An Office Affair


Aria looked up from her computer screen as she heard a knock at her office door. She pushed her black rimmed glasses up to the top of her nose and sat back in her chair. “Come in,” she called, her voice soft but authoritative. The door cracked open and one of her team members walked in. she smiled up at him as he walked in. His name was Julian and was her secret favorite of her team.

His body was trim but covered in lean muscle, and was barely hidden under the plain coloured t-shirts that he normally wore to work. But today he was wearing a loose button down shirt that was the color of a stormy Florida sky, and moved above his carmel skin like a second wind blew about him. His dark brown eyes looked into her stormy-blues as he sat in the chair that she motioned for him to take.

“What’s going on Julian?” Aria leaned forward subtlety, the swell of her breasts slightly visible though the open V of her lavender button down shirt. With a small mental smile she caught Julian’s quick glance to her breasts and she adjusted her glasses.

“I’m having a problem with one of the cases, could you help me?” He asked her, leaning forward in his chair. Aria smiled sweetly.

“Of course,” She pulled up the company intranet and accessed his case files, opening the most recent one that he had. She scanned the notes, her fingers slowly caressing her clavicle, her french manicured nails trailing across her skin. On her peripheral she observed Julian watching her fingers caress her skin.

“Ah, here’s the problem,” she noted, pointing to her computer screen. Julian leaned forward, expecting her to swivel her screen so that the both of them could look but she motioned to him. “Come back here, the swivel’s busted on this stupid thing.” She lied, crooking her finger at him.

He stood slowly, and Aria’s keen eyes noticed a slight bulge in his jeans when he stood. She almost hid a small half smile of satisfaction and proceeded to explain to him what he had done wrong and advised him on a few ways to fix it. She looked up at him and flashed him her cock twitching smile.

“Hope that helped Julian,” she said with a hidden purr, that she could tell he heard by the slight twitch in his pants.

“Y-Yes, thanks Aria,” he said and hurried out of her office, closing the door behind him. As the door latched closed Aria sat back with a chuckle, her fingers drifting down the front of her body and between her legs, a deft finger pressing into her body, a soft whimper held back in her throat. One day soon she was going to get what she wanted.

Aria sighed as she stretched. It had proven to be a busier day than expected, and she had even had to send a few people home to rest because she had seen the toll the stress had been taking on some of her newer team members. She walked out of her office and went into the group of cubes that was home for her team while they were at work. She smiled at her only female team member as she walked past her on her way to the side door. She looked around and saw that only Julian was still toiling away at his computer.

She walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Julian, you know you’re pushing over time again right?” Aria chided in a gentle tone, smiling down at him when he looked up. He smiled sheepishly and pushed the headset off his head and let it rest around his neck.

“Working on this site was tougher than I thought. uzun konulu porno I’ve been trying to implement all of the suggestions that you made, and now the customer wants more on their site. I had to transfer him to Sales because he needs an upgraded plan for all of the extra that he wants to do.” Julian’s mood was proud, but his body language spoke of how tired he was.

Aria smiled. “Send the customer an e-mail and make sure that he knows that you will be working with him more on the site tomorrow after the sale is confirmed and the upgraded space is available. Right now you and I both need a drink.” She patted his shoulder and walked back to her office, leaving the door open to make sure that Julian joined her. She walked around her desk and opened the small fridge that was situated between two of her cabinets and pulled out two iced coffee drinks. She heard a low chuckle behind her and she turned to see Julian entering her office.

“What, did you expect alcohol?” She asked when she saw his surprised look, handing him one glass bottle. He nodded.

“Actually yeah, at first.” He replied honestly.

“I wanted to congratulate you,” Aria said, leaning back in her chair as she sipped her drink. Julian looked up, slightly confused.

“For what?” He asked, setting down his bottle.

“For getting that site nailed down so well. The customer that you were handling, and will continue to handle, has been a problem with the other teams for about a year now. He’s very picky about what he wants and has had mediocre results from the other teams. He stays with us because our customer service and tech support is beyond all of the other companies, but you were the only one that was able to get his site the way he really wanted it, or near enough, and that was all in one day.” Julian goggled at her, having not known about the situation with the customer.

“And I actually have an e-mail here from him directly requesting that you be made sole admin of his site.” She smiled at Julian’s shocked expression. “I knew you could do it, why else do you think I redirected the case file to you?”

Julian blinked. “I-I don’t know what to say.”

Aria smiled. “You’re welcome,” she replied as she stood and walked to her office door, closing it completely before locking it softly. He turned and looked at her, his eyes widening slightly as her hands went to the buttons of her shirt.

“I know you want me Julian,” Aria purred, a sly half smile on her face as she pulled the collar of her shirt to her shoulders, revealing a black push up bra. “I’ve seen the glances, the twitch of your cock when I do something that you like.”

She breathed on his ear before nibbling it softly, her palm caressing his hard chest and going down even father to cup his hardening penis. She purred at the size and squeezed gently, causing him the groan softly. She chuckled and stepped back, removing her shirt completely and pulled her chestnut brown hair out of the bun that had been settled at the base of her neck.

Suddenly Julian was on his feet and smashing his lips against hers, his hips grinding into her pelvis, his cock rock solid and pulsing. With a groan she nipped at his neck, her teeth leaving indentations on his flesh. His large hangs cupped one breast as he lowered his mouth to the other, his tongue dipping behind the cup to xhamster porno tease and torment the slowly puckering nipple beneath.

With a growl he reached behind Aria and unclasped her bra and slid it off her shoulders, tossing it in a nearby corner. His mouth descended on her nipple and she groaned, her pussy clenching and starting to drip with her arousal. Her hands fumbled at his shirt and she soon succeeded in unbuttoning it, pushing the fabric aside to reveal his perfect chest. She raked her nails from his shoulders to his hips, and dipped slightly below his pant line, smiling as she found that he kept himself completely bald down below.

He smiled back at her and removed his pants and underwear (if he even wore any) in a smooth motion and proceeded to undress Aria as well, running his palm over her bare mound, breathing a hot blast of air onto it, making Aria buck her hips forward at the touch. She sat up and grasped his member in her hand, locking eyes with Julian as she ran her hand over his length. His eyes fluttered as he gulped when she rubbed her thumb over the head. She purred and steped back, kicking off her pumps and slipping off her work slacks and undies, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy, her lips already plump and dripping wet.

Julian gave a low hiss and slid his hand down to her mound and Aria let out a shuddering sigh, biting her lip to stiffle a cry as a finger quested past her folds, soaking it with her juices. “Fuuuck,” Aria hissed as his question finger found her nub and began to rub it with a well practiced motion. Just to gain purchase (and to prevent her from falling and cracking her head)she scooched up onto the edge of her desk. Her fingers dug into the wood of her desk and she stated panting as his skilled hand worked at her increasingly wet cunt.

Suddenly she cried out and tossed her head as the orgasm ripped through her. Her thighs fell open as she relaxed from her climax, revealing herself fully to Julian.

“Damn Aria,” Julain grunted, looking down at her glistening folds. Aria smiled and slid off her desk, her hands going to his member and her mouth opening, her pink tounge darting out to lick the first dribble of pre-cum off of his head. Julian clenched and uncleanched his hands as Aria swirled her tounge around his head, teasing him when the tip of her tounge slid into his slit and then in one fell swoop took him all the way in her mouth.

Julian gave a strangled cry as he looked down his body at Aria, who looked up at him and smiled around his meat before pulling back, sucking him hard all the way to his head then back down again, her other hand gently pinching the skin of his sack and pulling softly. Julian reached down and pulled her off of him by her hair. He lifted her so that he could yet again crush his lips to her own, pushing her back onto her desk, one arm sweeping the little knick knacks that she decorated her desk with off into a corner. He pushed her back onto the desk, her legs wrapped around his waist. He kissed and nipped down her neck and suckled each breast, streching them as far as they could go, his eyes filled with male lust as he watched her reaction.

Aria raised her upper lip and snarled at him. “What are you waiting for Juli- AAAAHH…” she cried out and threw her head back as he sliped his cock into her pulsing chasm,filling her to the hilt. Aria mewed xnxx porno in pleasure as he started to move inside of her, filling her completly with every deep thrust into her body. Aria tossed her head so that her hair would get out of her face and she gazed up at Julian, her blue eyes a deeper blue than her normal colour. She spread her legs wide and sat up slowly with Julian still inside of her, making the angle deeper and truer, every thrust of Julian’s hips rubbing over THAT spot, making her next orgasm build slowly inside of her.

“Harder you sunnuva bitch,” Aria groaned, taking one hand and digging her nails down the front of his chest, her nails flicking over his hard nipples. Julian grunted and slammed into her, causing her to scream with pleasure, even as she came and squirted all over the place.

Julian backed up slightly but Aria almost frantically called him back. “Oh god please dont stop Julian,” Aria’s hand sliped through her cum and onto her clit, rubbing it gently. “Don’t stop, put that meat back into my pussy.”

With a groan Julian complied, crying out gutterally as Aria squeezed herself around him, making it even tighter than before. An evil grin spread across her face as he looked down at her, his eyes have craized.

“C’mon,” she goaded breathlessly as he moved in an out of her firmly. “Fuck me like you mean it.”

With a growl of his own he drew out of her compeltly and she whimpered, though it turned into a gasp because he picked her up and flipped her around, gathering her hair roughly in one hand while he kicked her legs apart and guided his cock into her pussy with the other.

“Oh gods yes,” she almost screamed, grinding her hips into his own at every thrust, his firm grip on her hips hitting the pressure points just inside them that turned her on even more. Using the desk to brace her, Aria started thrusting back onto Julian, the combined power making him go even deeper and with every thurst she screamed in pleasure.

“God Aria i’m so close,” Julian groaned, thrusting deep and holding it, the tip bumping her cervix when it twitched and pulsed inside of her.

“Don’t stop julian,” Aria nearly sobbed, working her muscles around his cock. “Please dont stop.”

With her plea, Julian began to piston her, his cock flying in and out of Aria, who screamed as she came again and again, her cum squirting and dripping down her legs. Julian’s balls smacked against her clit again and again, the rhythmic assult a catalyst until with a final gutteral cry did Julian thrust home hard and deep, spilling his seed inside of Aria, just as she came one final time, her legs quaking from the full body orgasm that his final thrust triggered.

With a sigh Julian pulled out of her, flopping on the chair that he had sat in before. He admired the view, his supervisor bend over her desk, her ass and well used pussy in the air for him to view, the first peak of his cum dripping out of her body.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, though almost snapped it as he felt Aria’s mouth on his half erect cock. She sucked him gently, cleaning the leftover cum off of him, licking his tip softly, making him groan and twitch.

With a low chuckling purr she went behind her desk and retrieved paper towels and a small trial packet of moist wipes, tossing a packet of each to Julian.

“Clean yourself up and meet me here tomorrow after everyone has gone home. I have more to discuss with you about your customer’s site.”

Julian smiled darkly and nodded, cleaning himself up and getting dressed again, walking to his desk and then out the door, Aria about 2 minutes behind.

This would prove to be an amazing affair.

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