A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02a


Alicia groggily opened her eyes, trying to focus. She felt a chill on her skin. She was naked. Her head was lying on someone’s bare stomach, not a pillow. She lifted her head, and through the dim morning light streaming through the windows, she saw her husband on the floor, also bare-assed naked, laying next to a naked Jeff. It slowly sunk in that it wasn’t her husband on the bed with her, and she turned her head to see who she was laying on. She swallowed hard seeing Emily naked, on her back on the bed with her. What the hell happened?

Alicia quietly pushed herself up, sitting on the edge of the bed, pausing a moment, then stood up. She tiptoed through the room and into the attached bathroom, softly shutting the door behind her. She flipped on the light.

“Shit,” she moaned, the bright light seemed to burn into her eyes. After a couple of minutes, her eyes started to adjust, and she turned to look at herself in the full-length mirror on the door. “Shit,” she repeated looking at the mess.

There were dried fluids on her breasts, neck and face. She moved closer to the mirror, seeing the stuff even in her hair. It didn’t take her long to realize it was dried cum. Turning away from her reflection, she quickly sat down on the toilet to pee, and wipe herself. Her pussy and inner thighs were also covered with dried juices. She stood up, flushed, and then reached in to turn on the shower. She stepped in underneath the freezing water, waiting for it to warm.

Alicia grabbed the bar soap, and started to clean away the mess, rubbing everywhere. When she reached down to her coated pussy, she felt a shudder run through her. She was sore, but it also felt so sensitive. Alicia bit her lip, but kept rubbing, feeling the water dripping along with her own new wetness. She leaned back against the shower wall, her hand furiously pushing against her clit. She didn’t hear the bathroom xvideos porno door open, or the shower curtain slide open. It wasn’t until she felt someone step in the small space with her that her eyes flew open.

Emily stood there next to her, naked, but Alicia couldn’t stop her hand moving up and down, caressing her clit, she was so close to an orgasm. Emily pulled the shower curtain closed, and then leaned over to lick one of Alicia’s nipples, and then fully suck it into her mouth, while placing her hand over the hand on Alicia’s pussy.

Their two hands together were stroking Alicia’s pussy as Emily continued to suck on Alicia’s aching hard nipple. Alicia’s head rolled back against the wall, her eyes closed, helplessly lost in pleasure. Her hips were thrusting out, and her other arm had come to settle around Emily’s shoulder.

The shower curtain slid back again, and David and Jeff hungrily watched the women playing in the shower. Just then Alicia’s climax began to build to a crescendo, her eyes popped open to look at the two naked men standing there watching. They both had hard-ons, and were stroking each other’s cocks.

“Oh my god,” she moaned. “Oh god, don’t stop. I’m coming!” She slipped over the edge, climax pounding through her. Luckily Emily was there to collapse on, or she would have fallen over, her legs were so shaky.

“Good morning ladies,” her husband, David said. “When you’re all done cleaning up, why don’t you join us in the bedroom? We’ll try not to get too big of a head start.” The men walked out, leaving the women in the shower. Slowly Alicia’s breathing was returning to normal.

“Are you okay, kiddo,” Emily said, slipping her arm around Alicia as she stood back up. “You must be a little fuzzy after last night.”

Alicia closed her eyes, leaning back, trying to focus. Suddenly all these images flashed across yabancı porno her mind. She was kissing Emily, lying on the bed naked with Emily eating her pussy. She had a cock in each hand, with cum squirting on her.

“Oh my god.”

“I guess it’s all coming back to you, huh,” Emily said, smiling. “You did have a lot to drink.”

“Yeah, sort of, in bits and pieces.” Alicia rubbed her forehead, and felt herself blushing, remembering what happened. But she felt less embarrassment than she felt excitement. Emily noticed the change, and pushed her back against the shower wall, breasts rubbing together. “We’re all consenting adults,” she whispered in her ear. Alicia felt the throbbing in her pussy start to grow, and as Emily moved over the kiss her again, she automatically closed her eyes and accepted the kiss, lips slack as Emily’s tongue invaded her mouth.

“Now,” said Emily, pulling back, licking her lips, “let’s get out there. The boys are waiting.”

She stepped out of the tub and grabbed a large towel. When Alicia stepped out, Emily wrapped the towel around both of them, rubbing their naked bodies together, kissing fiercely.

Alicia moaned in disappointment when Emily stepped away, grabbing her hand, and pulling her behind, out of the bathroom, dropping the towel on the way out.

The sight awaiting them made Alicia stop in her tracks. Her husband, David, was on his knees on the floor, sucking on Jeff’s sizable penis. Jeff’s eyes were clenched shut, so neither man saw them come in. Emily quickly walked over next to David, dropped to her knees, and started helping him with her husband’s cock. David pulled himself off, watching her take over. He moved behind her, bending her over further while spreading her legs. He took his own rock hard cock in hand, and thrust it in Emily’s dripping pussy from behind, while she continued licking yaşlı porno her husband.

Alicia could hear Emily’s moans, slipping out around the cock in her mouth, as her husband pounded into her. Her legs started moving, walking to them, needing to be a part of this. She sank to her knees beside Emily, leaning in to take one of Jeff’s large hanging balls into her mouth. Emily reached over to her friend’s pussy, and started caressing her wet lips, flicking her clit, and Alicia couldn’t stop the low groan that started coming from her own lips. All four of them were enjoying the treatment they were getting.

Emily started climaxing first, and as she was pushed over the edge, her pussy squeezing David’s cock inside her, he kept thrusting as he released his own juices into her. During her orgasm, Emily’s hand was rubbing Alicia’s cunt harder and harder, causing Alicia to come with a small scream, her pussy juices dripping over Emily’s hand. Finally Jeff, looking down at the other three in the throes of climax, felt his balls tighten and he held the base of his cock, as his cum jetted out all over his wife’s face and Alicia’s face.

Emily leaned over toward Alicia; face coated in her husband’s cum, and licked her cheek, then kissed her. David pulled his softening cock out of Emily, and sat down on the floor. Alicia moved over to her husband, nuzzling against him. Jeff reached down and helped his wife up, and they moved to lie on the bed together.

No one spoke for several minutes, all of them completely drained. Finally Jeff said, “Anyone else hungry?”

From his spot on the floor, David said, “I could eat.”

Emily said, “of course, after all that, and the first thing the guys think of is food.”

“Hey,” said her husband, “I exerted a lot of energy. I need to build back up. So let’s get cleaned up, go grab a bite, and get back here. We only have tonight left, and I still need to fuck your wife.”

David looked down at his wife lying on the floor next to him. “That okay with you?”

Alicia licked her lips, thinking about how hot it was watching her husband inside Emily. “Well, like you said last night, it’s only fair, right?”

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