A Year and A Day: The Beginning


Raina crept through the forest, following the drumbeat and the scent of the flame. Her nipples hardened beneath her black robe in the cool autumn air. She came here by light of day after Ostara and found the circle with the stone altar in the center still radiating its magic. She had crept through the forest after dark and found them in their Beltane rites. She watched from afar at the solstice, Lammas, and the equinox. She knew she would probably not be able to cross the clearing to clearly see what they were doing without being seen herself. She was moderately afraid of what might happen when they found her, but tonight she was here to be found. Tonight, Samhain, was the time to make her move.

She needed to work with a group, a coven, to strengthen her gifts. She had been amazed to find a practicing coven in this pious and proper community, but she knew that her spell to find a coven had worked when she found the circle the day after casting it. Now she had to figure out how to approach them to join their circle.

As she drew closer, the light of the fire illuminated the circle surrounded by standing stones. New sounds punctuated the drum beat. Snap. Moan. Snap. Gasp. As she sat on the ground behind the closest stone, she forced herself to slow her breathing. What she saw took her breath away.

A beautiful specimen of a man stood on his toes beneath the only tree left standing in this hidden part of the forest. His arms were tied above his head, securing him to a low-lying branch of an ancient oak. A spreader bar forced his legs wide. A fetish of feathers and crystals hung from a chain connected to his nipples with alligator clamps. His firm buttocks were crisscrossed with red welts. As she watched, a beautiful pale, auburn-haired witch with long scarlet nails turned him to face the gathered coven and laid the flogger across his penis none too gently.

Until that moment, she did not realize that the term “dropping one’s jaw” was an actual physical response. Goddess, he was beautiful. Despite the punishment, or perhaps because of it, his penis was tumescent, attempting to rise against the weight of the crystal pendulum that hung from the ridge of his engorged, purple crown. A leather strip split his balls in a circle-of-eight then coiled around the base of his cock. As she watched, another stoke was laid, and her breath caught in her throat. His penis swung from the force of the blow. She could only imagine the sting of the flogger, and would never had imagined it used in that way.

She gasped as a pair of large, black hands squeezed her breasts, finding and pulling her nipples roughly. The hands slid across her breasts to grab her upper arms, pulling them behind her and lifting her to her feet. A woman in a feather mask appeared in front of her, and placed a finger over her lips, commanding her silence. Long black nails that matched long black hair slid down her throat and opened her robe. “We practice skyclad.” Stepping out of the robe, she shivered in the chill night air. The masked woman found her nipples, pinched them between her long nails, and pulled them to a point just beyond pleasure, into the realm of pain.

The strong arms behind her pushed her chest forward. A thigh was shoved between her legs, forcing them apart. A hand ran down her abdomen and between her legs. The witch grinned wickedly as she found wetness, and an evil grin appeared as she found a clit ring. “Please don’t pull my piercing.” The hand behind her back covered her mouth, and he growled “Do not speak unless you are spoken to.”

“Who are you and why do you invade our circle,” the witch asked.

“I am Raina. I seek to join your circle.” The hand fondled her clit, sliding in wetness produced by watching the flogging.

“What do you know of our circle?”

“That your magic is strong. Its energy resonates long after you close the circle.”

“Do you know the source of our power?”

“I think I am beginning to see it.”

“Say it.”

“You harness the power of pain, the heat of desire, the electricity of lust.”

“Very perceptive. We dedicate our rituals to the gods and goddesses, who take pleasure in our pleasure…and our pain. Perhaps you will join us. What are your limits?”

“I come in perfect love and perfect trust. . . and perfect health.”

“Then cum you shall,” she laughed, “as shall we all. I am Raven, High Priestess of the Coven of the Ancient Oak. Come warm yourself at the fire. It is fitting that your initiation begins at our Samhain circle, the beginning of the new year.”

The strong hands prodded her forward. Raven cut an opening in the circle with her athame, and Raina was roughly pushed through it. She tripped, ending up on her knees. Strong arms held her there.

“How very prescient of you, to assume the position without being asked! Perhaps you are one of us. We shall soon see.”

Raina found herself at eye level with Raven’s womb, her bush trimmed to a small V pointing to her clit. Her inner lips peeked out from her puffy outer lips, dewy with her Kartal Türbanlı Escort arousal. The strong arms bound her arms with leather thongs. Her head was pushed forward.

She bent all the way forward and kissed Raven’s feet, beginning with the right. “Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways.” Her lips moved to Raven’s knees. “Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar.”

She wished that she could use her hands to open Raven’s lips. Instead she ran her tongue up and down the moist slit seeking entrance. “Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be.” She found the hard nub of her clit, and focused her attentions there, amused to find a captured bead clit ring just like her own. She looked up for approval. Raven’s head was thrown back. Her hands grasped Raina’s head, forcing her deeper into her center. Raina surround her clit with her lips and suckled it while thrashing it with her tongue. Raven opened her legs, allowing better access to her mysteries. The tongue probed until it found her channel. Raina buried her face into her, filling her senses with her essence, probing for her core.

Raina reached for Raven’s nipples, but she pulled away, addressing the coven who had drawn close to watch. Raina counted 8 breasts and 8 thoroughly aroused penises, including the poor man who remained suspended from the tree. His magnificent specimen had overcome the weight of the crystals and now stood at full attention. She wondered what crime he committed to earn such harsh treatment. “He is undergoing his final initiation rites, to become a full-fledged member of the coven. For the past year and a day, he has faithfully served us at our sabbats, giving every member an orgasm before being rewarded with his own—or not. After his scourging, he will seal his bond with each of his fellow coveners, then take his pleasure with a new initiate.

“That would be me.”

“Only if you consent. We do not force ourselves upon anyone. But those who wish to join us must be open to all avenues of pleasure. Yes, everyone has their preferences, but the thing that binds us together and magnifies our power is that we are all willing to do whatever is required to give another pleasure, to satisfy the whims and awful urges of the gods. The only thing we have in common is that we all like to give, and receive, a certain amount of pain and a certain amount of pleasure.” She turned to the ancient oak. “Let us return our attention to poor Flame. He is still due 10 strokes in this position, I believe. Please carry on, Crystal.”

Raina remained on her knees and watched as the flogger laid more strokes across his cock and balls, including several aimed directly at the distended crown. The priestess then commanded that Flame be removed from the tree and bent over the stone altar at the center of the circle. Two men from the gathered coven stepped forward and untied the cords binding his arms. He moaned as his arms were stretched across the altar. As they dragged him forward across the altar, Crystal positioned his cock at the edge of the fur-covered stone slab, forcing his erection to point toward the ground. Two of the women detached the spreader bar from his ankles, but only so they could pull his legs wider. Crystal ran her hand across his firm bottom, enjoying the warmth and the ridges of the welts. She slid her hand down, squeezing his balls before caressing his cock. She smiled as her hand came away wet.

A man stepped forward. “I am Everest, High Priest of the coven of the Ancient Oak. You will shortly complete your initiation rites. Do you, Flame, remain firm in your devotion to the Lady and the Lord? Will you hold the lives of your fellow coveners more precious than your own? Do you freely enter into this sacred covenant witnessed by the gods and goddesses, the sun and the moon, earth and wind, fire and water?”

Restrained thus, Flame could respond only to Everest’s cock as it was aimed directly at his face. “I do, my lord.”

With those words, the flogger was again brought to bear. The women who held his legs reached to open him. Swinging in fast arcs, the flogger was applied directly to the most private area between his cheeks, then continued over his balls and down his cock deosil, then back up moving widdershins to catch the very tip. His gasp was stifled as his mouth was filled with Everest’s erection.

Holding Flame’s head to prevent his escape, Everest began pumping his mouth to the beat of the flogger. The assembled coven watched and chanted, speeding the tempo. Raina noticed that several of the men were masturbating as the beat became more frenzied. The black man moved behind Raven, and lifted her onto the largest cock Raina had ever seen. She wondered if she should continue licking Raven’s clit, but could not take her eyes off the scene before her.

Everest threw back his head and came with a might cry. Keeping with tradition, the first stream of pearly fluid caught Flame across the face, then he forced himself back into Flame’s mouth and shuddered Kartal Otele Gelen Escort as he emptied himself. Flame held his lips firmly around the softening phallus, knowing that he must not spill a drop. Raina saw a trickle of cum slide down Raven’s thigh as she was filled. As Everest’s penis slipped from Flame’s lips, Stone’s penis slipped from Raven’s. Flame swallowed as Crystal applied a final stroke directly on anus.

Crystal exchanged the flogger for a brass flagon of healing oil that had been warming by the fire. Holding it two feet above him, she poured a thin stream of oil down his cleavage until he was thoroughly coated. She massaged his tender cheeks, and couldn’t resist probing him with a slippery finger. “I consecrate thee with oil.”

The oil was exchanged for a carafe of cold ruby red wine. She drizzled it over the oil, and again massaged his tender parts. “I consecrate thee with wine.” She applied her tongue to his cleavage and followed it down across his anus, between his balls, and down his shaft. She sealed her lips around the tip and fluttered her tongue around and into his tiny opening. “I consecrate thee with my lips.”

Raven approached. “You have but one more task to complete your trial, well, ten small tasks to be more precise. Then you shall receive your reward.” She made a gesture, and the arms that held him turned him onto his back. She climbed upon the altar and kneeled, straddling his face. She stretched out over his body to stroke his erection as she lowered herself to his mouth. “Clean me well and make me cum,” she commanded.

Flame’s mouth was filled with the taste of cum. The pungent flavor of man cum and the tart flavor of pussy mingled in his mouth. Although decidedly heterosexual, he had grown used to the expectations of the coven, now his coven, and had come to appreciate a hard cock as well as a wet cunt over the course of the past year and a day. The gods and goddesses had blessed him well for his service.

He set about his mission with pleasure. His long tongue snaked inside her to find every drop of cum, and he knew that Stone had fucked by the stretch of her usually snug opening. He focused his attention on her hard clit. Her hips were thrusting, and he knew she was close. As she thrust forward, he took advantage of her position and tilted his head back to find her rosebud. As he probed, she clamped down hard on him and called out a spell to seal the bond. “Drink ye now from the cauldron of knowledge, peace, and life.” He licked her more tenderly with the flat of his tongue until she pulled herself away from him.

“You are indeed a worthy member of our group. Now you must seal your connection to rest of us with your tongue. Ladies first.” The women approached and straddled his face one at a time, then the men did the same. The evening’s activities had brought everyone to fever pitch, and it took only a few strokes of his tongue to be rewarded with a faceful of cum and a blessing. Most really only needed permission to cum. Control of orgasm is the essence of sex magic, as the spell must be spoken at the height of pleasure.

Stone went last, and took his time taking his pleasure, fucking Flame’s mouth with gusto even though he had filled Raven’ cunt only a short time ago. Flame recalled Stone’s similar enthusiasm during his deflowering a year ago. Stone prided himself on his self-denial. He was celibate except with the coven, so his balls were always full and he did a month’s worth of fucking at each gathering. Stone filled Flame’s mouth saying “May your balls turn to stone and your cock stay forever limp if you ever betray the coven, dude. Now swallow.”

Raven returned to the altar and helped Flame to his feet. This was her favorite part of this yearly tradition. She kissed him deeply, reveling in the essence of the entire coven, as she removed the nipple clamps without warning. “Hear ye, Lady of Life and Lord of Death! Hear ye, Guardians of the Watchtowers! In this place, by our hands, mouths and will Flame has been duly pledged and anointed a witch and Priest of the First Degree!” As she spoke, she untied the cords binding and weighting his cock and balls, and he waited for the rush of pain that he knew would come. “All those gathered kneel in the circle and welcome our new priest.” She presented him to each member in turn, and each covener pleasured him with their mouth, teasing him mercilessly as he was forbidden to cum. By tradition, he would be personal slave for a year to the person who made him cum without permission. Finally he stood in front of Raina.

As soon as she took him into her mouth, he knew that training her in the ways of the coven would be a pleasure indeed. Almost as large as Stone, many of the women did not attempt to accommodate him, but teased him with their tongues. Raina was clearly experienced. However, he wanted to sample all of her charms before the coven gathered to watch him cum. He touched her pussy and found her fully aroused. Reluctantly, he withdrew from her mouth. “Flame has proven Kartal Ucuz Escort most worthy, and may now take his pleasure.”

“Put your head and chest on the ground and raise your ass high,” he commanded Raina, giving her ass a firm swat. “Higher”, he repeated, swatting the other side. He was surprised how much he enjoyed spanking her lovely behind, and decided to give her a formal introduction to what to expect for the next year and a day. Standing to the side, he began spanking her in earnest, albeit gently. “Spread your legs,” he ordered as he increased the intensity. His eyes cast about for the ruler, and grinned when Raven laid it in his hand. That woman reads minds.

Raina gave a yip with the first stroke of the ruler, but instinctively knew that making noise would only make things worse. She had a lover in college who liked to spank, but he had never used anything more than a bare hand. The ruler was a whole new experience.

He counted off 20 strokes across her fine ass, constantly varying the pattern and rhythm, but progressively increasing the intensity. Her shapely globes began to take on a pink hue. She attempted to twist away, so he brought the ruler up from between her legs, landing directly on her nether lips. “Oh!’ she shrieked, more out of surprise than pain. He grinned, remembering his introduction to genital whipping. The trick was to build slowly. He wished he could land a few on her nipples, but that would have to wait for another sabbat. He increased the pace and the intensity as he laid 20 strokes to her lips.

For her part, Raina was amazed that she was actually enjoying having her pussy spanked and wondered why nobody had told her about this before.

Raven again stood ready with the next implement of torture. The paddle of ancient oak was 18 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1/2 inch thick. It was drilled with small holes to reduce wind resistance, and was sanded to a smooth, shiny surface. He knew from experience that it packed a wallop.

The air whistled as he landed it on her shapely bottom with a sharp crack, and she reached behind to protect herself. He rubbed the paddle on her clit and threatened “I’ll spank you here if you do that again. Ten more.”

She writhed through the paddle strokes, but could not stop herself from whimpering with each blow Her ass was on fire, and was turning a deep cherry red.

He reached his hand out again, and Raven supplied the small “beginner’s” flogger. “50,” he announced as he began crisscrossing her ass, making an “X” centered on her asshole. “Open your cheeks,” he commanded. When she did not immediately comply, he accepted the coven’s paddle from Raven and laid two very hard swats across the base of each cheek and repeated his command. This time she obeyed promptly. “20” he announced. The sting was not as bad as the humiliation of exposing herself. “Spread your lips, but keep your fingers out of the way. I’m going to give you 20 on your clit, then I’m going to fuck you.”

Fearing the paddle, she opened her lips. The sensation was incredible. Expecting pain, she felt only arousal. She didn’t want the flogging to end.

He reached his hand out and Raven filled it with the flat leather braid that he knew she knew he would want. He quickly administered ten more, increasing the sting with each blow. She moaned with each stroke because these were starting to hurt, but she had never felt so aroused. On the 10th stroke, he threw the leather away and suddenly he was inside her. He grasped her hips and began thrusting, giving her no time to get used to his size. He wanted to lick her, but that too would have to wait. His need to cum was becoming desperate and he wasn’t done with her yet.

He rubbed her clit to gather her moisture, and she responded by gripping him tighter. Then he reached behind her to lubricate her anus with her fluids.

“No, please. I’ve never done that. I’m not ready for that.”

“You’ll just have to get ready little witch. By the end of a year and a day, I can promise you that every man and woman here will have invaded your tiny rosebud. Many times.”

He wanted her to want it. He withdrew from her cunt and bent down to prepare her. He licked her slit, finding her wide open where his penis had been. He grasped her lips to pull her clit to his tongue, then he spread her and slid all the way back until he found her tiny bud. His tongue probed.

“Oh my goddess,” she gasped. She had not felt such an incredible sensation since discovering oral sex.

His only reply was to flutter his tongue then probe again. Flutter. Probe. Flutter. Probe. A drop of cum dribbled from his cock as she opened, and he knew he had to finish soon. Raven appeared with a bottle of oil that had been warming by the fire. It was a potion of herbal extracts that helped ease the passage and intensify the desire. She poured it over Raina’s ass and vulva until it puddled beneath her. With three fingers of his left hand rubbing her clit, Flame began stretching her with his index finger, teasing her tense hole with the pad of his finger before easing slowly inside her. “Relax for me Raina,” he whispered as he began to gently fuck her ass with his finger. As the grip on his finger ebbed, he inserted another. When she began to thrust her hips to the rhythm of his fingers, he knew she was ready. He knew he was, too.

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