An Unexpected Birthday Gift Ch. 02


In my first story I forgot to mention my name. My “male” name is Michael. When I am dressed I prefer to go by Tanya. Now, back to the story.

Having given my best friend some time to recover, I decided it was time for round 2.

“You said that it was the most amazing blow job you ever had.” “Does that mean you are ready for another one?”

As he started to answer, I moved my mouth to his cock and took him in my mouth. It was only a matter of minutes before I had him growing and getting ready for more action. I loved the feeling of his cock growing in my mouth. Just knowing that I was giving him that kind of pleasure made me hotter. When it came to his cock I was insatiable. I could suck him for hours.

As I was getting him back to full attention, I started to play with and tease his balls with my left hand. With my right I was grasping his cock and stroking him while I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. I was amazed that I already had him to the point that pre-cum was arriving at the tip. I maintained my grip as I pulled my mouth away so that he could watch me lick the pre-cum from his slit. I milked his cock from the base clear to the top to get all that I could.

I was on my hands and knees while I was pleasuring him. This left my ass sticking straight up in the air. I felt Steve’s hand touch my ankle and start to caress up and down my leg. The feeling of his hand touching me and rubbing my leg through my nylons was like nothing I had ever felt. Every time he would rub up my leg he would go up a littler farther. It didn’t take long and his hand was slipping up under my painted on mini dress and starting to rub the bottom of my ass. As he was rubbing me, I maneuvered my ass closer too him so he could have a little better access.

I was surprised when he lifted me up and put me straight in line with him in a 69 position. My own cock was straining to get out of the little g-string because this excited me so.

My thighs were on either side of his head and he was using both of his hands to rub and explore my ass. It just made me devour his cock as I got heated up.

As his cock made love to my mouth, Steve started nibbling and sucking and licking my thighs and the cleft of my ass. It was such an erotic feeling to have my best friend exploring me like I know he had his wife. His hands were kneading my ass cheeks and spreading them apart while he licked me. The hotter his exploration got the more I sucked his big beautiful cock. I was so into it now that I only pulled him from my throat when I had to take a breath. Each time I took a breath I would withdraw to the tip and then take him back into my throat until my lips were tightly around the base of his cock.

I could tell he was getting more daring because his licks and nibbles were getting more aggressive and closer to my little pink hole. I reached a hand back and pulled the g-sting to the side so that he knew I was inviting him to that spot. As soon as I moved it aside he licked me from my perineum right to my tight little puckered hole. It almost drove me right over the yalova escort edge.

Steve was getting braver with every swirl of his tongue. I could feel the pre-cum oozing from my own swollen cock. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder in my mouth. I could feel the pulse throbbing on my tongue. I picked up my pace and increased my effort because I wanted another hot load of his cum in my throat.

He had my ass spread apart and he was trying to slide his tongue into my hole when I felt the load of cum rushing up from the base of his cock. I took him as far in as I could and he started shooting thick jets of cum straight down my throat. My god did he produce a lot of cum and it tasted salty but sweet at the same time. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted.

I never gave his cock a break once he came. I was not done with him yet so I kept sucking and stroking him to keep him hard.

He was really getting into pleasuring my asshole and I was loving every minute of it. I raised up off my elbows until I was basically sitting on his face with his tongue buried in my asshole. The feeling was amazing as I rode his tongue.

His cock was still nice and hard and I was ready to ride my first cock. I lifted myself up off of his tongue and slid off the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to get something from my bag. You just keep that beautiful cock hard for me!”

I went to my bag a grabbed a tube of lubricant and came back to the bed. I laid the bottle on the bed and turned around to remove my mini-dress. I slid it slowly down my body and bent over to push it to the floor so he could get a good long look.

“Do you like what you see baby?”

The look of lust on his face said it all. He lost all thought of me being his best friend, he was only craving the sweet piece of ass he was looking at.

I walked to the bed and crawled up beside him. I grabbed the bottle of Silk lube that I brought and opened it. I grabbed my best friends cock and started to lube him up. I stroked his cock up and down to get him good and slick before I attempted to put that huge piece of meat into me.

Once I had him lubed up, I straddled him with me facing away from him. I pulled the g-string way to the side and backed my ass up till it was just touching his cock. I used my ass to push his member flat against his taught stomach so I could work some of the lube onto my asshole. I used my ass to rub his cock for a few minutes to keep him aroused.

Next, I shifted forward some so that he could watch as I prepared myself to be entered. I told him to stroke himself while I got ready.

I took the bottle of lube and squeezed a generous amount onto my puckered hole. I reached my hand back and used my middle finger to massage the lube into my hole. Then I slowly worked that finger into my box until I was 2 knuckles deep. I gave him a little show of me finger fucking my ass. I worked in another finger and really started turning myself on. I could see the lust in his eyes. After about 5 minutes I was ready to try zonguldak escort my first cock.

I reached back and grabbed my buddies cock and lined it up with my tight little ass. It was so hot when the tip touched me. It felt like it was on fire. I started pushing myself back while I held him firmly. I could feel his cock pushing against me but he was so big it was going to be a struggle to get him in. I tried to relax myself to ease the process and kept up the pressure.

He felt so good against me that I wanted him in me badly. I was pushing back against him so hard that I was hoping I wasn’t hurting him. Just when I thought I was going to have to try something else, my sphincter relaxed just enough that the tip started to enter me. What happened next was not what I was expecting. I felt the most intense pain as his swollen cock head started to penetrate me. My asshole was trying to close to keep him out but pain or not I was not going to be denied. I pushed back harder until the fat head of his cock passed my sphincter and the pain eased just enough that I knew I could keep going.

I didn’t move a muscle for a couple of minutes. I looked back over my shoulder and asked him if we wanted more.

“I want to fill you up.”

“Mmmmmm, I lilke the sound of that baby.”

I started to gyrate my hips around so that there was only a little in-and-out motion. My asshole was stretching now and it wouldn’t be long until I could start taking more. As I allowed my body to relax for my buddies cock I used my hand to tease his balls. He was really loving the tightness of my hole and the teasing I was giving him because he started trying to push more of that monster into me.

During all of this my own cock had went limp. Must have something to do with the initial pain. I figured I would worry about that later.

I decided it was time to see just how much of him I could get into me. I raised up some and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. I got about half of him into me and drew myself back up until just the tip was left in me. I repeated this a few times and decided I wanted it all so I just left myself fall back and impaled myself on Steve’s cock. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world to feel that full of cock. Once I had him all the way in, I sat there and reveled in the feeling of this 10″ twitching cock in my ass.

My ass was stretched out good now and I was ready to fuck my best friend. I started rocking back and forth on his member. Slowly at first then I started picking up the pace. I was using my ass to grip and ride up and down the entire length of his beautiful cock. It was amazing. His breathing was very heavy and I could tell it felt as good to him as it did to me.

I loved it when I could feel his thick cock head rub against my g-spot. Every time it did it made me feel like I was going to cum but my cock was still limp. It was really amazing how it felt. I had settled into a nice slow rhythmic motion. After about five minutes I decided to give Steve a little bit of control.

I got up on the heels zonguldak escort of my feet and leaned back towards him. I place my hands on either side of his head and he grabbed onto me by my hips so he could support me. Steve too his cue and started to guide me up and down his stiff shaft. It felt amazing to have him taking control. the change in position had his cock pressing hard on my g-spot. My cock had finally started to come back to life. It didn’t take long until Steve was slamming his cock up into me. His balls were slapping against mine and he was grunting loudly. I let him fuck my like this for a few more minutes and then I slowed it back down.

I leaned forward and stood up off of that huge cock.

“Get up on you knees baby.”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

I was on my knees and Steve positioned himself behind me. I reached back and grabbed his cock and guided it right back into my ass-pussy. I took his full length in one hard motion. I held him there to revel in the fullness for a minute before I started to move. He was quick to grab my hips and start pumping.

“You just hold still baby and let me do the work.”

I started fucking myself up and down that cock of his. It didn’t take me long until my cock was hard as steel. I pulled it out of the g-string and the head was covered in precum. I kept working his cock. I would relax my muscles on the way down it and then grip him as tight as I could on the way back up him. The feeling was exquisite. After a few minutes I had some much precum coming from my cock that it was dribbling onto the bed.

I turned my head to look back at my friend and told him, “Fuck my with that big beautiful cock baby.”

He grabbed me by my hips and started to pound me like the little cock hungry slut that I was.

“Your cock feels so good baby. Fuck me harder.”


“Your ass is so tight.”

“Fuck it baby, fuck it good.”

Steve was pounding me so hard that my own cock was slapping me in the stomach. Steve moved his right hand up to grab a handful of hair and wrapped it around his hand. His other hand was tight on my hip as his cock pounded into me over and over again. He was pulling my hair and pounding my little ass-pussy so hard. My back was arched and I was pushing myself back to meet his every thrust.

“Fuck it baby. Fuck it harder. Deeper.”

“I’m getting close baby”, he says.

I pushed back harder. I want to feel his hot jets of cum filling my insides.

“Harder Steve. Fuck me harder. Please give me that cock. Harder. Harder. Faster baby. Fuck me Steve!!”

“Fuck that ass baby.”

“Fuck that ass nice and hard!”

I could feel his grip get tighter on my hip and he plowed his cock all the way into me and I felt the first shot of his cum.

“I feel you baby.”

“Fill my little ass-pussy with that cum!”

Steve kept pumping my ass and I felt at least 3 hot shots of his cum go into me. After he came, we rolled onto our sides with his huge cock still in me. I used my ass to grip him and milk all that I could into my ass. After a few minutes he started going limp while he was still in my ass. He slowly withdrew his cock from me and turned me towards him and kissed me.

“Thank you.”

“Happy birthday Steve.”

We laid there together cuddled up until morning……..

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