Aparna and the birthday gift.


This story is a continuation of my previous story, ‘Aparna’s boutique ordeal in Cochin.”

This part of the story is written from Aparna’s perspective.


After my ordeal in the boutique, I returned home by bus. I replayed the scenes in my mind. I could feel my nipples getting erect and rubbing against my kurti as I was not wearing a bra. I realised that I liked being exposed. It’s only that I was bold enough to show till now. Now that it happened unknowingly, I enjoyed every second of it. Every time I think about the incident, I could feel my nipples becoming erect and a tingling in my pussy. Even though I felt only shock and embarrassment at that time, memories of it created a fire inside me.

I was really shocked when I was back home that evening, when I couldn’t find the photos or videos in my mobile. I couldn’t figure out why. I checked galleries and albums and only then the probability of getting the wrong mobile occurred to me. I realised the possibility of accidentally taking the photos in Ajith’s mobile. I became really anxious thinking about my pictures in a compromising state in my friend’s mobile. But later the same thought was making me horny. I felt safe as I was sure that Ajith is not going to do anything that might harm me.

I called Ajith that night itself to ask if those pics were with him. He told me he will check and call back later. I waited for almost 10 minutes for his call.

“Hi Appu, don’t worry. Those pics and videos are with me and very safe too.”

“Oh god, I don’t know why I let these things happen to me.”

“Calm down Appu. It’s okay. Nobody did anything on purpose,” he tried to pamper me.

“Aji, please delete it.”

“Delete it now?”

“Yes now. Please do it.” I said.

“Don’t you want the pics?” he asked me.

“Did you watch them?”

“Yes, I did,” I told her the truth.

“Oh god, I feel so embarrassed. Please delete it.”

Aji reassured me, “They are not as bad as you think. It’s beautiful. You looked like an actress in those dresses. You should see them.”

“Can you send me a few.” I asked him as I felt a bit relieved by then.

“Sure, I will send. I would have sent everything, but it’s too much data. Let me select a few, ok.”

“Mom is calling me for dinner. I will send the pics, after dinner, ok.”

He went and I was waiting to see the pics. I waited for almost half an hour and didn’t see any pics. I was feeling hungry. I went downstairs for dinner. I was lost in my thoughts during dinner time and was not listening to what my family discussed at the table.

“So, what do you think?” my father asked me?

“About what?” I exclaimed.

“The TV, of course.”

“What about the TV, it was not working since last week!” I replied.

“Thats what we were discussing. The repair guy came today and evaluated it. He said that the picture tube is gone, and he is not sure if parts will be available as everybody is buying LED TV now a days.” my dad explained.

“Sorry dad, I didn’t hear. I was thinking about a movie,” I said.

“Dad, I think we should buy a new LED TV. My friend has one at his home. It comes in much bigger screens than before. And the clarity is out of this world!”, said my brother. He was obviously excited.

“I called Kumar, my classmate. He is in TV sales business. They are having a clearance sale now. He has promised me the best offer he can give,” said my dad.

“I remember seeing him at Arya’s marriage function. It must be at least 10 years back,” said my mom.

“I don’t remember him,” I said.

“We had not met in years,” my dad said, “even I didn’t have his contact details. Recently I met him in facebook.”

“See dad, you were not interested when I taught you how to create an ID in fb. But see how useful it is,” I was proud.

“There is one more thing i forgot to tell. Kumar is organising an alumni get together of our batch. Everyone is invited with family. It’s on next month 10th,” make sure you all are free that weekend,” said my dad.

“Oh dad, please. Please leave us. It will be boring. You can attend the meet with mom,” i showed my dislike. I was sure, that will be boring for me and Arun.

“sorry Appu, I promised him and gave him a count of four from our side. Please don’t embarrass me in front of my friend,” dad was adament.

“Ok, but don’t tell me to talk to all at the party. Is it a deal,” I asked my dad.

“Ok, deal,” he agreed.

Right after dinner I went to bed and told everyone that I was tired over the day’s travel.

The moment I was back in my room, I opened my phone to check for any photos. I saw a few photos in the inbox. I went through them one by one and felt thrilled. I looked great.

The pics in the saree were much sexier than I thought it would be. I have never shown that much of my midriff and navel anywhere in a saree.

I saw the pics in the golden top towards the end. Oh god, it was too much for me to digest. If i had seen a photograph of the dress before the trial, I would not have even tried that. The mere thought of standing in front of 5 males wearing that dress made me feel excited.

I kaynarca escort felt an irresistible urge to feel my nipples. I have very sensitive nipples. I removed my bra and wore only the tee. I put my hand under it and started feeling my nipples and tweaked them. I felt wonderful and excited and horny.

Suddenly my phone rang, it was Ajith. I answered him.

“Hello Aji, I was going through the pics.”

“Aparna, you were doing great. I never thought you are this beautiful.

You can definitely give any actress a run for their money.”

“Aji, don’t show this to anyone in our class.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Shall I keep them. I don’t want to delete them. I want to see them whenever I want,’ Ajith said in a much huskier tone.

I felt that he was trying to flirt with me. Usually I don’t allow anyone to flirt with me. I was brought up like that. But I loved him, but I didn’t want to tell him about my feelings for him because he has told me about his girlfriend, Anjana.

I was already horny that night and I could only respond positively when he tried to flirt.

“You can keep them, but promise me that it will be safe. I don’t want anyone else to see them,” I made myself clear.

“No Appu, don’t worry. It will be safe.”

“Aji, do you have any other pics.”

“Yes, I do. I didn’t send them all because it will cause a lot of data and the network is slow here.”

“Ok, I know. There will be repetitions. But do you have any other pics? I mean..”

I asked him again. I wanted to ask him if he had any of my topless pics, but felt too shy to bring up the topic.

“I have a lot of pics and a few videos also. You tell me which one do you want, saree or lehenga?” He was also beating around.

He continued, “You looked really hot. I never thought I would gather the courage to tell you this.”

“Oh, you have videos too. Can you send me?”

“It’s a very big file. Which one do you want?”

“Aji, you didn’t take anything after that lehenga, right?” I asked with some concern.

“I took a few photos and videos. I will send you a screen shot because the video is too large to send now,” said Ajith.

I waited and a few photos popped up. They were screenshots of saree and lehenga trials and there was one that particularly caught my attention. I was in the golden top with both my hands behind my neck thrusting my chest forward and displaying my neatly shaven armpits.

I gulped when the next scene flashed in my mind. By this time, I was almost sure that Ajith will be having my topless video and that thought began to excite me. I realised with a surprise that I may be an exhibitionist being suppressed all these time by my social set up.

“Oh, I can’t believe that I wore this? Don’t you think it’s vulgar?” I asked him.

“No, I would never say that. You were beautiful. You were….” he stopped there.

“You were about to say something,” I probed him.


He never used the word sexy to describe me before. I felt sexy. I slowly removed my panties keeping my skirt on.

“What are you doing? Say something.”

“Not doing anything. I just changed my position in bed,” I replied.

“Are you in bed already? It’s too early to sleep!”

“Not for sleeping, I was just making myself comfortable. It’s too hot here on the top floor,” I said.

“Actually, I am also on the bed,” he said.

“Is that where the video ended?”, I asked him.


“There. You sent the screenshot. The last one,” I knew he was playing me.

“The one with your hands behind your neck? That was sexy!” He stated.

“Err. Anything after that?”

“I got only a few seconds more,” he said.

I was feeling so horny. I could feel the wetness between my thighs. I slowly pulled my skirt up above my pussy. I have never been naked in my room. I used to change my undergarments only in my bathroom. But this was turning me on. I slowly put my right hand on my pussy and started to feel myself.

“Aaah,” a faint moan escaped my lips.

“What happened? Are you Okay?” He asked me.

I blushed. He heard it. I was burning with shame. I hoped I was not loud enough. I hoped he didn’t realise what I was doing.

“Nothing,” I replied.

‘What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just lying down,” I said and I held the mobile between my shoulder and ear to free my other hand. I tweaked my nipple with the now freed hand. I was breathing faster.

“Can you send me more screenshots?’ I asked him. I wanted to see if he has my topless one.

“Sure, give me some time,” and I heard mobile clicks.

I received another photo. It was with the golden top but significantly lower than before. It could be during the fall, I thought. I massaged my clit and nipples together. It felt so good. I felt so horny that I began losing my inhibitions.

I could also hear some rhythmic sounds. As if he is beating something.

Maybe he is masturbating, I thought.

“Is that the last?” I asked. My voice was husky as if whispering.

“No,” he said. I could hear mobile sounds.

I received another picture. küçükyalı escort The top of my breasts could be seen. There was a hint of my areola on one side. It was very hot. I looked sexy as hell. I picturised my conservative innocent girl image in my mind and where I have reached. My cunt started flowing. I could feel my juices making my thighs wet.

I continued massaging down there. “And …. anything more…ooh…?? Ahh..” I was unable to speak properly.

I could hear the beating sounds very clearly now. He was masturbating, for sure.

Ting. I received another one. Dress was below my nipple. My nipple. It was exposed in a photo. The reality unfolded in front of me. Someone is having a picture, rather a video of me with my breast exposed. It was beyond any stretch of my imagination a day before.

I should be feeling horrified, but I was getting too excited. I massaged my clit vigorously. I was not actually tweaking my nipples; I was crushing them. I felt no pain, only excitement. I could feel I was nearing it.

“Aji, is that all?”

Ting ting ting… received 3 photos… Fully topless and still my face looking normal in first, surprise in the next and horror in my eyes in the third.

I was fingering myself like crazy.

“Di.. you like thaaat….” I asked him.

“I loved your nipple. They were firm and erect. I wanted them in my mouth. I wanted to suck them…” he was equally excited and i can now clearly hear him masturbating.

I pinched my nipples with my finger nails. I could feel my thighs losing strength and shivering. My breaths were faster and I was panting.

Aahh aaahhh aahhhh …I came again and again…. I felt my vision blurring. My body fully stretched. My limbs felt powerless. Phone fell down from my neck.

My nipples were almost like dough from vigorous kneading, but i didn’t feel any pain. My breaths were heavy and my body started convulsing like anything. I had the biggest and longest orgasm I ever had till that day. I collapsed on to the bed and had a few settlings down waves of pleasure.

Finally, I calmed down. I looked in the phone, his call was active. I called out to him but nobody responded. I couldn’t hear the beating sounds any more. Maybe he also came, I thought. I remained in the bed fully relaxed and slept off.

I woke up somewhere in the middle of the night. Last night memories went through my mind. I felt deepest guilt. I felt as if I cheated my parents. In my society premarital sex was forbidden. This was not sex but I couldn’t convince my consciousness. I started crying.

I felt like a dead woman. As if I have lost everything. I felt guilty because I knew about Ajith’s lover, Anjana. What I did was sin. He was in a relationship. I should have controlled myself. I felt that I was seducing him. I cheated Anjana.

I felt another horror full scenario unfolding before me. What if he showed this to somebody else? What if he didn’t delete it as he told me? What if he makes copies before deleting? He won’t show it to anyone if I was his lover, but what if not. I was surrounded by all these questions. Guilt and fear.

I called him the next day.

“Ajith, I am sorry. Forget everything. Delete that video. Not only that, delete everything,” I asked him.

“Appu, don’t worry. I will delete everything. But you may want the photos later once you become normal. Now you are feeling guilty. Don’t be sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong,” he tried to reassure me.

“I know it. You are my good friend. You won’t do anything that may harm me. Am I right?”

“Appu, trust me. I am your friend. I will delete all videos now itself. You can see the photos when we meet after holidays and decide what else to delete. Happy?”

“Aji, I feel so relieved. You are a good friend.”

“Can i ask you something Aparna?”

“You can ask me anything,” I said.

“Did you get excited there?”

“Why did you ask so?” I asked nervously.


“Tell me Aji. There is something. Why did you ask that?”

“You won’t feel bad, right?”

“No Aji, please be open to me,” I said.

“Ok, I asked that because your nipples looked so erect when that happened.”

I was dumbstruck. I felt so ashamed and caught right in the light.

“You can tell me. I will tell you what I felt. Actually I should have felt horrible when you got exposed like that. But I couldn’t believe it when I felt excited when you were topless with 5 people around you. It’s not that I did mean any harm to you. I just felt so,” he said. I never thought he would admit something like that so openly, showing his pervert nature to me.

“Aji, ok. It’s true. What you told is true. I was also excited.” I admitted that.

“I felt the same when you sent me the pictures yesterday. I felt like I was getting exposed in front of you and that fear got me excited. Unlike the morning session, this was safer and i lost it after that,” I said, “And I lost it after that. I was not under my control.”

“Don’t feel bad. I don’t think you did anything wrong. It’s our inner feeling. From our heart, don’t feel guilty for sancaktepe escort it,” he reassured me.

“I felt bad initially. In fact, I cried a lot after i got up. Now after talking to you, I feel much relaxed.”

“Appu, I am happy to hear that you feel better now. We got 5 more days of holiday. Why don’t we meet for a coffee?”

“I don’t feel like going out. I will tell you when I feel ok,” I said.

“Ok Appu, call me whenever you want. Bye.”

I was super excited that day. We didn’t talk about those feelings after that day. I loved to be with him.

I felt better and better over the next 2 days. The next day and I called Ajith.

“Aji, i feel better now. Shall we meet in Cochin?”

“Why not, I am ready. Actually, I was waiting for this call for 2 days.”

“Where will we go.”

“Shall we go to the movies?”

“Ok. Where?”

“We will go to Goldsouke mall. My uncle is running an electronics store there, PRS electricals. His son will be there because of holidays. He is my close buddy. I will ask him to take tickets for us. I will be there by 11, ok.”

“PRS electricals! Wow, that is your uncle’s business? They have a huge chain across Kerala. He must be a millionaire!” Aparna was excited.

“No Appu, he doesn’t own the whole business. He is running their Cochin franchise.” Ajith explained.

“Oh, i got it. So, I will be there in time. What’s the plan after the movie?”

“We can have lunch from KFC, if you like it,” he suggested.

“Wow, I love KFC chicken. So, it’s fixed. Done.” I loved KFC.

“Do you mind if I call him for lunch with us?” Ajith asked me.

“Who?” I wondered.

“My cousin.”

“Okay, no problem. What does he do?” I enquired.

Ajith replied, “He is doing his 12th grade. And it’s his birthday tomorrow. He will turn 18 years old tomorrow.”

“That’s a nice coincidence. Shouldn’t we give him a birthday gift also,” asked Aparna.

“I just got a plan for a surprise gift for him tomorrow,” Ajith sounded excited.

“What’s the plan, please tell me.”

“No, I won’t tell you. It’s a surprise for you also.”

“You and your surprises. Do whatever. It’s your cousin, I don’t care.”

“Hey Appu, it will be fun to have surprises.”

“Ok, so we will meet tomorrow by 10:45 am at the mall,” I confirmed the plan with him.

“Done. Good night. Take care,” he disconnected the call.

I wanted to spend time with him. I loved him. I actually longed if he ended the relationship with Anjana and be my lover.

I told my parents that I have to meet a few friends in Cochin the next morning.

“I will be going to Cochin tomorrow to get our new TV. The sale ends tomorrow, ” my father said.

“May be I can drop you,” he added.

“No dad, don’t bother. I will go by bus. I have to leave tomorrow morning.”

“Ok. Call me when you are returning. Maybe I can pick you up on the way back,” my dad offered.

“Ok, sure.”

I went back to my room. I couldn’t decide what to wear. Usually I don’t get this confusion. I felt an urge to seduce Ajith a bit. I wanted him to look in to my cleavage. I wanted him to be excited but I don’t want to be too loud also. Discretion was important.

I checked my entire wardrobe and tried one after another. Most of my dresses were ultra conservative type and I couldn’t find anything spicy. I was feeling so horny and I couldn’t think of meeting him as usual.

Finally, I decided to modify one of my salwars a bit. I knew a bit of tailoring since my mother did a lot of such work. She used to stitch my dresses when i was a child. She had a ‘Singer’ sewing machine at home. She had taught me all the basics and I used to do minor shape corrections to my salwars.

I had a deep green cotton salwar with a conservative neckline. It was relatively loose and so, it didn’t have buttons or a zipper. I opened up the salwar in the front midline and attached a zipper. I made a cloth loop in the uppermost part and fitted a soft ball button with a velvet top on the opposite side. So, when the zipper is pulled up, the ball button and velvet top will cover the top stop of the zipper so that it remains hidden.

I made the loop slightly big so that it may accidentally get slipped. Then I made two tucking stitch lines in the back to give it a figure-hugging look. I tried it on me and found it to have a good shape but still a bit loose. I advanced the tucking again and did a trial.

Wow. It looked great. It was sexy. Not only that it covered me like a second skin but also the tightness in the lower part of breast helped to keep the breasts as if in a push up bra. There was no obvious cleavage but there was a slight shadowing in the valley in between unlike the usual flat look.

Next day I left after breakfast. I wore a dupatta to cover myself well so that my mother won’t notice it. I kept the dupatta spread out to make sure it covered everything.

I met Ajith at the mall. He was a bit disappointed to see me all covered. He stood in the queue for tickets and I went to buy some chips from the stall. I went to the restroom and arranged my dupatta from spread out to one side hanging. That means I folded it and left it over one shoulder and left the neck absolutely free. After getting the snacks, I waited for him at the entrance of the theatre. When he had his eyes on me, I could see the sparkle in his eyes that was missing earlier.

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