Across the Courtyard Pt. 01


The cardboard pressed against my face as I struggled to hold both moving boxes and reach for the “UP” elevator button. Glancing the faint red glow I was happy to see that I had successfully pushed the button but could feel the boxes growing heavier. Finally the ding of the elevator opening signaled that I was getting closer to getting these heavy boxes into my new apartment. Walking into the elevator I then tried to push an even smaller button for the fifth floor. By now the boxes were feeling heavier and I wasn’t able to pull a hand away, having to resort to elbowing for the button. After a few moments of fumbling the doors closed and the elevator took off for another floor other than mine. Too stubborn to set the boxes down I kept fumbling until the elevator came to a stop on the sixth floor. I turned around as the doors opened to a woman of average height, beautiful brown hair, an athletic physique and a badass looking denim jacket.

“Oh, do you need a hand?”

“Oh, umm, could you please press the fifth floor button for me, I’ve got my hands tied!”

“Yes!” she turned to press the button and I started to get a better view of her. Her brown hair was made up of thick curls, she was nearly the same height as me, and as my eyes drifted lower I could tell from her tight fitting jeans how perfect her ass was. My eyes flicked up to see that she had turned around to face me, “Moving in?”

“Yeah, still have a few more of these boxes to go but I’m hoping to be done in time to unpack my bed, otherwise I’m sleeping on the floor.”

“Do you need a hand with those??”

“No..I got it haha” Hoping she couldn’t see my arms start to quiver under the weight.

“It looks like you could use a hand…”

“Well if you could open my door for me that would be great. It’s just down the hall.”

Thankfully the elevator doors had just opened to my floor and and this new striking woman stepped out first.

“Which room is yours?” Stepping out of the door and looking both ways before spinning to face me. I was still trying to take more of her in while still trying to keep from losing grip of the boxes but could see without a doubt how unbelievably beautiful she was, how her outfit included a tight fitting white shirt revealing the sumptuous shape of her breasts.

“508” I smiled at her. She smirked.

“Oh almost as awesome as 622, I’m on the opposite side of the courtyard from you.”

She led me down the hallway letting me get a chance to see her ass move from the corner of the boxes. God these were getting heavy. van escort “So just moving to a new apartment or new in town?”

“Oh I just moved here for a job and can’t wait to enjoy my social isolation”

“Hah, I’m a transplant like you too! I’ve found the key is to really become friends with all of my multiple personalities, except Becky, can’t trust her”

She was a bit quirky on top of her already beautiful body. “Note to self, avoid Becky. Oh here we are! My keys are on top of this box.”

She snagged the keys and opened the door for me. I stepped inside and finally bent down to drop the two boxes. My arms felt stuck in the holding position for a short time from having carried the boxes for so long.

“Mr. Robot, I don’t think I got your name.”

“Haha, James. James Robot”

“Nice to meet you James, I’m Chelsea.” She turned around and walked past a few other boxes to the window looking down on the courtyard. My eyes kept being drawn to her perfectly rounded ass and her long legs. “You have got a lot of work to get done around here James and seeing as how I just met you, I’m afraid that I am going to have to be of no help to you and be on my merry way”

“Chelsea, I will not in any way be insulted if you don’t want to deal with any of…this. I just hope I can find my bottle opener first to deal with it” I looked out on all of the work I had in store for me.

“Well when you do come across that bottle opener, text me! Till then I’ll be in that apartment over there.” Pointing at the apartment directly ahead and up one floor across the courtyard, “Probably getting into an argument with Becky.” I smiled but was quick enough to look down and pull out my phone.

“What is that number by the way?”

“Oh so forward Mr. Robot!” She smiled at me and took my phone, speedily putting her number in before handing it back, “Have fun and welcome to the city.” She was close enough to smell a perfume and close enough to see her brown eyes looking straight at mine.

“Thank you, hope to see you around.” I opened up the door for her to head out, getting one more chance to check out her body as she walked away. I shot her a quick text with my name, hoping I would get a text back. She was beyond interesting.


…It was close to 10 PM when I finally decided to call it quits on moving. I had unpacked most of the apartment but hadn’t found the bottle opener, which didn’t even matter because I didn’t even have any wine to drink. I was thankful to at least have my bed setup and crawled yalova escort in to put an end to the day. I was pretty happy with my new setup, my bedroom also had a window overlooking the courtyard and my eyes began to look out. I immediately noticed the apartment that Chelsea had pointed out as hers was still lit and she was in there, this time with apparently less clothes than what I had seen earlier. My mind went into overdrive and I remembered that I had already come across my binoculars while unpacking earlier. I had originally bought the binoculars thinking I would use them for camping but had yet to remove the price tag. I grabbed them and crawled back into bed to snoop on my new neighbor. Focusing my view I could see that Chelsea still had on her white shirt..but nothing else except a bright red thong. Oh my god, I took a deep breath and re-focused on her. Just as I had figured from her tight fitting clothing earlier, she had slender but athletic legs that led up to a smooth butt. I could feel my cock start to swell. She was folding clothes, moving around her bed to fold something, giving me new angles to see her ass and catch her bending over the entire bed, giving me a full view of her ass. God I was completely hard, starting to stroke my cock. I kept stroking myself as she kept this up. She walked away with the clothes she had folded to somewhere out of sight but came back to grab something near the bed, her phone. She seemed to be focused on something, smiling, before putting it down. I heard my phone buzz, my heart racing, and grabbed it to see a text.

“Hope you found that bottle opener”

I looked back up through the binoculars to see her facing her bed and start pulling her shirt off above her head. Oh god I was going to get to see her breasts, I kept stroking my cock, my heart racing, my skin tingling. She started to unhook her bra but kept facing forward. Please please turn around! Instead she grabbed for her shirt again and put it on before swiveling back towards the window. I couldn’t see her bare chest but I could see that her nipples were poking out in her shirt. I was already dripping pre-cum, feeling my stroking becoming wet. I could have cum at that very moment, seeing her lookout and then down towards my apartment. ‘Fuck, fuck I hope she didn’t see me.’ I had most of my lights turned off but a closet light was still on. I put my binoculars down and laid down pretending to sleep even though I knew she couldn’t see that far and with that much detail. I risked a glance and could not see her standing giresun escort next to the window so I pulled my binoculars back up.

She was now laying in bed but her light was still on. I could see her wriggling around with something and then saw her toss her thong out from under the covers. I was still so hard and I started to hold my breath thinking of what she was going to do next. She seemed to close her eyes as her arms appeared fast at work underneath the covers. I could only imagine that she was doing what I hoped she was doing. I tried to match her enthusiasm as I started to stroke my cock again with earnest, having to toss aside my bed sheets to give me free range of motion. Pulling her back into view I could have sworn that I saw her looking in my direction before looking up at her ceiling again. Suddenly she tossed aside her own sheets and god…I stopped breathing completely as I could see her right hand rubbing where her pussy was. I couldn’t see well enough to get every detail but the thought of watching someone else find total pleasure in herself. It almost drove me over the edge.

I had even stopped stroking myself, I was so caught up in the wild erotic scene I was getting to spy on. I could see that Chelsea’s left hand was underneath her shirt, playing with her breasts. Her curly hair starting to writhe with her head as she twisted in pleasure. I could see her move more vigorously. I kept trying to match her pace, wishing I could be in the same room as her, to make love to her. Suddenly I saw her legs start shaking, her mouth opening as she spasmed in total ecstasy. Fuck she was cumming, this was real, I had just met her less than twelve hours ago and I was getting to see her in her most intimate setting. I was still stroking my cock, not sure why I hadn’t cum yet, not until I saw her head fall to her side, her eyes opening up to look at my apartment.

Was she looking right at me? Had she known she was being watched? It didn’t matter because I was so ready to cum. I set my binoculars down and finally focused on myself again. I kept stroking the length of my cock, rubbing my thumb across the tip at the top of each stroke. I was so turned on by what I had just seen, and by the thought that as I was getting close to my own climax I too was potentially being watched. At that moment I could feel my body tense up, my balls pull tighter and my cock swell. I lost every thought and let out a deep moan. The climax swept through me as I felt my cum shoot out of my cock and across the bed, some of the last bit of cum pumping out onto my stomach. I knew I had to clean myself up but I heard my phone buzz again. My heart stopped when I opened a text message from Chelsea.

“I think you’re spending too much time using those binoculars and not looking for that bottle opener”.

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