After Dinner Comes Dessert


Ben held the phone up in the air.

“Amelia?” he called out.

“Uhuh?” Her voice, thick sounding as if caused by a cold, came back down the hallway to him.

“Jon and Bella want us to go to theirs this Saturday night. For dinner. You good for that?”

“Mmm,” came back the response.

Ben spoke into the phone’s mouthpiece.

“Jon, we’re on. What time? Excellent. We’ll bring the booze. Great, mate. Talk later.”

Ben hung up and hurried back to the bedroom. Amelia was lying exactly where he’d left her — on her side, ankles and wrists bound together, gag in her mouth.

“Sorry, babe. Now, where were we?”

Beneath her gag, Amelia’s mouth turned up in a lazy grin. Ben selected a large dildo, one of several in a bag, and moved towards her.


Amelia and Bella were both very attractive women — slender yet curvaceous, one blonde, the other brunette; they were used to the appreciative looks they attracted from both men and women. There was something very healthy looking about them, and at the same time their sex appeal was quite animalistic. You felt that they were like cats under the skin — sinewy, lithe, yet also soft and warm.

They were both dancers, working in night clubs as ‘go-gos in a cage’ and private clubs for ‘the discerning gentleman and lady’. On more than one occasion they had been confused as lovers or sisters and both assumptions made them laugh.

Their boyfriends, on the other hand, were quite dissimilar in looks and personality. Ben was tall and blonde, well built, with the chiseled attractive looks of a man who almost made model grade. Jon, while Ben’s equal in height, was solidly built and rugged rather than handsome. He looked as though he had climbed straight out of an outback story. The former was a director in a property development business while the latter was a solicitor, about to be made partner in a well known law firm. People often became confused trying to work out who did what because their exterior appearances belied their actual profession. Like their girlfriends, they were great friends and both were very glad that their girlfriends shared as deep a friendship as they themselves did. It made life so much easier in all ways.

On Saturday evening, Amelia parked her Mercedes convertible near Jon and Bella’s apartment block. She and Ben linked arms and strolled along the street, enjoying the late summer’s balmy twilight. Ben noticed the admiring looks his girlfriend drew towards them and he squeezed her hand in his.

“You happy, Mel?” he asked.

“Very, sweetheart,” she replied. She was thinking about the evening ahead. She felt an excitement trill through her.

Jon and Bella lived in a beautiful apartment on the 27th floor of a highrise building on the coast. The views were extensive and the apartment, built over two levels, was palatial. Ben and Amelia aspired to a similar glory but in the meantime were very happy to revel in their friends’ gorgeous home.

Amelia in fact saw the apartment as almost a second home. She was there almost as much as Bella, visiting on her days off, so much so that the Reception staff no longer made her sign in. In fact just this week she had spent a number of happy hours with Bella as they had made plans for the evening they were now embarking on.

They were met at the door by Jon, two glasses of Champagne ready which he thrust into their willing hands. He hugged them both and led them through to the lounge room. Bella was just finishing lighting the final candles. She looked gorgeous in the soft lighting which put highlights in her long chocolate coloured hair. Dressed in a black velvet catsuit which emphasized her lean and muscular limbs, she was the antithesis of Amelia who, with her long blond hair, white lacy dress and 4 inch white sandals looked like a snow angel. They hugged and kissed and walked off to the kitchen, leaving the two men alone.

Jon made sure the girls were out of sight and hearing before speaking.

“Did you bring it?”

“Yeah, under the Champagne.” Ben held up the Esky and Jon lifted the lid off. He pulled out three bottles and saw the long flat package underneath.

He grinned. “Excellent. Bella is so going to love me tonight.” He scooped up the package and placing the bottles back in the cooler, he put his finger to his lips before pantomiming a sinister creeping out of the room.

Ben walked into the kitchen, surprising Bella and Amelia who were standing very close to each other, seeming to be whispering. For a moment, his rampant imagination had them kissing but they broke away casually and didn’t seem embarrassed so he decided he had been wrong.

Bella jumped forward. “Here, let me have that. I’ll put the bottles in the fridge.” She took the cooler and opened up the vast fridge.

Amelia said, “I was just saying that Bella’s excelled herself with dessert tonight.” Behind Ben,Bella gave a low snort.

“Really? I guess from that terrible noise behind kaynarca escort me that means it’s store bought. Hey, Bella?”

Ben spun around and caught her around her waist. He hugged her and then put his other arm out for Amelia to come into.

“My favourite women,” he said, nuzzling their hair, one then the other. Contentment reigned in the kitchen, broken only by Jon calling out to Ben to have a look at something in the lounge room. Ben left the girls and as he disappeared out of the kitchen, he heard them giggling. What were they up to?, he wondered.

Dinner was wonderful. As Jon said, it was even inspired. Home made liver paté, with gouchons and wafer thin pieces of toast. Roast duck with raspberry glaze, served on mound of potato and celerian mash, bundles of beans and julienne of carrots, drizzled with a honey and mustard coulis. Great food, good wine and soon the plates and glasses were empty.

Dinner over, Jon said he needed to show Bella something on his computer. A small thing to do with business and he wanted her quick advice. Jon raised his eyebrow at Ben as he followed Bella out of the room.

Time passed. Ben and Amelia amused themselves with the splendid view and more wine. After a while, Ben began to get a bit restless. “What’s going on back there? Have they forgotten they have guests?”

“Shall we have a look?” Amelia asked.

“No, of course not. What if they’re doing something they don’t want us to see?” Ben was half shocked at Amelia’s desire to intrude.

“Oh come on, babe, I’m sure it won’t be anything we haven’t seen before.”

Ben held back. He was curious but also felt a bit foolish. After all, Jon wanted to give Bella a special gift tonight. What if he was doing that? They would break in on a precious moment. Jon might not be happy about that. Then again, what if they really were looking at his website?

He took Amelia’s extended hand. Amelia laughed quietly and held her lover’s hand tightly in hers as they walked softly down the hallway. The thick carpet beneath their feet cushioned any footfall. Ben felt like a naughty school boy at a party he knew he shouldn’t be at. Mel pushed open the door to one of the bedrooms, Ben following closely behind her. He was about to pull her into him when he realized that they were not alone. Jon and Bella were standing in a corner, more than half undressed, bodies entwined. They untangled themselves. Bella laughed.

“Finally. I wondered what was keeping you two so long.”

Amelia was already undoing her jeans. She smiled lazily at Ben and crooked her finger, beckoning him to her.

Ben was bemused. He didn’t quite know what to do. His feet felt glued to the floor. Amelia came over to him.

“Come on, Ben, it’ll be ok. Bella and I have been wanting to do this for ages. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Mind? Of course not, babe, it’s just that I wasn’t expecting it. I’m not wearing my Calvin Kleins.”

They all laughed and any tension there might have been began to dissipate. Looking at Amelia clad now in only a g-string and matching peek-a-boo bra, desire rushed directly to the head of his cock. Desire and need. The sudden blood rush caused him pain and he closed his eyes as he pushed his hand down against his cock to lessen the ache.

He felt a hand on his arm. He opened his eyes. Amelia was standing so close to him, he could smell the shampoo clean scent of her hair. She moved his hand away from the front of his trousers. Keeping her eyes on his, she slowly unzipped the trousers, reached into his boxer shorts, and touched his cock gently. He moaned. Her touch was so tender, yet in his highly aroused state it felt as though she’d hit him. Unbelievably, his cock stiffened even more.

Amelia tugged his trousers down his legs, letting them pool at his feet. She knelt down before him and, looking up at him, eyes on his, she released his cock from his shorts. Now she bent forward slightly, blowing on his hardness. He shuddered and was reaching for her when Bella said, “Ben, no touching yet.”

He looked over at her to tell her to mind her own business and realized that was her intention. She was lying on her back, her head raised by several pillows, her hips elevated slightly. Jon was lying between her legs, his face buried in her luscious flesh. A little smile played around her lips as she watched Ben. One arm was lifted lazily above her head and he saw the glittering bracelet, Jon’s gift, wrapped tightly around her slender wrist.

Watching Ben, she dropped this arm with its jeweled prize down and ran her fingers through Jon’s dark waves. Then she twined his hair around her fingers and pushed his face harder against her mound, gyrating her hips a little so that his face was full of her pussy, his mouth full of her clit and her wetness. Ben moaned then, both because he was turned on watching this woman be tongued-fucked and because a warm wet mouth had wrapped itself around his cock. He dropped his eyes down to Amelia küçükyalı escort and watched her blonde head as it moved backwards and forwards along his shaft. She tickled his balls and he found he couldn’t think; his orgasm was building. He wanted to throw her on her back and pump her as hard as he could.

She suddenly grabbed his balls and held them firmly in her hands. Her mouth moved faster and faster around his cock head while she gave his balls tiny twists. He wanted to be naked. He wanted to be hot and dirty with her, he wanted to cum all over her face, he wanted his nipples pulled and bitten. He felt heat rising through his body. He raised his hands to his nipples, and pulled at them through the sweat shirt he was wearing. He was so hot. Too many clothes. He wanted them off. His orgasm was close but he grabbed Amelia’s shoulders and pushed her backwards so that her wet mouth released him with a sucking sound.

Her mouth was a perfect ‘O’ and for one mad moment he wanted to slot his cock back inside it. He was too hot though. The clothes had to come off.

“Amelia. Undress me,” he ordered.

Still on her knees, she tugged his shorts down to join his trousers. He stepped back and kicked both garments away from his feet.

Amelia stood now. She gazed into his eyes as she unzipped his sweatshirt, as she unbuttoned his shirt, her fingers stroking the dark hairs on his torso. As the shirt slipped from his shoulders and arms, she leant forward and licked his nipples. He moaned. She blew on the wet nubs, then dipped forward and took one in her mouth. She rolled it gently between her teeth. He groaned again and heard it echoed.

He looked over at the bed. Jon and Bella were on their knees, facing each other. Bella was leaning forward and sucking on Jon’s nipples. His eyes were closed, one hand on her shoulder, one wrapped around a shank of hair. He was pushing her downwards towards his rigid cock. She resisted until, almost reluctantly it seemed, she left his nipples alone and dropped down to his fleshy rod. As she took it in her mouth, she turned her head slightly to look at Ben. Seeing him looking, she began to suck on the thick muscle.

Ben grabbed Amelia and turned her around. He flicked her g string away from her arse, unceremoniously slipping a finger inside her to make sure she was wet. He pulled it out, covered in her juice. He pushed her onto her knees and bent her forward. She spread her legs slightly to stabilize herself and he grabbed his cock and slowly fed it inside her hot wet tunnel. She moaned a little, shifting to keep herself from falling forwards. He pushed in further until his whole length was inside and his balls were knocking against her. He began to move inside her, slowly, pulling himself out to the tip and then slamming into her. She moved back against him, pushing her arse against his body. He had his hands on her hips and he began to move in and out, faster and faster. She groaned loudly and he saw Bella and Jon both turn to look, Bella’s mouth still full of Jon. It could have been comical except he was so fucking turned on, he thought he would come inside Amelia while watching Bella watching him, with her mouth full of hard throbbing cock.

If Ben wasn’t quite ready to cum, Jon was. Watching Amelia being fucked finished him off. He came hard into Bella’s mouth. Ben watched as she swallowed Jon’s jism. He decided it wasn’t quite time to go the whole nine yards himself yet. He stopped fucking Amelia and gently pulled out of her. He heard her moan.

She turned her head around to him. “Why did you stop?” Her tone was accusing.

“I decided it was time to put on a show. I know how much you like to do that, my sweet.”

Amelia smiled. She flipped herself off the bed and quickly left the room. She returned within seconds with a box in her hand. Opening it, she pulled out her leather handcuffs and ankle cuffs, a piece of hot pink silk, mask, a whip and a tiny box, flourishing each one as it was revealed. She lay them on the bed.

“Boys and girls, let the show begin!”

The four of them sat on the king size bed with the items laid out between them. Ben handcuffed Amelia’s hands together. He then cuffed her ankles and attached a chain to both the handcuffs and ankle cuffs, shortening it until she was bent into the foetal position. He covered her eyes with the leather mask and gagged her with the silk scarf. Unable to move an inch, blind and dumb, she was completely helpless.

He handed the whip to Jon who was horrified. He couldn’t be expected to hurt her surely?

“Come on, Jon. You can’t hurt her. What I mean is, you will hurt her but it’s what she wants. Amelia loves to be made to obey, don’t you sweetheart?”

Amelia nodded her bowed head.

This was unnerving Jon. He’d never expected this of a woman like Amelia. A woman like his Bella. How could he hit a woman he cared about? A friend. His mate’s girlfriend.

Seeing Jon still hesitate, Ben beckoned sancaktepe escort to Bella. “Come here, Bella, sweetheart. Take the whip from Jon. Use it just lightly on Amelia.”

Bella smiled. Ah Amelia, you are sly. You have gotten exactly what you wanted.

She took the whip and stood beside her supine friend. She looked at the smooth pale skin beneath her and took a deep breath. Pain wasn’t something that inspired her but she certainly understood why Amelia desired it. Rough sex was as far as Bella and Jon went but there were times when she wanted a bit more. She’d never voiced it, not sure what was involved or how far you could go.

She lifted the whip. Ben was hunkered down next to Amelia. He was whispering to her and stroking her body. Gently tapping her arse and tops of her legs. He stood up. Nodded at Bella.

She breathed in again and now she swung the whip down, feeling the breath of air as it passed her. It sliced into Amelia’s body and she bounced a little. She made a tiny mewing sound, almost inaudible. Bella did it again and then again. Ben drew Jon around to a vantage point where Amelia’s pussy lips were in view. Both of them could see the pussy dew that slicked the tops of her inner thighs. Jon licked his lips.

“Mate, God, that’s beautiful. Bella. Babe, look.”

Bella stepped back so that she too could see what her whipping was causing. She got down on her hands and knees and lowered herself further so that her face was at pussy level. She breathed in deeply, taking in Amelia’s sex aroma. It was a heady mix of cinnamon and salt. She poked her tongue out and licked her girlfriend’s slit. She heard her tiny moan. Her own juices began to flow.

She pushed her arse upwards and her head down and began to lick and nibble on Amelia’s lips and pretty bud like clit. It took only a moment or two longer and she felt someone behind her, pressing a hard cock against her own cunt. She thrust backwards and felt the hard muscle begin to edge into her. It slipped in sweetly and she thrust her tongue inside Amelia’s pussy, tasting her saltiness horniess. As the cock inside her began to gain momentum, so did her tongue. For a moment she wondered which man was fucking her but she could feel Amelia pushing against her face and she gave herself over to the other woman’s pleasure. She licked and sucked and then slid two fingers inside the soaking wet hot pussy oven. She could feel the little mound inside that was Amelia’s G spot. The girl wriggled and bounced. She pressed and stroked the spot and licked and sucked her clit and lips. The cock inside her raced in and out of her, filling her up. Just as she was going to call out ‘Harder, fuck me harder” its owner revved up and began to pound into her. She could barely feel it leaving her in order to plunge in harder. She was filled up to the brim with cock and it was fantastic! Her tongue and his cock were in timely symmetry.

She raised her head for a moment, to breathe before dipping into the honey pot again. Now she saw Jon. He was standing on the periphery of the tableau, beautiful big cock in hand, pulling it backwards and forwards. He looked at her and she beckoned to him. As he stepped towards her, Ben reared up behind her, pushing himself as hard as he could inside her, digging his fingers into her round cheeks, filling her up as he came and came and came. He trembled over her back, gasping, sweat dripping onto Bella’s skin. As he slowly softened and then fell out of her, disappointment rose in her and she rolled away, holding her hand out to Jon. He threw himself down beside her and she grabbed him, throwing her leg over him and sliding herself onto his cock, feeling her juicy cave filled up again. Bella’s eyes closed as she followed some internal drumbeat, not allowing the drummer to get away.

Jon’s eyes were also closed but a small smile played around his lips as he held onto Bella’s hips feeling her move up and down on his cock.

Amelia on the other hand looked bereft and bare, curled up still in her submissive role. Ben grabbed the whip and without priming her again he began to use it on her naked flesh. The sound of the leather cracking against her soft skin was an excitement he always loved. His senses were never dulled by the sensualness of this feeling of decadence. Amelia moaned under his vengeful ministrations. He stepped back for a moment and looked at her as she writhed gently under the remembrance of pain. Where her bent legs joined her body, he could see the wet folds of her pussy.

It made him hungry for her. He wanted to smack her for putting herself in that position which led him to wanting her like that. It was always like this. Shaking hard, he lashed out again, this time with his solid hand and had the instant gratification of hearing her squeal through the silk tie. He grabbed her, turned her over onto her back, undid the ankle cuffs, released the chain, unbuckled the handcuffs and removed the tie from her mouth.

She went to remove her mask. “Don’t touch it, Amelia,” he growled. “You’ll keep wearing it til I say otherwise. And don’t talk.”

She subsided into stillness. He looked down at her long pale body, gleaming in the half light. He rubbed his cock into hardness. “Spread your legs, you slut,” he commanded.

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