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I pushed the front door shut behind me and its clicking helped settle the world back into place. Feeling the first softening of hard edges I slipped off my pumps and put them neatly on the bottom shelf of the shoe rack. Pivoting on my knees I twisted until my mistress’s legs came into view and with a nod of permission I eased off her heels with a soft kiss to each calf and placed them gently on the shelf above my own shoes. I would clean them in the morning – I had made quite a mess.

“Start your bath little one, I’ll come up soon.” She said.

I was grateful for these few moments of privacy.

We made a formidable pair. At the club we were the couple other couples strived to be. Our dedication to each other was unwavering and that strength let us put on unforgettable shows. She was the epitome of Mistress – a cool and calculating domme who demanded obedience with a look, and an intellect and patience to guide even the shyest of submissives into her grasp. On the floor her word was gospel and I, the faithful disciple, worshipped her like no other. Everything I did was performed with grace and dedication, and an eagerness that came not from being afraid of punishment but wanting to show our audience how good of a mistress she is. I would take everything she meted out because I was proud that she had deemed me worthy of it and pleased she was willing to let me experience this bliss. She would give her all to me and I would give my all to her. Our dynamic in this environment was more of an act – our own private relationship still, only heightened for the appeal of the crowd. Submission squared, I call it. Us, writ large.

At home the grander aspects of our act would be dropped and after coming back from each outing we would reconnect in our own intimate way. In the confines of our home my submission was no act – the feeling of completeness and belonging she gave me spread through every inch of me and I would bask in the adoration.

She returned as I knelt next to the full bath, sports drink, protein bar and painkillers in hand. At her nod I undressed and she held out a hand to help me into the water. Now the buzz was wearing off I felt like a newborn colt and I trembled as she guided me down into the warmth. Everything stung as it hit the water and I hissed and grumbled quietly until I was settled below the bubbles.

“I know little one.” She chuckled. “But you were magnificent.”

The stinging faded away and I gave her a dopey smile of gratitude. Kartal Grup Escort

Strong arms guided me up and washed my hair, lowering me back down once conditioner had been applied. I closed my eyes.

“Not yet. Here.” She nudged me and I opened my eyes to find the bottle held up to my lips.

“Thank you ma’am.” I said quietly, accepting the drink. She liked it when I was polite. She alternated between the bottle and bites of the protein bar until I eventually summoned the energy to wash myself – running the sponge over my smarting backside taking a considerable amount of courage.

“Head back.” She rinsed out the conditioner and I felt loved.

My exit from the bath was more dignified and I stepped up to her to be dried off.

“Pass me your gel darling.” She said.

“Yes ma’am.” I replied, reaching for the bottle of aloe and handing it to her.

I stood still and compliant under her ministrations, legs apart, head bowed. She rubbed the gel across my striped back and thighs, and across my backside which I knew to be uniformly crimson. I flinched away as she caught a particularly sore spot but was brought back with a quick pinch to my inner thigh.

“Sorry, ma’am.” I straightened my posture and tried to relax back into her touch.

The balm was spread liberally between my legs and up between my cheeks. There had been many participants at the club. I had taken quite the pounding.

She finished with a kiss to my mound and I shivered. “Thank you ma’am.”

I was rewarded with a smile and a kiss on the mouth.

“Undress me, then go put your pyjamas on.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I started low on my knees with her stockings, rising up to lower her skirt, fingertips brushing over skin as I did so. She wore a silk blouse over a corset and I stood to undo the few closed buttons on the shirt. Even without heels she stood a foot taller than me and I had to stand on my tiptoes to get her blouse off her shoulders. It wasn’t graceful, but she appreciates my effort. I added it to the neatly folded pile of stockings and skirt and moved on to unlacing and unhooking the corset. The act of serving her made me both alertly tingly and sleepily content and I could feel my breathing getting shallower. She must have noticed because she cleared her throat and I instantly sped up my attentions. Suspenders and pants were quickly removed and she stood before me in all her glory. Because of our height difference my eyes naturally Kartal Manken Escort fell on her breasts and every time I would get caught staring and blush when I’d get called out. I wanted them in my mouth.

“Pyjamas.” She prompted firmly, her low voice bringing me back. Our ritual wasn’t yet over and her sternness was a reminder.

“Yes. Sorry.” I rushed out, feeling the heat pooling low in my belly again. “Ma’am.”

I padded out to my bedroom leaving her to shower alone. At first I wanted to help but she insisted on doing it by herself and now I understood why. Just as I had to be brought down she needed to decompress too. At the club she was a harder and sharper version of herself, and she needed the pressure of the water to knock off those edges and bring back the softer lines she presented to me in private. Once refreshed her cool demeanour and firm and succinct direction would give way to more intimate and less overt control. I put on a clean pair of boyshorts and pulled on my pyjama top. It was one of her old University t-shirts I had found a while ago. I’m not sure she was particularly pleased that I had taken it for my own but I refused to relinquish it. It enveloped me completely and on the nights when she was away with work I would tuck up my legs and stretch it over my knees when curling up to sleep.

I worked through a routine of stretches until I heard the shower shut off and her footsteps recede into her bedroom, then stepped back out to kneel in her doorway. I waited until she was dressed and ready to acknowledge me and when she eventually did it was with a sharp raise of an eyebrow. Deducing the reason for her reaction I grasped the hem of the t-shirt whilst dropping lower into a bow. I didn’t want her to make me take it off, but I was also pre-emptively apologising for not taking it off and asking for lenience. With my eyes on the floor I heard the quiet exhale through her nose and I smiled at the carpet. That was her I’m too soft on you noise that I loved to coax out, the one I knew right now was being accompanied by a tiny shake of the head and roll of the eyes.

“Only because your behaviour tonight was impeccable.” She offered at last, knowing what I was asking.

Had I not performed perfectly at the club I would never have dared try such an act – I would already have been naked and waiting with my nose pressed into a corner of my room.

“Thank you ma’am.” I demonstrated my thanks by crawling to the bed Kartal Masöz Escort and lightly kissing her feet. She ran her fingers through my hair.

She let me brush her hair. I could feel her soften further with each caress and I too relaxed with the motions, though the way she was stroking my thighs was doing me no favours. In return she sat me on the floor between her knees and brushed and plaited my own. This was my favourite part of the evening and by the time she was finished I had almost fallen asleep against her leg. She pulled me up on to her lap and tilted my face so I was looking at her. She was beautiful.

“How are you feeling?” She asked, one hand still lightly on my chin.

“Better, Miss, thank you. I’m aching but not in any kind of bad pain.” I answered.

I’d be aching for days.

“Good. You were very good tonight, you made me very proud. Did you enjoy yourself?”

Something in my chest fizzed at her praise and it sent another jolt between my legs. I squirmed then let out a hiss of regret as a welt met her thigh.

“I did. I thought I’d be nervous because there were more people than normal but I didn’t feel intimidated.” I wriggled again. “Though maybe less people next time would be okay too.”

She smiled at my words and kissed me deeply.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked, slipping my arms around her waist so I could lean into her chest.

“Very much. You make it very easy. And my competitive side enjoys the looks of envy we receive.” She eased me up to look at her again. “Now, go get ready for bed.”

I slipped to my knees and kissed her feet once more, though she must have seen the flash of sadness cross my face as I did. I thought I’d been good enough to sleep in her bed but no invite had been forthcoming.

Face washed and teeth brushed I walked back to kneel in the doorway of her room, waiting to see if she had any further need of me. My spirits lifted when I saw the bedcovers pulled back and her beneath them holding my stuffed toy ready. It was only the stiffness of my striped limbs that kept me from bounding into her waiting arms. Our size difference meant she spooned me easily and she pulled me back against her, tucking my toy in front of me. The stuffed toy had been a gift not long after we had moved in together. I had taken it to be a gesture of comfort for when she was away, but she had duly informed me in her no-nonsense and straight-faced manner that it was in fact, knowing I sometimes had seizures, particularly in my sleep, her desire that she rather be hit by a teddy than my fist. I had sheepishly accepted the gift and apologised for the night she found that out.

I felt her long arms squeeze my middle. “Goodnight my darling.”

“Goodnight ma’am.” I whispered back.

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