An African Nightmare 2


An African nightmare 2.

I have had to endure Val sleeping with Eddy now for the last 8 months and unknown numbers of visits from other African men who have all fucked Val numerous times, sometimes I watch sometimes I go to the guest room until they leave.
Eddy has let me sleep with my wife a couple of times but due to the sizes of the men that have fucked her repeatedly I’m not sure if I satisfy her anymore, she does seem to be enjoying these men more now.
This morning I got a call from Victoria telling me she was due to arrive in two days and that Eddy and her mom had made all the arrangements. As hard as I could without going into detail I tried to stop her from coming, but Eddy over heard the conversation and told me her mom would be disappointed if she didn’t come.
The day Victoria was due Eddy informed me that I had again to go up country and would be gone for at least a week, I begged him not to as I was pretty sure what had happened to Val was about to happen to my daughter. Eddy grabbed me by my shirt and hissed in my face to be a good husband and daddy; then turned and called for Val to join him.
Later that night Val came to my room and in tears pleading with me not to upset Eddy and his friends as our life’s depended on Victoria’s arrival, I asked how could she permit this and she just climbed into my bed and began sucking my cock until I grew hard then sitting astride me rode my cock until I erupted in her. She was gone when I awoke the next morning but Eddy saw me off with a very menacing look.
I couldn’t call home whilst I was away and was dreading what I would find upon my return. Both Val and Victoria were waiting on the porch as I pulled Sex hikayeleri up and my lovely daughter ran into my arms, kissing me and asking how things had gone. Amo took my bags and I was surprised to find that they were taken into master bedroom. That night as I lay next my wife in bed I asked what had been going on.
She explained that Eddy had moved back to his hut when Victoria arrived and had been as friendly as when we first arrived, however he’d introduced a young lad to Victoria who was paying her a lot of attention and compliments; she was sure Eddy was having him groom her.
At breakfast the next morning Eddy joined my wife, daughter and I, as we finished a young man came up to the house. Victoria jumped up and waved at him then turning to me introduced him as Jumta and asked could she go into the bush to see the wild life with him. I looked at Eddy and saw that look of control that he had over my wife and I; Val squeezed my hand under the table as I allowed my daughter to be taken off to god knows what.
Eddy smiled as Jumta and Victoria took off into the bush, once they were out of sight he told Val to follow him to his hut. It had started again and soon my daughter would be part of it, she did not return that night or the next day. But when she arrived back with Jumta, Eddy was waiting on the porch my things back in the guest room and Victoria had that same look as her moms. Eddy held out his hand; Victoria looked at me for help. But Eddy barked “come” and I looked to the ground helplessly.
I could not look at her as she climbed the steps of the porch and headed inside with him, the next few hours I could hear the sounds of his sexual lust Sikiş hikayeleri with my daughter. He called me later to the bedroom to find her sprawled naked across the bed, love bites on her breasts, cum plastered over her tear streaked face and oozing from her pussy. Scoping her up I carried her to the shower to clean her up, neither of us said a word.
That night Eddy told Val and Victoria to wear something nice as we had guests; my wife took our daughter to the master bedroom and prepared her. When they appeared they were both dressed in similar dresses; buttoned down the front and clearly without underwear.
We were seated on the porch when two cars pulled up 2 men emerged from each car, Eddy introduced the men to my wife and daughter and they then escorted them into the dining room. Eddy and I sat at each end of the table, the women sandwiched between the men, and Jumta stood in the doorway as if on guard.
All the way through the meal one of the men kept mauling at Victoria’s breasts and as her nipples became more and more erect the second one started. The table had just been cleaned when my daughter was hoisted up onto the table her pussy visibly leaking juices, my wife was already sucking on one of the other’s cocks. All four men then took turns in fucking Val and Victoria, just as I thought it was over one of the men signaled to Jumta.
He walked up to Victoria and told her to get off the table and turn around, this she did without a word. He them removed his cock from his trousers and held it against her ass, spitting on his shaft and scoping cum from her dripping pussy he smeared it around her anus and pushed first one then two and then three fingers Erotik hikaye into her. She moaned at this and finally asked for his cock in her ass; it appeared to be slightly smaller than Eddy’s but still large.
Jumta was not gentle by any means and I was unable to move as he pounded my daughter for a good half hour just as he seemed finished he told my wife to stand next to Victoria, he then repeated the same thing to Val. He came over my wife’s buttocks and the told Victoria to lick his cum off her mom; again it was done without argument.
Our guests left and Eddy and Jumta took the two women to the master bedroom, they kept me awake all night and in the morning I was told to go clean them up. They were lying naked side by side, dried cum all over their bodies and theirs pussies gapping wide again with cum dried around their openings.
Jumta stood in the doorway but as I went to carry my daughter to the shower he barked that I was to clean her with my mouth, I looked towards him for no more than a second before looking at the floor and doing as I’d been told. The taste was very strong and bitter but there was a certain sweetness when I got to her pussy, Victoria began grinding herself against my mouth and soon came. Jumta grabbed me by the hair and threw me out of the room.
The visits have happened a couple of times a week since that first night and either Eddy or Jumta now make me clean up afterwards, last night both Val and Victoria appeared in my room with Jumta standing in the doorway. They stripped naked and climbed into bed with me; taking turns in fucking me before heading back to the master bedroom to spend the rest of the night with either Eddy and or Jumta.
I have a year left on my contract but don’t know what will happen when it ends; both my daughter and wife are now pregnant but it has not stopped the guests visiting or anything else.

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