Armored Love Ch. 09


~Thank you all so much for the support. This chapter is fast paced and a precursor as to what is to come. I hope you all like it.~



Antonio’s mind was spinning. It seemed as if his body had gone numb. Tony knew that what happened in Bianca’s past was damaging to her; mentally and physically but he had no clue that the damage had been that permanent. Tony was angry very angry, as he just laid next to Bianca stock still. He honestly couldn’t believe what she just said to him. What pissed him off most was that she was just now telling him.

He didn’t care if she couldn’t have kids; he really didn’t. There were so many kids out there that could be adopted, so her being barren wasn’t the issue. The issue for Tony was that she just now told him about it. After everything that they had been through together Bianca should have trusted him enough to tell him. Tony was hurt.

He loved Bianca with all his heart and just wanted her to be able to tell him anything. Tony was pulled out of his thoughts by Bianca’s frantic movements. She was looking for her clothes. Tony sat up immediately wondering where she was going.

“What are you doing Bianca? You are not going anywhere until we talk about this.” Tony said grabbing her and pulling her back into the bed. Even though he was upset with her he didn’t want her to leave him.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Tony asked looking her in the eye.

Bianca shivered and Tony rubbed her arms. She could tell that he was angry. That was the last thing Bianca wanted. She just wanted him to be happy. Her not being able to have kids was not making him happy.

“Honestly, I didn’t think you would want to be with me if I couldn’t bare children. What man wants a woman who can’t give him kids?” Bianca said

“Baby, no matter what I will always want you, and love you. The only reason I am upset is that you waited this long to tell me. I want you to be able to tell me anything.” Tony said as he knelt down in front of her.

“Well, that is not something many people know about me. The only person who knows is my mother. And that’s bad enough. You know what she said to me when I told her?” Bianca asked.

“What did she say?” Tony asked after a long pause.

“She told me that it was God’s way of telling me that I wouldn’t be a good mother. She told me to get over it.” Bianca whispered ashamed to say her mother’s thoughts aloud.

Tony just shook his head; still not believing that a mother could be so cruel.

“Baby, You know that is not true. Fuck her, she is the one that shouldn’t have children. The only reason I tolerate the idea of her is that she brought you into the world. And baby I don’t know what I would do without you.” Tony said just as he reached up to hug her.

Bianca hugged him back breathing a sigh of relief that he didn’t seem to mind her barren state.

“I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you before.” She said feeling like she was going to cry.

“I get why you didn’t, but just remember you can tell me anything. I won’t judge you. Who am I to judge?” Tony with a hint of humor.

Bianca chuckled a little.

“Okay, I will tell you things from now on.” she said.

“Well, I don’t about know you but I need a shower; you coming?” Tony said while standing and holding his hand out to her.

Bianca took his hand and followed him in the bathroom. She had never been one for water sports but after that night she was an expert. As the spray of fikirtepe escort the shower pelted down on them Tony washed Bianca’s body.

He made sure he washed her gently between her legs, knowing she was still tender from the night before. Bianca relaxed letting Tony take care of her. He was the only one to ever care enough to do so. Tony leaned in and kissed her. Bianca licked her tongue across his lips, and Tony sucked it into his mouth. He pulled away to ask her was too sore for them to make love.

“No, baby. I want you so bad.” Bianca panted as she arched her body into his.

Tony moaned and lifted her against the wall, wrapped her legs around his waist, and slowly slid into her.


The next morning Tony kissed Bianca goodbye when he dropped her off at home. The kiss lingered a little larger than normal since their emotions were still running high.

“MMMM, baby I need to go but I will call you later. I want to take you out to my favorite restaurant.” Antonio said.

“Okay, I will talk to you later then. Have a good day baby.” Bianca said hopping out the car. She quickly walked up to her building then jogged up the stairs.

The moment she got in front of her door she knew something was wrong. The door was unlocked. That was the first clue.

When she pushed the door open with her foot she let out a strangled scream. Her apartment looked like something out of a junkyard.

Bianca’s couch cushions were slit, the glass tables and windows were shattered, and the air reeked of urine. Bianca took a step back when she took in the words ‘bitch’ and ‘Marcato whore’ painted in thick red paint across her walls.

Bianca stood there for about fifteen minutes in shock before she called Tony. For some reason she didn’t think the police should be involved.

Tony looked down at the caller id as he stepped into his office. He started not to answer but something just told him to.

“Hey, baby. You miss me already?” Tony joked.

All he heard was hard breathing and that caught his attention.

“Bianca? What is wrong?” He asked worriedly

“T…T..Tony, could you please come back?” Bianca said in a watery voice.

“Why? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Tony asked making his way back to his car.

“Just get here.” Bianca said then hung up the phone.

“Bianca? Bianca! Shit!” Tony said making record time back to Bianca’s place.


Tony ran up the stairs when he reached Bianca’s apartment. He just hoped she was okay. She had sounded like she was really upset, and found out why when he open the door to her apartment. Tony knew that his life was pulling her in when he saw ‘Marcato whore’ splashed on the walls in red paint.

“Bianca, where are you?” Tony said kicking his way through the debris.

“Back here.” came her reply.

Tony made his way to he office where she was sorting through her stuff.

“What happened? Are you okay?” Tony said stupidly

Bianca turned and looked at Tony with fire in her eyes.

“You tell me. How the fuck am I supposed to know what happened, Antonio!” Bianca yelled getting close to his face. Her anger had made her bolder than ever.

“Baby,” Tony said trying to calm her down, “I have know clue who did this. By the words on walls, who ever did this is after me not you. I will look into it.” Tony said calmly touching her cheek.

Bianca knew that Tony being a mob boss gebze escort would effect her in some way, but she didn’t think this would be the way. Tony said that they were gunning for him but it was she that they lashed out at. She told Tony this.

“I know baby, but they are just doing it to get to me. They wanted to send me a message. I have gotten it, and I will deal with it accordingly.” Antonio said while pulling away from Bianca.

He didn’t want her to see the murderous look in his eyes.

Someone was going to die soon.


After Tony helped her grab her work from the office, and he called someone to restore her apartment, they went back to his place. She wasn’t surprised that they didn’t speak to each other the rest of the day.

She was angry, and so was he. So Bianca was surprised when he came and sat next to her on the couch and pulled her in to his arms. Bianca could feel his emotions deep inside her body.

“Baby, I don’t what I would do if someone would hurt you. This happening was bad enough. What if you had walked in on them. They would have hurt you, and I wouldn’t have been able to stop them.” Tony said hugging Bianca tighter before letting her go.

“Tony, everything is going to be okay.” Bianca said rubbing her hand up his back.

That is the only thing she could think of to say. Because honestly, she didn’t know what was going to happen from this point.

“How about I make you some food and then we can call it a night.” Bianca stated.

“I’m sorry baby, but not tonight I have to get on this. Are you going to be okay while I am gone?” Antonio asked as he stood and started slipping on his leather jacket.

Bianca just wanted him to stay with her, but she knew he wouldn’t rest until he found whoever had trashed her apartment.

“Sure baby, I will see you later. Love you.” Bianca said while leaning in to give him a kiss.

The kiss lasted longer than they both intended, but they both need the physical contact. Tony lightly licked Bianca’s lips before he pulled away.

“Love you too baby, I will see you later.” Tony said before walking out the door.


Tony had called his men earlier that day to plan this meeting. They were waiting for him in his office when he arrived. He got right down to business.

“Do any of you know who could have done this?” Antonio said.

His brother Nic was the one to speak. Nic had gotten their fathers’ features whereas Tony had received there mothers’. Where Tony had blond hair and hazel green eyes, Nic had black hair and startling blue green eyes. They were both tall and menacing though, and that is what identified them as brothers, and of course that wicked Marcato smile.

“Drago did it Antonio. Who else?” Nic said sarcastically.

Antonio looked over at his brother knowing that is brother wished that their father had given him rule over the business. Nic just didn’t know that after this Antonio was more than willing to give it to him. But he had a score to settle. Preferably in blood.

“I know he had a beef with us but why make it personal? It’s just business.” Antonio replied.

“Because since you came aboard he has lost a fortune.” Nic said

“Not my fault that he can’t handle his business.” Antonio said as he walked over to his bar and poured himself a whiskey.

“Can I talk to you in private for a minute?” Nic asked then walked out the door before he got a response. içerenköy escort Antonio followed.

“What is it Nic?”

“Even though you piss me off, and I wish Dad had handed me the business…”

“Make your point Nic.” Tony said.

“Your my bother and I love you, so I will tell you that this man is out for blood.” Nic said.

That got Antonio’s attention.

“What makes you say that?” Tony asked.

“Because he has not been low key about it. He makes sure everyone knows that he is not going down without a fight and he plans on taking you with him. By his actions I’m guessing he is going to try and take you down by way of Bianca. Who I have not met yet by the way.”

“Well no one fucks with me and gets away with it, most people know that if they fuck with me or mine, being fertilizer will be their next occupation .” Antonio said ignoring Nic’s last comment.

“Well, Antonio people knew that before, but now it’s like you are new to the game and it seems you have dominated it, and people, especially Drago, don’t like losing.” Nic stated.

With the way he was talking you would think Marcato wouldn’t have a problem handing the business over to Nic. Looks can be so deceiving. Tony turned his attention back to Nic.

“Well, Nic, I guess I will just have to refresh everyone’s memory. Find them.”

Antonio said then downed his whiskey.

Nic nodded. Tonight was going to be a long very bloody night.


Bianca was beginning to get worried. Tony had been gone for more than two hours. Every time she called him he didn’t answer. She just hoped he was okay. Bianca couldn’t help but wonder what was really going on in his life.

They didn’t talk about his business, and she didn’t want to, but she did wonder what it really was that he did. Bianca knew that she was a mobsters woman, but now Bianca was wondering if she could really handle this lifestyle.


Drago knew they were coming before they busted in his door. He had been counting on it. As his men fought off the Marcato’s and lost, Drago and his right hand man Simon fled out the back door. Marcato’s bitch had to be at his place.


Nic and the rest of the men killed every man in place, but two for information. As Nic put the last of his clip in one man’s chest he noticed Drago running out the back with another man. Nic chased after him but lost them as they disappeared into the night.

“Okay fellas grab those two and let’s take them back to Antonio?” Nic ordered. He just hoped they could information out of them.


The stomach curdling scream that Drago’s lackey let out brought an evil grin to Antonio’s face. The lackey’s finger’s went limp as Tony broke them in one snatch and twist of his hands.

“I won’t ask you again, where the fuck is Drago?” Antonio said adding a back hand for good measure.

The lackey spit blood out of his mouth before he answered.

“He probably has your bitch by now, you dumb fuck.” that was the last thing he said as one of Tony’s men shot him in the head.

“What the fuck Andy!” Antonio shouted.

“Sorry boss, my finger slipped.” Andy said with a smirk. He gave the same excuse when he killed the other lackey

“Nic I have got to get home, before he gets there. Can you handle this for me?” Antonio asked his brother.

“Go.” Nic replied

Antonio took off at a dead run, he hopped in his car and broke every speed limit.


Bianca heard the twisting of the door knob, and rushed out of the bedroom to meet Tony. Bianca snatched the door open, and her mouth dropped before her world went black.

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