An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 17


Chapter 17 A new flat to christen.

I awoke slowly, hearing Susan pottering around in the kitchen. For the first time I completely forgot about the cameras and strolled naked into the kitchen to join her. Susan was obviously sharper than me and had put on the pink tabard dress that she was given last night. And panties, I noticed. I suddenly realised my nakedness and strangely enough, instead of getting embarrassed I started to get hard.

‘How was your night?’ I asked raiding the fridge for some orange juice.

‘I thought it was an amazing party. You really did hit the right balance between games, dancing and partying and the right balance between nudity and clothed. God what letches you men are,’ she giggled.

‘Us men?’ I cried. ‘It’s you girls. Let’s face it Sam, Bryony and Melissa fondled me till I was hard even before the party started. And, how keen were all you girls to take your knickers off? As soon as I mentioned it I had to stop you all so I could do it my way,’ I laughed.

‘Well we knew they were all coming off quickly. We worked out that the dress code probably did not include panties and so we organised that there were some with, and some without. I had to lend Joanne my black bikini panties. We didn’t notice the suspenders over or under however. That was a nice touch and really embarrassed Tracy at first.’

‘And how was the sex with Gordon and Melissa?’

She looked embarrassed.

‘Come on I know Gordon would have fucked you. He had been talking about it since we first met them. If it makes you feel better I had sex with Sam, Joanne and Tracy. I enjoyed all of them, but of course none of them were you.’

‘Yeah right. And I’ll bet you spent all your time thinking about me right.’

I had to laugh. ‘Well maybe not all the time. So come on, how was it and who was it?’

‘Okay Gordon made love to me last night, and to Melissa.’

‘And you and Melissa?’

God you men are really obsessed with girl-girl sex aren’t you. Yes, we did. It was my first time with a girl. I meant to tell you that the other night when Joanne and I were making all that noise and you were tied up we actually didn’t even touch each other.’

‘I know she told me last night. She was surprised I didn’t know. So how was it? Did you like it? Would you do it again?’

‘So many questions. But yes and yes. It was different. You won’t get upset if I tell you about it?’

‘Of course not,’ I said, moving towards her to take her hand.

‘Well, Gordon grabbed me and set me down on my knees in front of him so that I could get him out and play with it. He was kissing Melissa and playing with her tits. She has lovely tits you know.’

‘Yes,’ I grinned, ‘she does. But not as nice as these.’

I slipped my hands under her tabard and got an elbow in the ribs.

‘Anyway, I started giving him head. I thought that was important for him because I had refused to do it when we were in the lingerie shop after I told him about our agreement.’

‘Yes, I saw that bit. That all happened pretty quickly. That’s when I left and went into the other room to give you some freedom.’

‘Oh, that’s nice,’ she said placing her hands over mine as they played with her breasts. ‘I saw you go but assumed you just wanted to go and score with one of the girls in the other room.’

‘No, I chose the other room because of you. I didn’t want you inhibited. I found Sam just kissing Brenda’s tits and her ass was sticking out, so I just started playing with it. Like this.’ I turned Susan and bent her over the kitchen table, lowered her panties to the floor and started fondling her bum. ‘Anyway, carry on with your story.’

‘I sucked him for a while and he pulled my dress over my head so we were all three naked now, then he pushed Melissa towards me so we could share his cock and then he pushed us together so we started kissing. It’s funny isn’t it that I had never had any sexual contact with a woman before tonight and I had my pussy eaten by Bryony in your game, before I had even kissed a girl.’

‘And did you eat Melissa’s pussy?’

‘Wait, I will get on to that. As I was saying we were kissing and sharing his cock, and he laid himself down on the sofa and pulled me on top of him to sit on his face. He was the fourth person to eat me last night. Can you imagine I had only ever been eaten by you and now, in one night, four more. Bryony, oh yes, you knew about her, and then Pete and then Stan, in case you weren’t watching me in the game. They were all different but Gordon was the best, well apart from Bryony and she was just great. Or maybe it was just because she was my first. Oh and then there was Melissa of course, that’s five.’

I laughed. ‘Woah, slow down a bit I have only just got to you kissing Melissa and now she is eating pussy.’

She giggled. ‘Yes, I am getting ahead of myself. Anyway, after Gordon licked me out he moved me down so I could sit on his cock, jockey style and he pulled Melissa up to sit on his face. We played with each other’s boobies and somehow bağdatcaddesi escort it didn’t seem relevant at the time that I was actually being fucked by someone other than you.’

‘In fact,’ I said, ‘You were fucking him if you were riding his cock.’

‘Oh yeah,’ she looked thoughtful. ‘Does that matter? Does that make me bad?’

I went quiet for a moment considering my reply. ‘I think it does. I think you have been unfaithful to me in the worst possible way. You were the aggressor and not the acceptor. You have been a bad girl and I am going to have to punish you.’ I pulled the tabard over her head. I do like those tabards, so easy to remove. ‘Bend over this table a bit more. You know what I am going to do. I think this one deserves the paddle.’ I went to the bedroom and retrieved the paddle. I was a little worried that she had taken my words to heart and believed that I was really upset. I realised that that was not the case when I got back to find that she had moved at ninety degrees around the kitchen table and was bent legs wide open immediately in front of a camera.

‘What a bad girl. Count please and say thank you.’

‘One ooooh thank you. Two aaaah thank you.’

I paused around eight and licked her bottom spreading saliva over her buttocks. I wondered whether it would hurt more.’

‘Nine… AAAH that hurts, thank you.’

I think it did. I must remember that. I played with her bum, running my fingers up and down her slit. I just penetrated her to one knuckle depth running the finger through a river of arousal. I pushed that same finger up her bumhole to the same depth.

‘AAAH Ten,’ and then she screamed as I rammed one finger up her ass and two up her cunt, rubbing them quickly over her g-spot. She came long and loud spraying my hand before saying a contented ‘Thank you.’

It was later before she finished the story about how Gordon had first put the two girls in a sixty-nine position and then bent them together over the sofa so that he could fuck them alternately. He came in Susan apparently and had Melissa eat her out again.

One way or another our agreement was well and truly history.

We had a quiet weekend, just livened up by a few calls thanking us for the party. Stan and Tracy both spent a while telling us on the speakerphone how much they had enjoyed it. Stan was speechless most of the time, really unable to put into words how much he had enjoyed himself. The three girls popped in Sunday with a bit of news. I knew that they were moving in to the flat on the floor below us on the next day but they had eventually got agreement with the landlords, that the three of them could move in. Melissa would start on the sofa-bed in the lounge until they got a larger king-size bed when all three of them could share it.

The thought of that gave me an immediate erection, which Susan unfortunately noticed.

‘So, tell me Melissa,’ she said, ‘Would you sleep in the middle? What about pyjamas and touching the other girls in the night? Will that be a problem?’

I could see the girls were confused by her questions until she caught their eyes and nodded towards my erection. They quickly slipped into tease mode.

‘Oh no it won’t be a problem, none of us ever wear pyjamas or nighties or anything at all really. Well apart from stockings occasionally if we are feeling naughty. And when we wake up in the morning we often find a very wet warm finger up an odd hole or two.’

Melissa came over to the sofa and knelt between my legs. Wow I thought. I wondered whether Susan was okay with this. I looked over to see her laughing.

‘Of course,’ said Melissa removing my cock from my boxers. ‘I rarely wake up with one of these in any of my holes, but I think it would be nice occasionally wouldn’t it girls? Susan do you think we could borrow it from time to time? I can swap it for my dildo if that helps.’

‘That would be perfect,’ said Susan. ‘The dildo won’t go soft on me at a bad moment or spit all over my hair.’

I was not in a position to complain about her telling tales out of school as Melissa now had me halfway down her throat. The situation got to me as much as the actual blow-job. I was sitting in my lounge with my girl-friend and three other beautiful girls and I was about to come in one of their mouths.

”Oh Susan…’

‘I know. Don’t expect this every time and make sure you have enough left for me for bedtime tonight. Go on Mel finish him off if you like.’

That sentence was hardly out of her lips before my sperm was deposited in Melissa’s. She swallowed, which probably wasn’t difficult as most of it was down her throat in the first place, licked me clean and went and sat back in her chair as if nothing unusual had happened. Well, hopefully I thought, maybe it hadn’t. Maybe that would happen from time to time now they were living so close.

I was not really into the conversation and Susan made them all laugh by saying, ‘Earth to Alex, Earth to Alex. Wake up Alex, concentrate please. beykoz escort You have to be good for more than just sperm retrieval. We are sitting without drinks. Come on jump to it.’

Suffice to say I was the butt of the jokes all evening. When we went to bed I had the opportunity of asking Susan if she was comfortable with what had happened.

‘Of course,’ she said. ‘If I had wanted to stop it, I would just have told Melissa that if she was that hungry I would make her a sandwich and everyone would have laughed and she would have moved away. Now she has eaten both of us. Those girls are not a real threat to me. They are too up front and fun-loving for even you to make them into a threat to us. No, providing I don’t find you sneaking downstairs for a quick one, or using up so much of your energy that you don’t have enough for me, then it is not a problem. In fact, I may even let Melissa have you for the night as she suggested. I wouldn’t want her dildo though. But I might swap for Sam or Bryony.’

Wow. The spunk I had been building up for the last hour or so was all hers. Very quickly, after hearing that.

Of course, Melissa’s blow-job had a built-in cost as I was to find out.

For three days they had me moving furniture, cds, clothes, shoes, handbags and yet more shoes into and around the apartment. Thanks? Not a chance, not even a little grope, well not one that was meaningful. A couple of little twitches on my cock or arse and my cheeks kissed a dozen times. How we of the male race are made to suffer.

It was the Wednesday evening about seven when I sat back on their sofa believing that there was actually nothing left that they wanted me to do.

Until Bryony said, ‘Alex, there is just one more little job for you to do if you don’t mind. And while you are doing it we are going to pop up to Susan and invite her round for a drink and pizza later. The pizzas are ordered for nine o’clock. I will get her to bring some clean clothes down for you if you want them.’

‘Just a pair of shorts will be fine,’ I said bearing in mind that we were in front of the cameras and I had a financial share in making sure they were well watched.

‘Right, this is what we would like you to do. You see these three boxes. If you can just transfer the contents, neatly please, into this big drawer. Sort it how you like provided it is neat and tidy. We will go and see Susan, have a quick drink and be back in half an hour.’

They left laughing. I quickly realised why. The three boxes contained underwear. Presumably one each. And I was going to handle it all and put it away in one drawer. And the drawer was right under one of the cameras.

I rifled through the first box. It was all panties, bras, stockings, suspender belts, waspies and corsets. No t-shirts or semi underwear, just very intimate apparel. I held the first pair of panties to my nose. Yes, a faint smell of Melissa, her perfume. Unfortunately, they had been washed since they were last worn. Of course.

I got into a routine. I mentally divided the drawer into sections. I could have assumed that each box was owned by a different girl and just divided the drawer into three and arranged it by girl. I did think that if they were happy to have their stuff all in one drawer they would be happy to share and therefore I would put all the bras together and all the panties together, Stockings were rolled neatly and their belts folded tidily as much as possible. The waspies corsets and miscellany were put towards the back of the drawer. The look of them was stored in my memory banks for later retrieval.

The routine I established was to hold the garment up so that the camera could get a good look, sniff it, fold it and put it away. If the item was a shelf bra, or one designed to show the nipples, I would just make it obvious by wiggling my fingers where the nipples would show. With the crotchless panties I would push my fingers, or nose, or tongue, between the pieces of lace. Time went by and I had just finished putting the last item away when the girls returned giggling.

‘Did you enjoy that?’

‘You know I did.’

‘We certainly do. We sat and watched you on your lap-top. We also called Elise, Jo, Bren and Tracy so that they could watch as well. ‘I went bright red. I was truly embarrassed. I had sniffed every item. And licked quite a lot of them.

I took a sideways look at the camera.

‘That’s it, wave and say hi to the girls. On second thoughts, don’t do that. It is our first week and I know the company don’t like you acknowledging the cameras. But just know that they are there watching.’

I waved at the cameras, and spoke loudly and slowly. ‘Hi girls, I am sure they won’t mind me breaking the rules this once. All I can say in my defence is that you have seen how I treat underwear. I promise you, that next time I see you I will treat yours the same way, on or off.’

The girls applauded my little speech and pulled my boxers off to admire my rampant, leaking cock. Leaking? I’ll say. I had been caddebostan escort sorting underwear for over an hour.

They led me by the cock into the lounge where they handed me a beer and told me to relax. The pizzas would be here soon.

As I sat enjoying the first sips they started undressing before me. I noticed there was very little underwear to add to the drawer. No bras, just three pairs of bikini panties. I thought that I might as well get hung for being a sheep rather than a lamb and asked them for their panties which I duly pushed under my nose.

‘Mmm, Bryony, Melissa and Sam.’ I murmured evaluating the different scents.

They laughed, ‘Very good. You got them right. I see your cock likes them too.’

It had been dozing as I drank my beer but was back rampant again.

Sam looked at the clock.

‘Okay girls Paper Stone Scissors.’ They played two rounds before Sam was declared the loser. I didn’t ask.

‘By the way,’ Bryony said. ‘Susan is not coming down. She is going over to Joanne and Pete’s. Jo invited you both over as Pete is away for the night at his parents. I hope you don’t mind, we said you would be too tired to go.’

‘I must have looked a little surprised and even disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to spend the evening with Joanne, without Pete. And then came the surprise.

‘Anyway, Susan said that she thought she would spend the night there, so she will not be expecting you to go home tonight. She said she didn’t need to swap for Melissa’s dildo on this occasion. Does that mean anything to you Alex? Alex?’ My eyes must have glazed over. Susan had just given me permission to spend the night with these gorgeous girls.

I could see them giggling as I started to understand. I had been chosen, selected, identified, whatever word you like, as their piece of meat for tonight. Their piece of prime fillet. Susan knew and approved and was probably getting hers anyway with Joanne. Here was my reward for three days of hard labour.

How much did I love that girl? In fact, how much did I love all three?

At that moment the bell rang. I guess the pizza guy was here.

Now I knew why they had played the game. Sam got to her feet and pressed the answerphone bell to open the outside door.

‘Along the corridor on the left,’ she called.

There was a bang on the door. She peered through the magic eye and gave a thumbs-up to the rest of us, throwing open the door.

‘Come in while I find my purse.’

She rummaged round on the floor in front of this college-age lad. His eyes followed her bottom around, and around, and around.

Her gaping lips showed, engorged and damp.

She found the right money, gave him a big kiss and said, ‘There I think that was enough of a tip wasn’t it?’

He nodded.

‘Good. Make sure you come back for us next time. There are three of us here. Wave girls.’ She directed his view to the sofas where we sat in full view. He had been so wrapped up watching Sam he had not even noticed us.

Sam came back giggling. ‘See It is much cheaper if you never have to give a tip. Does Susan open the door for you?’

‘No,’ I said,’ but she might in future.’

By the time she had seen him off at the door Bryony had sliced them up and Melissa had found the oil and chili.

‘Mmm good,’ I said looking around. ‘This has all the makings of a good evening. Are you sure that Susan…’

The girls howled with laughter. ‘She said that you wouldn’t believe us.’

‘Oh no, I believe you. It is just that well, it’s the first time we have spent the night apart, as well as, well you know…’ I stumbled on.

‘She said that if you wanted reassurance look at your phone.’

I did and there was a message.

‘Aaah, still thinking about me. How nice. Enjoy your night, I am. Be ready to show me all the moves tomorrow.’

I read it out to laughter.

‘How well she knows you.’

‘Dirty slut, what is she doing with Jo?’

‘I’ll bet she doesn’t have pizza between her teeth.’

I yawned ostentatiously and looked at the clock. ‘Amazing it’s ten o’clock already. I am so tired after all that physical hard labour.’

‘What hard labour is that? Sniffing panties?’

I felt myself colouring again. ‘Well I have sniffed them all now so I can get down to the real thing. Come on girls, I need to luxuriate in your flesh.’

And that’s what I did for a while. I cuddled and touched and groped and kissed and fingered and licked and sniffed and sucked everything in sight, and a few things that weren’t in sight but could only be felt. Eventually, just like their underwear drawer I got them sorted. Bryony on her back on the bed, Sam laying face up on top of her and Melissa laying face up on top of Sam. I had my cock in Bryony my fingers in Sam and my tongue in Melissa. Finally I got them to line up along the bed with their asses in the air and I fucked them in rotation. One after the other a dozen strokes and move on, slow, fast, hard and tentative. I concentrated on their pussies explaining to them that I was never going to have the energy to satisfy them in all three holes so tonight I was just going to enjoy their pussies. ‘This little hole,’ I explained sinking my index finger in a knuckle or two, ‘will have to wait until next time.’

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