An evening of firsts Pt. 2 of Cheesy Gorditas


Bert and I have been dating for a while now, a few months, and I’m starting to get the feeling that we might have something to last. Some of you might be laughing and going “A few months? The real thing? Ha!” But you have to understand, relationships for me don’t last more than a few weeks (long story), so it’s a long time for me.

Well, I started thinking that I wanted more than the usual sex we have. It is good sex, great sex, but still, I wanted to share something with him that I never experienced before and make it special. Up until yesterday, I’ve never been fucked in the ass. I daydreamed about it a lot, but I never actually did it, but that all changed last night.

I called up Bert on the phone and told him to come over. My parents were gone, they had a long new years weekend up in San Francisco. It was about six o’clock in the evening and I had been slaving over a hot stove for at least 2 hours making him a special dinner. It was his favorite, spaghetti and my secret family recipe sauce.

Now, I really don’t make a huge effort to get all dressed up; jeans and a nice top are the usual. But tonight I put forth every effort to look good for him. After soaking for hours in raspberry bath soap, I slipped into a bright red tube top with little cherries on it that really accentuated the nice curves of my full B breast. For the bottom, the shortest black skirt I own; pleated with slits that showed off a nice portion of my chocolate brown thighs. A little eyeliner, a little lip-gloss, and I looked as tasty as the food. The doorbell rang and I answered it. When Bert saw me his eyes nearly popped out of his head; it was just the reaction I was looking for.

We kissed and I lead him in by the hand to the dining room. I had dimmed the lights, lit candles, and the whole nine; it was very romantic. I made him sit down across the table from me where he couldn’t touch me, I wanted him to get a nice eye full before he could touch. After staring at me for an eternity, he lifted the top from the plate and grinned.

“You made this?” he asked.
“Yep.” I replied.
“It’s not our anniversary is it?”
“No, I just did it because I love you.” I said. It was one of the few times that I had told him “the three small words” outside of the heat of passion. He smiled, reached across the table and kissed my hand lovingly. Saying “I love you” is hard for him too, so I understood.

We ate and made small talk.

“Where’s your mom and dad?” he asked.
“They’re out of town for the weekend” I informed him with a sexy smile.
He smiled back and began to shovel his food.
“Don’t rush. We have all weekend.” I told him.

After we finished up, I got up from the table and went around to his side to pick up his plate. I made sure to bend in front of him so my luscious boobs were in his face. He tried to put his hand on my thigh, but I slapped it away.

“Behave yourself or you won’t get dessert.” I said.
“What’s for dessert?’ he asked.
“Me” I replied and went off to the kitchen.

I was trying my hardest to be sexy and it seemed to be working. Now it was time for phase 2. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so I had planned to get him horny beyond all reason and make him wait before I let him hit.

When I came back, I took him to the den to watch a movie. First, we watched the Blair witch project 2 because I knew that there’s some sex in it, at least enough to get his Sex hikayeleri moe-joe working a little more. Then I made him suffer with a stiffy through two hours of some Drew Barrymore chick flick that I even hated. It was hard, but I knew he was struggling way harder than I was. The whole time if he tried to touch me, he would get a little slap. I knew it was driving him crazy.

At the end of the movie, I went and eased into his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing my stiff nipples against his chest. He tried to put his hand up my skirt, but I stopped him.

“We never talk Bert. It’s always about sex, lets just talk.” I was teasing him to death. I wanted him to be so horny that at the end, he just fucking exploded. I wiggled my ass around on his boner a little, just for the added stress. He squeezed his eyes shut and let his head fall back with a grunt. I could see how frustrated he was getting. I have issues over control that I explained to him before, so he knew better than to try to force me. Like the good boy that he is, he just swallowed his boner and let me have my satisfaction.

“What do you want to talk about, Jessica?” he asked impatiently.
“Anything you want.” I said.
“I want to fuck you.” He said, his light brown eyes stared into mine with a pleading look.
“No.” I said pointedly.
“Why not?” He sort of whined.
“Because… I don’t feel like it.” I said. It was obvious that I was lying.
“Ok, fine.” He thought for a second.
“Why don’t you let me give you a massage?” It was a truly desperate move, but I let it slide.
“Ok, but shoulders only.” I said strictly.

I sat on the floor with my legs folded like an Indian and he got behind me on his knees and started working my shoulders. As his hands slowly worked their magic, I felt my wanting grow. He wouldn’t have to wait much longer. My puss was starting to burn with anticipation and I was starting to loose control, but I wanted to see how he reacted when I forced him to bottle up his cravings.

After a minute of very suggestive groaning on my part, I asked to return the favor. He stayed on his knees and I got behind him and rubbed his shoulders and neck. Slowly my hands caressed his neck, slid down his back and to his waist. I rubbed up and down his torso, feeling his hot skin, like fire, against my own. I had had enough with teasing. Bert trembled when I touched him like he was going to cry so I knew he had had enough a long time ago. We were both drunk with lust and the energy was so heavy you could smell it, literally. I could control my actions but nothing could control my pussy from getting all wet.

I rubbed my trembling hands on his tummy and planted slow, seductive kisses on his neck. Hickey after hickey, I moved around his face and neck until I got to his sweet, rosy lips. Then we engaged in the most passionate kiss we ever shared. It started out slow and smooth. Our lips parted and our tongues mingled in the middle for a second or two, savoring the intoxicating taste of love. Then I slipped my tongue into his mouth, cautiously tasting every crevice of him as my hands trailed down to the bulge in his pants. I crawled on my knees around to his front and straddled him as best as I could; one leg up on his waist and the other on the floor. He put his able hand up my skirt and gently pushed my black, lacy thong aside to rub on my clit. We both began to loose it and lapsed into sloppy Sikiş hikayeleri wet kisses.

Between the frantic mauling, I pulled his shirt up over his head and pushed him on the floor. I stopped the kissing sat up on his dick, breathing heavy and involuntarily humping up and down of his stiff bulge.

“I want to share something with you Bert, and I want you to share something with me.” I remember saying. Just one more delay and we could get down to business. “What’s something you’ve never done before while you were having sex?” I panted. Bert closed his eyes and thought. Then he looked around.

“Wax.” He said, “I never had the hot wax thing before.” I kissed him, and then I went to the dining room and brought back a lit candle. I straddled him again holding the candle and looked him in the eyes. He gave a little nod and I tilted the candle, slowly pouring the wax in a little stream down the middle of his chest and into his naval. He twitched and sucked a breath in through his teeth. I dipped my fingertips in it and started to spell my name.


Then I made circles around his nipples with it. He shuddered as I blew on it so it would harden and peeled it back off. Then I licked on every pink spot I had put it. The whole time I could feel his boner growing under my ass.

“That was neat.” He said.
“Did you like it?” I said biting him a little on the nipple after tracing circles around it.
“Yeah, but now I need to fuck you.” He hissed with a frenzied tone.

He got up, knocking me back, and hastily shed his pants and boxers. He fell down on top of me and pulled my skirt up under my arms so quickly and roughly, I barely knew what was happening. There were no foreplay, kisses, dick sucking, or pussy licking… He just ripped my thong right off and started fucking me like an animal. His dick was so swollen that it didn’t even feel like his. He ground into me, ripping at my clothes, pulling my hair, pawing over my breasts, and moaning and grunting so loudly, I’m surprised he didn’t wake the neighbors.

He pushed me back onto the carpet, pulled my legs up to his sides and fucked me so hard that I had rug burn on my back. It was the most amazing fuck I ever had. He pounded me like you wouldn’t believe; it was a side of him that I never fully seen before. Sure there were moments where he got a little rough, but this was completely savage; and I loved every second of it. I was tearing at the rug and screaming for him to make me come… to…never stop, never stop, never stop… oh don’t ever stop Bert, and I love you!… Don’t stop… oh please… Oh… Oh my g… aww… humph… I love you! I must have been babbling like a fool, but my mind was overridden by pure physical pleasure and yearning.

Bert came first, cursing and convulsing as if he was possessed. I felt his cock erupt inside me, spewing out gobs of hot, sticky spunk, and it set me off. I fell into a swirling orgasm, sobbing and whimpering and jerking under his weight. Feelings of a brand new passion arose in me, starting deep within my cunt, and twisting up my stomach and slithering up my spine. Igniting my blood and clouding my brain. I couldn’t speak, just grind my teeth together and ride out my orgasm until the desperate thrusts of his hips, the wild fire that burned in me and the uncontrollable spasms subsided.

We were collapsed, strewn across the floor, panting like dogs, and sweat dripping off our bodies Erotik hikaye for about twenty minutes before either of us spoke.
“Bert,” I started to say, “how, why, where did you learn how to do that?” was what I was really wanted to say, but my brain was still temporarily fuzzy. Just the one thing that I could clearly muster came out.
“I love you.” I said, breaking the silence.
“I love you too.” He said.

My work was nearly done. I wanted now, more than ever, to share with him one of a few sexual things that I have yet to experience.

“I want you to do something for me.” I started after a long moment of contented quiet,
“What?” he asked.
“Take my cherry.”

He looked at me for a while and finally said, “You want me to do your ass?”
I nodded and smiled.

“Fuck yeah!” he said as he rolled me onto my side and scooted up beside me. He took my clothes, which were now a tightly wound tire around my stomach, and pulled them off. Then I went and got the small tube of k.y. jelly I had been hiding from my parents and brought it to him. He squeezed it on his dick and started jacking off. When he was all hot, he laid me on my stomach and spread my legs. Then he opened my ass cheeks so he could get inside. It was so intense, even more so than any other time I tried something new with sex. I was so vulnerable and open. It really excited me. I held my breath as his stiffening cock caressed my crack, moving slyly to my virgin ass hole.

I felt him press his head to the tip of my hole and I jerked, my breath catching in my throat. He lingered there for a second, then he started to hump in. Slowly, he fucked me until he was about maybe 3 and a half inches in. It was a sensation very new to me. It didn’t feel unbearably bad, though my ass was burning A LOT, but I was determined to handle it. I guess he could hear me whimper, even though I tried to conceal it, because he didn’t go in any further, he just fucked my ass gently like that for a long time. I could get used to it eventually. When I started to get more comfortable, he started to go harder, but just enough for him to announce that he was going to squirt. He pulled his jock out and jacked it off until he came, getting jizz all over the carpet.

By the time he finished, I was all hot again and wanted to get off. I grabbed him by the hair and kissed him hard, and then I guided his face right down to my cunnie. He went to my pussy and licked it out just like I like it. We didn’t say a word, it was like we were dazed. Neither one of us was in a hurry; he just lazily parted my lips and licked from the top of the slit down to the hole. There he stayed, lapping at it and occasionally fucking me with his tongue, my favorite part. He knows I love to feel each one of his taste buds sweeping the tender walls of my tunnel; it makes my toes curl with pleasure. When he was done with that, he spelled the alphabet from a to z and back again on my clit; and then buried his whole face in my cunt, eating it like it was a whipped cream pie. It’s miraculous what that boy can do with his mouth. When he was all done, he stuck his thumb in my pussy and fingered my clit until I came, softly, silently (save for a sigh), and lay back on the floor.

After a while, we got up to take a shower and get dressed. Then we sat around and watched TV. It will be the most memorable occasion for a long time to come, and so far, the most sensual experience of my life. It would take a whole lot to beat that night. Around ten, my mom called to see if I was ok and ask me if I was being good. I sad “Absolutely, when am I ever bad?”

I love Friday nights.

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