Always expect the unexpected

Alexandra Daddario

FYI: This story is very descriptive and will take awhile to actually get to the good parts, I tried to make it very enjoyable and easy to follow along. The story is not just going to get straight to the titties and pussy so I hope you like reading. Thank you!

I open my eyes to sun, shrinking my pupils. It was sunrise and it was the third day of vacation. I walk on the cold wooden floor to the kitchen to see if anyone is awake in the cabin. Of course, the parents were up, making breakfast for the family. I seem to be the only kid up as i pass by the two rooms and couch where my two sisters and one of there friends were sleeping. “Good morning honey!” Mom said, stirring the eggs on the skillet.

“Morning.” I reply

“Sleep alright?” she asks. Considering i slept in a sleeping bag as everyone else gets the luxuries i lied.

“Like a baby.” I didn’t want them to deal with my problems for the vacation. I step into the living room and looked on the couch. Maggie lies there, sleeping like a bear hibernates. She is the friend that came along and i wasn’t excited about it. Only because i wanted this to be a family vacation, but now she came to ruin that. She was about 5″6 medium weight, a really hot face and a nice ass (also she was 18 or 19) . She was “bangable” as some people would put it. She had on tight shorts and a t-shirt and had her ass facing away from the couch. For the first two days i never really had thoughts about me and her doing anything, this was basically my first time meeting her. But there was something about her that really made me hard.

It took a couple of hours but finally we got out the door to the docks. Today was tubing day. We got the speedboat and a huge tube that could fit 3 people. I was really excited about it. We all stepped onto the boat and dropped our cooler and beach towels etc. onto the front end. My dad started the engine and we took off into the open Sex hikayeleri water. “So who wants to go first!?” My mom was always the loudest, even with the speedboat going 50 and the wind slapping our ears. I was always the athletic type and loved a challenge (with the waves in this case).

“Ill go!” i said, already getting my life jacket on. We came to a halt and me and my dad tied up the tube to the back of the boat and threw the tube itself out. Maggie jumped onto the tube before it got away. I guess i didn’t hear her calling second dibs. I wasn’t really nervous as i sometimes get when it comes to girls. As a matter of fact, i thought for the past couple of days she was checking me out. I’m 16 who is 6″0 just about with a really nice muscular built body and about a 7 inch penis erect. Anyway, because of the feeling of her eyes always following me, i never wore a t-shirt, it was always a sleeveless or wife-beater ;D.

The inertia of the tube and maggie carried them off a little way from the boat. Once i swam to it, i climbed on the tube with only my arms, showing off to her. She turned away, hiding a smile that i caught in my peripherals. It was a silent flirt i guess you could call it. “Since i really dont mind how fast or slow we go you can give out the signals.” I suggest, smirking as i always do.

*SIDE NOTE* (If you’ve never been tubing, usually the passengers on the tube will give a hand gesture to the passengers on the boat, who tell the driver what to do. Which is either speed up, speed down, or a doughnut which is going in a circle)

“K.” she answered, gripping onto the handles. “Don’t let me fall k?”

“No problem.” I get a hold on my handles as well.

The boat speeds up to cruising speed. That is, until Maggie gets bold and gives a thumbs up to go faster. She repeats the gesture untill we are almost gliding over the water. I put my mouth next to her ear. “Do you Sikiş hikayeleri want to do a doughnut?” I questioned. She says nothing but instead answers with the signal to do the doughnut.

Doing a doughnut this fast is insane, your basically skipping over the water and will get whipped around like a ragdoll. But i was only worried for Maggie though, not a lot of females can hold themselves on when this happens, i know this from my sisters. The bright side is, i can hold myself and her. My dad makes a sharp right turn, which will whip Maggie on the outside. So as we start the turn i take my left hand off the handle and hold her close to me, caressing her waist. Though when i say waist i mean the lower part of it, close to her nice apple ass. We were both laying on our stomachs which made the move less conspicuous to my folks on the boat. We both survived that doughnut, but the funny part about my dad is he doesn’t know when to stop. So he makes another turn, this time to the left. Making me on the outside. I did not see this coming, midway of the turn my hand was still on her waist and i was vulnerable to tipping over to the right. Indeed i did, and i took Maggie along for the ride too. We both slap the water and toss and turn in the ocean, letting our life jackets do their job.We floated to the surface. “Sorry Hahaha.” I told her laughing.

“Its ok that was really fun!” She said. I’m guessing she never been tubing before. While waiting for my dad to turn around and come get us, she glides her hand on the surface of my swimming trunks. She gently squeezes my cock that becomes rock solid. She moves her hand up and down measuring my manhood slowly but surely. I was shocked! I just floated there surrendering to her hand. My dad pulls up. “Are you guys going again?”

“Yea i am.” I said, only because i had this huge hard on i had to get rid of. Maggie swims ahead of me towards the boat.

“I Erotik hikaye guess Aaron is going solo i’m beat up enough.” She announces as she climbs up the ladder, poking her ass out at me discretely.

We get back to the cabin around 7, just a couple of hours before sundown. Everyone was tired, sun burnt, and sore. My parents go to bed and my sisters, me, and Maggie hang out and play cards. Bored, I pull out a blunt that i rolled that morning. I usually dont smoke but for the vacation i bought “a half”. I knew everyone there smoked which is the reason i pulled it out so confidently. Soon after a couple of rotations everyone was pretty baked and got the munchies. So i offered to make smores from the microwave. Of course they wanted me to! I head in the kitchen and start preparing the smores when all of a sudden i feel fingers rub up under my wife-beater heading up my back, they then orbit around my rib cage and touch my muscular torso. “Your really wanting to get caught huh?” I asked in a dominant way. The room we played cards in was pretty good distance so i wasn’t to worried about my lazy baked sisters walking in the kitchen.I turn around and pick Maggie up gripping her ass. I set her on the counter making out with her passionately. I take off the loose shorts she was wearing. The removing of the shorts reveal a pink butterfly thong. I take my two fingers and move the front of the thong to the side while my other two fingers slide in her soaking pussy. My tongue takes the initiative to lick her clitoris. She creates a quiet yelping noise. I switch fingers, this time my middle and ring finger go inside her tight pussy while the three remaining fingers press around it. I move my hand aggressively up and down, hitting her G spot almost instantly. “AHHHHHOOOO MY GOOOD!” She hollars out. Her pussy pushed my fingers away and squirted out more water than what was in the ocean all over my shirt. I move my head up twoards hers, kissing her yet again.

“Im gonna go clean myself off, if you want make the smores.” I say as i sneak into the bathroom next to the room where my sisters reside.

To Be Continued…

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