Ægir’s Bride Ch. 11


Mikael observed them…his daughter and his wife. Kirsty knelt at the side of the bed with a Dr. Seuss book in hand. Her soft, British accent flowed over each rhyme as she alternated between reading and pointing out things in the pictures that accompanied the text. It was the fourth, or perhaps fifth book of the night. He had lost count.

It was not bad enough that he had two brothers to be jealous of, now he must contend with his own child. The way that his wife smiled, laughed and cared for his daughter wrapped about his heart just as he imagined that tight cunt would around his cock. While he, as much as Bjorn, hated to be leaving their wife just now, never since the first moment he had held his daughter had he felt more comfortable leaving her on one of these fishing trips. That told him all he needed to know.

‘So what the fuck you going to do about it?’ asked that irritating voice in his head.

The damned thing had a point. If he had tried to use domination and sex to bind her closer to him, them, his child that first night without letting her behind his walls, what was he going to do now? And what of their truce? On one level, it was working better than he had ever hoped it might, especially for his little girl.

Once he would have thought that was enough. It was after all the argument that Bjorn had used to convince him of his crazy scheme. And it honestly was just about perfect, he smiled as Kirsty closed the book. She signed ‘sleep’ once more as she stood up and walked towards him with a smile. Monika frowned and fidgeted a bit in her bed, but she did not get up, which was always a good sign.

Damn, what was he going to do? Now that using his daughter as a shield wall to reinforce his defences was almost to an end, a long night alone with her in that bed loomed large. He knew what got his cock’s vote. There was no question about what his little head wanted.

But it was his big one that still stood in the way. Logically, he knew that she was their wife. Theirs. Which meant she was as much his as she was Sven’s or even Bjorn’s. But that did not translate into the insecurities that still plagued him. If he had not been enough for Greta in a monogamous marriage, what chance did he stand against his ‘pretty boy’ baby brother, the man, who had chosen her and the one, who obviously already held her heart?

While his cock might be satisfied if he gave into its damned demands to sink him deep inside that too sweet cunt, he knew that in the end even that would not be enough. He had already wasted years of his life loving a woman that had never really loved him…and he was not in an all-out competition with both his brothers for Greta’s affection.

It was not even a matter of what he wanted. It was more a matter of what his battered ego could sustain. Could he give into his feelings for this woman knowing that she might never return them the way he wanted? That she already loved another man, his own gods be damned brother, whose diapers he had fucking changed, who had tagged along after him everywhere he went, a man-child that he had spent a lifetime protecting.

“Do you stay with her until she falls asleep or do you leave her?” Mikael found it hard to concentrate on her words when her hand was covering his heart and her whole lush body leaning in towards his. Could she feel how fast it was pounding? How it skipped a beat occasionally when he imagined how it would feel without any clothes between them?

He forced his sex-starved brain back from that futile line of thought and focused upon her question, “I leave her. I used to stay with her, but I think it probably makes things worse. I installed those a few months ago,” he said pointing at a couple of small cameras suspended from the ceiling. “They feed to my laptop.” He blushed a bit as he admitted to her something that no one else knew, “I keep it on most nights, just in case…” he stammered.

She smiled and reached up to brush a soft kiss across his cheek, “Then move it to my room before you leave, please.”

He shook his head as he tried to clear the cobwebs from his brain that even such a simple touch could elicit. “No need, I can download the app to your tablet and you can use that. But you don’t have to. She is fine most of the time. Sleeps through the night usually. If she does have a nightmare, trust me…you will know it. She wakes up screaming, but I don’t know sometimes…”

“Sometimes what, Mikael?” she frowned.

He looked over at his little girl and noticed that she had turned away from them and was already beginning to settle a bit. He knew he hoovered, that he was over-protective. How many times had his father lectured him about it? But damn it, his daughter had it tough enough, anything, no matter how small or silly it might seem that he could do to make things easier, he would.

But he never expected such things from others, not even his parents and certainly not a woman, whom they had kidnapped and forced into their fucked up world, their mardin escort screwed up family and their petty jealousies. “Don’t worry about it, Kirsty. It isn’t important.”

“No, tell me, please. If it is something that helps, something I can do too, let me try. Please.” Did she press a bit closer to him or was it only wishful thinking?

“Sometimes if I notice on the cam that she is not sleeping well, I will get up and sit with her. I don’t touch her, just sit on the floor next to her bed, just in case I guess. She usually quiets down in a few minutes. I guess I just like to think that maybe it makes a difference…keeps her nightmares away,” he stammered as he stared at the floor.


Kirsty felt something shift inside her. Maybe it had been happening since that first glimpse of him and Monika on board Ægir’s Captive. Maybe it was the way he tagged so closely after her in the store or that look of fear when she tried to run into the road. It most definitely had the night they gave her that bath together. It had felt so much like she belonged, like the three of them were the perfect little family.

Thinking on it, she wondered how she had not seen it sooner. Maybe it was the fact that this was so very different from the intensity that she shared with Bjorn. But that did not make it any less real. The truth was that she loved Mikael. Perhaps differently than she did Bjorn, but every bit as much. How could she not? Her bad boy could win father of the year. What woman could resist that combination?

The questions now was…what was she going to do about it? How was she going to seduce this husband too? She stifled a giggle at the thought. Who would have ever imagined frumpy Kirsty

Dickens seducing one hot guy, let alone two? Whatever would her friends think it they knew? Of course, Roz might get a real laugh out of it, but she would demand all the raunchy details first.

One thing was for certain…she was most definitely going to seduce Mikael. She was not letting him leave tomorrow morning without…

She fought back the lump in her throat that threatened to constrict her airway. It was a feeling she had been battling all day, a fear that would not abate. Whether it was Petrine’s story of losing Lars or some intuition, but whatever it was, she was not going to risk it. It was not going to live with the regrets and pain that had rolled off her mother-in-law like a tidal wave of despair.

So that brought her back to one question: how was she going to seduce this husband too? She did chuckle then. Why was it that she had to do the seducing with the ones she loved and the one that sent her blood boiling had no compunction about taking what he wanted?

“What is so funny now?” he asked in a whisper.

She smiled as she looked across the room where her ‘daughter’ was settling into bed. Yes, that too felt right. If she were going to commit to these men, to this unusual lifestyle, then she committed to all of it. And that included a very special little bonus that had wiggled her way into her heart from that first moment. What took her breath away was how natural and right it all felt, how fucking natural.

She frowned. Well, most of it. Sven could still go screw himself. But she was not about to let the man ruin this night for her too.

She stood on her tip toes and brushed a kiss on his cheek. She smiled at the way his beard tickled her nose, but she would far rather feel it abrading other parts of her anatomy at the moment. “We don’t want to wake her. I’ll tell you in bed,” she whispered into his ear.

She heard the quick intake of breath, felt his whole body stiffen beneath her finger tips, perhaps she even detected a slight increase in the tempo of his heart through her fingertips. She smiled, so her ‘bad boy’ was not as unmoved by her as he wanted her to think. That bode well for the seduction she had planned this night.

But his next words did not, “You know you don’t have to. I mean I know that Bjorn…”

She was having none of his prevaricating though, she placed her fingertips over his mouth this time. “I meant what I said, Mikael. This night it is you I choose. So unless you are suggesting we include your brother in our little games, not another word.” She leaned fully into him, “But personally, I would rather have you all to myself this time.”

She pressed her body as tightly as she could against his and that smile widened as she felt his erection actually throb. With their little girl’s back turned to them and her own body blocking the child’s view, she could not resist the urge to tease ‘daddy’ just a bit more. Her fingers that had gone from heart to mouth now covered the front of his jeans, “Unless, of course, my bad boy needs the help.”

“Kirsty, quit playing games,” he growled low in the back of his throat.

Her hand slipped into his then, “Who is playing anything, husband? I am trying my damnedest here to seduce you,” she van escort beamed up at him and she drew him out the door and closed it behind them.

But she was the one, whose head was spinning a moment later as she found her body slammed against the wall, his pressed so tightly against her that he blocked everything else from her view. “I mean it, Kirsty. What the fuck do you think you are doing? We have a truce. A truce that is working for my child. I won’t screw that up, just to get inside that sweet, hot and too fucking tight cunt of yours.”

She opened her mouth to reply but the words never made it out. Not before his tongue made it in. Wrapping about hers and sending those butterflies skittering into flight, just like her ‘bad boy’ always did. The kiss went on and on. She took up his challenge, pressing tighter against him as she fought to get her hands between their bodies. She lost that battle and had to console herself with her finger nails digging into the hard muscles of his shoulders.

By the time he finally broke the kiss, they were both breathless. “No, Kirsty. I am not fucking this up for her. Not this time. Not you too. I can’t…”

The pain behind his words touched something deep inside her soul. If she had come to love the father over the past few days, the man reached her then. A man that needed her to see past the words to the hurt behind them. A man that needed her love and healing. A man locked as tightly inside that pain as his daughter was in her little world. She needed to bridge that chasm for him as much as she needed to for their child.

As he pulled back, went to turn away, she stopped him. She reached out and laced her fingers tightly through his, “You won’t, Mikael. You can’t…”

Her throat tightened so fucking much that her head swam as it tried to draw air into her lungs. She felt tears stinging the back of her eyes. Her heart stopped. Full stop for several long heart beats. This might be the hardest decision she had ever made. Harder even than deciding to stay. As Petrine had said, ‘sometimes the ones that were the hardest needed her love the most.’

But giving that love, well, admitting it was a huge risk. With Mikael anyway. Bjorn had made it so easy. Hell, maybe too easy. But her ‘bad boy’ was locked so tightly behind his ice walls of pain and heart break. There was a very real chance that if she did this, he would only reject her out of hand. Push her even further away. Was it a risk she was willing to take?

She chuckled as the words she had just read to Monika came to her mind, ‘Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in? How much can you lose? How much can you win?’ Who would have thought to turn to Dr. Seuss for marriage advice?

Yes, she must dare. She had no other choice as she tugged him back towards her. Her other hand caresses his cheek until he turned back to face her. She looked right into those icy grey eyes and jumped head long into the unknown, “It won’t screw anything up, Mikael. It will only make things better. You have my word on that.”

He shook his head, “That’s just it…you don’t know that. You can’t. Neither of us can. What if I lose control again? What if that darkness inside me ruins everything? No, it really is better this way. Go, run, and call little brother. He can give you what I can’t.”

“No, no, he can’t. His love isn’t yours and it is your love I want this night. I need tonight.” She inhaled deeply and prayed to all the gods in heaven and Asgard for strength and courage. “I need to know that there is even the slimmest possibility that one day you might love me the way I do you. Not because I am good with her either, but because you want me…want me as a woman…”

She was the one that dropped his gaze then. If she thought getting naked with them was hard, it was nothing compared to this. And the fact that the damned silence seemed to stretch for all fucking eternity just then was not fucking helping either. The idea of running, fleeing to her room and locking the door behind her, throwing herself in the middle of that big bed and just crying her eyes out raged through her befuddled mind.

She pushed against his chest, made to do just that, until a steely hand about her arm stopped her, “Where the fuck you think you are going, Kirsty? Think you can drop that little mind fuck on me and then go hide? It don’t work like that, sweet wife. Get your cute ass in that bedroom. The hall is no place for this gods be damned conversation.”

She swallowed hard as she lifted her head to face him. His countenance gave nothing away and that made her want to run even more. But instead she simply nodded and whispered, “Yes, Sir” as he led her to the heavy closed door that she felt would seal her doom like a crept.

When she heard it close behind them, she drew in a deep breath and tried to prepare herself for whatever was to come. But she knew one thing…his rejection was going to hurt her far more than Raj’s had. ankara escort She cursed herself for being so rash. She should not have said it. She should have waited. Given him more time. Given them more time. Perhaps seduced him first…well, she did not have to worry about that now.

She trembled as she felt herself losing the battle against those unshed tears. “I’m sorry, Mikael. I should not have…” she forced the words past that lump which had grown like a snow ball into an avalanche of insecurities that threatened to wipe out everything in its path.

One word echoed off the dark walls of that dungeon. It was low, harsh and guttural, “Strip.”


Mikael inhaled, fought back the need to push her, to take her even. He waited. And waited for several long heart beats for the answer that he could not even hear when it came. Only the slight nod of her head and her trembling fingers reaching for the edge of her jumper were the real response.

He was across the room in a moment. His fingers covered hers as he watched the nervous play of emotions of her face. He helped her to lift it over her head and smiled at the pale pink lace confection beneath it. His fingers ran along the edge of it, outlining her breasts that heaved up and down just a bit faster at his touch. “Get this off now or I will cut the damned thing off.”

Her eyes were huge as she looked up at him. Those lips that he wanted to taste again more than he wanted to breathe formed a perfect ‘O’ at his words. He saw it in her eyes. Rather than frighten her, his threat excited her. “You want that, don’t you? You want to feel my knife tonight? You want me to run it across this fucking soft creamy skin until it leaves a trail of faint pink lines like a fucking map.”

Her chest heaved even more rapidly at his challenge and once more her head nodded silently, “Not good enough, sweet heart. Say it. Tell me you want to feel your bad boy’s knife against your hot skin. Tell me what you want…all of it.”

She dropped her eyes and her cheeks flamed a bright red. For a long moment, he feared that he had pushed her too far. Then she inhaled deeply and placed that tiny hand over his heart once more as she stood on her tiptoes and brushed the softest kiss against his lips. She drew back slowly, just enough to look into his eyes as she whispered.

“First, Mikael, you are overdressed. You aren’t the only one that wants to feel skin. Please,” the way that her throat moved up and down as she spoke told him as much as her words.

“Out of the damned skirt, but leave on the bra and panties. Then get to work on the buttons, because they won’t undo themselves, Kirsty,” he said as he pressed her hand tighter over his heart for a moment.

She nodded her head, blushed even pinker and smiled as she began to push the flowing skirt down her legs. When it pooled at her bare feet, she looked up at him, “Knickers? Sorry, but you told me that first night I was not allowed them anymore.”

He worked hard to suck enough air into his lungs at the sight of his wife’s bare cunt glistening in the dim light. “Good girl for remembering.”

Then even that tiny bit of oxygen fled as she stepped closer and brought those shaking fingers to his chest once more. Her eyes met his as she whispered, “Always, Sir,” as the first button sprang free. She leaned forward and pressed a tender kiss to his skin just above his heart.

His hands fisted at his side as he fought back the urge to rip the damned thing off himself as she repeated the process with next one…and next. By the time that she reached the waistband of his jeans they were so fucking tight that he knew those shaky fingers would never be able to pull the shirt free so he did it himself and ripped the last button as he tossed the damned thing across the room.

He practically tore the button on his jean off as well in attempt to get at least a bit relief for his aching cock. Her eyes grew even wider, but it was the way that her sweet tongue caressed along her bottom lip that was almost his undoing. “Don’t do that, Kirsty,” he groaned.

“Do what?” she whispered as she took a step forward. When her hand came up between them this time, it scorched the bare skin as it rested once more right over his heart. If that was not bad enough, those fucking lips that were glistening and still just slightly damp pressed a soft kiss just above her hand.

“That…look at me like that. Like you could fucking eat me alive. Like you want me buried between those sweet thighs half as much as I want to be there. Damn it, woman, you are driving me insane here. Don’t you know how fucking hard I am trying not to lose control here?” he battled to keep his hands fisted at his side even though it wanted nothing more than to rip open that damned zipper, shove her back onto the bed and bury himself so fucking deep inside of her.

“What if I said I don’t want your control? What if I want my bad boy? What if like you said I need to feel your rope, your knife, all of it? Please Mikael…don’t fucking stop this time.” He saw her eyes glisten in the faint light as she dropped her head, he leaned in to hear words that seemed torn from her throat as violently as he had torn his shirt, “Please, I couldn’t…” she stammered as her hand moved slowly across his chest.

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