A White Woman Soldier in Hijab


My name is Anneke Von Hauser. I was born in the City of Heidelberg, in the Baden-Wurttemberg region of Germany, but raised in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I’m a first generation German-Canadian. My parents Adele and Alwin Von Hauser are immigrants, and we’re very proud of our German heritage as we adjust to Canadian culture. After living in the Ontario region of Canada for eleven years, I consider myself more Canadian than anything else. Don’t tell my parents, though. They’re still under the impression that I’m a prim and proper German gal. Truth is I barely remember Heidelberg, the town where I was born. My parents would especially not approve of my relationship with Hassan Kabul, a fellow student at Carleton University.

I met Hassan Kabul Ghaffar while walking around the Bayshore Shopping Center in Ottawa, Ontario. I’ve always had a thing for tall, good-looking Black gentlemen and he looked like the cream of the crop. We just bumped into each other at a store, and later ran into each other at the food court. Next thing I know, we were sitting at a table together, talking like old friends. Hassan was born and raised in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Way down in the United States of America. His father Rafiq Ghaffar is Somali-American and his mother Aliyah Kabul is a Lebanese Christian woman. And like mine, they’re divorced. According to Hassan, they disagreed over questions of religion and politics which ultimately led to the demise of their marriage. Hassan’s mother brought him up in the Catholic faith after the divorce. Small wonder he looked so good to me. Most of the time, I can’t decide between hot Black guys and cute Lebanese guys. We got a lot of both in Ottawa. Hassan Kabul was everything I liked wrapped in a seriously hot package. And he was a good Christian to boot. Not like NFL tough guy/sideshow bozo Tim Tebow or anything but it’s nice to know a guy with good Christian values. Makes it more fun for a wild chick like me to corrupt him. I was raised Catholic but it didn’t take, I think. I’m still a conniving, lust-filled slut who craves kinky sex and gets bored easily.

Hassan and I began seeing each other, and he was a lot of fun. I’m kind of tall so it’s kind of hard for me to find guys I really like. Even if I like a guy, odds are he’s intimidated by the fact that I’m six-foot-one, with blonde-white hair and icy blue eyes. Hassan Kabul is six feet four inches tall, broad-shouldered and mighty fine, with light brown skin and curly Black hair. Depending on who’s looking, he either looks ordu escort like a Hispanic guy or a really light-skinned Black guy. Hassan is proud of his mixed ancestry and always tells people he’s the two of two worlds. The best of Lebanon and Black America joined forces to create him. And let me tell you, they got everything right. The guy has a body that’s beyond delicious. He barely works out yet he looks better than most athletes I’ve ever seen. Must be good genes or something.

At the time we met, Hassan was beginning his third year at Carleton University, where he studies Biology. I’m at the University of Ottawa, where I’m taking up Sociology. I want to be a Social Worker someday. I’m really good with people and I speak several languages. German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and of course English. The Province of Ontario is the main destination of most immigrants moving into Canada. We’re getting a lot of people from French-speaking nations in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa so I think my linguistic skills will come in handy when I finally begin my job as a social worker. No, I’m not doing it for the money. My family is fairly well-off. My father came to Canada with his electrical engineering degree from the University of Heidelberg, one of Germany’s top schools. Although the Canadian government makes it tough for foreign-educated people to find work in their fields while in the country, my father was able to secure employment with the Tanner Corporation in the City of Toronto, Ontario. As for my mother, she teaches mathematics at Algonquin College.

Hassan came to the Confederation of Canada because his mother was worried the streets of metropolitan Minneapolis were exerting a bad influence on him. I have only visited the United States a couple of times but I know how tough life can be for minority males in the big cities. We get a lot of American news channels in Canada. CNN. Fox News. MSNBC. You name it, we have it. I know how biased the American legal system can be, in many ways it’s set up against minorities. Law enforcement is always hounding them, especially the men. Hassan likes it here in Canada and I for one am glad this authentic Black American stud came to the Great White North from cozy little Minnesota. He came to me and I corrupted him. You see, I introduced him to my own personal passion. BDSM. Bondage, domination and sado-masochism. A world of pleasure and pain that’s being explored in dungeons and bedrooms across the world as you read these words.

Now, I have a forbidden rize escort fantasy which I wasn’t sure how to explore or with whom. With my male and female lovers, I am mainly dominant. With my dear Hassan, I switch fairly often. And I’ve discovered a certain joy in submission which at first frightened me though now I accept it. I have always found Islam to be forbidden, dangerous and fascination. For about a billion people, it’s more than a religion, it’s a way of life. Hassan was born to a Somali Muslim father and Lebanese Christian mother and raised Christian. That makes him an ideal candidate for what I had in mind. One of my most forbidden fantasies is to role play a particular scenario.

I want to play the role of the arrogant, bitchy American female soldier who is captured by a Muslim guy and turned from a strong-willed, pro-feminist Western woman into a whimpering, submissive bitch. The way I imagined all Muslim women must be, thanks to my deeply Western misinformation. I wouldn’t want to act out this scenario with a real Muslim guy. The last thing I want to do is be in restraints around a guy who might really go off the deep end if I say the wrong thing about his religion or culture. Anyway, I told Hassan about my little fantasy and he was more than okay with trying it.

And that’s how I ended up here. Clad in military fatigues with the U.S. logo on them. Bound over a bench in the basement, my hands and feet firmly held by chains. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I truly looked the part of the American military servicewoman in those military fatigues, complete with the helmet, boots and everything. It’s amazing what you can buy online at costume shops. I even had a patch with the name Private Anneke written on it. How cool is that? Standing nearby, clad in the Kufiya, the Arabic traditional male headdress, and also wearing the thawb or traditional male Islamic White robe. He looked magnificent. Every bit the dominant Islamic male. The fact that he also spoke both Somali and Arabic, also turned me on. He learned these languages from his parents while living in the U.S. of A.

Hassan looks at me imperiously, and begins berating me. He called me an American slut, a filthy whore and a dumb bitch. He swore to teach me my place as a woman in the name of Allah. And he used an Arabic accent to really top things off. I totally loved it. Without warning, he smacked me hard across the face. I bit back a yelp. Hassan is really getting into character. He pulled down my pants and began palming sakarya escort my ass. Then he pulled down my panties, and began spanking my bottom. I screamed as Hassan substituted his hand for a thick wooden paddle. In the full-length mirror on the wall, I could see everything. He whooped my ass real good. After spanking me, Hassan forcefully removed my clothes. Out with my jacket, my bra and everything else.

Hassan forced me on my knees, and pulled his big Black cock out of his pants. Hassan glared at me imperiously and ordered me to suck it. Obediently, I did as I was told. While I sucked his cock, he called me every name in the book. After I finished polishing his cock and balls with my tongue, he ordered me to stand up. Complying wasn’t easy with my hands and feet bound by chains but I did as I was told. Again. Hassan suddenly produced a piece of cloth in his hands. My eyes widened when I saw what it was. A hijab. Smiling wickedly, Hassan ordered me to put it on. I did, though it took me a few minutes to get it right. I admired my reflection in the mirror. Naked, with a hijab on. I looked hot. Hassan suddenly grabbed me and shoved me on all fours. He told me he was going to have his way with me and there was nothing I could do about it. I purred as he smacked my ass and made me assume the position.

And just like that, my sexy Islamic dominator began fucking me. I watched him fuck me in the mirror. Hassan fucked me like a man possessed. He cussed me in Arabic and Somali. He smacked my ass. He whipped my back, my thighs and my buttocks as he fucked me. He fucked my pussy real good, then switched things up a little. Hassan spread my ass cheeks wide open, squirted some lube there and then pushed his cock into my asshole. I howled as his big Black cock invaded my asshole. While sodomizing me, he told me that all American female soldiers should get fucked by Islamic men of Arabic or African descent while wearing the hijab. It might show them the wonders of Islamic submission and cure them of the disease of Western feminism. He ordered me to repeat this and I did. I screamed as he fucked me harder. We went at it until he came, flooding my asshole with his manly spunk.

Hassan pulled his cock out of my asshole and I slumped on the floor. He put me back on my knees, smacked my face and told me to open my mouth. He shoved his dick down my throat and I grimaced. I could taste my ass on his cock. Nasty. My powerful Islamic dominant glowered at me, the once-proud American female soldier and Western blonde goddess, now a whimpering, cock-sucking naked whore wearing a hijab. And I’ve never been more turned on. Afterwards, we hit the showers. I can’t wait to try this again! It was the most erotic experience of my life. Hassan and I have discovered a new pathway to pleasure.

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