Ashley’s Fantasies Ch. 05


I’ve finally made it to Chapter 5! Just a few comments first. While Chapter 4 had a quieter and more sensuous tone to it, here I try to have tone similar to Chapter 3. The tone is louder and rowdier, although I think not as much so as Chapter 3. There are also multiple occasions where Ashley is pushed into orgasm instead of just one buildup. Next, I tried to have a kinkier scenario, although I don’t know if the word completely applies here. Ashley is naked and bound, while many clothed older women touch and arouse her. However, this chapter doesn’t contain hardcore BDSM elements like clamps, whipping, pouring candlewax, mouth gags, asking permission to cum, etc. Just want to say this ahead of time because I don’t want to set anyone up for disappointment. Finally, I apologize if this chapter is long, but I ended up having a few things I wanted to have happen. There’s a sequence towards the beginning that’s different from but sets up the rest of the chapter. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of you enjoy the beginning a little more than the end. I do love what happens to Ashley near the start.

After this I’m not too sure where the series will go. I have other cfnf ideas for Ashley, but I have to plan things out and make sure it all works in a story developing sense. I want to have new scenarios for her and at the same time push the boundaries of the cfnf theme in this series. I want to make each new chapter different and make Ashley’s vulnerability higher than before, or in other words top the previous chapters. My next story though will be one outside the series about a young girl named Nicole. It will have the same scenario of a young girl naked and aroused in front of clothed older women, but in this story Nicole won’t want to be in that situation. I’ve been really wanting to explore a clothed older female, naked young female scenario where the young girl is embarrassed or reluctant. I absolutely love the scenario Nicole will be in and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Nicole’s story though still needs to be written and I don’t have a title yet. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Chapter 5!


Ashley woke up late the following morning. She looked and saw that it was 10:30 in the morning. Ashley got up from the couch in Ms. Stephens’ living room. The whole house was completely silent. She stood there completely naked and wondered where Ms. Stephens was. There was no sign of her. Ashley looked and saw her clothes from the day before folded up on the living room floor, but she didn’t care about modesty at the moment. Ashley started to look around the house for Ms. Stephens. Ashley was naked and all the window curtains were open, but she didn’t care or worry about anyone possibly seeing her.

By now, Ashley had found that once she went to Ms. Stephens’ house, she was in a different world. Over there, all the people were women and all the women were lesbians more than twice Ashley’s age. This world Ashley entered at Ms. Stephens’ house was thrilling and exciting for her. Ashley was a cute and beautiful 18 year old who loved being naked and aroused in front of lesbians that were much older than her. Nothing aroused Ashley more than being the only one naked in front of many older lesbians, while being violated and pleasured to orgasm as all those older women watch with great enjoyment. Ashley was so lucky to have found Ms. Stephens, who was able to put Ashley into such erotic scenarios that Ashley thought might never be possible. By now, Ashley knew there was no need to be modest and no need to cover herself while at Ms. Stephens’ house. Ashley started searching through the house for her, with no clothes on.

Ashley went up to the front door and looked out the window. There was no one in the front yard. Anyone would be able to look and see a full body view of a naked 18 year old girl through Ms. Stephens’ front window. Ashley saw no one in the kitchen or the backyard. She went into the basement and didn’t see Ms. Stephens there. Ashley went upstairs. No one was there. She wondered to herself if Ms. Stephens left the house.

Ashley opened the front door and walked out into the front yard. She was naked but didn’t care. There were no other houses within sight. Ashley wasn’t at risk of exposing herself to Ms. Stephen’s neighbors, because the houses were spread out. If those neighbors were lesbians though, especially older lesbians, then Ashley wanted them to see her naked. The front yard though was empty. Ashley went and looked to the side of the house and saw that Ms. Stephen’s car was there. She was still home. Ashley went back inside, knowing that Ms. Stephens was somewhere. She didn’t think at all about the fact that she was completely naked.

“Ms. Stephens?” said Ashley as she went back inside and closed the front door.

“Oh, you’re up!” said Ms. Stephens from another room. Ashley looked and found Ms. Stephens in her office doing some work.

“Morning sleepyhead!” said Ms. Stephens fikirtepe escort with a smile. She noticed that Ashley was naked when she entered. “What are you doing wandering around my house?”

“I wasn’t sure where you were,” said Ashley.

“Oh! I’m just doing some work in here,” said Ms. Stephens. Her eyes drifted down and gazed at Ashley’s naked body. “I like how you’re walking naked around my house! You should do that more often when you come over!”

Ashley smiled. Ms. Stephens continued on. “So how was your first job yesterday?”

“It was a lot of fun,” said Ashley. The day before Ms. Stephens drove Ashley to a large studio in San Francisco to do a special photo shoot for a lesbian website run by Ms. Larsen, a friend of Ms. Stephens. Ashley was photographed with Ms. Tate, who worked there. During the shoot, Ms. Tate undressed Ashley in front of the cameras. Ashley was nude while Ms. Tate was completely dressed. Then there was a sequence at the end where Ms. Tate rubbed Ashley’s clit in front of the cameras, and Ashley’s orgasm was caught in photo and on film. Ashley was naked in front of several women, all dressed and more than twice her age. These women were all able to watch as Ashley was brought to orgasm. Soon the photos and video would be on the website for many more women to see. The thought of being completely out there on the internet for any woman to be able to look at turned Ashley on.

Ashley was so exhausted from her arousal at the end of the shoot that she fell asleep in Ms. Stephens’ car on the way home. Ms. Stephens carried Ashley inside of her house and undressed her before laying Ashley on the couch to sleep. That led Ashley to where she was right then. Ms. Stephens continued to just sit there and look at Ashley as she stood there completely naked.

“Do you have homework or studying to do?” asked Ms. Stephens.

“Yeah, I guess I better go. I have some studying,” said Ashley.

“Before you go though, are you open on Friday night?” asked Ms. Stephens.

“Yeah, I’ll be open all weekend,” said Ashley.

“Because I got off the phone with another friend of mine earlier while you were asleep,” said Ms. Stephens. “I found another fun job for you on Friday night.”

“Okay,” said Ashley.

“I talked with my friend Abby West and she has some work that she would love you to do for her,” said Ms. Stephens. “She said she’ll pay quite a bit too.”

“What does she do?” asked Ashley.

“She’s a very successful writer who is a little older than I am. But she does some other fun things, and Ms. West wanted a young girl like you for some work on Friday,” said Ms. Stephens. “It will be another scenario that you fantasize about, I can say that much right now.”

“What would I be doing?” asked Ashley sounding curious and a little excited.

“She doesn’t want me to tell you right now,” said Ms. Stephens. “She wants to see you through Skype like when you first met Ms. Larsen before the photo shoot. Ms. West will tell you then.”

“Okay,” said Ashley. It was a little strange that Ms. Stephens wouldn’t tell her what she would be doing for Ms. West. Ashley didn’t worry though.

“She wants to see you via Skype tomorrow to explain what will be happening to you on Friday,” said Ms. Stephens.

“I have class in the morning. I can be here around noon to talk to her,” said Ashley.

“That’s fine,” said Ms. Stephens. “Ms. West just wants me to tell her when you will be over again so she knows when she can see you tomorrow.”

“Alright. Today I better get back to my apartment and study a little, but I can talk with her tomorrow,” said Ashley.

“Yep, you’re fine for today. Just come back tomorrow so that Ms. West can see you,” said Ms. Stephens.

“I better go then,” said Ashley.

“I guess this means you have to put your clothes back on,” said Ms. Stephens. “Well that’s a shame. I washed them while you were asleep.”

“Oh thanks,” said Ashley. “Well I better get going. See you tomorrow!”

Ashley went back to the living room to put her clothes on. She wondered what she could possibly be doing on Friday night, but could only guess. Ms. Stephens said it would be another scenario that Ashley loves so much, where she is the only one naked and aroused in front of many older women. Ashley was excited and yet nervous at the same time. She wasn’t worried, but Ashley thought for the rest of the day about what she might be doing. Ashley would find out the next day though. All Ashley could guess at was that she was probably going to be naked again for women who were much older than her, and there was a chance that Ashley might be violated and brought to orgasm for them too. Ashley had to wait another day though to figure out what exactly would happen.


The next day, Ashley sat through class and had trouble paying attention. She kept thinking about what she might be doing on Friday. Ashley gebze escort eventually decided that there was no point in guessing or worrying. She would be figuring out soon. Ms. Stephens already said that the job would be exactly the kind of scenario Ashley fantasizes about, so Ashley had a good guess of what would generally be happening. Ashley eventually got out of class and headed over to Ms. Stephens’ house.

“Hello again,” said Ms. Stephens as she opened the front door. “How was class?”

“I kept wondering what I’ll be doing Friday,” said Ashley as she walked in and Ms. Stephens closed the door.

“You’re about to find out,” said Ms. Stephens with a smile. “Let’s head into the kitchen and then I’ll get a hold of Ms. West on my laptop.”

Ashley and Ms. Stephens went into the kitchen. Ms. Stephens went to get her laptop and then set it on the table. As it she was turning it on, Ms. Stephens turned and spoke with Ashley a little more.

“Oh, and take your clothes off before I bring Ms. West up on the computer,” said Ms. Stephens. “She wants you to be naked while you’re talking with her.”

“Alright,” said Ashley after a moment. Without thinking, she quickly started taking off her clothes. Ashley took her jacket off and put it on the table. Then she lifted her tank top up and off. Ashley put her hands and her waist and quickly unzipped her jeans. She pulled her jeans down and stepped out of them. Ashley put them on the table with her tank top and jacket, and then she quickly reached to unhook her bra. After a second or two she unhooked it and slid it down her arms. Ashley then pulled her small panties down and put them with the rest of her clothes. Just like that, in the span of about a minute, Ashley went from being completely dressed to completely naked.

“I’m going to put your clothes in the other room,” said Ms. Stephens.

Ms. Stephens took Ashley’s clothes and left the kitchen. Ashley sat naked in the chair facing the computer. Her body was feeling very normal, even though Ashley wasn’t wearing any clothes. She was more worried about learning what she would be doing on Friday. At the same time, there was something about having to be naked for just a simple conversation. It felt a little demeaning, but in an erotic kind of way. Ashley took her clothes off for special occasions, from her strip dance for Ms. Stephens, her other strip show for Ms. Stephens’ friends, and then the erotic photo shoot she did just a couple days ago. Then there was also the time when Ashley opened up to Ms. Stephens about her fantasy of being the only one naked and being aroused in front of older women. While Ashley talked about her greatest fantasy, Ms. Stephens put her into that very situation by undressing Ashley while a couple of voyeuristic lesbian gardeners were out in the back. There was no big occasion though for Ashley at the moment. Being naked for simpler reasons such as a simple talk with another women turned Ashley on a little.

Even with that, Ashley’s body still felt normal though. For a little bit it really didn’t feel like she was naked, even though Ashley felt the chair against her cute butt. Ashley went from being clothed and modest to completely naked so fast that her body hadn’t completely registered that it was uncovered yet. Ashley sat up straight. Her hands were on her knees, and her chest was raised up a little. Ashley looked really cute and sexy as she sat and waited to talk with Ms. West. After a minute, Ms. Stephens returned.

“Ok doll are you ready? I’ll bring her up,” said Ms. Stephens. Ashley sat there and waited as Ms. Stephens tried to get a hold of Ms. West on her laptop. Once Ms. West was on, she was immediately going to be greeted by a naked 18 year old girl sitting in front of the screen. Ashley waited anxiously knowing that soon another woman was going to see her completely naked.

After a minute, another woman appeared on the screen. She looked a little older than Ms. Stephens. Ms. West had yellow hair that went down to her shoulders. Once she was on the screen, Ms. West immediately smiled at Ashley and Ms. Stephens. There was something about the look on her face. Ashley thought that on one hand Ms. West looked rather creepy as she first smiled at her. At the same time, there was also a look of assertiveness on Ms. West’s face. There was no time to figure it out though, because a moment later Ms. Stephens and Ms. West were talking.

“Good afternoon Abby,” said Ms. Stephens.

“Hello Dana,” said Ms. West. As creepy as her smile was, Ashley found that Ms. West’s voice was even more so. Ms. West gazed at Ashley as she sat there naked. She had a look on her face that said she wanted to devour Ashley. There was something about Ms. West that made Ashley feel a little uncomfortable, yet also turning her on a little at the same time. Ashley still liked the position she was in, having to be completely naked in front of this woman while talking with her. Ashley felt uncomfortable, içerenköy escort but in a rather erotic way.

“So this is Ashley?” Ms. West then said. Her eyes drifted up and down Ashley’s naked body. Ashley was sitting in right in front of the computer screen, so Ms. West could only see Ashley from the middle of her stomach and up. Nonetheless, Ms. West was ogling Ashley. She had such a creepy look on her face as her eyes drifted up and down Ashley’s body, and her smile only elevated this vibe.

“This is her,” said Ms. Stephens as she sat right next to Ashley.

“My goodness,” Ms. West whispered as she continued gazing at Ashley. “And she’s naked, just as I asked.”

“Hi,” said Ashley with a smile. She sounded a little uncomfortable, and yet Ashley could feel her nipples beginning to perk up. Being naked and having Ms. West gazing at her was certainly having an effect.

“So beautiful, and so young,” said Ms. West as she continued ogling Ashley. “Oh Dana, she’ll be perfect for my party on Friday.”

“Yep. Finally found the young girl you’ve been wanting,” said Ms. Stephens. “I know every year you hope to have a young girl for your guests, but each year you have no luck finding anyone. But this year I stumbled on this 18 year old that I knew while she was growing up.”

“It’s a good thing that I know you Dana,” said Ms. West.

Ashley thought to herself for a moment. So she was going to be at a party that Ms. West throws every year. That much Ashley knew now. She was going to serve a role of being a young girl at this party, so likely all the guests were older than her. Ashley also learned that at this party the guests have always been wanting a young girl there for something. Exactly what Ms. West and these guests wanted Ashley to do though was still not known to Ashley.

“Stand up Ashley,” said Ms. West. “I want to look at you.”

Ashley was a little surprised by how assertive Ms. West was with her, especially given that they were meeting each other for the first time. She still got up though and did what Ms. West wanted without saying a word. Ms. Stephens also got up and moved Ashley’s chair back a little. Ashley stood completely naked for Ms. West on the screen. She was now able to get a full body view of Ashley. Ms. West was clearly very pleased with what she saw. Ashley saw the same creepy and hungry look on Ms. West’s face. She stood there and allowed Ms. West to look at her naked young body for a minute. Ashley was feeling surprisingly uncomfortable. Yet at the same time, the creepy and assertive vibes Ashley got from Ms. West were turning her on.

“Oh my,” said Ms. West with a smile on her face as she looked at Ashley. “Such a beautiful young body. Turn around now and let me see your butt.”

Ashley did as told without saying a word. Her body was starting to feel a little warmer. There was something freaky and yet erotic about what was happening. Ashley was feeling like an object as she stood up and allowed Ms. West to look at her. This was just a simple conversation where Ashley was being introduced to Ms. West, and yet she had to be naked in front of this clothed woman on the screen. Ashley had to let Ms. West see whatever she wanted. This was making Ashley feel like an object for Ms. West’s viewing pleasure. This was what aroused Ashley though, being naked in front of a clothed older woman. Ashley still liked the situation, even if Ms. West was making her feel strangely uncomfortable. She could feel her body warming up. The air caressed Ashley’s skin, making her feel naked.

“So gorgeous. A cute butt and such lovely dimples,” said Ms. West sounding creepily mesmerized. That smile that made Ashley feel uncomfortable was beaming across Ms. West’s face. “Turn around and face me again Ashley.”

Ashley did as told. Her nipples were perking up at that point. She looked and saw Ms. West gazing creepily at her stomach. Ms. West’s eyes drifted up to look at Ashley’s perky nipples. She then drifted her eyes down to Ashley’s pussy, which was starting to get a little wet.

“Wow,” Ms. West whispered. “Such cute and hard nipples. An incredible stomach, and great legs. What a sexy young body you have. Such a cute and beautiful face too. I could look at you all day.”

Ashley felt her skin starting to crawl a little. She felt like such a sex object for this creepy older woman. This feeling was undeniably arousing Ashley though. She was getting turned on by the fact that she was standing naked and being looked at by this woman.

“Sit back down. Dana, move your laptop closer,” said Ms. West. “I want to see her pussy up close. Open your legs Ashley.”

Ashley sat back down. She spread her legs wide for Ms. West. Her pussy felt wet now. Ms. Stephens picked up her laptop and moved the screen as close as she could to Ashley’s young pussy. Ashley looked down at Ms. West’s face on the screen. Ms. West spent a minute gazing at Ashley’s 18 year old pussy. She took in every little detail of the most guarded part of Ashley’s body. Ashley felt Ms. West’s eyes looking at her pussy, and it was arousing Ashley. She was starting to feel a little weak, and her heart was starting to beat a little faster. Ashley could hear Ms. West gasp quietly.

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