A Voyeur’s Love Ch. 04


Dorethia arrived home very quickly and although she knew her husband would probably be at least an hour before he arrived she quickly changed her clothes and got their servants busy preparing dinner. When Albert did arrive home nearly two hours later he seemed very distracted. He ate dinner without speaking a word and it was only later when he sat down with a brandy did he talk.

“Something seems to be bothering you,” Dorethia said to him as she sat next to him on the couch.

“I went again, to the place I told you of,” he started.


“And I watched two lovers do unimaginable things to each other with tongues, mouths, fingers, hands and their sex. They tasted each other’s essence, things I had once thought degrading but they seemed to perfectly enjoy it. And this was not with a rogue and a strumpet, but they appeared to be a gentleman and a lady and yet they did these things.”

“But you seemed bothered by it?”

“Yes, yes, because I finally realized how I have failed you,” he said looking at the floor.

“You never failed me,” she replied.

“Yes I have, but I have been thinking and… well tomorrow I will call a carriage for us.”

“But what about work?”

“No this is more important, just be ready by eleven in the morning for a carriage ride,” he said as he gulped the last of his brandy and walked up to his room.

Dorethia wondered what Albert might have planned. That night she tossed and turned running the possibilities thought her mind finally falling asleep late in the night.

The next morning she awoke and quickly dressed. Her husband was gone but when the clock clanged eleven times she heard him calling her from the door. He took her hand and mardin escort walked her to the carriage and then walked around the back and climbed in on the other side. He instructed the driver to move on and then slid over next to her, something he had not done since he was courting her maybe ten years ago.

He was nervous and as he held her hand she could feel it was damp with sweat. She could feel a bit of tingling in her stomach too, especially when the carriage pulled into the park and then stopped adjacent to the hidden pathway. When Albert helped her from the carriage and then began leading her down the path she asked, “Where are we going Albert?”

“It is a place I know, I think you might like it.”

He led her to the opening and stopped.

“What is this place?” she asked, trying to act like she didn’t recognize it.

“Please you must forgive me and do what I tell you. I think I have found a way to redeem myself to you.”

“But Albert…”

“No, you must listen to me,” he said, reaching out and beginning to unfasten her bodice. “Now I want you to undress.”

“Out here?”

“Yes Dorethia I want to make love to you right here. I need to do it,” he replied.

Feeling her hands tremble slightly in the excitement and anticipation, she tried to act a bit shy about undressing there, but in no time she stood naked while Albert undressed. Once he was naked he took her shoulders and gently guided her downward onto her knees, where he turned and moved his cock to her lips. He lightly rubbed it against them, wetting them a bit with the pre-cum before saying, “I want you to take me in your mouth.”

She complied, lightly running her tongue over it and sucking marmaris escort a bit. After only a short while she noticed he was getting close to coming when he suddenly pulled his cock out and pushed her onto her back. He then settled down between her legs and for the first time touched his lips to her pussy.

He was slow and a bit clumsy as he pushed his tongue into her and then ran it along her lips up to her clit. It was so strange, he was very inept as he used his mouth, but it was driving her crazy, just the thought that it was Albert exploring her so, tasting her, and yes, in his clumsy way, pleasing her. He continued for just a short time before she moaned loudly, arched her hips and came.

As she was coming she grabbed his hand and pulled it to her pussy where he slipped two fingers into her. She watched his face contort in amazement as he felt her pussy contracting around him. This was the first orgasm her husband ever gave her.

Albert then rolled over onto his back and encouraged Dorethia to climb up onto him. She gently took his cock and guided it into herself. Slowly she began moving up and down, enjoying it, but holding back some. She continued this way until Albert reached up, took her hand and guided it down to her clit. He whispered, “Touch yourself.”

She began running her fingers over her clit as she moved faster. Feeling her breasts begin to bounce up and down she felt the waves of pleasure roll over her again and then saw Albert wince and push up into her. She could feel his cock twitch as it spurted his cum into her. As their orgasms subsided, she slowed down her motion, figuring Albert was finished but instead he maneuvered her around.

As she nevşehir escort kneeled, he worked his head up to her crotch and pushed his tongue inside again. Felling a bit worried about all the cum inside her, she moved a bit but tried to hold it all in to avoid covering his face with their combined cum. He continued, concentrating on her clit until she couldn’t hold out any more and she came once again, this time flooding his face with the sticky, white contents of her pussy.

She was so turned on she leaned down, grabbed his soft cock and began to suck on it like she never sucked on anything before. Grinding her pussy on his face, she stroked his cock, toyed with is balls and sucked on the head until she felt him harden and after a few more minutes he arched his back and came a second time. She gulped the cum as it spurted from his cock and then moved off is face as they both gasped for breath.

While she was recovering she glanced out into the woods and noticed a familiar face. Yes it was Derek who, when he noticed her looking at him, stood up and bowed smiling his appreciation. She smiled back at him and moved her lips saying, “Thank you,”

Albert and Dorethia quickly got dressed and then headed from the pathway. As they were leaving she noticed Albert nod to someone in the woods and when she looked up she noticed Derek finishing a salute. She turned and followed her husband, happy to have been so thoroughly loved but also a bit curious about the wave and salute.

“Albert?” she said inquisitively.

“What my love?”

“I love you Albert, you have made me feel so good today,” she replied, ignoring her curiosity.

“I am sorry dear.”

“Sorry about what?’

“It’s been so many years and now finally…”

“Oh but now it is so good.”

“Can you forgive me?”

“Only if you do this to me again tomorrow.”

“Okay my love and what about the next day?”

“The next day too,” she laughed, climbing back into the carriage.

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