the egg, this was easier to take as it would just slide in, like a baby chick returning to its nest. My hungry cunt would swallow it up and my muscles would clench to keep it in place. Using a strap around the thigh, he secured the little battery pack control and set it on low. Tolerable and should not distract me too much.

I turned to face him when he was finished. I placed my hands in the small of my back and looked up at him. “Thank you Master, you certainly do know how to keep things interesting in our lives.” I pursed my lips, hoping that I would get a kiss too.

“Oh, my girl, you are most welcome. If you think this is interesting, I think you will like the surprise that will come later on.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in closer to him. He kissed me, letting all the passion flow between us, until he pushed a little more on the plug, making it go deeper inside. I moaned at the mixture of pleasure and annoyance. He turned me around and I set back to work chopping vegetables.

Every five minutes, just when I was getting used to the level of frustration that the egg was creating in my cunt, he would come and turn up the notch on the intensity. It was making it a bit more difficult to concentrate on my task. He would also give another push on the butt plug. I do believe it was taking me double the time to prepare this meal. I could feel my cunt juices dripping down the inside of my leg. The third time he came by, after upping the level, he pressed his hard cock against me and he rubbed my clit. I dropped the knife on the counter and held on to it. “Girl, pick up that knife and keep working, I’m getting hungry.”

“But Master,” my voice was raspy, “I can’t concentrate on that. Surely I’ll cut myself with that knife.”

His voice was soft, but firm, “I said keep working.” He continued to inflict pleasure on me, and I worked hard to concentrate on my task. When I finally managed to slice another carrot he stopped the torment, increased the level one more and walked away.

It took me better than forty five minutes to finish making dinner. I had set the table and placed the pot in the middle. Unsure of what he expected, I told him dinner was ready and knelt on the right side of his chair. The egg was now vibrating at full speed and the butt plug was reacting and having its own little buzz going. It was getting more and more difficult to concentrate on Master and not my pleasure between my legs.

Master came in and sat çekmeköy escort down. “Good girl, I’m impressed. You did the right thing. Usually I tell you whether I want you to sit, stand, or kneel. This was good, as yes, this isn’t a relaxed time for you, and you will wait until I invite you to sit with me.” He kissed me on the top of my head and I waited.

Master was not one of those that believed their slaves belonged on the floor at all times. He enjoyed my company as we sat together for our meals. Usually it was a relaxed time, and I could move freely. It was only once in a great while, that protocol would come into play, and I was to kneel while he ate. If it pleased him, half way through, he would invite me to join him. Very rarely did it happen that he would feed me from his plate, or that I ate afterwards when I was cleaning up. I sat quietly on my knees and tried intensely not to fidget too much from the distraction.

Today was one of those rare times. He ate alone, quietly and I sat quietly by his side waiting patiently.

When he was finished, he pushed his plate back and reached down to turn the egg off. It was a welcome relief, “thank you Master.”

“Girl that was a most delicious meal you prepared. I am impressed with you, you did very well indeed. Do you remember that picture you came across on the internet, the picture of the girl, kneeling under the table with her head below her Master’s chair, eating her meal?”

“Yes Master, I do.” Oh no, I thought it was an erotic picture, but never thought it would happen to me.

“Well, I thought it might be rather interesting. Although we have no one to photograph it, I still would like to give it a go.” With that, he reached down and placed my plate below his chair. I looked up with him with the most pathetic eyes. “Oh yeah girl, you’re doing it.”

A heavy sigh and I crawled under the table and turning myself to face him. Slipping my head between his legs, and then between the first set of legs of the chair I was now face to face with my meal. My face grew hotter and hotter. I am sure I must have been ten shades of red by now. It was not often, but he did like to push the envelope on the humiliation, this one was a big push.

All I could do was stare down at the plate of food. It looked scrumptious in the pan. It smelled delicious while it was on the table. Down here, it lost some of its appeal. The tears started to well up in my eyes as I kept looking down at my plate of food. I knew that this was something he wanted me to do, and he would not let me go from it. He was a wonderful, fair Master, but he was also firm. When he wanted something, there was no changing his mind, except for if it would cause permanent harm. This was not one of those cases, so he will push me, until I do finally eat.

Why was I hesitating, that picture was erotic and illustrated so clearly the submission of that woman. Everything I claim to be to my Master. Big deal, so I am eating at floor level, like a dog. The tears started to spill over and fall on my plate. Ah good, I told myself, a little more taste added. This really should not be such a big deal. It is only humiliating if I make a big deal about it. I tried every which way to rationalize this in my mind. Finally the words came to me, the longer you wait; the colder it will be. Oh my god, my mother was talking in my head. I have completely lost it, but it was true. The longer I took, the worse it was getting. With that, I started to eat. I picked with my teeth a carrot.

With that first bite Master handed down a fork, “it’s about time girl, three more bites and you can come up here.” That did not take me long, now it did not seem like such a big deal. “Alright girl, you’ve earned the right to come and eat up here, although I’m sure your food is cold. Maybe next time you’ll start eating a bit quicker.” Next time? Did he really say next time?

He helped me up to my feet and to the chair. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissed him on the cheek, “thank you Master.” He knew, the thank you was all encompassing, for the push, for letting me up, for having me as his slave. With my tear streaked face, and a lingering flush from the humiliation I sat down and I felt again, something that I had forgotten about since I moved under the table. Oh yes, the plug and egg were still in place, I made sure to sit a bit more attentively. As I took a bite of my meal, Master sat back and enjoyed the last of his wine and the push that he had attained with me.

When all was cleaned up, Master called me to him. Obediently I made my way from the kitchen area to the living room. Master was sitting comfortable in the recliner, with the leash in hand. I gracefully lowered myself to my knees between his legs. I placed my hands in the small of my back, right over the left and lowered my eyes respectfully. He fastened the leash to my collar and with it pulled me closer to him. He kissed me tenderly on the lips, the nose and then on the forehead.

“Girl, cevizli escort remember your safety is my main concern. I had the most outrageous scenario come into my head this morning when I saw that hook on the beam outside. It will take quite a bit of patience on your part, as well as strength and stamina. I have all the confidence that you can do it.” With that he rose and walked me to the door and out on the deck.

We had eaten early enough, that there was still quite a bit of sunlight left to the day. Although the sun was now behind the cottage, it was a bit cooler on the deck now. It was enough of a slight chill to give me a few goose bumps and to firm up my nipples.

It seemed that he had been setting up during dinner preparation. There were ropes, chains, ball gag, blindfold, crop, paddle, flogger and clamps. And then, I saw the dreaded hook. My heart sank, he has used the hook a few times on me, and they have always been positive experiences, but for some reason, it still stirred a fear in me. Perhaps fear is not the right word, I do know that I still feel quite anxious and get a sinking feeling whenever I see it. And there it was, right in the middle of all the other toys, taunting me.

The four deck chairs positioned just below the hook, and there was a chain hanging down from the hook. He kept tugging at my leash it seems that I had stopped crawling as I surveyed the play area. Slowly I crawled up behind him. On all fours I was between and slightly behind two of the chairs.

“Alright girl, I want you up on the four chairs. You will remain on your hands and knees, with a knee, and a hand on each of the arms. You will have to be patient until I can secure you in place. Now up you go.”

He helped me crawl up on the two of the deck chairs, putting a knee on the arm from each chair. The deck chairs had wide arms, so that I could kneel easily. He tied my calves down to each arm. Next he helped me lean forward and place my hands down on the two arms of the other two chairs that were in front of the first two chairs. Pushing down on my shoulders I lowered myself onto my elbows and he then secured my forearms in turn. My ass was now much higher in the air, I tried to look over at my reflection in the windows but quickly a blindfold came down over my eyes. I was shut out in darkness, in my familiar, comfortable, little world of darkness.

I could feel rope wrapping around my upper thighs, the right side first. He wrapped around three times and then laid across my back. Next the left side, the same, three times around and then laid with the first rope. I could hear the rattle of a chain and then both ropes pulled up off of my back. He secured them to the chain, pulling it so that it was taut. He slapped at my ass a few times, startling me.

His fingers caressed and traced the outline of my ass sending shivers coursing through me. Then he reached down between my lips, parting them, and then slowly pulling the egg out. I was dripping, I am sure of it. He then slipped his fingers inside me massaging me and I pushed back against his hand, until I felt the rope dig into my flesh. Throwing my head back I moaned out begging for more but rather than give me more, he moved to the butt plug and slowly toyed with it, pushing and pulling. I bit down on my lower lip. I knew the familiar pain that came with the extraction of that wicked plug. Sure enough, in one swift movement, he had removed it and I was crying out. He kept a hand under my stomach the whole time, helping me keep my balance.

Secure in his hand, he slowly pushed the one chair with my right knee apart from the other, and then he did the same to the left until my legs spread a bit more. Feeling vulnerable and exposed my heart raced in anticipation of what else was to come. At that moment, I could hear a boat motor in the distance, my heart sank as I wanted to jump up and run into the cottage. Trapped all I could do is hope that I would not be seen.

He continued to caress me, tickle and drive me crazy with his hands. “Master the boat! Please Master.”

“Yes girl, there is a boat. Perhaps they will drop anchor out front, sit, and watch awhile. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?” He chuckled, knowing how I felt, yes, there was part of me that was an exhibitionist, but at this particular moment, I was a prude and wanted to be covered up. It did not happen, the sound drew closer, closer, and it was now in front of the cottage. Oddly enough, I held my breath, what was I thinking, hold my breath and what would happen, I disappear? The sound of the motor continued on its way down the lake. I was safe for the moment, no one saw a thing. At least I hope not.

I could hear another chain, but this one came from below me. Click! And my collar was locked to a chain in the floor of the deck. My head was quite limited in its movement now. I tested the range of motion by nodding up and down and from side to side, these movements were permissible. The chain was short, but still allowed limited erenköy escort movement. Next a gag, the ball gag was placed in my mouth and secured behind my head. I guess he did not want me echoing down the lake.

Kissing me on the forehead, he returned to stand behind me, and slapped my ass cheeks a few times, causing me jump forward a bit. They were sharp, hard slaps that caused me to yelp and feel that oh too familiar sting. Deep down, I loved it all. The restraints were doing their job, I was not going anywhere. Using the rope flogger, he started slow, lightly dusting my ass. The flogger flew back and forth with each stroke getting harder and harder. He would change direction, catching me up under the cheek making me feel like I would fly forward. This flogger was wonderful for warming me up, setting the tone for the scene. Next he switched to his suede flogger, heavier, thuddier. Again, like the rope, he started lightly and slowly increased the intensity. I could feel the heat building in my ass. He moved the strokes up to my back and shoulders crossing back and forth. As the heat increased he moved back down to my ass and continued his momentum.

The goose bumps I had earlier were no longer an issue. Although I am sure that my nipples were still quite hard. My tits hung down quite freely below me and swaying from side to side on occasion in reaction to my movements. They must have caught Master’s attention as well, as he turned his attention to them. Using the crop, he tapped at them causing them to dance for him. He would use the leather tongue to gently caress the sides of my tits and to tease my nipples with soft, gentle flickers. As I would relax, a huge mistake on my part, he would change the touch to a more torturous stroke. He slapped back and forth between the two hanging baubles in fast repetitive strokes. The higher up he was, the easier it was to take. As he moved closer and closer to the nipple, I anticipated the excruciating pain, from all the previous times that he had tortured my breast. The sensations grew more intense and wicked and the longer he continued the more extreme it became. He stopped suddenly, I realized that I was crying, thus he had reached my limit with my tits. I am sure he will return to them later, but for the moment, he was satisfied.

Using the same wicked tool, he returned to keep the furnace burning on my ass. He tapped along my cheeks, softer at first, teasingly. Again just as I was relaxing in came the whistle of crop cutting through the air, landing sharply across both ass cheeks. The bite, although a familiar feeling, still surprised me. My breath caught in my throat, not a sound escaped, but the tears pour out catching in the blindfold. Without time to contemplate what had just happened another blow made its adept mark and again a third and still not a sound. Next he surprised me with his hand, slowly caressing the stripes that he so skillfully just applied. His followed with light caressing kisses that made me wriggle beneath his loving touch.

After a torturous round with the paddle and my ass had moved from burning to numbing. He in turn moved his attention to my hair. I on the other hand was in my own little world, of comfort where I could let myself go completely knowing I was in the care of my Master. It was an odd feeling the first time, when after a half an hour of percussive play I actually was able to completely relax, no flinching or fear remained. I was able to relax and enjoy the scene and my Master’s pleasure. That was the feeling now, liberation in my enslavement.

Master was braiding my hair and not a very neat job I am sure, then I could feel a rope on my back. He was braiding a rope through with my hair. It now lay loose on my back as he moved back behind me, between my legs and started to finger my ass. Next was the coolness of a gel, a lubricant most likely. The cool feel of the steel, yes, it was the hook against my hole. Slowly he pushed it inside, and it slid effortlessly in as though it were its home. The paddle had done its job quite nicely in relaxing me to accept such a wonderful gift. He then attached the hook to the braided rope forcing my head to tilt forward. He had now removed any movement I might have had from the chain on my collar.

His hand caressed me, lovingly feeling the warmth that rose from my backside. He continued his manual exploration teasingly, lovingly lulling me into a deeper relaxed state. He was now standing in front of me, and crouched down gently pulling the gag from my mouth. I swallowed any drool that had not dribbled over at that point and moved my jaw from side to side loosening it up again. He then started kissing me. Gently at first his tongue teased me and then became more forceful reminding me of his ownership of me. Of course I would not have it any other way even in these moments of discomfort.

Pulling back, he spoke, quietly and controlled and in that manner, I too remained calm. “Girl what colour are you?” I replied in the same calm tone that I was green. Green meaning that everything was good and I could continue. “Glad to hear it girl. You are looking absolutely delicious. That small group of canoeist out front seem to be enjoying all your beauty as well as I.” Any relaxed feeling I had, had just left my body.

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