A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 14


[This story will make more sense if you read the earlier chapters. All characters are over 18. This story contains descriptions of bodily functions. If this offends you, please read no further.]


Janet, the Senior Vice President and, in reality, controlling presence at Goose Cookers, a woman-run company in the Women’s Republic that specialized in exciting products with special appeal for women, had her assistant call Eleanor into her office. Eleanor was now the principal creative spirit in the company who had a solid record since her arrival of developing products that appealed to the feminine market.

Eleanor’s past has been covered in earlier chapters. Suffice it to say that she was convicted of adultery and severely punished by a year’s infibulation. Subsequently, she married Jackson and moved from the capital to the second major city in the Republic with him and managed to get hired by Goose Cookers.

She now was earning good money at Goose Cookers and had been treated well by the company, largely because Janet regarded her as a prime asset. She also was liked by the other executives and leadership who realized she had benefitted them.

Eleanor was surprised to see a presence from her past sitting in Janet’s office comfortably on a couch. She did a double-take and recognized the visitor as Senior Correctional Officer Annette, who had overseen Eleanor’s shameful punishment but then had also rendered some recompense by carrying out agreed-upon private punishment at the exclusive women’s club, the Victoria, before Janet and Eleanor, of the three judges who had imposed the severe sentence on Eleanor.

They were aiming to set matters straight because the sentence they had passed was proved to have been imposed in error. The complainant, Gail, had not been married to the co-respondent, Graham, so there could have been no adultery. Gail had been punished and Graham, after some time, had been punished at a men’s reorientation camp and then put on probation by the same court, with a proviso that he be examined by the mental health division to determine if he would be mandated to undergo a sex change operation.

Thus, Eleanor had mixed feelings toward Annette, but the most recent encounter had made her feel better as she watched the efficient correctional officer cane the three distinguished and attractive female justices. Annette stood when Eleanor entered the room and Eleanor decided to open her arms and give Annette a hug, since it seemed likely she was there by Janet’s invitation.

Eleanor was always conscious of what she owed to Janet, so she was pleased to see the powerful figure smile as Eleanor hugged Annette. Annette responded to the hug by taking Eleanor in her embrace as well.

There was some brief chat among the three women about Annette’s trip from the capital city where she was based, and some gossip passed on by Annette as well. Eleanor realized that while this tended to leave her cold, since she was delighted to be away from the place that still connoted pain for her, Janet thrived on gaining inside knowledge about movers and shakers from all sources available.

Eleanor wasn’t at all sure where this was heading, but she restrained her fears by reminding herself that both these women apparently liked her and in their very different ways, had been more than helpful to her. In fact, Eleanor thought, Annette had been amazingly concerned about her for a correctional officer, who certainly had the reputation of being the “tough as nails” types.

Janet eventually said to Eleanor that Annette was joining her for dinner and that she hoped Eleanor would be able to dine with them. Eleanor made herself hesitate a moment, remembering that she did want to call home to alert her husband that she would be late, and then smiled as she responded that she would be delighted to be part of the dinner party.

They soon repaired to Janet’s car downstairs in the company garage and sped to their dinner at The Victoria, the women’s club to which Janet belonged. This brought back more, slightly pleasanter memories for Eleanor, as this is where Annette disciplined the three judges as some recompense for their erroneous sentence that caused Eleanor such pain and suffering.

The Vic, as it was known, was quite exclusive. It had been a top-rank men’s club before the Women’s Republic was established, and now its members included the leading women in the city from all professions and fields. Eleanor was always amazed when in the plush dining room at the wide range of familiar-looking faces she saw, even if she didn’t know them well enough to greet or be welcomed by them.

Janet, however, knew just about everyone and there seemed to be a procession to their table to pay their respects to her. She graciously introduced both her colleague Eleanor and Senior Correctional Officer Annette. Eleanor wondered how Annette felt about being in these premises, as she knew that Annette had worked her way up to her present position from starting out walking a suadiye escort beat as one of the first female police officers.

After they had enjoyed a nice light repast, Janet suggested that they adjourn to an upstairs room for after-dinner refreshments where “they could feel more comfortable.” Eleanor wondered what this whole get-together was all about, but she was aboard for the ride and was not thinking about challenging both her mentor and a woman who had seemed to look out for her when things had been at their worst point.

They arrived at a commodious room on the fifth floor which seemed outfitted for informal meetings with large sofas and comfortable armchairs. Janet and Annette sat on a sofa and invited Eleanor to take the adjoining chair or to join them. Somehow Eleanor decided it would be better form to join them and sat next to Janet on her other side.

“Some of us have taken to enjoying being taken in hand now and then,” Janet began, “and this seems to be both a desire and a need that is shared even by someone like me who is mostly dominant in my intimate relationships.” Eleanor figured something like this might be in the cards tonight based on her experience a while ago accompanying Janet to the latter’s lovely apartment where Eleanor found herself providing oral service to her boss’s most personal places.

“So, we have benefitted from the willingness of Annette to visit us here to attend to this particular feeling,” Janet went on. “I know that your own experience is certainly a challenge for which I do respect you tremendously for overcoming, but I have the idea that this could be something in which you might enjoy joining in,” Janet concluded.

Eleanor had figured that somehow this whole get-together might be an occasion to utilize Annette’s skills, and she had no intention of frosting Janet, or Annette, for that matter, as both had been more than considerate to her.

She smiled and said she was fine with what Janet had spoken about although she hoped she didn’t have to go first.

Janet grinned and said that she could understand that feeling, so she went on to say that she assumed that meant Eleanor was all right with this and to that, Eleanor nodded in the affirmative.

Annette, who was dressed quite conservatively in a dark navy skirt, white blouse, and seamed hose in sturdy black oxfords, stood, and unlike the situations in which Eleanor had seen her previously engaged—when Eleanor was undergoing her punishment ordered by the court and when the judges were being disciplined by Annette—Annette was smiling and, in a way, relaxed.

She nodded to Janet, who apparently knew that this signal meant that it was time for Janet to lift her skirt above her waist, which she proceeded to do. She nodded to Janet, who apparently knew that this signal meant that it was time for Janet to lift her skirt above her waist, which she proceeded to do. Annette watched as Janet stood there looking quite undignified with her skirt raised and slip exposed. Then she bent to lift the slip and now Janet had her charming pale blue panties on display.

“I’m afraid you’ve been naughty, Miss Janet,” Annette said firmly, “so those lovely undies will have to be taken down.” She placed her thumbs in the waistband and slipped Janet’s panties right down and Janet cooperated by stepping out of them. Annette placed them on the sofa.

Eleanor was only slightly amazed at this scene, which did take her back to the time Janet had invited her to the delightful apartment Janet had, where Eleanor found herself on the rug staring at Janet’s hairy mons and slit which Eleanor proceeded to perform oral service to pleasure Janet.

Now Eleanor seated herself on an armless chair, beckoned Janet to lie across her lap by merely waving a finger, and Janet was laying across that skirted lap as Annette began applying spanks alternately to Janet’s bottom cheeks. This continued for a while as the spanks became stronger and Janet’s bottom redder.

Finally, Annette told Janet to stand and declared, “That prepared you, Miss Janet, for the discipline you know you need and which will respond to your naughty behavior.”

Janet bent over the end of the sofa and spread her legs quite widely. Annette was standing behind her with a thin supple cane and she moved it back and forth between Janet’s well-shaped inner thighs. From where Eleanor sat, she could see between Janet’s legs from the rear and observe her vulva peering out from her split. She noted that it seemed to glisten, and thus that this process had turned Janet on.

Annette now stood at one side and said, “You will count and ask me for each stroke, Miss Janet.”

Janet responded, “Please cane me as you see fit, Miss.”

Annette drew the cane back and expertly flicked it right across the middle of Janet’s pale but amply-sized bottom. As a red stripe slowly appeared, Eleanor heard Janet say, “One, thank you, Miss, may I have another.”

Annette proceeded to snap her wrist each time and watch yakacık escort red tramlines appear on Janet’s bottom cheeks. The strokes hit the top and bottom of Janet’s buttocks and each time, she thanked Annette as prescribed and requested another stroke.

Eleanor knew that she would find this painful when her turn arrived but watched in fascination with her boss voluntarily receiving this castigation.

Finally, Annette indicated after delivering twelve stingers that the caning was completed.

Janet now implored Annette, “Miss, I hope you feel that I have paid in full for my naughtiness.”

Annette smiled and responded, “I’m afraid you still need some topping off, Miss Janet.”

Eleanor realized that this dialogue had been internalized over time as she listened to Janet ask plaintively, “Oh, no, Miss, you’re going to punish my little coochie?”

“Yes,” Annette answered, “you know that we award three pussies to make sure you remember to behave better.”

There was no protest from the normally collected and always assured executive. Janet now turned and lay on her back across the end of the couch, keeping her legs well spread in front of her so that her sex was displayed lewdly open.

Eleanor found herself getting very excited and wet at the sight of her boss’s quim so openly on view.

Annette now had a small martinet in her hand and she placed it in the opening between Janet’s legs, so she could snap the martinet upward and strike between Janet’s labia on her exposed vaginal flesh.

That was exactly what she did as Janet let out a soft scream when the strands hit her in what was likely her most sensitive place. Eleanor felt a pang of sympathy for Janet even though she knew her boss craved this severe discipline, at least now and then. She also found herself thinking that Janet in this position was even more exposed than when in the stirrups at the gynecologist’s office. Even worse, Eleanor realized she was entranced by the clear view of Janet’s wide-open quim. It was just not something she was yet used to seeing.

Annette struck twice more with the small martinet as the strands landed expertly between Janet’s puffed lower lips. Eleanor was now afraid she might lose control of her bladder because she was starting to think about her upcoming ordeal and that she might not be able to take the harsh punishment as stoically as Janet did.

“You have taken this disciplining quite well, Miss Janet,” Annette answered. “I shall fill in the form and award you more than a passing grade. I think you agree that this regular maintenance will remind you to avoid some of the extreme naughtiness in which you have engaged between my visits.”

“Thank you, Miss,” Janet answered. “May I put my panties on and arrange my clothing, Miss?”

“You may,” Annette said in a serious tone. “Just remember what happened here when you are tempted to misbehave.”

“I shall indeed,” Janet said rather matter-of-factly.

Janet then took Annette in her arms and gave her a loving hug, followed by a deep kiss on the lips. She turned to Eleanor and asked her, “You saw what I find enjoyable now and then. We invited you because we thought at some point you might enjoy this as well. Do you think you might find your way to making this a threesome?”

Eleanor blushed at this invitation after the previous amazing scene. “You’ve given me quite a lot to think about,” she said slowly. “There’s something quite exciting about it and I do feel I would like to be part of it if you want me here.”

“We wouldn’t have asked you if we didn’t,” Janet responded with a smile. “But you now have to be let in on something else and I expect you will not be thrown off after you have been.”

Eleanor now did not know what to expect.

Janet glanced at Annette and said it was time for her to lift her skirt. “Now it’s your turn, my dear,” she said with only a slight show of authority in her voice.

Annette pulled her skirt up and then Janet walked behind her and pulled her panties down below her knees. She tapped on Annette’s thigh and the solidly-built chief corrections officer stepped out of her plain but shiny white full briefs.

“Show Miss Eleanor what she needs to see,” Janet instructed her.

Annette lay back on the sofa so that her front was now visible. She spread her legs wide and Eleanor gasped.

“You have…a cock!” she couldn’t help exclaiming.

“But wait, there’s more,” Annette responded with a grin. She reached down and gently pulled what emerged from where her clit should have been but definitely looked like a real, honest penis up toward her belly. Under it, exactly where they should be, were nice full labia. Annette opened them with her finger and Eleanor could see that this was a genuine womanly cunt.

“No one knows how this happened,” Annette said most plainly, “but apparently I was born with full female apparatus down there, and everything else I should have, like ovaries, a uterus, and tits”—she pointed to şerifali escort what looked to be nicely full breasts under her top—”but where my clit should have been I have this one that for all intents and purposes is a cock.”

Eleanor kept trying in her mind to visualize what she was seeing as a giant clit, but couldn’t help responding, “It’s so big, Annette.”

And gleefully, Annette answered with a wide grin, “The better to fuck you with, my dear!”

Eleanor now realized that Annette had worked her way to a senior-level C.O. in the Women’s Republic despite what some would regard as a disqualifying deformity. Perhaps, she thought, that was why Annette had been so comparatively considerate with her when the powers that be had treated Eleanor so cruelly.

“I’m so sorry,” Eleanor said, trying to keep from breaking up when she thought of how kind the large woman had been to her. “I didn’t mean to insult you, I owe you so much, and you are a beautiful woman, Annette.”

“Annette,” Janet interrupted, “I think it’s time for you to put Miss Eleanor through her paces. Are you ready, Eleanor?”

Eleanor decided she would approach being punished with a positive attitude. She lifted her skirt well above her waist and pulled her panties right down and off.

“That’s a good girl,” Annette cooed, “now come here and lay across my lap.” She patted her ample front.

Eleanor did as she was told and soon she felt Annette’s powerful hand slapping her bottom. It hurt but it also felt warm and made her feel randy, for reasons she couldn’t in the slightest understand.

Annette tapped her bottom, signaling her to rise, and led her to place her hands across the end of the sofa. Now the Senior Correctional Officer picked up her duty cane and carefully struck three times across Eleanor’s white bottom, leaving red tramlines which appeared a few moments after each stroke. These stung and Eleanor screamed, trying to keep control.

Finally, after the three strokes, Eleanor was now in abject fear of the dreaded pussies.

“You will need to be initiated, sweetie,” Annette said calmly. But instead of the diabolical martinet, she picked up a small soft felt whip. She motioned to Eleanor to adopt the position Janet had assumed, her legs spread wide apart, exposing her labia and spreading them in the process.

“Yes, sweetie,” Annette continued, “you do have a pretty cunt for a naughty girl.” Then she drew the small whip back and flicked it up between Eleanor’s legs, catching her quim right between the labia.”

This time, Eleanor did scream. Her labia remained sensitive after her infibulation had ended and she was just beginning to enjoy sex with her husband.

“You took that like a trooper,” Annette commented, and Janet nodded her agreement. “I do hope you might like to take advantage of my bonus to my femininity and feel me inside you,” she added.

Eleanor realized this meant that Annette indeed would fuck her. She found the very idea amazing and hard to imagine. But Janet helped her to walk into the adjoining room with its comfortable bed and to shed her clothes. Annette, for her part, also stripped down and now as Eleanor lay back, Annette climbed in next to her, held her in a hug, kissed her on her mouth, inserted her tongue, and seemed to be enjoying herself royally.

Eleanor relished the attention. She now grasped that a woman could make love more knowingly than most men, and it would be quite the joyous moment for her to feel, of all things, a female cock, inside her.

She felt Annette reach down to massage her labia with her talented fingers and slowly insert one by one finger inside Eleanor’s vagina. Eleanor felt that Annette was so much more aware of how to please another woman than any man she had known. Her loins were on fire already, anticipating the entry of Annette’s tool.

Annette moved up so that her double set of equipment loomed above Eleanor’s face. Eleanor loved the charming feminine smell of the organs she now was staring up at. She leaned up and began to lick Annette’s puffed-up labia and then, before she knew it, she had placed her lips around the glans of Annette’s cock, which was now erect and even larger than when she had first viewed it.

Eleanor was not in the habit of sucking cock; it was frowned upon among women in the Republic so in a sense, this was a special treat for her, since she had a high sexual need and was coming to appreciate that satisfying it with a woman might be even more enjoyable than with any man. Annette’s multiple organs expanded this purview even more.

Annette amazingly now spurted into Eleanor’s mouth and it amazed Eleanor that the cum tasted so sweet and femmy. She kept licking Annette’s still firm appendage and soon it was quite hard again. Annette moved down and carefully held Eleanor’s aroused labia open as she slid her cock into the slick vaginal tunnel.

This was pure pleasure for Eleanor. She was filled in her most needy spot and she put her arms around Annette and massaged the C.O.’s nicely-shaped boobs. Some women in the Republic were so female-oriented that they disdained fucking. Not Eleanor. She didn’t think it could get better than having a woman fuck her royally and that was exactly what she was privileged to be enjoying.

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